15 Of The Best Castles In Slovenia You Gotta See

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Wanna be a Princess or a Prince for the day? True castle lovers should definitely head one (or all) of these magnificent castles in Slovenia.

Slovenia offers visitors many treasures waiting to be explored, including castles scattered throughout the country. All are within no more than a 90-minute drive from Ljubljana, making them perfect day-trip options with the capital city as a home base. There are about 500 ruins, fortresses, manors, and castles in Slovenia, many of which have been restored to galleries, house museums, restaurants, and even five-star hotels.

A real castle lover should head to one (or all) of these magnificent and famous castles in Slovenia.

1. Bled Castle

Best Castles In Slovenia - Bled Castle At Night

Bled castle is one of the most iconic images of Slovenia. It is situated on a steep cliff rising 130 meters above Lake Bled. Drink a glass of excellent wine or indulge in a bite of traditional Bled cream cake on your arrival at the castle.

By climbing the castle’s 99 steps, you can see a beautiful view of the surrounding Alps and the picturesque lake below. It’s easily the most famous castle in Slovenia, one of its most visited tourist attractions. Conveniently enough, the Bled Castle opening hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in winter and from 8 a.m. to 8 or 9 p.m. in summer. The castle’s open to the public throughout the entire year.

If you’re looking for a castle in Slovenia for kids, Bled Castle is as easy to get to and visit-friendly as they come.

2. Zuzemberk Castle

Best Castles Of Slovenia - Zuzemberk Castle

Zuzemberk Castle is among the lesser-known castles in Slovenia. It is a 40-minute drive from Ljubljana and offers stunning scenery and great views, a great one-day trip to Slovenia’s Dolenjska region. This imposing Slovenia castle currently hosts various events and programs every year.

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3. Štatenberg Manor

Best Castles Of Slovenia - Štatenberg Manor

Štatenberg manor is a baroque building near the town of Makole on the outskirts of Haloz above the river Dravinja.

4. Predjama Castle

Best Castles In Slovenia - Predjama

Predjama castle is known worldwide as the most extensive cave castle and entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The impressive thing to be noted about this castle is that humans made fusions between the natural cave and castle walls.

This is a castle built into a mountain, a characteristic that’s pretty unique in the world. Adventurous visitors can climb up and tour the Erazem’s cave tunnel or visit the karst cave from May to October.

5. Sevnica Castle

The Sevnica Castle will take you to the past and fill you with the energy of the Earth. The castle is surrounded by a garden rich with energy points. Many couples come here to commit their love and faithfulness to each other. Guided tours and coffee from the castle’s café are also available.

6. Celje Castle

Best Castles In Slovenia - Celje Castle

Celje Castle, also known as Old Castle, is considered one of the largest medieval castles in Slovenia today. The castle has still not been fully preserved, yet it is breathtaking due to its atmosphere and appearance. Take a guided tour to hear about the myths and legends surrounding the castle. A small admission fee of 4 euros is required to tour the property.

7. Fuzine Castle

Fuzine castle has been permanently housed as a museum of architecture dedicated to Joze Plecnik, a great Slovenian architect. It is an easy trip by bike from Ljubljana for those who want to get outside.

8. Skofja Loka Castle

Skofja Loka is a great medieval town that is easily accessible from the capital city of Slovenia. The castle has an extensive museum that displays objects of medieval times. Moreover, the castle has a bar, too.

9. Ljubljana Castle

Things to do in Ljubljana | View from Ljubljana Castle | Slovenia Travel Blog
Make sure you don’t miss out on the 900-year-old Ljubljana Castle when you are visiting the capital. Found on Castle Hill in the city’s center, you can easily see the vast Ljubljana fortress from any part of town.

At the top, check out the virtual museum to relive the castle’s history and make sure to enjoy the incredible views of Ljubljana. You can get there via the Ljubljana funicular or by hiking on the trails up the hill. This is one of the most accessible castles to visit in Slovenia, located in the heart of the country’s capital.

The Ljubljana Castle opening hours vary throughout the year. You can check the current opening hours here.

10. Bistrica Castle

As the name suggests, Bistrica Castle is in Slovenska Bistrica, right in the old town center from Maribor. The castle also has a park that is declared as a cultural monument.

11. Bogensperk Castle

The Bogenspark Castle is a renaissance castle from the 16th century in the middle of the country. If you are short on time and do not have an entire day to spend, visit Bogensperk Castle. With unique exhibitions about the country’s history, the castle is great for adults, and kids always love to explore it. It was home to one of the famous Slovenians, Johann Weichard Valvasor, and this Slovenia castle is an excellent place to learn about this man.

12. Ptuj Castle

ptuj-slovenia-green | croatia-travel-blog
Photo Credit: Ptuj Tourist Board

The Ptuj Castle is 90 minutes away from Ljubljana and 30 minutes from Maribor, the second-largest city in Slovenia. What is essential to know about this castle is that it was built for defense and the military’s needs.

However, Ptuj Castle is open to the public and features a museum exhibiting objects from different eras of Slovenian history. The castle’s tower dates back to the 9th or 10th centuries, whereas the rest of the castle has been changed over time.

The Ptuj Castle entrance fee varies depending on your age and group size, but visiting this famous castle in Slovenia is not expensive. Adults can get in for merely 6 euro.

13. Tivoli Mansion

When trying to escape from the capital city, head out to the Tivoli Mansion. Not only is it home to the International Center of Graphic Arts that organizes several displays, but it also boasts lovely woods and gardens behind it.

14. Betnava Mansion

The Betnava Mansion is another house located in Maribor in the northern part of Slovenia and is one of the most beautiful baroque houses in this area. An English park surrounds the estate with a stream and pond.

15. Otocec Castle

otocec-castle-slovenia | Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit: Grad Otocec

Otocec Castle is the only castle in Slovenia that is built on a river island. What visitors like the most about this fantastic Slovenia castle island is that it houses a restaurant and a 5-star hotel. It is one of the most romantic places to plan a wedding, a place characteristic of the undeniable Slovenian beauty.

The only question now is which castles in Slovenia are calling your name?

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