18 Best Things To Do In Lake Bled, Slovenia

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Slovenia is packed with sights to see and experience, but one of the most popular places to visit, without a doubt, is Lake Bled. Here are the best things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia, that I love – so I am sure you will too.

Slovenia Travel Blog_Best Things To Do In Lake Bled

Slovenia is a tiny country that boasts some spectacular sights waiting to be discovered. One of Slovenia’s most famous sights is the stunningly beautiful Lake Bled.

This natural wonder is packed with experiences and picturesque scenery and is home to curative, wonderfully warm waters, which benefit those with aches and pains.

My first trip to Lake Bled had me standing in awe and looking around, wondering how this place could be real. I was also chased by some ducks, which then had me screaming like an idiot…but that is a different story.

Here is our guide to everything fantastic to do in Lake Bled.

Things To Do In Lake Bled


Getting out into the countryside is not to be missed, probably more than anywhere else you’ll visit in Slovenia. In summer or winter, there are countless activities to enjoy in the Lake Bled area, and most are outdoors in nature. Check out these killer ideas on things to do on your Lake Bled holidays.

1. Bled Castle

Best Castles In Slovenia - Bled Castle At Night

For the best view of Lake Bled, the surrounding towns of Bled, and the region, head up to Bled Castle. Bled Castle was built on a cliff overlooking the Lake in 1011.

Various cultural events are held in its courtyards overlooking the Lake during the summer months. During the summer months. These days, the castle is on display, and you can learn about its history and the town’s history and view some exciting exhibits.

2. Assumption Of Mary Church

The Assumption of Mary Church is located on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Bled. Take a ride on one of the traditional wooden boats, which have been used for centuries, to the island and climb the 99 steps up to the church. Legend has it that your wish will come true if you make a wish while listening to the church bells on the island. Legends aside, the island is beautiful and gives you great views over the Lake.

3. Sport Climbing

There are many steep walls around Lake Bled, and climbing is seriously popular. This climbing area’s starting point is around an hour’s drive from the Lake itself, so it’s always a good idea to employ a guide. The Julian Alps are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to test their climbing abilities.

4. Kayaking

Anywhere with a large body of water is fantastic for enjoying water sports, and kayaking is very popular around the Gorenjska region.

5. Beach Volleyball

Many beach volleyball courts are around the lake area, which is an excellent way to enjoy family time or perhaps some exercise in the most natural settings.

6. Ballooning

on floating over lake with mountains on the background. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Is there any better view than soaring high over the Lake and the surrounding area in a hot air balloon? Sunrise or sunset is a fantastic time; however, you will see the best of the area from the sky, even during the day.

7. Cycling

Be aware that it is illegal to cycle off-road or track in Slovenia anywhere, but there are many tracks to enjoy, and you can easily rent a bike to explore the area. Traffic around the Lake itself is not that heavy, so cycling is a healthy activity for everyone, especially traveling families.

8. Golf Courses

Bled has the most extensive course in the country, and from March to December, you will see countless people enjoying the scenic golfing opportunities around the Lake. The backdrop of the forest and water is, quite frankly, impressive.

9. Sky Diving

Adrenaline! If you have always wanted to jump out of a plane and go back down to earth, this is the sport for you. There is a diving center around 4km from the Lake, and here you can do tandem skydiving and glider flights. You will be given expert training, so no worries about that!

10. Swimming And Beach Time In Lake Bled

Grajska Beach is a designated beach area on the shores of Lake Bled, and it is packed with facilities for your day to enjoy the scenery. The Lake is known for its reputed health benefits, so bathing is enjoyable and possibly very healthy, too! There are many changing rooms and lockers to keep your belongings safe and kiosks selling snacks and drinks.

11. Lake Bled Summer Tobogganing

The Straza ski slope has a summer tobogganing chute, which is fantastic fun for adults and children. You will whizz past the trees and countryside, with incredible views from the top of the castle, the Lake, and the area overall.

12. Visit Bohinjska Bela

Bohinjska Bela_Slovenia

This picturesque and lovely village is great to visit any time of the year, but it looks extra magical during the winter when the snow is on the ground. There are fishing and nature walk activities here, and check out the area’s authentic architecture and history.

13. Diving

While Lake Bled is not known for having the best visibility in the world, it has been cleaned up considerably. The chance to check out some unusual underwater plants and flowers is an excellent opportunity for divers. You’ll also find resident fish, around 18 species, and shellfish.

14. Hiking

Without a doubt, one of the most popular activities to enjoy in the Lake Bled area is hiking. The mountains provide landscapes for different abilities, and the woods around the Pokljuka and Jelovica areas are ideal for nature walks.

15. Skiing And Snowboarding

What to do in Slovenia_Bled Ski Resort | Slovenia Travel Blog
Bled Ski Resort. Photo Credit

Outdoor activities are not just for the summer months, as the considerable snowfall during the winter months means skiing and snowboarding are more than possible.

Straza is the most popular ski area, and nighttime skiing is super fun under the floodlights. This is only a short walk away from Bled itself, and there are many facilities for your ski fun day and artificial snow machines for those slightly warmer winter months.

16. Ice Climbing

Hiking up a frozen waterfall body is a thrilling and fun activity to enjoy. During the winter months, you can hire a guide to take you out to enjoy this pastime, especially around the Mojstrana and Bohinj areas.

17. Sledding

Can you imagine a more fun activity than whizzing past frozen landscapes on a sled? This is an iconic winter activity; if you travel with kids, they will love it.

18. Enjoy The Scenery By Steam Train

The Bohinj Railway is very close to Lake Bled, and this historic steam train is 110 years old. Slowly meander your way through high hills and mountains across forests and stunning natural landscapes, all with the old-world feel of a steam train. All age groups will love this particular activity.

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Where To Eat & Drink In Bled

Bled is a tourist resort, and that means plentiful restaurants to enjoy. The nightlife in the area will never be raucous and loud because that wouldn’t fit in with the chilled-out vibe of Bled, but there are many fantastic eateries and gastronomical delights to try.

Fine Food Penzion Berc

If you are looking for somewhere classy to try a traditional meal or an old favorite, this is the place to go. The menu is extensive, and the prices are reasonable too.

ZaZiv Vegan Bar Bled

It’s not always easy to find food to suit your diet, especially if you are vegan, but this particular bar has a vast range of delights for you to try; vegan burgers are very popular.

Bled Castle

Photo Credit: Bled Castle Restaurant

Stunning views, top service, and fantastic food. This is a perfect place to head to for special occasions.

Grajska Plaza

This is perhaps one of the best places to go for views, and the food on offer is fine dining in style, so you can indeed find something special here.

Pizzeria Rustika

As the name would suggest, this is the place to go in Bled for fantastic pizzas!

Ostarija Peglez’n

Italian food is world-famous for being delicious, and as you are pretty close to Italy when visiting Bled, check out some authentic dishes from over the border.

Slascicara Smon

Photo Credit: Slascicara Smon

Slovenian-style puddings and pastries are delicious, and while they may not be that good for the waistline, this place is packed with different ones to try.


This is a top choice for vegetarians, as the menu is packed with meat-free options. It’s not the cheapest restaurant in the Bled area, but it’s well worth it.

A La Carte Restaurant 1906 Bled

If you want to sit outside during the warmer months and gaze over the Lake while enjoying a fine dining experience, this is the place for you.

Gostilna Batist

Seafood lovers flock to this restaurant; however, be aware that the portions are enormous! Meat platters are also available, so if you are hungry, give this one a go.

Where Is Lake Bled?

Best Castles In Slovenia - Alamy Church Of The Assumption

Lake Bled is an Alpine lake set in some of the most breathtaking countryside scenery you’re ever likely to set your eyes on. The mild climate makes outdoor activities a must, while photographers will love the boundless opportunities for a great shot.

The Lake is located just outside the town of Bled, which is situated in northwestern Slovenia.

The Lake is surrounded by majestic and towering mountains, namely the Julian Alps and the Karavanke range. The average temperature here is around 18 degrees during the summer and -2 degrees during the winter, meaning there are activities to enjoy no matter the time of year.

You’ll find a small island on the Lake, and the surrounding mountains shelter the town from cold winds during the winter months, which means it is often milder than other alpine lakes and resorts. Lake Bled is, therefore, well known for health breaks or those seeking peace and tranquility while also being an excellent choice for adrenaline sports.

The History Of Bled And Its Famous Lake

As you can see, you’re looking at a seriously historic area. The history of Lake Bled goes back centuries, right back to Medieval times. Bled’s appearance was noted in 1004; however, settlement history was evident around Mesolithic times.

The land is green, lush, and fertile while being sheltered from the adverse weather by the hill on which a castle is perched. Because of this, settlers as far back as the Stone Age have flocked to the Bled area. Settlements also increased during the Iron Age, when iron mining increased. Many archaeological digs have taken place around the site and have found around 80 gravesites in this region dating back to the Iron Age.

You will find fascinating historical stories throughout the Bled area, with much of the old architecture still in place today.

How Long Should You Stay At Lake Bled?

This depends on what you plan to do once you are there. If you are heading to the area in the wintertime and enjoy the skiing opportunities, then around five days to one week should be enough for you to get to grips with the great outdoors. If, however, you are visiting during the summer months, then perhaps four to five days is enough.

Many people visit Lake Bled as a passing-through destination. They visit the capital, Ljubljana (check out this guide on traveling between the two destinations), or move around the country itself. Having said that, Bled does have more than enough to keep visitors occupied for a week’s holiday, with many places to stay and restaurants to try.

Where To Stay In Bled


Here are a few top choices of hotels and B&Bs to stay in when you visit the Lake Bled area:

Grand Hotel Toplice

This is a trendy hotel choice with stunning views over the water from its lakeside position and is decorated in an old, traditional style. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Garni Hotel Berc

Again, top views across Lake Bled will greet you in this mid-sized hotel. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Vila Bled

This is actually an old-style villa, and its décor and style have been kept the same as years gone by. If you enjoy history and want to explore how things used to be, this comfortable hotel with stunning scenery is for you. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Hotel Astoria Bled

A modern choice with many different dining options, including half board, greet visitors to this up-to-date base. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Park Hotel Bled

This is another modern hotel that almost resembles a business hotel. Despite that, the contemporary feel is exceptional for couples and groups who want a more up-to-date place to stay. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Hotel Triglav Bled

This hotel’s authentic architecture is charming and fits in very well with the almost fairy-tale feel of the area. Again, you are very close to the water in this hotel, so views are guaranteed. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Savica Hotel

This is a large and very reasonably priced hotel, which is modern and located right on the edge of the water, with fantastic views. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Kompas Hotel Bled

A large and homely feel welcomes visitors to this hotel, with a great central location for exploring the area. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Pension Mlino

This hotel is also located on the edge of Lake Bled and offers a homely, family-run base. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Fun Facts About Lake Bled

  • The Lake was formed after the last Ice Age, making it highly ancient! It was created after the Bohinj glacier deepened underground before the ice melted and filled with water – this is what is now Lake Bled
  • The Lake’s waters are renowned for their healing properties, thanks to the pleasantly warm temperature of the thermal springs that run into it. The Lake is around 26 degrees in temperature, making it one of the world’s warmest alpine lakes
  • You can swim in the Lake as far into the year, right up until September, thanks to the mild temperatures – wintertime, however, is not recommended!
  • The Lake Bled region is not just about the water, as the surrounding buildings are equally as fun and exciting. The main attraction is the Church of the Assumption of Mary, dating back to the 17th century
  • During a wedding, legend says that if the groom carries his bride up the 99 stone steps that lead to the church before ringing the bell and making a wish, they will be blessed with good luck and a long and happy marriage

How To Get To Lake Bled

Lake Bled is around 34 miles from the capital city, Ljubljana, and there are many road and public transport network links to get you to the heart of the outdoor action.

  • Train. Lake Bled is accessible by the Lesce-Bled International Railway Station and line. The service runs long-distance between Illach-Jesenice-Ljubljana-Belgrade-Istanbul-Athens and stops at Lesce. To get to Lake Bled from there, you must grab a taxi or public bus for the remainder of the journey (4km).
  • Road. You can quickly drive to Bled and the Lake by car, depending on your starting point. The Lake is 45km from the Austrian and Italian borders and 50km from Ljubljana via the A2 Highway.
  • Bus. A bus station is a few minutes walk from the lake site, and coaches head to the capital from there on the hour, returning hourly at half-past the hour. The journey takes around 70 minutes in total and is indeed very picturesque.
  • Fly. You can fly into Ljubljana Airport and grab a direct shuttle bus from there to Bled, which takes around 70 minutes, depending on traffic.

Why is Lake Bled recommended as a vacation spot in Europe?

Slovenia, and Lake Bled in particular, is recommended due to its affordable rates, stunning natural beauty, and a range of attractions and activities to enjoy.

How long should I stay in Lake Bled?

A typical holiday in Lake Bled should be planned for at least three nights, including additional options to visit the capital, Ljubljana.

What activities are available in Lake Bled?

Activities in Lake Bled vary by season and include horseback riding, wine tasting, glamping, canyoning, and river rafting.

Are there any notable historical tourism spots in Lake Bled?

Yes, visitors can explore historical sites like the 11th-century Bled Castle and the Gothic Bled Island church.

Are day trips to other regions from Lake Bled feasible?

Yes, day trips to other regions, even to Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes, are feasible and recommended.

What accommodation options are available in Lake Bled?

Lake Bled offers various accommodation options, ranging from boutique hotels to luxury hotels.

How can I travel from Lake Bled to Ljubljana?

The journey from Lake Bled to Ljubljana is straightforward and can be done by bus or rented car.

Lake Bled is an exciting, natural, and stunning area. Visitors are certainly spoiled for choice regarding things to see and do. Overall, this is a destination that is perfect no matter what month! Remember to pack accordingly, as the temperature can plummet during winter.

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  1. Great post. You mentioned almost all information needed to visit Bled. There is a lot of thing to do it in Bled. My company started with organizing wine tastings in Bled. Not many people know this but Slovenia is wine country, we made some of the best world wines. If you will come to Bled again, pay us with visit, wine tasting is on us! :-)

    1. Totally! Lake Bled in Slovenia is a safe destination for families with children. Just hold onto their hands as you wander by the waters edge.

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