5 Reasons To Not Visit Croatia

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5 Reasons To Not Visit Croatia

It’s no secret I love my newly adopted homeland of Croatia. This blog and its contents are enough to tell you all of the great things about living in Croatia. My shouting from the rooftops about it non-stop means I get tweets and emails from people asking questions about ‘what are the best things to do in Croatia’ or specific questions about their upcoming visit. I love answering them.

Yesterday, a reader asked me if they should bring their Mother-in-law with them to Croatia. Not because this reader did not like his Mother-in-law – but instead asking if his Mother-in-law would like Croatia.

What was I supposed to say to that? It got me thinking about the types of people who should not visit Croatia. So I told him, that she should not visit Croatia if she does not like….

Ancient Ruins

Things to do in Nin | Croatia Travel Blog
Church of Saint Nicholas.

These are everywhere in Croatia. Leftover from various previous rulers from centuries ago. Not only do you have Roman forums, like this one in Zadar and places like Diocletian’s Palace in Split, but you’ll see ancient & historical ruins and many small villages in every town.

If ancient ruins don’t interest you, you may not want to visit Croatia.


Guide To The Best Travel Coffee Makers - Paper Cup

Croatians have a severe love affair with coffee. Business meetings, catch-ups with friends old & new are all conducted over a tiny cup of espresso coffee, for hours!

There are cafes everywhere here in Croatia, so you’ll have no trouble finding one. Cody from Zablogreb wrote last year that Croatians annually drink 5 kg of coffee per person, that’s 22,500 tons of coffee per year, and they spend 2.25 million hours having coffee each year, that’s half an hour a day per person.

So, don’t visit Croatia if you don’t like coffee.

The Sun

Best Beaches In Dubrovnik - Thatched canopies and awnings on the beach Copacabana Beach
Beach Copacabana At Sunset In Dubrovnik

It’s one of the sunniest places on earth, well at least in the Mediterranean. During summer, the sun does not go down till well after 9 pm, which means you can enjoy a full day of exploring and then still have plenty of time to take a stroll along the many Croatian beaches after dinner and watch the sunset. Croatia is known worldwide for incredible sunsets. If you hate sunsets, you best not come to Croatia.

Smiling Faces


A Croatian would give you the shirt off his back. They’re friendly and happy-go-lucky here in Croatia. Whenever we travel, we always ask the locals we meet for their recommendations, and they’re always happy to tell us about a secret spot, or hidden restaurant that we should visit.

If smiling friendly locals turn you off while on vacation, I recommend you book someplace else.

Reasons to not visit croatia


Natural Beauty


I recently wrote about Croatia’s eight stunning national parks, and I had some people tell me they had no idea that Croatia was so diverse. As well as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the breathtaking waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes, you can climb, raft, hike, cycle, and trek all across Croatia. Things of beauty, not your style, then you know my response….

Now, I have not yet had a response from that reader. So I do hope that he had a giggle at my cheeky response and that he and his Mother-in-law visit Croatia and they have a smashing time. I did give him this list of things to do in Croatia if they do decide to come on over to this paradise I now call home.

Would these reasons keep you away from Croatia?

Want Ideas For Things To Do In Croatia?

If you are traveling to Croatia, we’ve got a stack of suggestions. Here are just a few:


Comments (106)

  1. You forgot the endless cigarette smoking in every cafe and restaurant…but that would be a real reason not to go, wouldn’t it?

  2. What a load of tosh most backward country ive been to in ages . Another skint country looking for a hand out of there economy goes tits up from the EU

  3. Hi
    We re coming. Is there great sealife for snorkeling? And is it easy to rent Snorkle gear?

  4. We are flying into Split. We are a family who want adventure.We want to zip wire . Whitewater raft and sea kyak. Where is a good place to get accommodation. Is Omis the place to be. We dont like to be amongst lots of tourists . We are country people and enjoy the good simple things in life . Can you help us please. Thanks Steven

  5. Sarah-Jane, love your blog. I would love to visit Croatia, ad my Grandparents were Croatian. I will be watching and reading more so I can plan a visit this year. Keep up the great blog.

  6. Smiling faces? You must be kidding, never encountered so many rude people in my life.

    1. It’s true. Croatia is not friendly. I want people to stop treating facts as myths & listen to others for once, accepting they aren’t always correct about anything they say.

  7. The Wine SJ. The Wine. It is awful. Made from grapes that no one has ever heard of and so horrible that most people have to drink it with added water (Gemist & Bevanda) to be able to drink it at all.

  8. Has it been really 3 years already? Well, still love it the same as I read it for the first time

  9. You forgot one thing. Croatian food. Crossing the border means instant weight gain (for me anyway), so if you want to avoid weight gain and binge eating, Croatia is forbidden territory…?

  10. Thanks for the great info! Croatia looks amazing! we’ve just booked to stay in Podstrana nearby to Split for 10 days in August, can’t wait!

  11. Good read! I’ll be traveling Europe in July. And I plan Dubrovnik in my itinerary, but I will only have 4 days. Been done some research. What do you recommend/suggest for a solo female traveler? Thanks!

  12. I would say if you don’t like calm, warm, beautiful seas in the summer or grilled fish that even non-fish lovers crave–don’t bother.

  13. Hi! I’m having trouble trying to figure out whether to stay in Hum, Motovun or Buzet for 3 days next month. I don’t drive, and I don’t think there are bused between the towns. Know anything I out this area?

    1. Oh wow, you’re really set on tiny towns, aren’t you? 🙂 I’d recommend either Motovun or Buzet, since Hum is really tiny (it is the smallest town on Earth) and you migh get bored out of your mind after the first day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice there and lovely to visit (for an hour or maybe couple of hrs) but I’m not sure you really got how little it is when you researched it.

  14. One of my favorite countries to visit. Driving is quite easy and it’s great to take detours through country roads. The small coastal towns are so charming and delightful to explore.

  15. We’re driving from Zagreb to Plitvice today. Thanks for all the advice when we were planning this trip months ago. And we’re loving the Esplanade.

  16. I can think of another….the food & wine is wonderful & not expensive & you might put on a kilo or two!

  17. Coffe 5kg annually … Underestimated I drink at least 12 kg annually, my family no difference , and that is one strong coffee 🙂

  18. You failed! Sorry, but I’m not put off and you now have a bunch of us tourists coming to invade you! 🙂

  19. What? Coffee…ruins…smiling people…SUNSETS? Oh boy…that’s a lot to put up with because, you know, there could eventually be too much of a good thing. Maybe. Then again…maybe not. 🙂

  20. This made me want to Croatia even more.
    How do smiling friendly locals can possibly turn someone off ? 😀

      1. I was born there so I go every other summer to visit my cousins in Zadar & Dubrovnik! Very beautiful but the economy is bad. Enjoy!


  21. hell no, its made me all the more likely to want to go! Croatia looks absolutely breakthtaking and I am a total ruin geek so its high on my wish list.

  22. Interesting reasons that make me want to go to Croatia even more! Thanks for sharing these, it helps my planning and pitch to the family immensely!

  23. Haha, I read this curious about what’s not great about Croatia as I’ve always wanted to visit and haven’t been yet – so it’s great to see this list, which just makes me want to visit even more – I’m hoping I might make it this year – any tips on where can be seen in just a 4-5 day trip? I know it needs a lot longer than that but I have a short break and was thinking Croatia but there are so many areas I want to see that I don’t know where to start!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. 4-5 days is tough because yes there is so much to see. In saying that you can see a few things in that time. Let me know what things you like. Nature? Museums? Will you rent a car or be bound by a bus? Is there one thing you have to see while you are here? Once I know that I can make a personal recommendation for you – I think I’ll even turn it into a blog post especially for you.

      1. How kind of you to be so helpful with ideas for me! I guess we mainly like nature / views / ruins / coastal areas and nice food – museums etc would probably be a lower preference. We’d be open to hiring a car if that makes things easier. I hear a lot about Dubrovnik, Dalmatian coast, Split and Hvar which have all appealed to me as some of my preferred places and even the Mljet island looks beautiful….but I’m not all that familiar with how close any of these places are and so I’m fully aware it may only be possible to visit one or at a push, two of these places within a 4-5 day break so any thoughts you might have would be really helpful and once again, thank you 🙂

      2. Hi SJ, I wrote a reply comment thanking you for this and answering some of your questions but can’t see here – just wanted to check if it’s in moderation or whether it never went through at my end – didn’t want you to think I hadn’t replied to your kind offer!

        1. Sorry, I have been so busy with the house that mu blog comments all sat in moderation. Lemme take a look at this next week for you 🙂 xx

  24. How about reason # 6 nót to visit Croatia:

    if you like to spend hours and hours, mile after mile in your car, longing for an end to a (almost) never ending journey, than dón’t choose Croatia.
    However highways are both perfect and breath taking scenic, you’ll hardly ever use them for more than let’s say half a day, but most of the time even less than an hour.
    And still you’ll be amazed how quick you travel from one natural beauty to the next historic place.
    Wonder how a relatively “small” country can be só divers, better come and see for yourself.
    Sretan put, Pim.

  25. We loved our September visit to Split so much, we are hoping we can visit Croatia again this year! Watching the sunset from the ferry boat from Brac to Split as well as the sunset while dining at Dvor along Firula Beach was pretty amazing too! 🙂

  26. How do you order coffee in Croatia. And what are the different ways to have it. Also what is the usual cost.
    We are coming in May into the Zagreb AP than driving straight to the Kuntanar winery.

  27. I had no idea that Croatians drank so much coffee!! And you and your reverse psychology!! This is a great post, it is like saying that people who don’t love life should stay away from Croatia!

  28. I don’t know about the mother-in-law, but these are all reasons to make me go to Croatia 😀 I am always happy to return to this so welcoming and beautiful country!!

  29. Having been born in a small coastal town of Petracane , about 10 miles north of Zadar . Now living in Australia . I still miss home alot . the sunsets by the water are majestic at times . just a nice feeling , enjoying a drink at a cafés . watching the tourits , enjoy a sunset stroll through town .
    bring plenty of sunscreen . i remember being pretty dark by the end of the summer . Australia has many beautiful Places to . and i am always amazed at some of the beauty . i feel the same when i am back home .

  30. Check your coffeetime statistics!
    22,500 tons of coffee per year (22,500,000 kg) divided by 5 kg of coffee per year gives a population of 4.5 million (~confirmed on Wiki).
    If 4.5 million Croatians spend “2.25 million hours having coffee each year,” that’s half an hour a YEAR per person, not per day!
    For me, that is not enough time having coffee!

  31. One of my finest memories of 2014 is sipping macchiato coffee and nibbling on fritules in a waterfront café in Šibenik to kick-start my (very busy) day. Totally divine!

    I won’t mention Trogir, Brač, or Zadar, because we’d all be here for ages – if not longer!! 😉
    Great article, Mrs Donkey. And you didn’t even mention the food or wine!

  32. Since twenty years I spend summer holidays on island Losinj (Kvarner), where my father-in-law was born and has a house. I have only one reason for provole not to visit Croatia: the less we are, the best we stay! 😉

    1. I am not so sure what to say to that Mr. Podesta, except that we need tourism here – so I am not so sure that your statement rings true. In any case I’d love to get to Losinj, so hopefully you can give me some tips. I promise to not tell too many people.

  33. Well done! Sure makes us want to come to Croatia… even with all of these reasons not to. 😉

  34. Very fun and great post I loved it – we really have to come and spend some time in Croatia!

  35. Ohh it must be so hard to live in a place surrounded by such natural beauty and amazing scenery 😉 sounds like somewhere I would absolutely just hate… to leave!

  36. It is a trilling and interesting title of the post! I was opening this page a little bit armed up, punched, but really made me smile! It is a great post and I love it!

      1. Yes indeed! You know the phrase, for sure: ‘pila naopako’! Translation of that is ‘saw upside down’, but I’m not sure if it is a good translation..?

  37. I had no idea Croatia had such a love affair with coffee! It sounds like a beautiful place to visit, for sure 🙂

      1. Thank heaven Starbucks did not show up yet 🙂
        Thank heaven twice for Ottomans and Italians, as their coffee rules in Dalmacija !

  38. I think it would be tough, but I would somehow handle all of that 😉 lol sign me up!

  39. I love the way you answered that question 😀 Proof by contradiction or “Reductio ad impossibilem” 😉

    1. Super glad you liked it Yummy – I am known to be a bit of a smart bleep.

  40. I’m glad you wrote this post. Hopefully many people will read it and by the time I get back to Croatia for another visit, the whole place will be cleared of people who don’t like these things 🙂 .

    Honestly though, there can’t be any people like that, can there?

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