Surfing The Black Sea (7 Places To Surf & What To See)

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Are you ready to experience the amazing swells, gorgeous beaches, fiery sunsets, and mouth-watering cuisines as you roam around these beautiful surf spots on the Black Sea?

I’ve been surfing for as long as I can remember, and have made you a list of the best places to surf on the Black Sea. So, go grab your board, wax it up, and say Aloha to these best surfing places in the Black Sea.

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Did you know you can actually surf in the Black Sea? Surprisingly, not too many surfers know about that. The truth is, you can find the best surfing spots in the Black Sea. The shoulder-high waves and the perfect water temperature in autumn make it a top destination on your travel list.

The Black Sea has its own serene and mysterious beauty that is hidden amidst the coastal stretches of Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Russia, and Georgia. Even though surfing is kinda like a new thing in these areas, some local surfers are really bringing the surf culture to life.

Surf conditions vary all across the year. For seasoned surfers, the Black Sea offers an opportunity to put their skills to the test with challenging waves and high swells in icy winter waters and mild-warm temperatures in autumn. The sea tends to have smaller waves and less consistent surf in the summer and spring seasons.

1. Sinop (Turkey)

Sinop, a.k.a Sinope, is an ancient city located in northern Turkey, southeast of the Black Sea. It’s a place where history, surfing thrills, and the natural sceneries converge. Its history goes way back to the 7th Century BC when it was founded by the colony of Milesians.

Being the oldest city on the Black Sea coast, the city has seen it all, from Greek and Roman Times to Byzantine and Ottoman Eras.

Travel Cost From Istanbul

I recommend taking a bus to Sinop from Istanbul for $14-$20 if you are on a budget – though it is a bit time-consuming. If you wanna enjoy some breathtaking views, the journey is worth it. The fastest way to get there is to take a flight, which would take around 1 hour 43 minutes and costs approx $51-$144.

Surf Conditions

Now let’s talk about its surf conditions. The city is surrounded by various surf spots like Kalesi Palaji, Turkeli, and Sinop Beach. The waves go 3 feet and above with favorable wind conditions. The best time to ride is fall and winter when those storm swells hit. If you’re an experienced surfer looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the place for you. (not suitable for beginners!)

Places to See

When you’re not surfing, you can also check out some of the most amazing tourist spots here, including Sinop Fortress, Sinope Archaeological Museum, Hamsilos Nature Reserve, and a small town called Tarihi Kaleici.

2. Sile Beach (Turkey)

Best Black Sea Beaches - Sinemorec Rocks - Sile Beach Turkey

Located to the north, just a short drive from Istanbul, Sile Beach offers a relaxing environment with beautiful resorts and crystal turquoise water that attracts the city’s dwelling surfers.

Travel Cost From Istanbul

The cheapest way to get to Sile from Istanbul is to either drive in your own vehicle or by metro or taxi.

Surf Conditions

Whether you’re a beginner looking to enjoy a surf or a pro ready to showcase your hidden talent, these consistent waves are a reliable spot for surfers around the world.

The surf may remain calm during the daytime, but you can enjoy moderate swells in the morning and late evening (sunset). But before you ride inside barreling waves, make sure to check your local weather forecast for wave height and wind direction.

Places to See

Sile Beach is surrounded by lush greenery and tourist places that go way back to the Ottoman period. One of the most prominent tourist places is the Lighthouse, a 700-year-old fishing village.

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3. Sunny Day Beach (Varna, Bulgaria)

If you’re a surf enthusiast and sun worshiper like me, then Sunny Day Beach is the place for you. Surrounded by white sand, picturesque areas, and crystal-clear waters, this place is not only known for its scenic beauty but also for its nightlife and water sports.

Travel Cost From Varna To Sunny Beach

It is located 11km away from the city center. You can use your own ride, which would take around 1h 28 min, whereas a bus would take an extra 14 min, and the cheapest way to go that is for $2-$10. Other than that, you can also take a taxi.

Surf Conditions

Sunny Day Beach, nestled 2.5 km along the Black Sea, is Bulgaria’s seaside gem. The best to surf is during the summer months when the water temperature is perfect for any surfer. Surfers at both beginner and pro levels can experience good chest-high waves that may go up to 6ft and above.

Winds are usually light, giving beginner surfers a chance to polish their skills.

Places to See

While you’re at it, you can also check out some other cool places like Karting Track, Luna Park, and Action Aqua Park, or you can also try boating tours or scuba diving.

4. Harmani Beach (Bulgaria)

Another great surfing spot in Bulgaria is Harmani Beach, which is located in the New Town of Sozopol, 0.9 km away from its center. It’s quite convenient to get there. Therefore, it remains crowded most of the time, and you can see some amazing resorts filled with families, travelers, and surfers. Overall, it’s a beautiful sandy beach with crystal turquoise water and waves that attract surfers from far-off places.

Travel Cost From Sozopol to Harmani Beach

It’s a 3-minute ride or 8-minute walk from Sozopol. You can ask the locals to guide you there or take a cab.

Surf Conditions

For surfers looking to catch the waves, the ideal time is when the sea experiences East swells supported by offshore wind from the North East. Enjoy a playful surf with strong rip currents and experience barreling in a choppy sea.

During peak summer times, you’ll often find bay watchers in an angry mood at surfers who fail to listen. It’s best to surf in the mid-am or before sunset at times when there are fewer tourists.

Places to See

After a fun surfing session, you can explore various places and landmarks in Sozopol, like the Ethnographic Museum of Sozopol, Southern Walls of Sozopol, Ravadinovo Castle, Art Gallery, and St.Nicholas Chapel.

Other than these historical places, you can find some really good bars and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious and tempting food and drinks to give you that awesome tropical feel.

5. Kilyos Beach (Turkey)

Kilyos Beach - Beaches in Istanbul
Kilyos Beach, Turkey

Another great spot for surfers near Istanbul is Kilyos Beach. It’s located 30 km away from the city center. You can see sandy beaches, hills, resorts, beach clubs, and, of course, sparkling blue water that makes this a haven for thrill-seeking surfers.

Travel Cost From Istanbul

Local transport is the cheapest way to get to the spot. You can hop on Bus#151, which takes tourists from Sariyer to Kilyos. Local taxis are another easy option, costing around $5-$7.

Surf Conditions

The swell height varies daily, ranging from knees and thighs to 5 ft and above. Surfers can find favorable wind conditions with good offshore wind in the morning and onshore wind in the mid-afternoon. It’s an excellent place for both beginner and expert surfers to showcase their skills. The surf season in Kilyos usually kicks into high gear during the fall and winter months.

Places to See

When you are in the mood to dry yourself a little, explore the place, which is surrounded by forest and hills, perfect for mountain biking and hiking. Some of the most popular places you must see when you’re in Kilyos are Kilyos Castle, Ağva, and Göksu River, and the Historical Plane Tree is worth taking a selfie.

6. Plaja Modern – Modern Beach (Constanta, Romania)

Plaja Modern, located along the Black Sea Coast, is a beautiful, wide beach covered with soft sand. It is one of the most popular surf spots in Romania. While the place lacks historical depths like that of Sozopol, it contributes a new chapter to the coast’s story as a modern, welcoming destination. All the facilities, like sun loungers, changing rooms, and toilets, are easily accessible, making it a perfect spot for families and surfers alike.

Travel Cost From Bourgas Airport to Constanta

Since it’s a famous tourist spot, you can easily travel by car, train or bus. If you’re flying in, Bourgas Airport is the nearest major airport. You can either transfer or rent a car (different price options are available) to the beach or travel to Constanta by bus, which would cost you around $34-$48 but may turn out to be a long ride of 6h 5m.

Surf Conditions

The water temperature may go up to 25 Degrees Celcius in summer, making it comfortable for the surfers to live their passion. But before you pack all your surfing gear, make sure to check out the weather forecast, as most of the time, the swell isn’t good enough. You need to find that perfect moment to surf. Overall, it is better to surf in winter and fall months when there are fewer crowds, and the sea experiences large swells.

Places to See

You can find really gorgeous places to visit nearby, like the Cathedral of Saint Peters and Pauls, Hotel Intim, the Museum of National History and Archeology, and the Mosque of Constanta.

7. Ureki Beach (Georgia)

Georgia has many great surf spots that most surfers don’t have a clue about. One of the most popular beaches you can try out along the coast of the Black Sea is Ureki. It’s located in Guria, 300 km west of Tbilisi. Most people believe that its magical black sand has a magnetic effect that works wonders for heart patients. You can relax and enjoy the magnificent beach or just pick your board and rip the waves.

Travel Cost From Batumi to Ureki Beach

You have 4 options available: train, bus, taxi or car. The cheapest option is a bus ($7) that would get you to your destination in 55 minutes. The second option is the train, which would cost around $11-$25, whereas a taxi would charge $13-$16.

Surf Conditions

Ureki is one of the most underrated surf spots in Georgia. Summer months are great for laying under the umbrellas, but surfers can enjoy big swells in winter. The water temperature isn’t that freezing as compared to other surf spots in the world. So, if you have the right wetsuit, get ready to catch some big waves when the weather changes and the beach experiences NE wind swells.

Places to See

While you’re in Ureki, you can visit the historic Gonio Fortress or take a short drive to Kobuleti, which has some amazing restaurants, cafes, and nightlife options. If you travel a little farther to Batumi, you can visit the Botanical Garden and Batumi Boulevard.

Wrap Up On Surfing In The Black Sea

In this article, we have selected for you only the best surf spots in the Black Sea. The unique blend of Mediterranean-like climate and the enhancing coastal beauty makes it a popular choice for surfers around the world.

The Black Sea offers a diverse range of surf spots along its coastline. Beyond the surf, each destination presents its own set of attractions and experiences. From the stunning shores of Bulgaria to the captivating history of Sinop and the tranquil landscapes of Georgia, these surf destinations have something for every type of traveler.

So, the next time you’re in search of some awesome surfing places along the Black Sea, do check out our guide that’ll navigate you to your perfect surf spot.

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