Hotel Berulia & Things To Do In Brela On The Markaska Riviera

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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

Summertime in Croatia pretty much means packing your bags and heading off to the beach. The question is which beach in Croatia should you go to?

There are thousands of beaches in Croatia, and choosing just one indeed is a challenging task. One of our new finds is the white pebbled beaches of the Makarska Riveria, located on the Dalmatian coast 50 kilometers south of Split.

We chose to stay at the 4-star Hotel Berulia Brela for a few days of rest and relaxation without Baby Donkey. The seaside town of Brela is simply stunning. It’s dwarfed by the towering Biokovo Mountain on one side, while the Adriatic Sea laps against its white pebble shores on the other.

Hotel Berulia Brela Beach
Hotel Berulia Brela Beach

It was time for Mr. Chasing the Donkey and me to unwind without having to carry around the baby stroller and all of the other many items needed when traveling with a baby. Cue some of the most smiley hotel teams you’ll ever find, a room overlooking a picture-perfect beach, and a welcome bottle of Stina’s finest wine, all to make the perfect romantic getaway.



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Even though it was just the two of us that weekend, Hotel Berulia in Brela is family-friendly, as are the surrounding beaches. So, if you are not so lucky like us and have your children in tow, don’t panic. The hotel will look after you.

If you’re short on time and can’t see all of the beaches in Makarska, make sure to visit Punta Rata Beach, which was voted by Forbes Magazine as the 6th best beach in the world and number one in Europe (2004). Walking to this beach from our hotel was a pleasure in itself.

Brela has a pedestrian-only path running parallel to the beach. Lined with century-old pine trees, the scent of pine is all-encompassing at Punta Rata. Now, I realize that the Forbes award was 15 years ago, but the beach has not changed. It’s still as azure and romantic as ever.

hotel berulia brela punta rata beach
Punta Rata Beach

This stone is the photo you see on dozens of postcards of Brela and the Makarska Riviera. This very famous stone is called Kamen Brela (Brela Stone in English).

Local tip: It’s just a wonderful natural formation, but some locals like to tell people fanciful stories of how you’ll find romance or be blessed with a son if you swim around the rock.

#Brela beach #sailing #island #Croatia - Chasing the Donkey
Brela by night – Photo Credit Leonardo Uzeda

So, you’ve worked up a (healthy) tan laying by the beach in Brela. Now what? What are the top things to do in Brela?
Things To Do In Brela

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Enjoy Cocktails

Brela Beach is most certainly a family-friendly destination, but it also has a place for romance. After dinner, walk up to Baska Voda and lay back in the deep sun chairs at one of the many bars that line the shore, and stare out at the romantic moonlight caressing the Adriatic Sea. All this with a mojito in hand, of course. While the cocktails are a little on the expensive side, the vibe will make up for those few fewer euro in your wallet.

Eat Croatian Food

Finding great Croatian food always makes our things-to-do list. Why? Because it can often be so hard to weed out the tourist traps. In Brela, we recommend Konoba Feral. We ate a seafood feast, wine, dessert, and coffee for under $100 for two people. Just be sure to take cash, as they do not accept credit cards.


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Take A Walk

Beginning in the settlement of Kričak, the car-free promenade continues all the way back to Hotel Berulia Brela. You can stop along the way for a swim, drinks, lunch at Konoba Opat, or watch the sunset.

punta rata beach sunset
Things to do in Brela – Watch the sunset. Photo credit Leonard

Splash About

Along the Makarska Riviera are these super-fun inflatable jumping castles floating in the Adriatic. These Wibit sports water parks are safe for children as young as four, and you can buy a pass for an hour, day, or even the full week. Definitely one of the most fun things to do in Brela, if you ask us!

Dive Vruja

Vruja Canyon is located in a freshwater spring and is suitable for experienced divers. It boasts several underwater canyons with depths of more than 100 meters and is home to an unknown number of species.

Enjoy A Spa Day

After taking in some sun, day-tripping, and eating, it’s now time to enjoy a spa day at the Wellness & Spa Soline. Ask about the Magic Honey or warm chocolate treatment.

hotel berulia brela spa treatment
Treat yourself to a spa day (or two)

Take A Day Trip

There are so many things to do in Croatia that people often have to return several times to see them all. While in Brela, take a break from the beaches and book one of the many day trips.

  • Makarska. Just 12 kilometers south of Brela is the town of Makarska. Here, you’ll find markets, cafes, restaurants, beaches, and you can wander the cobbled streets of the old town.
  • Dubrovnik. Visit Dubrovnik for the day and walk the ancient fortified walls. Inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage list, these walls offer a view of the Adriatic like nowhere else.


Things to do in Omiš Cetina River Rafting Video - Travel Croatia like a local
Things to do in Brela – Cetina River White Water Rafting
  • Zipline. Check out Zip Line Omiš, which is Croatia’s fastest zip line. Running between two canyons, the zip line is for those seeking a bit of outdoor adventure
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you like ticking off UNESCO World Heritage Sites along your travels, head to the Catholic church in the often-overlooked town of Šibenik in central Dalmatia. The Cathedral is a magnificent example of a blend of architectural heritage from northern Italy, Tuscany, and Dalmatia. Split, Trogir, and two other UNESCO cities can be reached as a part of day trips from Brela.
  • Zlatni Rat Beach. The beach town of Bol makes for another day trip from Brela. We listed 19 things to do in Bol Croatia (not all of which you can do in a day!), but you can at least see another one of Croatia’s best beaches: Zlatni Rat Beach
  • Hvar Town. Located on the island of Hvar is one of Croatia’s oldest tourist destinations. You can explore Hvar in a day trip from Brela via excursion boats, which depart from Makarska daily.
  • Spiritual site. Međugorje has a strong following among Catholics across the globe, as the site is said to be the place of apparitions of Mary, mother of Jesus. One million pilgrims visit the site each year.

Reasons To Stay At Hotel Berulia Brela

  • The team at Hotel Berulia Brela will gladly make all of your day trip reservations for you.
  • Sat between the two towns of Brela and Baska Voda, you have two places within walking distance to eat, swim, and shop.
  • Hotel Berulia Brela has all-inclusive options, which can help to make it a low-cost holiday.
  • Centrally located to many of the Makarska Riviera beaches, including just meters from Brela Beach.
  • Additional luxury accommodation on the beach in a private villa is an option with Villa Berulia. As well as having access to the hotel’s amenities and facilities, the Villa is stocked with its own collection of wine. Hello there, a perfect choice for a honeymoon in Croatia.
  • Hotel Berulia Brela has a private pool if you want to skip the beach.
  • Free parking, WiFi, and gym.
  • Discounts available on the wellness and spa services at Bluesun Hotel Soline (their sister hotel), located up the road.

Plus, you can take FREE Croatian language lessons and Zumba and or yoga classes if you like to be busy on your vacation.

Hotel Berulia Brela Collage
The 4 star Hotel Berulia Brela

Hotel Berulia Brela Aerial view

Where Is Hotel Berulia Brela?

Located just an hour south of Split or two and a half hours by car from Dubrovnik, Hotel Berulia Brela is easy to find. Book or find out more here.

To find out more about Brela, visit the Brela Tourist Board page.

We want you to know: Our stay at Bluesun was a part of a sponsored trip. All thoughts and opinions are given honestly and without bias. Main photo credit Leonardo Uzeda Photography

Have you ever stayed at the Hotel Berulia Brela or done any of these things to do in Brela?

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  1. Every time I stop by here, I get another reason to visit Croatia! Can’t wait to make it there one day. Brela looks so gorgeous, and the day trip options are a great bonus! That hotel looks great too!

  2. I’ve never been to Croatia, but the hotel property and Brela looks stunning. It certainly does look like a great place to unwind. I can see why you choose it.

  3. Oh Wow you had me at the pool – I love pools with a view of the water! Gorgeous place and another one to add to our bucket list!

    1. Yeah me too. Something wrong about a pool with such an amazing beach so close…. but I dont care.

  4. Sounds like a beautiful & perfectly located base to hop around and explore the Dalmation coast! And what better place to come back and recharge in after a day trip adventure…

  5. Those beaches look amazing!! This sounds like the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, or longer. I haven’t explored much of Croatia, only Dubrovnik for a day really, but for years now I have heard people talk about how much they enjoy it. Easy to see why!

  6. Brela and the hotel look amazing! I did not visit there but it sure looks like a place where I would love to stay.. And that free Croatian language class sounds like fun :D Or like a challenge of a lifetime…

  7. oh how lovely! :) glad you guys had such a good time. Croatia looks so fantastic through your eyes. Happy to be living vicariously through you

  8. Brela looks so pretty! All of the pictures you share of Croatia are so wonderful :D Glad you got some Mr. and Mrs. Donkey time!

  9. Brela looks like a perfect place for a summer weekend, there is so much to do!

  10. Oooohh, I would immediately sign up for that chocolate spa treatment. The water at that highly rated beach is so beautifully blue. It looks so inviting. Looks like a lovely place for a couples getaway.

  11. Wow that sounds so impressive, I am so jealous! It looks beautiful and I love the Zumba and language classes. I am also jealous you got to spend a child free place in such a beautiful spot. Yet another place you have made me add to my Croatia wish list ;)

  12. It’s a pity you don’t have a special deal to book this hotel. It sounds like a great place with so much to do. Do you know how to get the best rates for this hotel?

    1. Marg, I’d suggest going to the hotel’s website and signing up for their newsletter to hear about upcoming offers. You cam also like their facebook page for the same. I hope that helps.

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