5 Super Fun Things To Do In Slavonia With Kids

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Not to be confused with the country, Slovenia, I’m talking about Slavonia – a fascinating region in the east of Croatia, and one which should undoubtedly be on your family vacay visit!

Slavonia is fantastic for families, couples, and anyone who wants to get away from it all. Still, during my recent trip there, I noticed that it has a range of fun activities for families to enjoy, and the bonus is that they’re all out in the great outdoors!

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This area is quite historical, has excellent food options, and the locals are welcoming and laid back – making Slavonia a top family vacation spot.

If you’re in the midst of planning your next family adventure to Croatia and are looking for something new, here are five awesome family-friendly things you can do in Slavonia.

Vinkovci Fall Festival (Vinkovačke Jeseni)

Vinkovačke jeseni Young Boy

You should definitely be heading to this annual festival if your vacation dates cooperate with the back-to-the-school calendar!

Each year the festival begins on the first weekend of September and runs for ten days. This year I was at the opening – wow, what an event. Vinkovačke jeseni has been running for 53 years!

Located in Vinkovci, you’ll be in the oldest city in Europe here, which is kudos in itself! That means plenty of history to explore. The festival is called the Autumn Festival, and the festival marks the official start of the season, celebrating the hard work done by farmers.

What can you learn about? Everything Slavonian! You can learn about the lifestyle in the region and culture and try some delicious local foods.

Head to the main hall, take a seat and experience the local folkloric dancers and singers who come from all over Slavonia just for this event. Seeing these traditional costumes firsthand and up close is something else.

Visit Slavonia_Fall Festival Vinkovci

There are countless cultural exhibitions and performances throughout the festival, including kids’ shows and groups, concerts, and fashion shows. It’s a great way to teach kids about the local culture and be fun overall.

Head To A Horse Ranch

Things To Do In Slavonia Croatia - Horses On The Farm

Every kid loves animals and the great outdoors, in my experience. There is no need to keep shushing the kids to be quiet and use an indoor voice at a ranch.

There are many ranches around Slavonia, and here are just a few to add to your visit list – I personally give you my parent seal of approval on each one:

Ranč Ramarin

Visit Slavonia Things to Do_Ranc Ramarin Sirios
Footballer Mario Mandžukić rode this Little Cutie.

Located in Garcin, Ranc Ramarin is one of the biggest and is set in a massive amount of green, lush land. Can you imagine the running space? Of course, your little ones (and you) get to enjoy interacting with horses, horse riding, and generally roaming free and exploring the countryside.

Ranč Ramarin has 20 hectares of open ranch space, a lake in the shape of a horse (no, really, it does!), and the ranch also has a giant playground right next to the cafe and bar! So you can enjoy your glass of wine (or I can recommend the homemade strudel with ice cream) while the kiddos run about and burn off extra energy.

State Stud Farm Dakovo

Things To Do In Slavonia Croatia5

The State Stud Farm in Dakovo is actually the oldest in Europe, dating back to 1506! The farm has a breeding program where many horses are trained for equestrian events. Definitely, a must-visit for horse fans!

There are various ticket combinations you can opt for. Still, without a guided tour, a basic ticket costs just 20kn per adult and 10kn per child, making it a very inexpensive family activity.

Ranč Čondić

Horses and donkeys are here! I spotted this little guy as soon as we parked, and he was amiable too. Here at the ranch, there are also other options like fishing and biking, and you can even camp here, making it an all-around family outdoor adventure.


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Enjoy An Electric Car Ride In Kunjevci

Head deep into the beautiful Spačva Forest and check out the local wildlife while enjoying a thrilling electric car ride. Kids will love this one, and you big kids, are you sure to love it too!

The forest itself is enormous, at 40,000 hectares, and is home to some of the oldest trees in Europe; it’s also home to mischievous wild pigs and majestic deer.

The electric cars are eco-friendly and designed for off-roading, so they are ideal for checking out Mother Nature’s most exceptional work.


If you can keep the kids quiet, you may be even as lucky as I was to spot a deer.

Costs vary, so it’s worth getting up-to-date information on the day, but overall, for a breath of fresh air, wildlife spotting, and plenty of fun, this is an excellent activity for all the family to enjoy.

Jankovac Mountain Park

Papuk Nature Park_julien

The mountains in Slavonia really are something to behold, and the chance to head into the natural area and enjoy fresh air, nature spotting and a great day out is something kids will love.

The Jankovac Mountain Park has a huge wooded area and plenty of wildlife and sits within the Papuk Nature Park – Croatia’s only GeoPark.

Papuk Nature Park Fall

Even though the park is protected, you can walk along various trails and enjoy the wide-open spaces—all in safety. A small section is good for pushing a stroller along – so long as it’s light and has good wheels.

Ask the kids to spot local wildlife and different flora and fauna as you wander the trails. Oh, and the main waterfall is gorgeous, to boot.

Papuk Nature Park Slavonia - UNESCO Geopark 8

There is also the option for kayaking, and then in the warmer months, you can swim at Orahovica Lake, and there are several biking trails.

You’ll struggle to find better than this for teaching kids about conservation and nature, especially thanks to the dedicated educational paths around the park.

Oh, and if you want a guide to show you around, the rates are very reasonable, and after my experience with a guide, I can highly recommend the little extra splurge.

Cross The Hanging Bridge at Kriznica

Križnica Hanging Bridge. Photo: Julien Duval

If you have kids who love cycling, visiting Kriznica is a must-do. An island area with those iconic wide-open spaces and plenty of green nature all around, you’ll undoubtedly be able to tire the kids out before a good night’s sleep! There are flat spaces, undulating valleys, and hills – it’s a walking and cycling dream.


For a spot of adrenaline, there is a very famous bridge which is actually a hanging bridge, and it takes a little bit of nerve to cross – well, at least it did for me – your kids will love it!

The bridge crosses the Drava River and leads over to the island. With plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy once you’re over the bridge, including a vast open park with slides and a place for a picnic (just be warned, though, there are no toilets close by – just nature!). It’s undoubtedly worth shuffling your way over that shaking bridge!

Now, after all that sightseeing, kids will be hungry; check out this list of kid-friendly travel snacks.

Bonus Thing To Do In Slavonia: Eat At Camp Borovik

Visit Slavonia Bike - Camp Borovik

It doesn’t have to be all about the kids, but them being occupied leaves you the time and space to sit and chill out – am I right?

In that case, Camp Borovik is a fantastic choice. There is a large children’s playground here, located right on the lake, and totally safe.

There is a lot of room to run around, and there’s a renowned on-site restaurant, so everyone can fill up and have a pitstop.

Located in Borovik, you can head out afterward and explore the rest of the region, with plenty of natural scenery to enjoy.

These are just a few of the hundreds of fun things to do with the kids when you head to Slavonia. This area is often overlooked, which is quite surprising, given it has an abundance of natural beauty and activities to engage in.

These are just a couple of fun things to do in Slavonia with kids – tell me, what else would you add?

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