An Epic Guide To Karpathos Island, Greece

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Here is your Karpathos guide. We’ve listed all the things to do on Karpathos Island, Greece, as well as how to get there and where to stay.

Greece Travel Blog_Things To Do In Karpathos Island Greece

This Karpathos Island Greece guide is the perfect companion for those planning to spend their vacations on one of the most beautiful Greek Dodecanese Islands.

Karpathos sits on the southern portion of the Aegean Sea, halfway between the bigger islands of Rhodes and Crete. Isolated, secluded, and sometimes hard to reach, Karpathos can be the perfect place in Greece if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday.

The island, relatively unknown to mass tourism, boasts a unique landscape of harsh, bare mountains and unspoiled beaches with turquoise, shallow seas.

The few tourists that Karpathos receives every year tend to stay on the island’s southern coast, which is more developed and offers a wider choice when it comes to gastronomy and accommodation, still managing to maintain a reasonably uncontaminated atmosphere.

Karpathos Island is home to exotic beaches, picturesque white villages, and unique trekking paths that allow visitors to discover even more of this little Greek gem.

Karpathos is the ultimate Greek destination for peaceful holidays surrounded by unforgettable beauty, wild, unexplored, and off the beaten path. Let’s see now everything there’s to know to plan a perfect holiday in Karpathos.

What To Do In Karpathos, Greece 

A charming blue and white restaurant nestled on Karpathos Island in Greece, offering an inviting ambiance with its wooden tables and chairs.

Although still unknown to many travelers who book their summer holidays in Greece each year, Karpathos Island attracts many different travelers. Most of all, people come for its spectacular beaches; let us help you find all the other things to do in Karpathos, Greece. 

The island also offers a variety of water sports; some of Karpathos’ southern beaches are perfect for diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing!

When visiting the island, it’s a great idea to devote time to seeing the many traditional little mountain villages offering breathtaking views of unique landscapes. Many share typical Greek traits, such as windmills, churches, and tiny traditional houses. In many of these villages, the locals still wear traditional clothes, making for unexpected views for those who love photography.

Down here, we describe some of the best things to do and beautiful places to see in Karpathos; make sure to add them to your travel list!

Discover Olympos Village

Olympos - Karpathos Island, Greece

Olympos is a magnificent traditional village. The traditional settlement is situated on the slopes of a mountain, with unexpectedly colorful houses surrounded by a very green landscape. It is located 58 kilometers from Pigadia, Karpathos’ capital.

Arguably the best place in Karpathos to discover the authentic roots of the local inhabitants, the village treasures traditions that have been sadly lost in other areas of Greece.

Home to about 400 inhabitants, Olympos has an agricultural character and an old-fashioned atmosphere. Most homes in Olympos have their own well, windmill, and even church! Locals proudly wear traditional local clothes every day while going about their routine activities. A surprising thing to remember?

The village’s main square hosts the ancient church of the Holy Virgin (Panagia), a place that you must visit if you happen to be on Karpathos on August 15.

On this occasion, every summer, the village organizes an important festival dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, and it’s an excellent opportunity to discover the local gastronomy, dances, and musical instruments and join the locals in the joyful celebrations.

Explore Ancient Vrikous

If you cannot manage to spend your Karpathos holidays just lounging on the beach, worry not; there’s a lot more you can do in Karpathos. A visit to Ancient Vrikous is a perfect activity for those who enjoy learning about history.

Not far from Olympos is Ancient Vrikous, which used to be one of the most important cities in Karpathos. The settlement saw its most prosperous times during the fifth century BC. Visitors can now explore the remains of this antique village, including old walls and parts of ancient houses,

Check The Ancient Acropolis Of Arkasa

Situated about 23 km from Pigadia, the Acropolis of Arkasa is another historical site you should not miss when visiting the island of Karpathos. This archaeological site is right by the sea, offering inspiring views of the coast and the nearby Kassos Island.

Back in the fourteenth century BC, the island of Karpathos was occupied by the Mycenaeans, who built an imposing acropolis with unique walls on the headland. Also known as Paleokastro (meaning old fortress or castle in Greek), the citadel had already been inhabited since prehistoric times. According to different studies, it was probably occupied until the late Byzantine times (1200-1400 ca.).

Sail To Saria Islet

If you are looking for a piece of heaven, do not miss a visit to the stunning islet of Saria. This small island is on the northern area of Karpathos and is separated from it by a long and very narrow straight, so much so that many believe that both islands used to be only one in ancient times, separated by a strong earthquake.

On Saria, visitors can explore what many believe to be the site of an ancient kingdom once settled on this land—known as the ruins of ancient Nisyros, where visitors can check an old temple dedicated to Apollo right on the seabed between both islands.

This small island is perfect for going hiking and admiring the local landscape. But of course, the main reason to visit Saria is the picture-perfect white sandy beaches featuring a breathtaking landscape of pristine turquoise waters. These jaw-dropping cliffs plummet to the sea, as well as fantastic and mysterious caves, often quite profound.

To get to Saria, visitors need to board one of the several boats departing from Pigadia; the routes are frequent, and prices are pretty affordable.

Enjoy A Walk In The Village Of Diafani

Traditional village of Diafani, Karpathos, Greece.

As we already mentioned, there are dozens of traditional villages worth exploring in Karpathos; Diafani is one of them.

Built amphitheatrically around a picturesque bay, bather by the blue waters of the Karpathian sea, Diafani is the second most important port of Karpathos. However, it remains a bit secluded from other villages.

The landscape is made of traditional houses with colorful roofs and beautiful churches. Diafani can be found in the northern region of Karpathos, about 67 kilometers from the main village of Pigadia,

Olympos is quite close to Diafani, about 10 kilometers away, so why not visit both traditional villages on the same day?

Once in Diafani, you can explore the small fishing port or have lunch in one of the many seaside tavernas serving the catch of the day. And if you’d like to spend some days in this area, there are some simple hotels and rooms to rent too.

Check Out Karpathos Former Capital

Aperi is a remarkable village 8 kilometers north of Pigadia; it stands on the slopes of Mount Hamali, at a bit more than 300 meters above sea level, surrounded by an imposing green landscape.

The village is quite extensive and, as the former capital, used to be the place where the wealthiest families on the island of Karpathos would dwell. This has left behind an impressive heritage of refined, elegant homes built by nobles and Greek immigrants returning from the diaspora.

When visiting Aperi, take a look at the magnificent Venetian castle on the top of the mountain, as well as the ruins of a tower dating back to the year 3.000 BC.

Several paths leave the village to reach amazing nearby beaches, such as Achata, Ambelia, and Kyra Panagia.

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Explore Some Of The Best Beaches In Karpathos, Greece

Most beautiful beaches of Greece - Achata, in Karpathos island

The beaches in Karpathos can be considered among the most important reasons to visit the island. There are several enchanting beaches to discover in Karpathos.

Since the island is not that popular yet, they tend to be isolated even during the most popular months of the hot season (June – September).

Diakoftis Beach

Another super-family beach you can visit in Karpathos is Diakoftis, about 21 kilometers from the capital of Karpathos, Pigadia. Diakoftis features a fantastic landscape made of golden sand and green waters.

Although the landscape seems remote, barren, and exotic, it is pretty easy to access the beach from Pigadia, following the road along the airport.

Finiki Beach

Partly organized and family-friendly, this beach is in a small picturesque settlement about 18 kilometers from Pigadia. The shore features a tiny port, and due to its sheltered position, it is often calm and perfect for small kids.

Finiki features soft sand and crystal clear water. There are several shops and tavernas by the sea. Many tourists rent accommodation in the area since it is easy to access from the capital.

Kyra Panagia Beach

Kyra Panagia Beach with a red dome church on Karpathos Island in Greece.

Kyra Panagia is a gorgeous sandy and pebbly beach located about 15 kilometers from Pigadia. It is a small cove surrounded by mountains featuring beautiful smooth pebbles mixed with clear, fine sand. There is some organization, a small beach tavern, umbrellas, and sunbeds to rent.

Due to its striking beauty, this is often listed among the best beaches in Greece. The waters are immaculate and usually calm, making it the perfect destination for families. You can drive to the area or get there by boat departing from Pigadia.

Achata Beach

Family-friendly and relaxing, Achata Beach is a quiet spot on Karpathos featuring a mix of white pebbles and clear sand.

Also, this shore is quite close to Agia Panagia Beach and can be reached easily by car. This beach impresses due to its idyllic atmosphere, impressive emerald waters, and beautiful green background.

There is a small traditional tavern on the coast, perfect for those who don’t really like traveling to the beach with lots of supplies.

Apella Beach

Lesser-Known Greek Islands - Karpathos
Karpathos Island Greece

Another beautiful shore in Karpathos is Apella (also known as Ambella), not far from Kyra Panagia Beach, so much so that both beaches can easily explore both in one day if traveling by boat; as a matter of fact, Apella can be challenging to reach by car, while sailing there can be the best option.

This is another sandy beach (about 18 kilometers north of Pigadia). Over here, the sand of this cove is fine and white in stunning contrast with the deep blue of the sea.

The beach is still wild and features no organization, so get ready and pack all your beach necessities if you’re planning to spend the day.

More Amazing Karpathos Beaches

We have just mentioned some of the most stunning beaches you can visit in Karpathos, but the list by no means ends there.

There are countless beautiful beaches, some easier to reach than others, depending on how you plan to move around on the island.

Indeed, car or motorbike rental is a great option to explore more since the bus system can leave many of these shores out of their circuit.

To explore Karpathos beaches better and at your own pace, do not hesitate to rent your own vehicle. This way, you’ll be able to visit beaches such as Votsalakia and Megali Amopi, both in the same area.

Other beaches worth discovering include Arkassa, west of Pigadia, the beautiful sandy beach of Lefkos, the small and secluded Christo Pigadi Beach, or Argilopotamos, a gorgeous white sand beach, shallow and quite close to Pigadia (about 20 kilometers) safe for kids but completely lacking organization. From here, the views of Kassos Island are impressive.

Explore Pigadia’s Winding Streets


Pigadia is the main town on the island, and this is where you’ll likely start your exploration; it’s also where the main port is. The town’s winding streets are really charming, and you’ll find lots of traditional architecture and some small boutique stores and cafes to enjoy. The other plus point is the food: the tavernas here offer traditional food made from the freshest, seasonal produce around.

Hire A Car

If you really want to see Karpathos, you’ll need to hire a car and get out and explore. The island might look small, but once you get into the mountainous center, you’ll understand its size and beauty. You could easily get around the island in a day, but take your time and stop at a guesthouse halfway through; that way, you’ll see the most of this beautiful place.

Visit Olympos

Olympos is a small village with such a traditional vibe. Dating back to the 7th century, this place is beautiful and historic, all rolled into one. It’s also located high up in the mountains, so it will show you amazing views.

Take A Boat To Saria Island

Saria Island is uninhabited and stunningly beautiful, with small coves and sea caves to explore. The Argos ruins are worth checking out, too, while you’re on the island, but most people simply want to enjoy the crystal clear waters and white sand.

The Island’s Many Churches

A church on Karpathos Island, Greece, perched atop a cliff and offering stunning panoramic views of the ocean.

There are so many churches on the island; some of them are in ruins, and some of them are functioning. Either way, they’re all beautiful and worth checking out. The Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos is a notable one, but don’t be afraid to venture out and see what you can find, particularly in Olympos.

Where To Eat In Karpathos

Greece Travel Blog_Things To Do In Karpathos Island Greece_Kedros Traditional Greek Cuisine
Photo Credit: Kedros Traditional Greek Cuisine

Café Karpathos

Often described as one of the best places to eat on the island, this traditional tavern serves great Greek and Italian dishes but is also an excellent place for an afternoon coffee or a snack. It is located in the capital of Karpathos, Pigadia.

Kedros Traditional Greek Cuisine

Right in the heart of Finiki Village, Kedros is a great place to enjoy the views and unique Greek dishes. Both locals and visitors adore this place! The Sunday Grill is spectacular; be aware that booking might be really needed.

Stacey’s Yum-me Kitchen

Are you craving some Chinese in Greece? Don’t forget to check out the super delicious Oriental dishes served at Stacey’s Yum-me Kitchen in the center of Karpathos Town. It’s located near Karpathos’ Archaeological Museum and serves delicious noodles with a stunning sea view.

Karpathos With Kids

Kids who love to spend time in nature will fall in love with Karpathos. The island offers the possibility to practice water sports, such as windsurfing or snorkeling. Karpathos is a top location for children who love to spend time on the beach; many shores have very shallow waters, while white, fine sand is ordinary.

Afiartis is a beautiful bay to spend time on windy days; here, all the family can experience windsurfing and discover new, exciting ways to spend their holidays by the sea. There is also a marine park between Karpathos and Kassos islands, where diving is permitted.

Hiking is another developed sport on Karpathos; the island counts well-marked trails and signposts on paths leading to picturesque mountain villages, old churches and settlements, and lesser-known beaches, all with fantastic scenes and views of the sea.

Kids can also have fun at Potideon, another Mycenaean ancient site dating back to the fourteenth century B.CBC. Here, they can marvel at the rocky acropolis standing high over the sea.

Instead, in the village of Othos, it is possible to explore the Folklore Museum, which exhibits objects belonging to the traditions of Karpathos. These objects include traditional costumes, musical instruments, old photos, kitchen utensils, and much more!

Best Karpathos Hotels

Budget Places To Stay In Karpathos

Vardes Hotel Studios
Greece Travel Blog_Things To Do On Karpathos_Vardes Hotel Studios
Photo Credit: Vardes Hotel Studios

Vardes Hotel Studios is a very convenient place to stay in the village of Amoopi, not far from the sea. These comfy, family-self-catered studios are just 400 m from the beach. Guests can enjoy public parking in the area, as well as transfer to & from Karpathos airport and port.

The rooms offer great views of the surrounding mountains or the sea, a comfortable kitchenette with a fridge and kitchenware, and a very convenient laundry service. Every morning, guests are served a buffet breakfast. In the area, there are mini-markets, restaurants, and bars.


Alex Hotel
Greece Travel Blog_Karpathos Guide_Alex
Photo Credit: Alex Hotel

Alex Hotel is a budget and comfortable hotel in the center of Pigadia. Guests love the lush green surroundings, the outdoor swimming pool, the garden, and the facilities featured, including a bar, a barbecue area, and a reading room.

The hotel has been recently renewed, and rooms offer private balconies and other perks and amenities, such as wireless internet access for guests who have a laptop computer.


Mid-Range Hotels In Karpathos

Hotel Astron Princess
Greece Travel Blog_Things To Do On Karpathos_Hotel Astron Princess
Photo Credit: Hotel Astron Princess

Hotel Astron Princess is in Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos. It is exceptionally well located if you want to enjoy the nightlife, explore nearby villages, rent a car, and more.

This hotel is 350 meters from Pigadia Beach, on a somewhat elevated position, boasting panoramic views over the Aegean. The hotel also features a swimming pool, a wellness center, and elegant suites with a spa bath.

The hotel serves an American breakfast daily while light meals, snacks, and drinks at the snack bar. BBQ nights are organized every week, too.


La Villa di Zazopetra
Greece Travel Blog_Karpathos Guide_La Villa di Zazopetra
Photo Credit: La Villa di Zazopetra

La Villa di Zazopetra is perfect for travelers who want to live their holidays in a local home rather than in a hotel. Located only 8 kilometers from Karpathos Airport, this villa features air-conditioned accommodation, balconies, a gorgeous garden, and free private parking.

The home features two bedrooms, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and a patio with a barbecue. The villa is only 8 kilometers from Karpathos Town and less than 50 kilometers from Olympos.


Luxury Places To Stay In Karpathos

Royal Beach Hotel
Greece Travel Blog_Things To Do On Karpathos_Royal Beach Hotel
Photo Credit: Royal Beach Hotel

Royal Beach Hotel is located in the seaside village of Arkasa. The property features a pool with a poolside bar overlooking the sea.

Rooms and studios are elegant and classically decorated, with balconies with sea or garden and pool views and a kitchenette with fridge and air conditioning.

Guests can enjoy snacks and drinks on the poolside or the beach, relax on the sun-lounger terrace, or enjoy a volleyball game on the beach. The place is excellent for families, offering children a separate pool and playground.

The hotel is 8 kilometers from the airport and 16 from the capital. 


Greece Travel Blog_Karpathos Island Guide_Blé
Photo Credit: Blé

What about staying in a Traditional Renovated Cottage? Inspiring, romantic, and soothing, Ble is a perfect getaway on Karpathos Island! It is situated in the village of Afiartis, and it offers both a beautiful garden and a terrace with great views.

The home is close to Prasonisi Beach and features one bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen that provides guests with a fridge, an oven, a washing machine, and a stovetop. 


How To Get To Karpathos Island, Greece

Most beautiful beaches of Greece - Achata, in Karpathos island

Although the island is small and not so well-known, there are different ways to get to Karpathos.

How To Travel To Karpathos By Plane

Believe it or not, there’s a small national airport on the island (AOK). It receives daily flights from Athens during the peak of the season. Sometimes, charter flights from central European countries also land on Karpathos in summer.

The small but modern Airport of Karpathos is located in the southern part of the island, about 14 kilometers from Pigadia, the island’s capital. To reach the airport, travelers can drive their rental car and take a taxi or the local bus.

Some companies traveling to Karpathos Airport are Aegean and Olympic and Smartwings, Finnair, Neos Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Sky Express, and Eurowings.

How To Travel To Karpathos By Ferry

Karpathos is connected to the port of Piraeus in Athens and other islands as with any other Greek Island.

The companies that operate ferries to/from Karpathos are ANEK Lines, Ageon Pelagos, and Blue Star Ferries. Boats can arrive at the main port of Karpathos, in Pigadia, but some boats also arrive at the smaller town of Diafani.

The trip by ferry from Athens can last between 16-18 hours. If you’re planning your island-hopping itinerary, remember that other islands are connected to Karpathos via ferry routes: Rhodes, Chalki, Kasos, Crete (from Heraklion and Sitia), Milos, Santorini, and Kos.

We hope that you enjoyed this Karpathos guide and that you’ve now made your list of things to do on the Island of Karpathos. 

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