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Although Greece is famous for being one of the top seaside paradises in Europe, with whitewashed islands and breathtaking beaches, the country’s landscape is about 80% mountainous terrain.

This means that it is also home to woods on high peaks and valleys, pine tree forests, lakes, streams, rivers… and, of course, several impressive waterfalls on the mainland and some islands.

If you are an enthusiast of discovering different landscapes or off-the-beaten-track hikes and visiting waterfalls is something that you really enjoy, then don’t forget to check out the following Greece waterfalls and visit at least one of them during your next time in Greece.

Loutra Pozar Waterfalls

Best Day Trips From Thessaloniki - Pozar Thermal Baths

Situated in Loutraki, Macedonia, Loutra Pozar is a fantastic destination where you can enjoy a beautiful series of waterfalls and one of the best-known hot springs in Greece.

The artificial rock pools are there for you to relax and soothe tired muscles; they have waters with constantly warm waters, at about 37 degrees, that are believed to provide healing properties and relaxing vibes.

The small but picturesque Greek waterfalls in the area add a beautiful touch to the already magical landscape of these popular baths in the region of Edessa.

Nemouta Waterfall

An area protected by the Natura 2000 Programme, the Nemouta Waterfalls are located over 5000 meters high, in the Peloponnese, near Arcadia, on the Erymanthos River.

A fantastic destination for all the family, perfect for a picnic or a laid-back adventure, the area is also popular with experienced hikers and climbers.

It can be accessed quite easily through a dirt road ending at the bridge over the river; once there, a path along the river banks takes you directly to the waterfalls.

Edessa Waterfalls

Best waterfalls in Greece - Waterfalls

The Edessa Waterfalls are among the most spectacular ones you will find in Greece, not far from Loutra Pozar, always in Macedonia, and not more than two hours from Thessaloniki.

In fact, the Karanos Waterfall, which is 70 meters high, is the highest of the Greek waterfalls in the area… and in the whole country!

But that is not the only place to visit; there are other gorgeous waterfalls in this region and an amazing lush park surrounding the whole area.

Families with kids will undoubtedly find that the nearby Water Museum and Aquarium are two entertaining spots that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Edessa.


Kalipso Waterfall

The imposing Kalipso Waterfall is situated in the region of Larissa. This off-the-beaten-track corner of Greece treasures a high forest canopy and one fantastic waterfall with imposing rock formations and crystal clear water.

The waterfalls are not far from the small village of Kokkino Nero, which is well known for its spectacular forest and is a great destination to visit during autumn and spring.

The area is often described as one of the best places in Greece for canyoning and adventurous hikes. It displays a magnificent landscape made of imposing rock formations that reflect the colors of the sparkling water from the river.

Autumn and spring are better moments to visit and enjoy all of the waterfalls in Greece in full splendor since it can be a bit on the dry side in summer and too cold to enjoy to the full in winter.

Neda Waterfalls

Waterfalls Greece - Neda waterfall in Greece.

Located in the region of Peloponnese, the Neda Waterfalls sit in the heart of a beautiful canyon surrounded by an amazing natural landscape.

These Greece waterfalls are known to attract hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts who are eager to go hiking along the different paths bordering the water or even swim in the Neda River.

Visitors often combine a visit to the falls with a quick swim in the emerald waters of the pool near the waterfalls after an invigorating hike to an impressive nearby Doric temple, the Temple of Epicurean Apollo.

Fraktos Waterfall

Part of the Wildlife Sanctuary of Rodopi and designated as a “Preservable Monument of Nature,” Fraktos waterfall is located in a virgin forest that has been protected from human activity for the last forty years.

Located in Drama, over 1500 meters above sea level, the forest hides a magnificent waterfall with freezing waters. Here, it is possible to spend a relaxing day hiking through ravines and valleys and even crossing Rodopi’s small streams and mountain rivers.

Drimonas Waterfall

Best waterfalls in Greece - Drimonas waterfall, Euboea, Greece

On the northern region of Evia Island (also spelled Eubea) and sitting at a height of about 600 meters, Drimonas Waterfall originates at the Sipias River to end at a fantastic pool of alluring emerald waters.

A visit to Drimonas can be a fantastic day trip on the island that you can combine with a visit to Saint David Monastery, less than 5 kilometers from the waterfall, after a pleasant hike along the path that connects both sites.

Visitors can enjoy a rewarding bath or sit in the nearby cafeteria to relax and enjoy an iced beer or a cold coffee, surrounded by the magical landscape.

Richtis Waterfalls

Located in the easternmost region of Lasithi, on the island of Crete, Richtis Waterfalls are quite an unknown natural hike that takes about four hours to cover. The path begins close to the main road that connects the cities of Agios Nikolaos and Sitia, about halfway between the two towns.

The only way to reach the 15-meter-high waterfall is to follow the path that starts in the beautiful old stone bridge of Lachanas and then follows the bank of the river, and finally ends by the tiny but enchanting Richtis pebbled beach.

Although long (from three to four hours from the beginning of the path until you reach the waterfall), it is quite an easy walk, slippery at times since you are going along a river and with lush vegetation.

As with many of these walks, wearing anti-slippery hiking boots with a good grip and — if possible — waterproof is the best option for a comfortable hike.

Panta Vrexei

Waterfalls on the river Krikiliotis at Panta Vrexei in Evritania - Greece Waterfalls

Panta Vrexei translates as always raining, and this name can easily give you a clear picture of the landscape you will find over here: it’s permanently foggy, wet, and misty. Panta Vrexei is located in Evritania, in Central Greece, between Roska and Doliana.

To reach the waterfalls, the most common road is leaving Karpenisi and driving for about 30 kilometers. The drive is not easy as the road can get quite rugged and bumpy at times, so it is safer to join an organized tour rather than drive there alone.

Once in the area, the hike begins at River Krikelopotamos, near an old, picturesque bridge. Get ready for a hike that can last up to two hours along a path featuring a lush green forest with mossy and slippery rocks, pack the right shoes to avoid dangerous falls.

Along the way, it is easy to spot some gorgeous smaller waterfalls and a few cool water pools on the sides of the river. It can be a bit on the freezing side, but it will undoubtedly be an excellent place for a refreshing swim after the hike in hotter months.

If you prefer, you can go kayaking or rafting, too, as you will find it easy to engage in organized activities to enjoy your day at Panta Vrexei better.

Nidri Waterfall

Waterfalls in Greece - The waterfall of Nidri in Lefkas island Greece

Well-known for its exotic landscapes and pristine beaches, Lefkada is an island on the Ionian sea, a popular summer destination in Europe for its stunning shores. But Lefkada is a relatively big island with many hidden treasures that most tourists overlook; Nidri Waterfall is only one of them.

About 12 meters high, the waterfall is a fantastic place for a swim, although the waters are really freezing, especially in winter. As a matter of fact, swimming during summer is nearly impossible as the waterfall tends to have very little water, and on occasion even dry!

The hike to the waterfall from where you park your car doesn’t take more than twenty minutes, and the path is really well-marked, so getting lost is not an option.

Livaditis Waterfall

An impressive 40-meter Greece falls in the southern area of the Peloponnese, Livaditis Waterfall, can be reached by departing from Xanthi and walking all the way to the village of Livaditis.

Although the trek to the area can be pretty tricky for those not really used to hiking on rugged terrains, the fantastic views of the nearby forest are genuinely breathtaking.

To reach the waterfalls, you will need to follow the signboards and red marks painted on the rocks and trees, making it easy for visitors not to lose their way.

Polylimnio Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Greece - Polilimnio waterfalls Peloponnese Greece

These lesser-known Greek waterfalls can be found in the region of Messinia, in the Peloponnese, and Polylimnio Gorge.

Polylimnio roughly translates as “multiple lakes” in Greek, a phrase pretty much describing the surrounding landscape of pools, ponds, and small lakes that you will find in Polylimnio.

These waterfalls cover a wide area where visitors can enjoy various activities, including bathing in the blue waters of the lakes or relaxing surrounded by the green walls of the gorge’s cliffs.

Carrying fresh (or better… freezing!) water from the mountains, the waterfalls create a series of small turquoise ponds with smaller waterfalls in each one of them. All of these smaller waterfalls then drop down together onto a fantastic bigger lake of stunning beauty.

The hike to reach Polylimnio from the village of Charavagi can take about three hours to complete, and it can be a bit dangerous; good hiking shoes with grip are necessary to safely walk along the slippery road. However, the rewarding landscapes at the end of the path are really worth the fatigue!

Fonias Waterfall

The beautiful Samothrace Island (or Samothraki) is located in the Northern Aegean Sea, and it remains relatively unknown and entirely off the beaten path.

It’s a destination of stunning natural beauty, with fantastic beaches. And it is also home to one of Greece’s most striking and lesser-known waterfalls, Fonias.

The first and biggest waterfall you will come across in the area is about 20 meters high and has crystal-clear waters. Other smaller but not less pretty waterfalls dot the site, which becomes visible as you go through the hiking path.

The area is exceptionally well-preserved due to its secluded nature. There are several ponds and rock pools with super cold water for a refreshing dip after the hike. And since it is really very isolated, it is a good idea to pack all the supplies you will need for the day as there is no organization whatsoever.

Agia Varvara Waterfall

Located in the Halkidiki region, in the area known as Kipouristra, the River Mavrolaka gives shape to the Agia Varvara waterfalls, only eight kilometers from the village of Olympiada.

In the area, trekkers will find two impressive waterfalls, a small one that can be spotted from the top of the creek and a bigger and more imposing one a few minutes further down the road.

Palaiokarya Bridge and Waterfall

Palaiokarya Bridge and Waterfall Greece - Greece Waterfalls

Palaiokarya Bridge marks the entrance to the enchanted view of these artificial waterfalls in Trikala, in the region of Thessaly. Built back in the sixteenth century by the Ottomans, the bridge was used to connect Trikala to Epirus for centuries.

Indeed, one of the most famous sights you can see on the internet of Trikala, these 12-meter-high waterfalls create a fantastic view right behind the arch of the bridge.

The perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon, the place attracts photographers from all over Greece eager to try their skills at long-exposure photography. Families instead can easily enjoy a picnic over here, spending the day exploring the area and taking advantage of the barbecue facilities.

Since the place is not organized, it will be necessary to pack accordingly to spend the day, including snacks, fruit, and plenty of drinks.

A visit to this magnificent corner of Greece can be easily combined with a stop at the villages of Trikala and Elati and a trip to visit the Meteora monasteries. It is also a super easy day trip if you visit from Thessaloniki or other towns in the country’s north.

Lepida Waterfall

Located in the region of Arcadia, Lepida Waterfalls can be found in a mountainous area entirely off the beaten track, surrounded by hundreds of different flowers, bushes, and plants. The best time of the year to visit Lepida is autumn since, during summer, it is not common for the waterfalls to carry plenty of water.

To reach the waterfall, it is good to start walking either at Platanos or Agios Ioannis, two villages three to four hours distant from Lepida.

Those who are less keen on walking can drive along a somewhat difficult dirt path and then walk towards the falls. The hike lasts for about an hour after you have parked your car in the designated area.

Souda Waterfalls

Souda waterfalls make it a fantastic day trip if you are spending your holidays in the Tzoumerka Mountains, one of the best places to visit in Greece during winter.

The twin waterfalls belong to the Peristeri and Arathos National Park in Epirus and are surrounded by a beautiful, rugged terrain and incredibly dense fir forest.

To reach the waterfalls, it is possible to embark on a one-hour hike from Theodoriana, a village about one thousand meters above your destination.

This path offers truly unique panoramas dotted with dozens of smaller but no less enchanting waterfalls along the way. Alternatively, you can also drive along a dirt road to get closer to the waterfalls and then hike for about 20 minutes.

As you can see, there are so many beautiful waterfalls in Greece; all you have to do is tell us which  Greek waterfall you’ll visit first. 

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