Island Of Kythira Greece, A Place To Avoid The Crowds & Chillax

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Island Of Kythira Greece, A Place To Avoid The Crowds & Chillax

The Greek Island of Kythira is a beautiful island in the southern area of the Peloponnese region. Kythira is located halfway between the unique Mani Peninsula and the much bigger island of Crete.

Entirely off the beaten track and lesser-known than other Greek destinations, Kythira Island is a perfect paradise for relaxing holidays if you’re looking to avoid the Greek crowds, noise, and wild nightlife. As a matter of fact, the island suits much better those who enjoy exploring untouched natural landscapes, discovering ruins, old settlements and castles, monasteries, and traditional villages.

The island features excellent beaches, that are not super crowded even during the peak months of July and August. For the same reason, the island maintains quite a moderate price tag, making it a perfect destination for budget holidays in Greece.

How To Get To Kythira Island, Greece

The island has a secluded aura that makes it a great destination far from the Ionian Islands. This great feature can make it also a place not so easy to reach from many popular Greek spots.

The best way to get to Kythira is traveling by boat from the port of Neapolis, on the south of the Peloponnese. There are daily ferry routes, and the trip does not last more than one and a half hours.

You can also board a boat departing from the port of Gythio, also in the Peloponnese, three times per week. A few weekly connections are departing from the small port of Kissamos as well, on the northwestern coast of Crete.

If you need to reach Kythira from Athens, then bear in mind that there are just a few boats departing from the Port of Piraeus, and only in summer with just one weekly boat service. The best option to reach Kythira from Athens is by taking a bus to Neapolis and then the ferry.

Kythira Island can also be reached by plane; despite being such a small island, the Kythira island national airport welcomes Athens all year long. The trip is about an hour.

If you travel in summer, there’re flights to Kythira departing from Zakynthos, Corfu, and Kefalonia.

What To Do In Kythira

Island Of Kythira Greece - Chora, Kapsali village view at Sunset

The island of Kythira is small and tranquil, perfect for a calm vacation. However, there are some unique places to see and corners to discover that will make you fall in love with this peaceful destination.

Hiking In Kythira

Maybe the most popular thing to do in Kythira is to explore the island on foot, so slip on your fave hiking boots and explore. The island features a myriad of ancient footpaths all over the island, both on hilly terrain and close to the coast.

They often lead to small or abandoned villages, picturesque chapels, and secluded beaches where you can enjoy swimming with no one around!

The best moment to enjoy these paths is probable late in fall when the sun is still not as hot as it can be during the summer.

You can also enjoy the magnificent nature of the island if you go walking in late spring when aromatic bushes have delicious fragrances and flowers blossom all over the countryside.

Visit The Old Chora And The Venetian Castle

Island Of Kythira Greece - Chora

High on a hill, the ancient Chora of Kythira dominates the landscape of the island. The ancient citadel faces the port and the bay of Kythira, and it offers unique views of the whole island.

The most beautiful landmark to visit in the area is the Venetian Castle. It is an impressive building dating back to 1503. The castle was built on top of an ancient Byzantine fortress.

In the area, it’s also possible to discover some very ancient churches with unique and colorful.

Discover The Ancient Bridges

There are two imposing stone bridges on the island that are worth visiting. They date back to the years of the English domination of the island and belong to a more complex protection system designed by the foreign rulers.

The most beautiful stone bridge can be visited in the area of Livadi, it’s well preserved, and it’s an important example of the island’s past.

Check The Imposing Castles Of Kythira

Years of Venetian domination on the island have left an important heritage of castles on Kythira. Other than the imposing castle on the Chora, Kythira’s capital, you can also spend some time visiting other fortifications.

One of such buildings can be found in the village of Avlemonas, at the entrances of its port. It dates back to the 16th century, and its main purpose was to protect the island from enemies and frequent pirate attacks. The old stone walls of the castle still portray the engraved image of Saint Mark’s Lion, the legendary symbol of the Venice Republic.

Another castle worth a stop in the castle of Mylopotamos, located in the heart of a medieval settlement that remained inhabited until very recent times.

The fortress offers protection to many different homes and other interesting buildings, which are very well preserved. The place is also known by the name of Kato Xora.

Paleochora is an old village that you can visit in Kythira; it is home to one more castle, the Castle of Paleochora.

This fortification represents one of the most important archaeological sites on the island, and it is exactly the place where Kythira’s former Byzantine capital used to stand. It is a magnificent building dating back to the 12th century.

Explore The Archaeological Museum Of Kythira

Right in the heart of Kythira’s Chora, it’s possible to pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Kythira.

The museum exhibits a remarkable collection of vases and other objects belonging to the Minoan civilization.

Other than that, you can check the interesting Mycenaean collection of pottery and objects belonging to important historical periods and astonishing marble statues found on the island.

Pay A Visit To Churches And Monasteries

There are unique religious buildings that visitors can admire in Kythira. One of them is the Monastery of Agia Moni, in the village of Diakofti. Built in honor of the Virgin, the monastery dates back to 1840 and its stunning location on the top of a very high mountain.

As it’s possible to imagine, the views from the sea and the port of the village are breathtaking.

One more monastery that you can visit in Kythira is the Monastery of Agia Elesa, in the area of Ano Livadi. Elesa was a local saint who was tortured and died in the same site as she refused to deny her unbreakable faith. Visitors honor the grave of the saint, which can be visited in the yard of the building.

If you’re interested in Byzantine art, then don’t miss a visit to the Church of Analipsi, also in Livadi. It is dedicated to the Ascension of Christ, and it is also home to the important Byzantine Museum of Kythira.

Visit The Byzantine Museum

Housed in the Church of Analipsi, tourists can find one of the most important museums in Kythira, the Museum of Byzantine and Post Byzantine Art.

It features a rare collection of delicate frescoes and fragile paintings coming from different churches.

One of the most important exhibitions in the museum is an early Christian mosaic, which comes from the ruins of another church, Saint John of the River.


Greece Travel Blog_Things To Do On The Island Of Kythira Greece


Explore Kythira’S Caves

The cave of Kalamos is located in a village of the same name. The tiny chapel of Agia Sofia guards the entrance of the impressive cave.

The cave has been largely explored by researchers who inside discovered unique pottery and other objects of everyday use belonging to the 6th millennium BC.

Another cave on Kythira is the impressive Agia Sofia in the village of Mylopotamos, about 20 km northwest of Kythira’s Chora. This stalagmite cave also features a church dedicated to Agia Sofia.

Take A Day Trip To Antikythira

Antikythira is a small island located about 17 nautical miles to the south of Kythira. There are a few small settlements on the island, while most residents, about 50, live in the village of Potamos, the main settlement of Antikythira. The island is a beautiful gem with a history dating back hundreds of centuries.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the island became famous when two important bronze objects were discovered at sea, off the island’s coast.

One of them is a mechanism for astronomical calculations, and it can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Among the landmarks to check on Antikythira, don’t miss the magnificent lighthouse from 1923, built on the side of a cliff and Plagara Hill, with perfect views of the small island and the surrounding areas.

Discover The Lighthouse In Moudari

On the Northernmost spot of the island, you can discover the picturesque lighthouse of Kythira in Cape Spathi.

Considered the largest lighthouse that the British ever built in Greece, the beautiful faro dates back to 1857.

Marvel at the Beautiful Waterfalls in Mylopotamos

Known as Neraida, this beautiful waterfall can be found in the area of Mylopotamos. The green landscape features huge plane trees and lush bushes.

The waterfall has a height of about 20 meters, and there’s a small pond beneath where both visitors and locals adore to swim to get rid of the heat of summer.

The Best Kythira Island Beaches

There are several beaches in Kythira that you should visit, in no particular order, these are the most beautiful ones.

Kaladi Beach

Lesser-Known Greek Islands - Kythira

Many consider this shore one of the most superior beaches in Kythira. And it certainly is the most popular one. The coast features small pebbles and crystal clear turquoise waters.

It’s located on the eastern part of the island, and its most curious characteristic is that it is divided into three different parts, one of them being an impressive cave.

Getting to Kaladi is not the easiest thing to do since it’s necessary to drive along a dirt road for a few minutes and then descend over a hundred stone steps. The beach is not organized.

Diakofti Beach

Probably the most exotic area on Kythira, the beach has shallow and turquoise waters and incredibly white sand.

Diakofti is on the northeastern side of the island, and it is a fabulous spot for young children since it’s calm and shallow.

There’s a limited organization, but you can find some magnificent traditional tavernas serving delicious fresh fish.

Kapsali Beach

Perfect place for long swimming sessions, with beautiful views of the island and the Castle high in the Chora, Kapsali is a great beach to spend a day.

It is well organized and features both an area with pebbles and another one with fine sand. There are cafés and beach tavernas open for lunch and selling also snacks and cold drinks.

Komponada Beach

One of the wildest beaches in Kythira is Komponada, located on the eastern area of the island, between better-known beaches, such as Kaladi and Kalamos.

It’s a pebbled beach with no organization while the waters are deep and transparent. Like many other beaches on Kythira, this shore lacks organization; however, it’s not difficult to access by car since there’s an asphalt road that heads you all the way to the entrance to the beach.

Avlemonas Beach

Perfect for families with kids, the beach is located in the gorgeous village of Avlemonas. The place is ideal for small children who can learn to swim here in complete safety.

The area is well organized, and there are several tavernas for meals, cold drinks, and Greek coffee.

Best Places To Stay In Kythira

It’s a great idea to stay in Chora, the island’s main town, on the southern coast. Here, you’ll find a lot of accommodation options as well as restaurants, bars, and tavernas.

Another good place to stay is in the area of Kapsali, perfect if you are on Kythira mostly to take advantage of the pristine sea and the magnificent beaches.

If you’re looking for a more traditional environment, then go for a stay in Avlemonas, a fishing village with a fantastic Cycladic atmosphere made of whitewashed buildings.

Staying here will allow you to combine the authentic spirit of the island with the comfort of being close to the largest beach on the island, Paleochori.

Best Kythira Hotels

  • Budget: Abramis Studios is a comfortable home in the village of Mitata; upon request, guests can enjoy a traditional local breakfast served upon in a basket outside your door. On the property, there are a beautiful garden and barbecue facilities.
  • Mid-range Check the beautiful Paleopoli Villas in the village of Avlemonas. This self-catered villas are perfect for a romantic stay in the area without spending a fortune.
  • Luxury: If you’ve made up your mind to splurge on the island, then book a luxury room at the breathtaking Kythea Resort in the area of Agia Pelagia. Among the main features of the property, check the beautiful outdoor pool and the well-rated restaurant.

Where To Eat In Kythira

What to Eat In Greece - Greek Food - Loukoumades

Greek food varies from island to island, and Kythira has many great places to enjoy the local cuisine and spend all afternoon sipping on Greek coffee or cocktails. Check out one (or all) of these:

Psomoladea, Avlemonas

Psomoladea is a fantastic restaurant featuring delicious Mediterranean cuisine in an impressive 400-year-old building. The place serves a tasty selection of local dishes with fresh products from the island.

Taverna Filio

The place is located in Kalamos, and it’s surrounded by a beautiful garden. Filio is a taverna well-known for its Kytherian and other regional gastronomy. The venue also serves local wine from grapes of Arikaras variety. Greek cuisine, Greek music, and a lively atmosphere combine for a unique experience both at midday and in the evening.

Pizza Vitsio

Head to Livadi to taste a great pizza in Kythera. Both adults and kids adore the variety of toppings you can get on your pizza when dining in this place. Serving both lunch and dinner and coffee any time of the day, the food is simple but delicious. Other than pizza, check snacks, sandwiches, and pasta.

Kythira Island, Greece, is waiting for your arrival; all you need to do is book your relaxing getaway. 


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