Kravice Waterfalls More Beautiful Than Plitvice Lakes

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The Balkans’ most beautiful waterfall isn’t the one you think. Check out Kravice Waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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At the beginning of my trip to the Balkans last year, I had a health scare, so I didn’t get a chance to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park when I was in Croatia as planned. I relayed this information to the friendly couple who runs Villa Tajra in Mostar as we were getting to know each other over my welcome tea—people in Bosnia have a way of making you feel like family.

“You know,” the woman said, “there’s a pretty amazing waterfall not far from here.” She described Kravice waterfalls, a natural area about 40 km from the city’s south.

This, on its own, didn’t surprise me. Bosnia and Herzegovina is an incredibly beautiful country, a land of lush mountains and rolling fields crisscrossed by crystal-clear rivers and charming towns. What shocked me, however, was how she suggested I get there.

“You think I should rent a car?” I gasped as I tried to get a confirmation. The Balkans are famous for crazy drivers, after all, as they are for their nature and kind people. 

She nodded and picked up her phone. “I’m calling our friend right now. He’ll have the car here in less than an hour.”

Drive To Kravice

Kravice Viewpoint - Kravice Waterfalls - Travel Blog

I can’t lie: I was incredibly nervous as I began driving out of Mostar on the E73 motorway, and not only because the “semi-automatic” transmission of my compact car felt more like a manual one. However, within about 20 minutes (I got turned around more than a couple of times), I was cruising along—and getting excited.

The landscape of southern Bosnia, you see, is karstic—the dramatic limestone mountains that rise out of the earth here aren’t unlike the ones you see in Southeast Asian nations like Laos and Thailand, even if the vegetation is a bit less tropical.

I felt anxious as I passed each of the charming villages along the Nereveta River (the same one that runs through Mostar), wondering if I should stop off and have a chat with the locals, but ultimately feeling like my priority was to reach the Kravice waterfall.


Things To Do In Kravice

Swimming-at-Kravice Waterfalls - Travel Blog

When I got there, I first realized that the place is technically called “Kravica.” Of course, this is a small detail, given that locals don’t make a big deal of correcting tourists like me.

The second thing I realized is that I should’ve parked closer and taken the shuttle bus—the main falls and swimming area are about a 20-minute walk from the entrance, and while nature is beautiful, it’s also scorching.

Kravice Waterfalls - Travel Blog

When I got to the bottom, I was happy to see so many vendors selling ice-cold Sarajevsko pivo (and other Bosnian beers—I don’t choose sides!).

Beer also helps you relax, which is essential to having a good time at Kravice. There isn’t much to do here besides drink, swim, and get sun, even if there is a viewpoint of the falls about 15 minutes up the hill from the swimming area (notably, in the opposite direction from the parking area). 

Other Ways To Get To Kravice

Kravice Waterfalls - Kravice waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina

You don’t have to drive your car to get to Kravice, although doing so gives you the freedom to stop along the way when and where you want. From the villages I mentioned earlier in this piece, the city (and popular Catholic pilgrimage site) of Medjugorje, and several other natural and cultural attractions, there are many things to see between Mostar and Kravice!

On the other hand, there is no public bus service to Kravice, which means hiring a taxi is basically your only other option. This might be a good option if you’re as scared of driving in Bosnia and Herzegovina as I was but don’t have as persuasive a guest house owner as I did.


Hiring a taxi or private transfer is also more expensive than hiring your car (around 70 Bosnian marks vs. 150 or so), although it might not make much of a difference if you have multiple people. Entry to Kravice itself costs 4 KM (before adding in beer!).

The Bottom Line

Kravice was so beautiful that I completely forgot about having missed out on Plitvice Lakes. However, I did end up going there when I returned to Croatia—Kravice is more beautiful if you ask me and certainly less crowded. If you’re looking for incredible day trips to take from Mostar, hire a car (or a driver), and make your way southward to gorgeous Kravice!

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  1. Amazing place! Not at all crowded when I was there. It was a hot day and perfect time to spend in the lake. I liked it better than Plitvice Lake due to the lack of crowds.

  2. Its not in the balkans ffs, you’ve got to stop refering to Croatia and Herceg Bosna and its peoples as the balkans. We are CROATIA!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not even close, but the Una National Park is definitely something to write home about

  4. Really??? Better?? Come on. You could have said beautiful like Plitvice, but “better” is controversial to say the least.
    Quite unnecessary to make comparisons of Nature’s wonders in any case.

  5. Kravica is gorgeous and the falls are just breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your photos and wonderful insight to such a beautiful place.
    Continue being an “Unstoppable Family”.


  6. Nice post, never heard of these falls.
    I’m missing something – what’s the issue about calling either Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina “The Balkans”?

  7. Kravice Waterfalls must be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Never been there but looks great. Thank you for the great article and photos. I would like to invite you to the Sri Lanka, a small island but it’s home to more than 100 waterfalls from all over the country. Keep traveling mate. Cheers.

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