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In this guide to Milos Island, Greece, I will show you all you need to know about where to stay and things to do in Milos.

Sharing the exact volcanic origin as Santorini, Milos is one of the many magnificent Greek Islands at the southernmost part of the Cyclades Island cluster. And it’s precisely because of its volcanic past that Milos has a stunning lunar landscape and bizarre coastline with some of the most exotic beaches you can find in Greece.

The advantage of visiting Milos is that since it’s pretty close to some of the significant and better-known islands of Paros, Santorini, and Mykonos, it’s straightforward to include it as a stop in your Greek-island-hopping itinerary.

Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Milos Island

The island features fantastic entertainment, great hotels, tasty food, and a unique coastline – all ingredients that often place Milos among the top ten Greek Islands you should see at least once in your life.

This travel guide to Milos can be your perfect companion in planning the most unforgettable summer holiday.

Read on to discover all the possibilities of what to do on Milos Island and what Milos attractions you will encounter when you visit for your summer vacation!

Best Things To Do In Milos

The unique rocky formations that shape Milos island are among the most bizarre ones you will ever encounter in Greece. The island is a paradise for those who love exploring exotic beaches but adore those quaint, Instagram-ready Greek villages. 

In no particular order, these are some fantastic things you cannot miss when visiting Milos – check them out!

Sea Caves

Cyclades Island Hopping - Milos Island (Kleftiko Cove)
Kleftiko Cove

There are plenty of sea caves to explore in Milos, which is one of the top things to do in Milos, Greece. Due to its position, Papafrangas Cove is undoubtedly the top spot to witness the best sunset in Milos! Visitors usually want to check out Papafrangas on the northern coast, Sykia on the east, and Kleftiko on the south.

Sykia, on the other hand, is often called the Emerald or the Blue Cave, and it’s only possible to visit by boat. Not far from this cave, there’s a magnificent beach located in a cave without a roof, and it’s a perfect spot for those who love photography!

Finally, Sarakiniko Caves can also be visited by boat. Here, it’s possible to observe the remains of a sunken ship.

Klima Fishing Village

Colorful houses on the side of the water in Milos Island, Greece. Colorful fishing village of Klima .

For a colorful experience, hike down the hill from Tripiti village to enjoy the colored house doors of Klima fishing village. The fishermen living there painted these doors different colors so it would be easy to spot their own homes as they came in from the sea. 

A place you’ve undoubtedly seen in pictures when checking information about Milos, the picturesque fishermen’s houses are known by the name of syrmata and are carved into the rocks.

This is another great spot for sunsets on the island, and if you love unique stays, these fishing homes are available for rental.

Diving Shipwrecks & Reefs

If you’re looking for spectacular underwater scenery, the island’s volcanic origins have created a unique landscape beneath the waves, with cliffs, caves, and canyons to traverse. You can also see a wide variety of marine life here, including sponges and sea urchins. 

Popular dive sites include Sarakiniko Beach, Kleftiko, and Filiatra Reef.
In addition to sea life, divers will find shipwrecks, including one near Kleftiko Beach.

Tiny Islands Of Glaronissia

Glaronisia rocky islets, Milos island, Cyclades, Greece

One of the best things to do in Milos is to explore Glaronissia. These four very tiny islands are a significant tourist attraction in Milos. Here, the unique landscape features some impressive basalt blocks that are said to be like large mineral glasses.

You can take a boat tour to visit these islands, including a stop at the dreamy nearby islets of Antimilos and Arkadies.

Sailing Around Milos

Sailing around Milos is like flipping through a dynamic album of stunning seascapes. Picture yourself on a sleek yacht, cutting through the azure waters, with the sun warming your back and the salty breeze in your hair.

This isn’t just a leisurely sail; it’s an exploration. You’ll witness the island’s famed spots like Kleftiko, where the water plays with light and shadow, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Plus, there’s always the chance to hop over to the neighboring islands of Kimolos and Poliegos, each with their own unique charm. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a newbie to the world of yachting, this experience is tailored to offer a blend of adventure, relaxation, and unparalleled scenic views.

Sea Kayak Tour

Guide, Milos Island: Top view of canoes at Tsigrado Beach in Milos island, Cyclades

Taking a sea kayak tour around Milos offers a more up-close and personal experience with the island’s natural wonders. It’s an adventure that combines physical activity with serene moments. Imagine paddling through the clear Mediterranean, where every stroke takes you closer to hidden gems like secret caves and secluded beaches. 

These tours aren’t just about getting a workout; they’re about immersing yourself in the tranquility and majesty of Milos’s coastline. You’ll navigate through intriguing sea caves, glide under natural arches, and perhaps even find yourself on a beach that feels like your own private paradise.

Whether you’re a rookie or a paddling pro, this experience is about connecting with the sea in a way that’s both exhilarating and peaceful.

Village Of Plaka

Village of Plaka at Sunset. Milos Island
Traditional whitewashed Greek Orthodox church in Plaka village on Milos island on sunset. Milos Island, Greece

Plaka is the capital of Milos, and it was founded back in 1800. It features traditional Cycladic buildings, including small chapels and whitewashed square houses, with colorful doors, windows, verandas, and balconies adorned with flowers and plants.

The paths and alleys are narrow and made of stones, and there are plenty of souvenir shops, boutiques, and tavernas to visit.
Due to its elevation, Plaka is the perfect spot to admire the magnificent Gulf of Milos, especially when the sun sets on the Aegean.

In the small town, it’s also possible to check the Folk Museum of Milos and the local archaeological museum.
When looking for a place to stay on Milos, Plaka is definitely a winner and is close to many things to do on the island.

Plaka’s Kastro

Kastro (literally meaning “castle”) is the highest point in Plaka, which was the ancient town of Milos. It used to be surrounded by a Medieval castle wall for protection against pirates and has to be one of the top things to do on Milos for photographers! This high spot was built on top of a hill, and its strategic position was a perfect observation point to protect the island from enemy attacks.

The Kastro of Milos has a distinctive Medieval character given by its stone houses, paved roads, and some unique churches open for you to visit. They include the beautiful, Cycladic-style churches of Panagia Thalassistra and Panagia Shiniotissa, located inside the remains of the old Venetian castle walls.

Local Tip: This is an epic location to catch a sunrise or sunset while on Milos. 

Trypiti Village

Houses and church in Trypiti village, Milos, Greece. Featuring charming white buildings nestled among lush trees.
Houses and church in Trypiti village, Milos, Greece

Another village to visit, and home to the island’s windmills, is Trypiti Village. This village is spread along the hillside, and you will find the Catacombs and Ancient Theater just downhill.

The village has lovely churches and winding streets, and the area’s history is unique. Holes in the rocks here were used in ancient times for storage and burials (as you’ll see in the catacombs).

Milos Catacombs

Catacombs Milos Island, Greece, guided by an experienced guide.

One of the many archeological findings of Milos is the catacombs, which were found in 1844. These three interconnected catacombs were Christian cemeteries during Roman times. It is believed they date from the end of the first century.

The catacombs were not just graves but also used as Christian churches during the Roan persecution. Most catacombs cannot be visited; a local tour is the best way to explore them.



Milos Ancient Theater

Milos Theater
Next on the list of things to do on Milos has to be a stop at this ancient theater. It is found on a rocky slope not far from the catacombs. It has a Roman origin and was constructed during the Hellenistic period. Continuing with its ancient traditions, still today, it’s possible to attend festivals and cultural events in Milos’ ancient theater, especially during summer.

It’s free to enter and has a fantastic view from its spot among the cliffs. The best time to visit is early morning or evening, as little shade is available.

Archaeological Museum Of Milos

This museum is located in Plaka, inside a Neoclassical building, and it exhibits objects and findings from excavations around the island.
You can see statues, ceramic vases, coins, and a copy of Venus of Milos, the famous statue found on the island, today featured in Paris at the Louvre.

Folklore Museum Of Milos

The Folklore Museum of Milos is in Plaka, near the Archaeological Museum. It’s located in a magnificent 19th-century mansion and features unique objects locals would use to carry out their everyday work. You can also see traditional clothing and furniture, old photos, and other folk pieces that are part of the Cycladic tradition.

Mineralogical Museum Of Milos

Another one of our recommended Milos island attractions is the Mineralogical Museum Of Milos, which you can visit in the village of Adamas. The Mineralogical Museum of Milos promotes and explains the effects of mining on the island’s history, featuring the impressive mineral wealth that makes Milos an important place in Greece.

Monastery Of Agios Ioannis Siderianos

Monastery Of Agios Ioannis Siderianos
Check out this ancient monastery and its church, which is famous for a miracle that also gives the name to the building.

According to a local legend, some island inhabitants locked themselves in the church to escape the pirates and prayed to Saint John to close the door with an iron bar (sideros means iron in Greek). According to the legend, their prayer was heard by God, who prevented the pirates from assaulting the monastery.

Sulfur Mines At Paliorema

Near the beach of Paliorema, Milos’ sulfur mine is a rare place to discover on the island and should be considered one of the must-see things to do on Milos Island. Although there is not much information available regarding the history of the place, they are a magnificent witness of the island’s mining past.

Panagia Thalassitra

Panagia Thalassitra Church top of a hill in Milos Island, Greece.

Built in 1839, Panagia Thalassitra is also known as the Church of the Presentation of Jesus and is situated on the route to the castle in Plaka. Its architectural beauty is marked by a striking stone bell tower and folk stone reliefs, with a doorframe dating back to 1669, likely sourced from another building. The church is renowned for its exquisite architecture and is one of the most photographed churches on the island.

Panagia Portiani

Panagia Portiani is a noteworthy church located in the center of Zefyria, a village on Milos Island, Greece.

This village was initially established by the Venetians and served as Milos’s first main town center. The church, which dates back to the 17th century, is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and stands as the only well-preserved structure from the old main town.

Initially functioning as a cathedral, Panagia Portiani holds significant historical value.

Pollonia Town

Pollonia Town, also known as Apollonia, is a bustling little spot on the island’s northeastern side with excellent taverns, cobblestone streets to wander, and a great selection of boutique hotels. 

Located near Papafragas Beach and Caves, Mandrakia Point, and Sarakiniko Beach, it’s a picturesque coastal spot to visit for an afternoon or to base yourself during your time on the island.

Mandrakia Point

Another colorful fishing village, Mandrakia Point, boasts fishing boat garages that have been carved right into the rock on the coast. Colorful garage doors help differentiate between the housings and make this a magical spot to wander.

The village is known for its famous Medusa Cafe Restaurant, serving up some of the best seafood on the island with incredible seaside views.

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Best Beaches In Milos

Check out some of these stunning shores when spending time in Milos.

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach Milos island
Famous Sarakiniko beach on Milos island, Greece.

Probably the most famous and definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Milos, Sarakiniko has to be considered when you’re wondering what to do in Milos. It is located along the coastal road east of Adamas. This impressive shore is made of soft, long white rocks, wholly eroded by the wind and the sea.

Since there’s no sign of vegetation in the area, the white rocks make an impressive contrast with the blue sea, giving the impression of being out in space more than on an island!

Provatas Beach

Best Beaches In Milos - Provatas Beach
Another great choice of beach is Provatas, which is around 13km from Plaka. There are sun loungers and parasols on the beach and some cafes and restaurants that back onto it for refreshments. Again, this beach can become quite busy in the summer, but there shouldn’t be a problem if you get there early. 

This is a good option for swimming; the cliffs are all different colors, so it is ideal for taking photographs. 

Gerakas Beach

Looking for another stunning shore to spend some time swimming and tanning on the island? Then Gerakas is an impressive place to discover. Located in the south, it has unique geological formations and can be reached only by boat.

Kleftiko Beach

This is another iconic beach on the island. With towering white cliffs and crystal clear waters, it’s paradise. As home to some of the island’s sea caves, it offers excellent snorkeling and opportunities to glimpse beautiful fish.

Papagragas Beach & Caves

Best Beaches In Milos - Cave of Papafragas Milos, Cyclades Greece
Papagragas is a tiny Milos beach surrounded by caves, which makes it so different. This beautiful beach has large arches of rock all around, almost like a swimming pool. The water is also bright blue, and you can swim through the rocks and sea caves for something a little different!

Gerakas Beach

Looking for another stunning shore to spend some time swimming and tanning on the island? Then Gerakas is an impressive place to discover. Located in the south, it has unique geological formations and can be reached only by boat.

Paliorema Beach

This beach is unique in that you can also explore the abandoned mine while visiting. Instead of trees, you’ll find the beach surrounded by old mining equipment. While not the best place to sunbathe for the day, it indeed is an off-the-beaten-track beach to find.

Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado beach, Milos island, Cyclades, Greece - Sandy Beaches In Greece
Tsigrado Beach, Milos Island

Another beautiful beach you can check out in Milos is Tsigrado, on the island’s southern area and often listed as one of Greece’s best beaches.
This small sandy cove features beautiful crystal clear waters and an impressive rocky cliff surrounding the shore. Although hiking down the beach can be a bit difficult, the remarkable landscape is worth the try.

Firiplaka Beach

Best Beaches In Milos - Firiplaka Beach
Check it out the same day you visit Tsigrado Beach, as both shores are close to each other. Firiplaka is another superb beach on the island featuring a long white sand coast and remarkable colored rocks along the coastline.

Where To Eat In Milos

Albanian Food - Baklava
The best areas to go for dinner, a drink, or a coffee are the tourist places on the island, including Pollonia, Adamas, and Plaka.

Port Of Pollonia

For the best seafood and fresh fish, don’t hesitate to book a table in the port of Pollonia.

Akrotiri Seafood Obsession

Akrotiri Seafood Obsession is a fantastic fish tavern in Pollonia. It has excellent reviews and is in a magnificent location near the sea. All products are sourced locally, so the place is known for serving fresh and tasty dishes.


Aragosta is a bar-restaurant in Adamas with Cycladic decoration and romantic views over the sea. Aragosta is praised for its high-quality food with touches of Greek and international cuisine.

Kivotos Ton Gefseon

Kivotos ton Gefseon is also in Pollonia and is another restaurant with ravishing reviews in Milos. The place features a relaxing garden, and it’s ideal any time of the day, no matter whether you’re looking for an abundant breakfast, a quick lunch, or a hearty and tasty dinner.

Pizzaria Stasi

If you’re in the mood for something other than seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, head to Pizzaria Stasi.

Must Try Foods On Milos Island

  • Seafood: Milos is renowned for its fresh seafood. Try dishes like grilled octopus, sea bass, or fried calamari at local tavernas
  • Local Cheese: sample local cheeses like Xinomizithra, a soft, creamy cheese often used in traditional Milos dishes
  • Saganaki: enjoy Saganaki, a Greek dish made with fried cheese, often served with a drizzle of honey
  • Local Delicacies: taste local specialties like “kolokithokeftedes” (zucchini fritters) and “psaropita” (fish pie)
  • Desserts: finish your meals with traditional Greek desserts like Baklava or Loukoumades (honey-soaked donuts)

Best Milos Hotels

Plaka is an excellent spot to base yourself during your time in Milos, but don’t rule out accommodation in Trypiti, Adamantas, or Pollonia!

Budget Milos Hotels

Greece Travel Blog_Milos Island Guide_Aphrodite Diamond
Photo Credit: Aphrodite Diamond

Aphrodite Diamondi

Aphrodite Diamondi is located in Adamas, and it’s a convenient and comfortable complex of apartments featuring air-conditioned rooms and self-catering accommodations quite close to Adamas Port and Papikinou Beach.


Korina’s Rooms

Korina’s Rooms is in Pollonia, and it is a complex built in Cycladic style decorated in white and blue. It offers free WiFi in all areas and air-conditioned rooms with a balcony or patio. It’s only 50 m from the sandy beach and a short walk from taverns and bars.


Casa Bianca

Casa Bianca is in Firopotamos, and it’s a pretty traditional home. The accommodation can host four guests with all the comfort of a home, so it’s an excellent place for families on a budget.


Mid-Range Milos Hotels

Greece Travel Blog_Milos Island Guide_Milos Bay Suites
Photo Credit: Milos Bay Suites

Hotel Ippocampos Studios

Hotel Ippocampos Studios is located in Adamas. It features beautiful and traditional whitewashed walls and blue wooden shutters, only 200 m from the beach in the seaside village of Adamas. It features air-conditioned studios and free WiFi throughout. Opening onto a balcony, all the units include a small dining area, a safe, a TV, a bathroom with toiletries, and a hairdryer. Some have sea views. Guests can enjoy a Continental breakfast while tavernas, cafés, and shops are within walking distance.


Milos Bay Suites

Milos Bay Suites is located 60 m from the sandy beach of Papikinou in Adamas. The accommodation offers tastefully decorated rooms with a private patio or balcony fitted with white furnishings and anatomic mattresses. All spacious, air-conditioned studios offer views of the garden or the Aegean Sea.


Corali Hotel

Corali Hotel is at the heart of Adamas, offering easy access to the port and the beach. Here, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the town and the port from the hotel’s lounge while all rooms are en-suite with air conditioning, fridge, TV, telephone, and private balcony. The hotel’s mini-bus will expect visitors daily at the port with a complimentary transfer service.


Luxury Milos Hotels

Greece Travel Blog_Milos Island Guide_Ostria Hotel
Photo Credit: Ostria Hotel

Zoe Milos

Zoe Milos is 50 m from the sea and 200 m from the beach of Apollonia. The hotel features air-conditioned studios and rooms with a balcony or patio. Rooms are decorated in elegant blue or earthy tones and a Cycladic style. Rooms have a kitchenette with cooking facilities and a fridge. Each has a flat-screen TV, while guests can have an in-room breakfast. There are seafront tavernas, shops, and cafés in the center of Pollonia, only 500 m away.



Mavrokastro is in Adamas, a few minutes by car from Mytakas Beach. Mavrokastro features accommodation with free WiFi, BBQ facilities, a garden, and free private parking. Fitted with a patio, the units offer air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. This holiday home also offers a sun terrace.


Ostria Hotel

Ostria Hotel is 300 m from Papikinou Beach. This Cycladic hotel features a rooftop garden with views of Adamas and the bay. It offers rooms decorated with warm colors and iron beds, all with a flat-screen TV and a fridge. A homemade breakfast buffet with cheese pie, pastries, and local products is served in the breakfast area or the rooms. Drinks and coffee are served in all areas of the property.

How To Get To Milos Island, Greece

These are the various ways to reach Milos, Greece.

How To Travel To Milos By Plane

The only direct flights to Milos come from Athens. You can reach Athens and then travel by ferry or fly to Santorini or Mykonos and board a ferry from these bigger islands.

How To Travel To Milos By Ferry

Getting to Milos from Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, or Naxos: The only way to get to Milos from these islands is by ferry.
Getting to Milos from Athens and other islands: There is a regular ferry connection between Milos and the port of Piraeus in Athens. The trip lasts 4 to 8 hours, depending on whether you are traveling with a high-speed ferry. Milos is also connected with other islands, such as Sifnos, Serifos, Folegandros, and Ios. In summer, there’s a ferry connection from the ports of Heraklion and Rethymnon in Crete.


What is the best way to get around Milos Island?

There are a variety of travel options on Milos – car and scooter rentals, ATVs, buses, and taxis. You will also find that many spots are close to one another, making walking on the island quite feasible.

When is the best time to visit Milos?

The summer months are the busiest, making spring and autumn the best times to visit. Crowds will be smaller, and temperatures will be less intense. However, if you want the best beach weather, June-August is the sweet spot.

How many days is enough for Milos?

Spending 3-4 days on the island will allow you to taste local life, explore the beaches and relax.

Can I take a day trip from Santorini to Milos?

Absolutely! While you won’t have time to visit the whole island, you’ll still have time to explore. The ferry is just under 2 hours and runs year-round. 

Is Milos expensive?

Milos is not as expensive as islands like Santorini or Mykonos. Your budget will go further here. That being said, it’s also not considered cheap.

So, now that you know what to do in Milos, we hope you enjoy your vacation. 

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