41 Beaches In Milos, Greece + A Guide To The 5 Best

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If you’re planning a trip to the stunning Greek island of Milos, you’re in for a treat, especially if you’re a beach lover. Milos, nestled in the Aegean Sea as part of the Cyclades chain, is a true gem known for its crystal clear waters and unique landscapes.

This Greek island’s rugged terrain, marked by towering volcanic cliffs, sets the stage for some of the most breathtaking beaches you’ll ever visit. While there are numerous beautiful beaches to explore, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones to get you started.

Ready to discover more about these incredible Milos beaches and plan your perfect getaway? Keep reading our Milos Beaches Guide for a list of the best beaches and insider tips! Your Greek island adventure begins here.

  1. Achivadolimni Beach: nice sandy beach close to the airport
  2. Adamas Beach: small, close to the port of Milos
  3. Agali Beach: remote bay, reachable by track road
  4. Agathia Beach: remote, accessible by track road or boat
  5. Agia Kiriaki Beach: crystal water, an organized beach that is suitable for watersports
  6. Agia Marina Beach: small, secluded, unorganized
  7. Agios Ioannis Beach: secluded, accessible by track road or boat
  8. Agios Sostis Beach: secluded, combines sandy shore with rocky landscape
  9. Alogomandra Beach: a must see, small, surrounded by rocks
  10. Ammoudaraki Beach: small, remote, accessible by track road or boat
  11. Arkoudes: not a beach, but unique rock formations in the sea
  12. Fatourena Beach: secluded, no tourist facilities
  13. Firiplaka Beach: a tiny beach with soft sand and surrounded by huge rocks
  14. Gerakas Beach: impressive, reachable only by boat
  15. Gerontas Beach: secluded, mostly accessed by boat
  16. Glaronisia: a complex of rocky islets accessible by boat
  17. Kalogries Beach: secluded area with stunning blue waters
  18. Kapros Beach: small cove, not popular due to size and lack of facilities
  19. Kastanas Beach: small rocky bay, secluded
  20. Kipos Beach: small, pebbly, less popular due to its distance from tourist resorts
  21. Kleftiko Beach: an impressive spot accessible only by boat
  22. Kolibisionas Beach: the beach is located in a remote area, accessible only by boat or track road
  23. Lagada Beach: close to Adamas, with few hotels and taverns around, making it a great place to stay
  24. Mytakas Beach: small fishing port, crystal water
  25. Nerodafni Beach: rock-filled seashore, sense of privacy
  26. Pahena Beach: tourist resort, amazing coastline
  27. Paliorema Beach: small, accessible by track road or boat, near old sulfur mines
  28. Papakinou Beach: large sandy beach near Adamas
  29. Papafragas Beach: impressive, exotic water surrounded by huge rocks
  30. Plathiena Beach: secluded with soft sand, near Plaka
  31. Pollonia Beach: long sandy beach, popular in summer
  32. Provatas Beach: popular, long sandy coastline
  33. Psarovolada Beach: small sandy beach, not very popular, no tourist facilities, so it is the best place to go for solace
  34. Psathi Beach: remote, secluded, rarely frequented
  35. Rivari Beach: small secluded beach, few tourist facilities
  36. Sarakiniko Beach: famous for its volcanic rock formations and deep blue sea
  37. Tria Pigadia Beach: remote, mainly visited by boat
  38. Tsigrado Beach: remote, one-of-a-kind beach between cliffs with turquoise waters
  39. Triades Beach: calm, secluded, nudism-friendly
  40. Vani Beach: accessed by boat, site of old manganese mines
  41. Voudia Beach: nice beach ideal for relaxing and fishing, nudism-friendly

Milos offers something for everyone. If you’re an adventure-seeker, you can dive into fun-filled watersports. But if your idea of a perfect day is lounging by the sea, there are serene spots for that, too.

From the famous Sarakiniko Beach with its volcanic rock formations to the secluded beauty of Agia Kiriaki Beach, Milos has it all. And let’s not forget the island’s historical significance as the birthplace of the Venus de Milo and the discovery site of Asclepius of Milo.

Here are five of our favorite beaches on Milos Island

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Best Beaches In Milos

1. Firiplaka Beach

Best Beaches In Milos - Firiplaka Beach
Firiplaka Beach is a hidden gem that, once discovered, you’ll go back to again and again. The beach is relatively narrow but a mixture of sand and pebbles. It has a beach bar, so you can quickly get refreshments throughout the day, and there are parasols and sun loungers – making this one of the best beaches in Milos.

The cliffs that back away from the beach are volcanic, so you can check out the fantastic colors, which strike fiercely against the bright hues of the sea. This is also a good spot for families, and there is quite a large car parking lot at the top of the cliff before you head down.

How To Get To Firiplaka Beach

The journey from Plaka to Firiplaka Beach only takes around 20 minutes, and it’s best to drive or take a taxi.


2. Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado beach, Milos island, Cyclades, Greece - Sandy Beaches In Greece
Tsigrado Beach, Milos Island

A short distance away from Firiplaka Beach, you will find Tsigrado Beach. This is one of the prettiest beaches in Milos, which is a smaller option but no less beautiful. The soaring cliffs plunge into the bright blue water, and the images you’ll capture on your camera are stunning.

However, this great beach is quite hard to get down to, so it’s not ideal for families or those who aren’t so steady on their feet. To get down to the beach, you will need to follow a path that has been carved into the cliff face, and the last part of the journey is by rope and ladder.

However, its remoteness is what makes this beach so special.

How To Get To Tsigrado Beach

It’s possible to walk from Firiplaka Beach to Tsigrado.

3. Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach Milos island
Sarakiniko Beach on Milos island, Greece.

Sarakiniko Beach is on the north coast and is a stunning beach of Milos. The rocks here are volcanic and exposed to so much wind that they’ve eroded into interesting shapes, some of which are smooth and bright white.

The beach itself is set in a small bay, and the water is clear and calm. The water is deep in places but shallow in others, so as long as you keep a close eye on your little ones, it’s a good option for families.

There are no facilities on the beach, so you’ll need to take your own sun loungers and parasols. It can become quite busy in high season, but it’s never too crowded.

How To Get To Sarakiniko Beach

The journey time in total is around half an hour. You can take public transportation from Adamas, or you can take a taxi

4. Provatas Beach

Best Beaches In Milos - Provatas Beach
Another excellent beach choice is Provatas, which is around 13km from Plaka. There are sun loungers and parasols on the beach and some cafes and restaurants that back onto it for refreshments. Again, this beach can become quite busy in the summer, but if you get there early, there shouldn’t be a problem.

This is a good option for swimming; the cliffs are all different colors, so it is ideal for taking photographs.

How To Get To Provatas Beach

You can take a bus from Plaka, which will take around 20 minutes.

5. Papafragas Beach & Caves

Best Beaches In Milos - Cave of Papafragas Milos, Cyclades Greece
Papagragas is a tiny Milos beach surrounded by caves, which makes it so different. This beautiful beach has large arches of rock all around, almost like a swimming pool. The water is also bright blue, and you can swim through the rocks and sea caves for something a little different!

If you venture to the top of the cliffs, you’ll also get to see some fantastic views. Do bear in mind, however, that this is one of those Milos beaches where there are no cafes or restaurants, so you’ll need to take your own refreshments and parasols. The path down to the beach is also very steep, so it’s not the best option for families.

How To Get To Papagragas Caves

A bus leaves Plaka and goes to Pollonia; this bus will also take you close to Papafragas Caves, which are signposted along the way.

Greece Travel Blog_Our Pick Of The Best Beaches In Milos Greece

These are just a few of the beaches of Milos Island; we hope you found your perfect place. There are, of course, many more waiting to be explored on this volcanic island. All you have to do is decide which of these Milos beaches you’ll swim at first.

Best Milos Beaches FAQs

What are the top 5 beaches in Milos?

The top 5 beaches in Milos are Firopotamos, Pollonia, Mandrakia, Plathiena Beach, and Fyriplaka Beach.

What are some things to do in Milos besides visiting the beaches?

Besides visiting the beaches, you can explore fishing villages, snorkel, rent a car to explore the island and enjoy the authentic Greek atmosphere.

Is Firopotamos Beach a must-see in Milos?

Yes, Firopotamos Beach is definitely one of the must-see amazing beaches in Milos for its picturesque scenery and clear waters.

Are there any sandy beaches in Milos?

Yes, Milos has sandy beaches like Plathiena Beach and Fyriplaka Beach, where you can relax and enjoy the sun.

What is the most photographed beach in Milos?

Firopotamos Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in Milos due to its unique rock formations and crystal clear waters.

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