Kornati Islands Day Trip

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Kornati Islands Day Trip

Have you ever dreamed of sailing the Adriatic’s beautiful turquoise waters? Meandering through a network of islands, waving at other yachts passing you by, and stopping in secluded bays for a dip, to cool off, snorkel, or just relax? Couple that with some fantastic Croatian cuisine, and you have the perfect day.

If you’re looking for that memorable experience in Croatia, come and Chase the Donkey with us – we will take you on a cruise of the Kornati Islands National Park on a luxury boat.

We’ll get up close and personal with the Kornati Islands, show you secret swim stops, pour you a glass of boutique wine and craft beer, and serve up some of the Zadar Region’s best gourmet produce, as well as take you for an unforgettable lunch experience.
The Kornati Islands are are a true gem in the Adriatic and we would like for you to join us on this day trip & experience two of the things we love most about Croatia, cruising the Adriatic and savoring Croatia’s finest food.

Kornati Islands

Low Res_Boris Kacan_Licenced_Kornati Islands National Park | Croatia Travel Blog Chasing the Donkey

The Kornati Islands National Park consists of 89 islands, islets, and reefs spread over 217 square km. The Kornati Islands are a dense cluster of islands meaning there are numerous small coves, beaches, and bays where you can stop and just take a swim and take in the pristine environment, all within close proximity to each other. Kornati National Park is perfect for those looking to experience unique natural landscapes, soaring cliffs, and barren rocky, mostly uninhabited islands; it has to be seen to be believed.  The Adriatic is at her glorious best in the National Park, and with the backdrop of the Kornati Islands, you will be stunned at the natural beauty of the area. If you’re in Croatia, this is an experience not to be missed.

Your Personalised Tour Description

  • We’ll greet you in Zadar at 9:00 am and welcome you aboard your luxury boat for the day. Kick back, relax, and settle in.
  • We’ll conduct a tasting showcasing  Zadar’s best wine, craft beer, award-winning cheeses from a local island, award-winning local charcuterie, and more.
  • Our tour will take in the sights of the Kornati islands, including; Mala Proversa, Mana Cliffs, Levrnaka Bay, and, of course, we’ll stop to swim in the Kornati’s most pristine locations.
  • After cruising and swimming at the Kornati National Park, you’re going to get hungry, so it’s time for lunch. This is not just any meal but an authentic regional Croatian experience.
  • Back on board, we will make our way back to Zadar – but not before taking in more of the sights and another swim stop – there are a few choices, and we’ll decide together. That’s the beauty of being on a small private tour.

Kornati Isla Swimmingnds National Park Tour Swin Stop

What Makes Our Tour Great?

  • You won’t be jam-packed with dozens of others – our full-day tour is on a luxurious Sessa 42 Hard Top with a maximum of 8 other donkey chasers. No crowds here!
  • You will not only see the best the Kornati Islands have to offer, but we will take you to secluded swim stops in the most pristine azure waters in the Kornati National Park.
  • We get the day started with a gourmet tasting of food and beverages.
  • We want you to experience what we love about food from the Zadar region, so we always find and prepare the best local delicacies.
  • Your lunch stop will be an experience to remember.
  • Personalized service from your host (that’s us) and a dedicated captain with years of experience in the Kornati Islands archipelago.
  • We supply snorkeling equipment and towels, so you don’t have to lug those about.

Bonus: If we’re lucky, we may run into some Dolphins. Your Captain knows where they like to hang out!

What Separates Our Tour From The Other Kornati Island Tours?

  • You get to the national park in just 45 minutes instead of the long 2+ hour journey it takes on the big tour boats.
  • The tour is actually within the National Park – don’t be fooled; many trips don’t actually go into the National Park.
  • You’re are not jam-packed onto a boat with large numbers of other people – we accept just eight guests.
  • Our boat is fantastic, and you’re guaranteed a personalized private boat experience. See for yourself
  • We have the flexibility to deviate from the plan.
  • The tasting menu and lunch are authentic Dalmatian food experiences.

What You Need to Bring

The usual gear like bathers, sunscreen, and your camera.

Chasing the Donkey Tours_Kornati Island Day Trip PIN.Cost

We like to call it an investment in yourself – this fantastic day would typically cost you 200 euro per person, however, we are offering a discounted price of 180 euro per person for our first three tours – all you have to do is pay a 60 euro deposit to secure your place below.

Book Now

Sorry, we are not taking bookings. Instead, you can try one of these other providers for experiences around the area.


Comments (27)

    1. Not this season, sorry Beth. Check one of the other Kornati Tours we have listed – they are also great!!

  1. Hi, not sure if info above is current but am enquiring into your cruise for mid-July 2017. Are you guys available?

  2. Hi SJ:
    Will you be taking tours out to Kornati Island in May 2017? If so, we would like to book with you.

  3. Hello,
    My partner and I want to travel by boat from Zadar to Split via the Kornati Islands (day trip)- what would be best way to do this? Do you or the above companies often this kind of charter or tour? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!

  4. I’m looking into another trip to Croatia late July 2017! Will this day trip be available then? I’m thinking for me, my daughter & her two young boys who will be 9 & 7 (wonderful swimmers)

  5. I was looking for a day trip for 4 people for kornati national park for the 16th of August. Wanted to know availability for the same.


  6. Are you still doing this tour or for hire for private tours? This sounds like the best tour anyone could book!

    1. Sorry James – maybe next year 😀 Check out some of the other operators we listed they have good offers also.

  7. My husband & I sailed to Kornati with “Chasing the Donkey” on their July 7th trip. It was absolutely the highlight of this year’s trip to Croatia. We were on a beautiful 42’ speed boat with 6 other lucky vacationers.

    Mate Begonja, Alan, the owner of the gorgeous speed boat, & Luciano, our skipper, made our trip comfortable and enjoyable as they catered to our every whim. We had hardly left the dock in Zadar when Mate broke out the Champagne. Oh well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!
    Then came the amazing hor d’oeuvres, a variety of local salamis, smoked pork neck and cheeses from the Island of Pag, and even some dried figs (the home made variety, which have nothing to do with the kind you buy in packages in the supermarket). Our snack was accompanied by a bottle of Debit, a nice white wine from Bibich Winery in Skradin, perfect for a day on the Adriatic.

    We stopped at a cove off the Kornati Islands for a swim in the pristine waters. The water was deep and a bit colder than at the beach in Zadar, but it was crystal clear and it’s hard to explain, but it felt like silk.

    Then, on to lunch at a Fish Restaurant on one of the Kornati Islands.
    There are maybe about 10 houses right there in the vicinity of the restaurant and Luciano explained that there is one family from the Island of Murter that runs the restaurant but only in season. It’s a large family and they rotate shifts not staying on the Kornati Isle more than a few days per shift. While gorgeous & wild, the island has a shortage of water, no internet and if you want to make a phone call, you have to go to the top of the hill….not easy on a hot Summer day.

    Before settling down for lunch we hiked partially up the hill to get a feel for the island. There were wild herbs, like sage and St. John’s Wart along the path and groves of olive trees. One has to marvel at all of the ancient stone walls that used to separate the flocks of sheep.
    It was hot, so we retreated back down the hill to the outdoor restaurant.

    The first course was a delicious octopus salad. The main course was copious amounts of grilled fish of every variety, fresh caught and wild. There was a tray of grilled vegetables and salad and our group opted to go with the homemade white wine, though bottled wine was also available.
    Coffee and desert was a nice touch to get us ready for the next private pristine cove to take another dip in the Adriatic. I should mention that snorkeling equipment was available for those who chose to explore the marine life in Kornati.

    On the way back to Zadar, Mate coaxed us all into trying White Truffle Infused honey on Croatian bread. Interesting & delicious!

    A word about our group of vacationers: It was a very diverse group. There was a family from Calgary, Canada that are currently living in the UAE. They had 2 of the best behaved children ever. Then there was a young engaged couple from Hoboken that were also fun to be around.
    Although we spanned every age group, we got along famously right from the start! Thanks, Mate, for breaking the ice with the bottle of bubbly!

    All in all, we have to give this Chasing the Donkey excursion 5 Stars. We definitely hope to do it again on next year’s trip to Croatia and would recommend it to anyone traveling to Zadar.

    Faith & Veljko Maricic
    Cranford, NJ

  8. Kornati is an incredible experience. We were lucky enough to hire a park ranger and a small boat for the day.

    1. Sure thing Megan, kids can go. There is an under cabin where you can sit with very small children should you need.

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