A Cycling Holiday To Hvar Island

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A Cycling Holiday To Hvar Island

Written by Sue, from Travel Tales of Life.

Often listed as one of the top 10 most beautiful spots globally, Croatia’s Island of Hvar (pronounced H-VAR) could easily be the definition of paradise. Besides the pristine pebbly beaches, quaint towns, and gorgeous vistas, Hvar provides a wide variety of spectacular terrain for those on bicycles.

Cycling holidays in Croatia continue to increase in popularity, with guided tour groups becoming a frequent sight, especially on the islands and Istria. With sleeping accommodations provided on a boat, cycling away from the harbor offers visitors a break from tourist crowds on two wheels. Within minutes a cyclist on Hvar Island may feel no tourist has yet found this nirvana.

Let The Cycling Holiday Begin

A cycling holiday to Hvar Island 1

Our trip to Hvar Island was a self-guided affair and began with a ferry ride from the mainland city of Split to an island that has been inhabited since the 4th century BC. A guidebook will describe Hvar’s climate as perfect and the landscape lush and green. It takes approximately fifteen minutes on a bike, traveling in blistering sunshine toward the island’s summit, to realize that the author of the guidebook may not have been traveling by bicycle but rather lounging on a Croatian beach while conducting research.


The Reality Of Self-Guided Cycling

A cycling holiday to Hvar Island 2

When our ferry docked at Stari Grad’s town (meaning Old Town) on the northern side of Hvar, the reality of our self-guided cycling day became apparent. Fresh off a week-long guided cycling holiday in Slovenia, we felt confident we could manage this one day on our own in Croatia.

However, without a guide to meet our needs of food, water, and the most basic essentials of all-the bikes, the challenges began. Our research had included that Stari Grad had a bike rental shop near the ferry terminal. We pictured it steps from the terminal, and it was a taxi ride away. No harm done.

We set out to Hvar town with bicycles rented and a quick stop at a nearby grocery store for supplies. The road signs directed us to the ‘Bike Route,’ which immediately turned and climbed skyward. We had decided not to bring our padded cycling shorts since it would be such an easy day. Suffice it to say that by day’s end, sweating in the blazing Croatian heat; we were keen to stand and take in views.

A cycling holiday to Hvar Island 3

Along the ‘Bike Route,’ there seemed to be an inordinate amount of cemeteries, tombstones, and memorials. With very few vehicles and a noticeable absence of cyclists other than ourselves, we joked that perhaps those traveling by bicycle before us were even less prepared to perish along the way due to lack of food and water.

What Could This Be?

A cycling holiday to Hvar Island 4

In the photo below, you will see many piles of stones. On higher elevations, the obvious old and often haphazard arrangements could be seen everywhere. Due to the language barrier and lack of information in guidebooks, we remain stumped.

Can you tell us about the rock piles and why they cover the hillsides?

A cycling holiday to Hvar Island 5

Our Tips For Cycling On Hvar Island A cycling holiday to Hvar Island 6

  1. Have a bike map with you, and be sure of your route. There are several cycling options on Hvar and much easier ones than the one described above. Our trip was from Stari Grad to Hvar Town return (approximately 40kms round trip with a total climb of 1000m). The map we used can be found here.
  2. Take plenty of water and food with you. The day we cycled on Hvar was scorching. There were very few stops to get water or snacks along the way. Some facilities that were on our route will be closed out of season.
  3. Arrange your bike rental ahead of time. If you stay in Split, you can rent a bike and take it with you on the ferry. If you are renting in Stari Grad, upon arrival by ferry, be prepared for a 30-minute walk or a quick taxi ride. Our lack of specific research delayed the start of our adventure and left us cycling primarily in the mid-day heat.
  4. Suppose you are not a confident and experienced cyclist, then plan to take a guided trip. Having a guide and support vehicle takes all the stress of navigation, bike repairs, and supplying food and water out of the equation. Many companies are offering guided tours in Croatia. We have used Nichols Expeditions five times in countries throughout Europe and have been very happy with each of our tours. 

Comments (22)

  1. Looks like a great way to see the island, despite the challenges that you had! The rock piles are quite intriguing, I have no idea what they would be!

    1. We love cycling while traveling. It offers such a great way to see the countryside and interact with the locals.
      Sarah Jane tells me that the rock piles were created years ago when farmers cleared the land to plant olive trees. Can you imagine what arduous work it must have been?

      1. Well, I cheated and rented a little purple Volkswagen convertible in Stari Grad, bought a purple cotton sundress in the town square and away I went around the island with the top down and I yelped everytime I got out to take photos and had to get back into the car on the very hot black leather seats. But, I loved Hvar, its beauty and the clear bluish green waters which surround the island. The heat there would have killed me to cycle in it although I saw cyclists.

    1. Definitely a beautiful ride as long as you have the appropriate equipment and a good supply of food and water. :)

  2. What a fun way to explore a new place! I’ve never done a bike tour anywhere. We keep meaning to bike through Germany’s countryside but never end up doing so.

    1. Katrina until 5 years ago we had never done any cycling to speak of. Now we have fallen in love with cycling holidays. Croatia is such a beautiful country. If you are new to cycling it might be best to go with a guided tour. I have not been to Germany other than airport stops. Another one for the travel list. :)

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