Hiking Hvar – 5 Best Hiking Trails On Hvar Island, Croatia

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Welcome to Hvar, a beautiful island in Croatia renowned for its sun-drenched landscapes and enticing hiking trails. If you’re eager to explore the best hiking routes around Hvar, you’re in the right place.

From the charming city of Hvar to the quaint village of Vrboska, this guide covers it all. We’ll take you through paths leading to Sveti Nikola, the island’s highest peak, and share insights on a UNESCO World Heritage site that is worth exploring.

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Whether you’re looking for the best walks or essential tips for hiking in Hvar, our comprehensive guide ensures you experience the most memorable journeys across this spectacular island.

So, grab your hiking essentials and read on to embark on your next adventure on the island of Hvar. 

1. St. Nikola Peak Trail For Breathtaking Views

A map showing St. Nikola Peak Trail For Breathtaking Views - Hvar hike

Location: Begins in Hvar town, leading to the summit of St. Nikola Peak, the highest point on Hvar Island.

Distance: The trail covers approximately 9 km and typically takes 2.5-4 hours to complete, depending on individual hiking pace.

Difficulty: Moderate to challenging. The ascent involves some steep sections, making it suitable for hikers with a moderate level of fitness.


Panoramic Views: St. Nikola Peak offers stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, neighboring islands, and the picturesque town of Hvar. The vantage point provides a 360-degree perspective, making it a rewarding summit.

Natural Beauty: The trail winds through diverse landscapes, including fragrant olive groves and lavender fields. Hikers can immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty, enjoying the simplicity of the surroundings.

Historical Significance: St. Nikola Peak has historical significance, with remnants of an old chapel at the summit. This adds a touch of history to the hiking experience, connecting visitors with the island’s past.

Trail Experience

The St. Nikola Peak Trail offers a diverse hiking experience. The journey begins in the lively town of Hvar, providing hikers with a taste of local culture before transitioning into the tranquility of nature. 

As you ascend, the trail meanders through olive groves, allowing hikers to appreciate the island’s agricultural charm.

The summit itself is a rewarding destination. 

Hikers are greeted with a sense of accomplishment and awe as they take in the sweeping views. 

The simplicity of the trail, coupled with the challenging sections, fosters a connection with nature and a feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle.

2. Malo Grablje To Milna Path

A map showing Malo Grablje To Milna Path - hiking hvar

Location: This scenic trail unfolds through the picturesque landscapes from Malo Grablje to Milna.

Distance: Covering approximately 20 km, this trail is designed for a leisurely stroll, making it accessible to hikers of all levels.

Difficulty: Easy. The path is well-established, providing a relaxed hiking experience for those seeking a gentle immersion into Hvar’s natural beauty. The distance for the hiking trail from Malo Grablje to Milna on Hvar Island is about 20 km (12.5 miles), and the estimated time to complete this hike is around 6 hours. This includes time for a leisurely walk around Malo Grablje, known as Hvar’s ghost town. 


Rural Serenity: Malo Grablje serves as the starting point, offering a glimpse into the a time gone by of life of Hvar. The trail winds through terraced fields and charming stone houses, providing a serene and unhurried atmosphere.

Aromatic Wildflowers: Nature’s bounty is on full display as the path takes you through meadows adorned with wildflowers. The fragrance of the blooms adds a delightful sensory element to the hiking experience.

Seaside Views: As you approach Milna, the trail reveals views of the Adriatic Sea. The coastal setting of Milna adds a touch of seaside charm to the journey.

Trail Experience

The Malo Grablje to Milna Path is a perfect choice for those seeking a relaxed encounter with Hvar’s rural beauty. 

Beginning in the abandoned village of Malo Grablje, hikers are transported to a bygone era, surrounded by stone architecture.

The gentle slopes and well-defined path make this trail accessible to all ages. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the simplicity of rural life on Hvar, with the soundtrack of birdsong and the gentle rustling of leaves creating a tranquil backdrop.

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3. Velo Grablje Circular Route

A map showing the Velo Grablje Circular Route hiking route on Hvar Island

Location: The Velo Grablje Circular Route explores the charming landscapes surrounding the abandoned village of Velo Grablje on Hvar Island.

Distance: Covering approximately 20 km, this circular route allows hikers to soak in the rural beauty of the island.

Difficulty: Moderate. The trail includes a mix of gentle slopes and well-defined paths, making it suitable for hikers with a moderate level of fitness.


Abandoned Village: The trail begins in the abandoned village of Velo Grablje, offering a unique and somewhat melancholic atmosphere. Hikers can explore the remnants of stone houses and imagine the village’s history.

Olive Groves: As the path winds through the countryside, hikers are surrounded by lush olive groves. The terraced landscapes showcase the traditional agricultural practices of the island.

Panoramic Views: The circular route provides panoramic views of Hvar’s countryside and the Adriatic Sea. The elevation gain on sections of the trail offer vantage points for breathtaking vistas.

Trail Experience

The Velo Grablje Circular Route offers a journey into the past, starting in the abandoned village and unfolding through the island’s rustic landscapes. 

The abandoned stone houses stand as silent witnesses to the village’s history, creating a unique and somewhat poignant backdrop to the hike.

As hikers traverse the path, the fragrance of olive groves fills the air. The terraced landscapes showcase the timeless connection between Hvar’s residents and the land. 

Panoramic views unfold at various points along the route, allowing hikers to pause and appreciate the simplicity of rural life.

4. Zarace Bay to Dubovica Beach Trek

A map showing the location the Zarace Bay to Dubovica Beach Trek hiking on Hvar

Location: The Zarace Bay to Dubovica Beach Trek in Hvar Croatia unfolds along the scenic coastline, leading hikers from Zarace Bay to the picturesque Dubovica Beach.

Distance: Covering approximately 3 to 4 km, this coastal trek offers a perfect blend of sea views and natural beauty.

Difficulty: Moderate. The trail involves a mix of coastal paths and occasional inclines.


Zarace Bay: The trek begins in Zarace Bay, a tranquil inlet surrounded by nature. The crystal-clear waters around Hvar and the peaceful ambiance set the stage for a refreshing coastal hiking tour.

Coastal Panoramas: As hikers progress along the coastal path, stunning panoramas of the Adriatic Sea unfold. The varying shades of blue and the rugged shoreline create a captivating visual experience.

Dubovica Beach: The trek culminates at Dubovica Beach, a postcard-worthy cove with a pebble beach and turquoise waters. It’s an ideal spot for relaxation and taking a dip in the refreshing sea.

Trail Experience

The Zarace Bay to Dubovica Beach Trek promises a coastal adventure with ever-changing seascapes. Beginning in Zarace Bay, hikers are welcomed by the tranquility of the inlet, providing an immersive start to the journey.

The coastal path takes hikers through a series of breathtaking viewpoints, where the Adriatic unfolds in all its glory. 

The trek offers moments of solitude and connection with nature, as well as opportunities to capture the beauty of Hvar’s coastline

5. Pakleni Islands Coastal Walk

Aerial panoramic view of Palmizana
Palmizana, sailing cove

Not far from Hvar Island, you’ll find the Pakleni Islands; take a water taxi over to experience this great trail:

Location: along the coast, this trail invites hikers to explore the captivating Pakleni Islands just off the coast of Hvar.

Distance: Covering approximately 10 km, this coastal walk provides a mix of scenic views and leisurely exploration.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. The trail is well-marked, and hikers can enjoy the coastal beauty with minimal difficulty.


Island Archipelago: The trail unfolds through the Pakleni Islands, a stunning archipelago boasting crystal-clear waters and hidden coves. Each island offers a unique charm, creating a varied and enchanting journey.

Hidden Coves: The coastal path unveils hidden coves with turquoise waters. These secluded spots offer perfect opportunities for a refreshing swim or a tranquil break by the sea.

Unspoiled Beauty: The simplicity of the coastal trail allows hikers to focus on the unspoiled beauty of the surroundings. From rugged cliffs to gentle shores, the landscapes remain pristine.

Trail Experience

The Pakleni Islands Coastal Walk is a delightful exploration of Hvar’s coastal allure. The island hiking begins with a boat ride to the islands, the trail meanders along the shoreline, offering panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea.

Hikers can take their time, savoring the simplicity of each island’s unique character. 

Whether it’s the untouched nature, the rhythmic sound of the waves, or the occasional glimpse of marine life, every step on this coastal trail is a journey into the tranquility of island life.

Important local tip: It’s important to note that trail conditions can change, and it’s always best to check with local sources or visitor centers for the most current information before setting out on a hike.

Tips For Hiking On Hvar Island

Hiking Backpack_Best Travel Backpacks Review_COVER

Check Trail Conditions

Before embarking on any hike, check trail conditions, especially if you plan to explore the more challenging hiking trails in Hvar. Local information or visitor centers can provide updates on trail maintenance or closures.

Comfortable Footwear

Wear sturdy and comfortable hiking shoes suitable for varied terrains. Proper footwear is essential for stability and preventing discomfort during your Hvar hiking adventure.

Weather Preparedness

Hvar’s weather can vary, so check the forecast before your hike. Bring a lightweight waterproof jacket in case of unexpected rain, and dress in layers for temperature fluctuations.


Carry a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated, especially during warmer months. Consider a hydration pack for longer hikes. Ensure you have access to enough water to prevent dehydration.

Snack Essentials

Pack lightweight and energy-rich snacks for quick refueling on the trail. Nuts, dried fruits, energy bars, and trail mix are convenient options. Trail mix with nuts and seeds provides a good balance of protein and energy.

Trail Meals

For longer hikes, consider bringing a packed lunch. Opt for non-perishable items like sandwiches, wraps, or protein-packed salads. Packaged tuna or chicken with crackers can be a convenient and protein-rich trail meal.

Fresh Fruits

Include fresh fruits like apples, bananas, or oranges on your hiking tour for a refreshing and natural energy boost. They also contribute essential vitamins and hydration.

Carry a Lightweight Backpack

Invest in a comfortable and lightweight backpack to carry your essentials. Ensure it has enough compartments to organize your snacks, water, and other items.

Sun Protection

Hvar’s sun can be intense, so bring sun protection essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to shield yourself from the sun’s rays.

Local Recommendations

Engage with locals or visit a local market before your hike. They can provide insights into local trail snacks or recommend unique, regional items to enhance your trail experience.

Pack a Picnic

Plan a picnic-style meal for a more extended hike. Consider packing a light lunch with sandwiches, fruits, and a refreshing beverage. Take breaks at scenic spots to enjoy your meal amidst nature.

Leave No Trace

Follow the principles of Leave No Trace. Pack out all waste, including food wrappers. Leave the trails as you found them to preserve the beauty of Hvar’s natural landscapes.

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