Things To Do In Samobor Croatia, A Great Day Trip From Zagreb

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Things To Do In Samobor Croatia, A Great Day Trip From Zagreb

Written by Matea Sucic, a Samobor local.

If you’re in Zagreb and looking to escape the city for the day, set your sights on Samobor.

Samobor is a small city only 20 kilometers from Zagreb and just 5 kilometers away from the Slovenian border, perfect for a day trip.

The beauty of this city lies in its historic architecture, beautiful nature, and relaxing atmosphere. There are several spots you shouldn’t miss, and we’ll give you insider tips, so keep reading.

How To Get To Samobor

Bronze statue perspective - Things to do in Samobor

Samobor is well connected with Zagreb by car or by the bus company “Samoborček” which can pick you up from the main bus station or “Črnomerec” bus station and costs 28 Kuna for a one-way ticket. You can jump on the bus and purchase a ticket from the driver. If you don’t want to be at the mercy of the bus, then a private transfer may be what you’re after. With prices starting at 340 kunas each way from Zagreb, it’s quite affordable and saves you having to wait around for buses.

Once you arrive in Samobor, you can easily get anywhere you need on foot.

Things to See and Do in Samobor

While small, there is a great amount to enjoy in Samobor. Take a peek:

City Center

Samobor old town panorama - Things to do in Samobor

Samobor has a special, relaxing vibe both in the city center and its surroundings. Walking around the city will take you back in time due to its well-maintained architecture that hasn’t changed for centuries. Samobor’s parks evoke a relaxing atmosphere and embody that old-world charm.

Above the main square, there is a church of St. Anastasia with a nice view over the main square.

Samobor Museum

This small museum, situated in a lovely green park, has a little bit of everything; Samobor’s history, old documents, and art. It doesn’t take much time to pass through it, but it will keep you interested.

Keep in mind that the museum is closed on Monday. The entrance fee is 15 Kuna for adults and 10 Kuna for children. 

Samobor Old Castle Hike

Things to do in Croatia_What to do in Samobor_Samobor Castle Hike_Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit

The ruins of an old castle dating back to the 13th century in the middle of the forest are easily accessible from the city center. The ruins are a short 30-minute hike, but totally worth it. Such an easy hike is perfect for clearing your mind and enjoying nature.

Samobor museum holds a medieval battle fair every year in March, under the castle’s hill. At the fair, you’ll see a military camp with fortifications, a medieval kitchen, and armored knights that wander about the city, reminding you of days gone by.

Hidden Views

As I previously mentioned, Samobor is a city placed on hills, so naturally, it has many great views over both Samobor and Zagreb. There are many amazing spots that visitors never discover, so be creative, talk to locals and ask for directions to find the most interesting views.

Here is one of my favorites where I always bring my friends that come to visit for the first time.

Grgos Cave

Some say this is the most beautiful cave in northwest Croatia with two halls, both 30 meters long, with a large crevice, and 19-meters high. It is a protected geomorphologic monument of nature. While you’re there, you can enjoy several local specialties in the restaurant“Kod Špilje.” Entrance to the cave is just 15 Kunas for adults and 10 Kunas for children – so cheap!

Visit the cave’s website for additional information.


Things to do in Croatia_What to do in Samobor_Croatia Travel Blog


Where To Eat And Drink In Samobor

Gabreku 1929

This is THE place to eat. This restaurant is well known not only in Samobor but also around the country. If you want to taste some special, well-prepared, local cuisine, don’t miss this cracking restaurant. 

Kod Mrve

Meat lovers have to head here. It is located right next to the main square, but you can still feel the village atmosphere. They offer a great barbecue and have very reasonable prices. 

Kuca Pizze Kod Tomice

If you like to play it safe, pizza is always the best choice. This place offers the best pizza in town. Thick dough, amazing toppings, great choice, and comfortable interior will keep you satisfied. 

U Prolazu

Kremšnite Recipe_Croatian Custard Slice

Samobor is also known for its pastry called kremšnita that includes a puff pastry base and custard cream.

The kremšnita here is s made using a special recipe passed down through the generations in this pastry shop. The best part is that it only costs 8 kunas, which is just over 1 Euro!

Scout Irish Pub

Beer lovers will appreciate this place. This pub currently offers 500 different beers worldwide (China, Japan, England, Ireland, Mexico, to name a few), 12 Irish whiskeys, and 8 Irish liqueurs. The interior is decorated in “Irish style” with two large bars and separate rooms. 

Key Events and Festivals in Samobor

Cufus Street Art Festival

Cufus is the best circus street festival you can find in the region on streets, parks, and squares in Samobor. It brings together local and international street artists that make interesting, funny performances for visitors of all ages. You can get involved in workshops, try out local cuisine and drinks, and many other events.

Samobor Carnival

Things to do in Croatia_What to do in Samobor_Samobor Carnival_Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit: Samobor Carnival

Samobor is well-known for its carnival that takes place in February. It traditionally ends on a feast Tuesday with the condemnation of Prince Fašnik and the burning of his dolls to ensure that the years ahead of us are without any negativity.

During these two weeks, the whole city becomes a stage; people get under their masks and gather in streets and bars to have fun. If you find yourself close by at that time of the year, make sure you add it to your list of things to do in Samobor.

Now, go forth and enjoy all of the sights and sounds of Samobor


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