A Sunny Spring Day In Croatia & The Bibich Winery

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Mate is Croatian and owns a transport company in the Balkans, he has visited over 30 countries. He is an expert on all things transportation as well as food and wine.

Ever since moving to Croatia almost four years ago, I’ve wanted to visit the Bibich Winery. Every foodie worth their weight has been, and I have entirely missed the boat. Bibich Winery’s reputation proceeds it, with rave reviews about their wines and food from everyone, including Anthony Bourdain.

My time had finally come, so I arranged a private transfer so that my friends and I could enjoy a few glasses of wine without having to worry about driving. It was a beautiful sunny spring day in Plastovo, perfect for wine tasting. The winery is charming from the outside, so I was eager to see what was beyond the big black doors. Upon stepping through the cellar door, the Bibich staff promptly offered me a glass of their Brut Rose and freshly shucked oysters. Ahh, perfection.

Spring at Bibich Winery_Outside_Croatia Travel Blog
Spring at Bibich Winery

I think I just entered foodie heaven.

After a quick slurp of a luscious oyster, I made my way out into the courtyard to mingle.

Positioned around the yard were various finger foods and, of course, a couple of bars serving Bibich’s fine wines. I decided to start with the Debit, which I had previously tested and loved. To me, it’s a tremendous warm-weather wine, and I have not tasted a better Debit on the market. Once again, the Debit did not disappoint.

Spring at Bibich Winery_Mate with

Next, it was time to try the Pošip followed by the Pinot Sivi, which were delightful and really fit the occasion. By this stage, I had found some other fellow wine-loving Aussies and spent the day chatting, eating, and drinking the outstanding wines.

Over the course of the day, the steady stream of finger food continued to be delivered from the kitchen to all the winery guests, culminating in a huge pot of Skradinski Rizot. For those of you that don’t know, this is one epic veal risotto that is slow-cooked for up to 12 hours. The Skradinski Rizot rose to the occasion and sat well in my belly all afternoon. This deep rich risotto paired fantastically with the Bibich Bas de Bas.

Spring at Bibich Winery_Risotto_Croatia Travel Blog
Spring at Bibich Winery: Risotto For One

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Visiting The Bibich Winery

If you’re a wine lover and love a great meal to go with your wine, then Bibich Winery in Plastovo is an absolute must. The winery is a little isolated in a small village called Plastovo, so the best way to get there is by car or, like us, private transfer. The winery is an hour from Zadar and a little more from Split, making it within easy reach from these two major cities.

You absolutely must book in advance if you want to have lunch at the winery as they can only accommodate limited numbers, and because the place has become hot on the foodie scene, it’s always booked.

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The History of Bibich Winery

These days, Bibich Winery is run by Alen Bibich, the grandson of the winery founder. The winery itself is around 500 years old; however, much of the vineyard was destroyed during the Homeland War. Alen Bibich took it upon himself to restore the winery and its vines to their former glory and has done an exceptional job in doing so.

Spring at Bibich Winery_Tasting_Croatia Travel Blog
Spring at Bibich Winery: One, Two, Twenty

Planning Your Visit

Getting to Bibich Winery is easy and is located very close to Skradin, in the village of Plastovo. The best way to get to the Bibich winery is by driving, whether it’s a rental car, your own, or private transfer. Going by bus is an option, but you would spend half a day getting there.

The winery is open all of the summer and in both spring and autumn. Opening times change regularly, so it’s best to contact the winery directly and confirm before you make the trip. Contact: estate@bibich-wine.com.

Comments (3)

  1. Went with my parents as a treat for a very special occasion. I have been organising this trip for a long time. Both my parents being winemakers for over 60 years. We were very interested mainly in the wine tasting, not so much in the food. We were in a winery offering wine tasting after all! The staff was incredibly rude and unhelpful, not willing to talk to us about the wines, the winery or wine production at all or explaining to us of how the wine tasting here works and how we choose the wines. We were Completely ignored. They even refused to give my mum a glass! The wines were literally undrinkable, being poured from bottles that have been open for a long while. Most of the white wines were getting into the stage of a vinegar. Really dreadful traumatic unpleasant experience, I was on the verge of crying.
    We have the tapas platter and I have to say it was absolutely outstanding. Compliments to the chef. Obviously the food here is amazing. And believe me, I know a good food as we owe a restaurant and my husband is a chef! Such a shame it’s being advertised as a winery and not a restaurant. Very expensive as well, small glass of wine €15! We got a whole bottle of a good pleasant drinkable interesting wine in a nearby prsuterie for that.
    The sommeliers at Bibich should be ashamed as the customer service here is non existent. You have ruined our evening!
    Avoid the wines here at all cost, they are a complete garbage. Just have a dinner here with a bottle of beer perhaps.
    For an exceptional wine tasting experience go to Baraka winery in Sibenik instead.

    1. Ohhh no Magda, I am so sorry you had such a dreadful experience. That sounds far below what anyone I know has experienced. I hope that you had many other great experiences to be able to forget this one at Bibich.

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