4 Ways To Get From Rovinj To Pula (& Pula To Rovinj)

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This detailed transportation guide tells you how to get from Pula to Rovinj and how to travel from Rovinj to Pula, Croatia.

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Croatia has many amazing places to visit, so it makes sense to try to get out and see more than one, if possible. If you’re staying in the city of Rovinj, you’re very easily placed to head to Pula and vice versa. The great news is that it’s pretty easy to depart from Rovinj and arrive in Pula, and it’s just as easy to return.

Rovinj is a beautiful fishing town on the Istrian Peninsula, packed with winding, cobbled streets to explore. Of course, there are also some pretty outstanding beaches to check out, and there are 14 islands to explore off the mainland.

But if you want to visit Pula for the day, nobody can blame you.

Packed with Roman ruins, a picturesque harbor, and beautiful beaches, Pula is a place you have to head to at least once. In fact, it’s pretty likely you’ll want to stay at least one night!

So, how can you get from Rovinj to Pula, and when your trip to Pula is over, how then can you get back from Pula to Rovinj?

Let’s explore your travel options. 

Private Transfers Between Rovinj And Pula

Pula, Istria. Driving Zagreb to Dubrovnik

The easiest and most convenient way to get from Rovinj’s Old Town to Pula and back again is to book a private transfer. You’ll be picked up from your hotel and dropped back again once your little expedition is over. The journey takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Check out Octopus Transfers Croatia below for more information.

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Self-Drive From Pula To Rovinj

If you want to drive yourself, it’s effortless to hire a car and do so. The distance between Rovinj and Pula is around 41km, making them 30-45 minutes away from each other. You will follow the E751 road directly to Pula, and then when you’re ready to return, reverse the same journey.

Travel By Bus From Rovinj To Pula 

If you’re wanting the cheapest option, then it has to be a bus to Pula from Rovinj (and Rovinj to Pula). 

Thankfully, there are plenty of services between the two destinations, and depending on the traffic, the journey shouldn’t take longer than 50 minutes.

Buses leave Rovinj Bus Station and arrive directly at Pula Bus Station. There are buses in both directions three times per day, daily.

To book a ticket, you can either head to the bus station and buy tickets or if you want to avoid potential disappointment during the busy season, you can book online with specific operators. 

The main ones covering this route (and back again) include FlixBus, Brioni Pula, Autobusni Promet, and Polet Vinkovci.

Buy The Cheapest Bus Tickets With Flixbus Or At The Bus Station

Get From Rovinj To Pula By Ferry

Your last option, and possibly the most scenic, is to take the ferry. However, there is only one service per week, operating on a Tuesday in both directions. The crossing takes just over 1 hour and is operated by Venezia Lines. You can head to their website for more information on prices or to book your ticket. Alternatively, you can book directly with the port office.


What are the transportation options from Rovinj to Pula and vice versa?

From Rovinj to Pula: Bus, ferry, car rental.
From Pula to Rovinj: Private transfer, rental car, bus, ferry.

Where can I find the bus timetable for traveling between Rovinj and Pula?

Bus timetables are available online, with variations in departure times. Buses typically run 1-3 times per day.

What is the travel time by bus between Rovinj and Pula?

The bus journey takes approximately one hour.

What are the main attractions in Pula?

Pula is famous for its Roman ruins, notably the Pula Arena, and its charming old town streets.

Can I buy bus tickets from Rovinj to Pula, and how?

Yes, tickets can be purchased for € at the Rovinj bus station or online via the bus company’s website.

What are alternative transportation options?

Apart from buses, ferries and rental cars are viable options, though ferries have fewer departures.

What is the cheapest way to take a trip from Rovinj to Pula?

Taking a bus is generally the most economical, with prices ranging from €5 to €6.

Is a day trip feasible between Rovinj and Pula?

Yes, the short distance makes a day trip convenient for exploring Pula’s attractions.

Do buses offer free Wi-Fi and power outlets?

Some buses might offer free Wi-Fi and power outlets, but it’s advised to confirm with the bus company beforehand.

What are some other popular destinations in Istria?

Istria boasts destinations like Verudela and Hvar, known for ocean views and unique experiences.

Is renting a car for the trip between Rovinj and Pula a good option?

Yes, car rentals offer flexibility for exploring the area, with straightforward routes like the E751 road.

What is the most scenic way to travel between Pula and Rovinj?

The ferry route offers the most scenic journey, despite being the longest option at around 1 hour.

How often do buses operate between Pula and Rovinj?

Buses run between the two cities approximately three times each day.

Is driving from Pula to Rovinj easy?

Yes, the route is straightforward, taking about 40 minutes over a travel distance of approx 41km on the E751 road.

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