Croatia Like You’ve Never Seen It Before (Unless You’re A Bird)

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Croatia Like You’ve Never Seen It Before (Unless You’re A Bird)

If you’re a bird, you can close this browser down as you’ve seen these ridiculously stunning photos of Croatia before. For those of us walking on two legs, with a massive bucket list of travel wishes, keep reading.

My newfound discovery here in Croatia is drone photography. It provides you with a view of Croatia that you simply can’t see for yourself, that is, unless, as I said, you’re a bird or you own your own plane.

Before you gaze at Croatia, as you’ve never seen it before, I’d like to thank Siniša from Aerial Croatia, the company behind these photos, for allowing me to share them with you all.


The island of Korcula is one of the greenest islands along the Adriatic, thanks to the vineyards and olive groves. Small beaches and quiet coves form its southern coast. You can get to the island via ferry from Split, Dubrovnik, or Orebic on the Peljesac peninsula.

Aerial shot of Korcula Croatia - Chasing the Donkey


Island Proizd, Near Vela Luka, Korcula

Green and blue have always been 2 of my favorite colors. This is lucky given my new life in Croatia consists of a lot of it.

Aerial shot of Croatia - Chasing the Donkey

Vineyards On The Peljesac Peninsula

Many traditional grape varieties still survive in Croatia, like those grown on Peljesac, which makes delicious Croatian wine exported all over the world.

Aerial shot of vineyeards Croatia - Chasing the Donkey

Aerial shot of Croatia - Chasing the Donkey

Adriatic Sea

Ahhh, the glorious Adriatic. Enough said.

Aerial shot of Croatia - Chasing the Donkey

Biokovo Mountain & Pine Forest

Biokovo is protected as a nature park, and Siniša tells me that when the weather is very clear, it is possible to see Monte Gargano in Italy, 252 km away from the top of the mountain.

Aerial shot of Croatia - Chasing the Donkey

Aerial shot of Croatia - Chasing the Donkey


Known as the ‘pearl of the Adriatic,’ Dubrovnik is famous for a reason, and it, not just her beauty. Take a look at what else you can do while in Dubrovnik and where you can eat & drink like a local.

Aerial shot of Croatia - Chasing the Donkey


A small tourist village, Pakoštane, is just 30 kilometers from the town of Zadar. Set in a beautiful location on the bay with a sandy beach, surrounded by pine forest.

Aerial shot of Croatia - Chasing the Donkey

Islet Stupe

One of the 525 in the Adriatic Sea. Islet Stupe sure it pretty.

Aerial shot of Croatia - Chasing the Donkey


The town has a long history that dates back to 360 BC, when the Illyrians inhabited it.

Aerial shot of Croatia - Chasing the Donkey

Want to see more of Croatia from up high? Follow Aerial Croatia’s extraordinary Instagram account. Plus, you can hire the team to bring your favorite place to life via their website.

Want Ideas For Things To Do In Croatia?



Did you have a favorite photo from this stunning bunch?


Comments (34)

  1. WOW. This is now on my bucket list of places to visit. Beautiful photography too. Looks a wonderful place. Can’t wait to make my arrangements to get there. Love you blog too.

  2. Wow, wow, wow!! I really regret not making time to visit Croatia last year while we were in Eastern Europe now!! Amazing photos. Must get myself there!!

    And thanks for linking up with #wanderlust!! Our next linkup is on the 3rd December, so mark it in your calendar!

  3. SJ, I’ve come across your wonderful blog before planning my dream trip to Croatia, and I adore it! I’ve still yet to visit… but these shots are giving me SERIOUS wanderlust!! xx

    1. So glad you are finding the blog useful – that always makes me smile. Big smiles. If we can help in any other way, just ask.

  4. Wow those pics are just stunning! A few of my friends visited Croatia this year and they all loved it. I can’t wait to go there one day xx

  5. These are such awesome shots! We’ve loved almost everywhere we’ve visited in Croatia.

      1. We just weren’t impressed with Plitvice Lakes. It was disappointing after all the hype we’d heard.

        1. Are you serious, the place is amazing. Did you get lost or something. I’ve never seen such beautiful nature anywhere.

  6. This is just ridiculous. The whole country is a must-see travel destination. If not this year, I will absolutely make it there soon, and I think this post more than others before helped make my ‘things to do in Croatia’ list, just because it is such a great combo of wilderness and civilization and recreation.

    1. Yeah you get everything here. My fave view is the sea on the left and mountains on the right 🙂 So no horseriding then?

  7. Another GOLD medal deserved !
    Not being a bird*), this is the best way to look from above.

    Tried to fly once, simply started on a two meter high roof.
    The flight very short, the landing horrible, six broken ribs made me decide not to try flying again.
    So thanks SJ, great shots !

    1. OUCH Pim that sounds terrible! Dont thank me, thanks the crew at Aerial Croatia, they have loads more shots in their facebook and Instagram pages. Stay safe – and on the ground xx

  8. These photos are absolutely incredible! Your blog keeps making me want to visit Croatia!!!

  9. We absolutely LOVE Croatia! We’ve explored Dubrovnik and Korcula – we’ll have to check out Pakostane next…

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