How To Get From Zagreb To Rovinj (and Rovinj To Zagreb) In 2020

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How To Get From Zagreb To Rovinj (And Rovinj To Zagreb) In 2020

With Zagreb Airport being Croatia’s primary airport many visitors arrive in Zagreb and then need to make their way from Zagreb to Rovinj. Whether you’re traveling from Zagreb Airport to Rovinj or Zagreb to Rovinj there are a number of options available to you for your Zagreb to Rovinj transport.

With so many things to do in Rovinj, this Istrian seaside town has become very popular with tourists and as such, the demand for travel from Zagreb to Rovinj has increased.

The distance between Zagreb and Rovinj is 250km which is about a 3-hour journey by car when taking the most direct route. Following are the modes of transport available to you when you’re traveling from Zagreb to Rovinj.

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Zagreb to Rovinj Drive

The good news here is that the roads between Zagreb and Rovinj are quite good with most of the route being freeway which is a toll road. If arriving at Zagreb Airport and you plan on renting a car in Croatia then Car Rental at Zagreb Airport is advised.

Zagreb Car Rental companies also offer one-way rental which is well worth considering. Driving in Croatia can be a little tricky at times so if you are not a confident driver then perhaps you should consider alternate transport.


Zagreb to Rovinj Transfer

There are two transfer options, let’s explore both transport options in detail.

Private Transfer Rovinj

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The truth is when traveling in a foreign country it’s always nice when someone does the driving for you. No stress, hassles and you can just sit back and relax. So if you don’t want to drive yourself and you want to relax and enjoy the journey, then your best bet is a private transfer from Zagreb to Rovinj.

A private transfer is the most convenient and comfortable way to travel.  The best thing with Private transfers is you dictate the pace, your pick up and drop off locations and the time you depart. You can even select the type of car you would like!


Contact Octopus Transfers Croatia For A Zagreb To Rovinj Transfer Quote.

Taxi Rovinj

A Zagreb Airport to Rovinj Taxi will cost you the same as a private transfer with the major difference being the quality of the car is usually much lower with a taxi, a taxi will not pick you up from arrivals, carry your bags and typically do not offer wifi in their vehicles.

In addition, you always run the gauntlet with some dodgy taxi drivers who mess about with their meters whereas with a private transfer the price is fixed. There is a taxi rank at Zagreb Airport should you choose to take a taxi to Zagreb or Rovinj.

Zagreb to Rovinj Train

There is no direct train from Zagreb Train Station to Rovinj so you need to get off in Fuzine and then bus it from there. By the time you chop and change buses and trains the journey ends up taking about 6 hours making it the least favorable option so we recommend skipping the Rovinj to Zagreb train at all costs.

Rovinj to Zagreb Bus

Travel Croatia Local Tip: Bus Travel

The Zagreb to Rovinj bus and Rovinj-Zagreb bus services are quite limited when compared to bus services going to the Dalmatian coast but are the best budget-friendly option.

Be sure to check out the Zagreb Bus station timetable. Most Zagreb to Rovinj buses will stop in Rijeka so if you are struggling to find a direct route first purchase a bus ticket to Rijeka and then take a bus from Rijeka to Rovinj or Rijeka to Zagreb if you are going to Zagreb.

NOTE: if you are traveling from Zagreb airport, you first have to travel by airport bus to the Zagreb main bus station and then get your bus to Rovinj from there.

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