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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

I penned this after living in Croatia and spending my whole pregnancy on one long babymoon. I recommend this guide for expectant Moms (and Dads) in deciding what to do in Croatia.

The final journey before welcoming your bundle of joy into this world, a babymoon, should be nothing less than memorable. And there could be no better place for it than the captivating landscapes of Croatia. From my own experience, it’s stunning.

Croatia Travel Blog_Take A Blissful Babymoon In Croatia

Featuring unspoiled beaches, attractive towns, and a laid-back Mediterranean ambiance, Croatia brilliantly blends relaxation with exploration for pregnant women. When I was pregnant, and my feet were so swollen, the relaxation opportunities here were bountiful.

Here is a curated guide originating directly from a local mom’s experience—I loved creating this—to ensure a remarkable and, most importantly, safe babymoon in the cultural heart of Europe. These are things I craved during pregnancy: relaxation, good food, and gorgeous scenery, which are abundant here.

What To Expect In Croatia

Walking Croatia holiday - Young woman walking on the defensive wall of Ston town, Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia. Ston was a major fort of the Ragusan Republic

1. Picturesque Scenery

From the sparkling Adriatic Sea to historic towns like Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia boasts a rich tapestry of natural and architectural wonders. A gentle stroll through its cobblestone streets, laced with historic tales, will transport you to a world far removed from the usual hustle and bustle.

2. Delectable Cuisine

The Croatian palate, a fusion of Italian, Hungarian, and Turkish influences, is not just a treat but also offers an array of nutritious options. I recommend relishing fresh seafood, indulging in luscious olive oils, and don’t forget to savor ‘Peka’, a slow-cooked concoction of vegetables and meat or seafood – a hearty meal that’s gentle on a pregnant belly. It was something I personally enjoyed when expecting.

3. Tranquil Retreats

The coastline is dotted with serene beaches, providing ample opportunities to unwind. From the secluded bays of Hvar to the gentle shores of Istria, these peaceful retreats invite you to relish the sun, sea, and sand in a calming embrace.

What To See In Croatia On Your Babymoon


Historic Towns

Explore the old towns of Dubrovnik and Split, which, with their easy terrains and plethora of seated areas, are accommodating for expectant mothers. Their rich histories and splendid architecture are fascinating without necessitating strenuous activity.

Relaxing Beach Days

Let the pebble and sandy beaches of Croatia enchant you with their tranquil aura. With clear waters and easy access, Croatia is a perfect spot for some gentle swimming and relaxation.

Gentle Cruises

Embark on a gentle cruise through Croatia’s magnificent islands. The Elafiti Islands, with their mild climates and splendid scenery, offer a serene escape and are easily navigable for pregnant travelers.

Wellness Retreat

Consider booking a stay in a wellness resort. With spa treatments, prenatal massages, and yoga classes, it’s a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate.

Culinary Excursions

Participate in culinary tours that allow you to explore Croatian flavors without physical exertion. From olive oil tastings to cozy cooking classes, these experiences are delightfully enriching and safe.


Best Dubrovnik Beaches - Uvala Lapad Beach Dubrovnik

  • Beaches: Banje Beach and Lapad Bay, renowned for their breathtaking views and accessible amenities, provide a restful retreat for expectant mothers
  • Activities: Elevate your experience by taking a cable car to Srd Hill and meandering through the historic Stradun, while savoring authentic Croatian gelato

2. Split

Split Or Zadar - Split Croatia at sunrise
Split, Croatia
  • Beaches: With its shallow, gentle waters, Bačvice Beach and the shaded, peaceful Bene Beach cater to moments of serene repose
  • Activities: Explore the architectural marvel of Diocletian’s Palace and stroll through the vibrant Riva Promenade, sipping on refreshing beverages from cozy cafes

3. Rovinj

Old Istrian town in Rovinj, Croatia.

  • Beaches: Mulini Beach and Balota Beach stand out with their ease of access, calming waves, and proximity to refreshment options
  • Activities: Meander through the cobbled lanes of the Old Town and absorb the rich narratives housed within the Rovinj Heritage Museum

4. Hvar

  • Beaches: Palmižana, with its gentle pebbles and Bonj ‘les bains’ with its luxurious aura, invite you to moments of peaceful reflection by the sea
  • Activities: Let the Hvar Town Square charm you with its gentle vibrancy and inhale the soothing aromas of the Lavender Fields

5. Pula

Pula, Istria. Driving Zagreb to Dubrovnik

  • Beaches: Verudela Beach and Stoja Beach are beloved for their crystalline waters and shade-giving pines, perfect for a family day out
  • Activities: Immerse in the city’s history by visiting the Roman Pula Arena and take a relaxing stroll around the Verudela Villa Park

6. Makarska

  • Beaches: Makarska Beach and Nugal Beach stand out for their pristine turquoise water, set against the backdrop of the Biokovo Mountain Range
  • Activities: Take a ride up the Biokovo Nature Park for stunning panoramic views and explore the charming streets of Old Makarska

7. Zadar

Things to do in Zadar - Unidentified people on Zadar sea organs

  • Beaches: Kolovare Beach and Borik Beach are favorites among tourists for their easy accessibility, vibrant atmosphere, and crystalline water
  • Activities: Marvel at the unique sound-and-light play of the Sea Organ and the illuminated installation of the Greeting to the Sun

8. Vir Island

  • Beaches: Duboka Draga and Sapavac are glorious with their clear waters, perfect for family-friendly activities and relaxation
  • Activities: Discover the traditional stone architecture and visit the unique Church of St. John the Baptist for a peek into the local culture

9. Zagreb

Zagreb christmas night scenery

  • Activities: Walkthrough the bustling Dolac marketplace, visit the historic St. Mark’s Church and immerse yourself in art at the Museum of Contemporary Art

10. Korcula Island

  • Beaches: Pupnatska Luka and Przina Beach captivate visitors with their stunning beauty and serene vibes under the Croatian sky
  • Activities: Explore the beautiful streets of Korcula Old Town and taste the local wines in the numerous wineries scattered across the island

11. Sibenik

Expat in Croatia - SJ in Sibenik

  • Beaches: Banj Beach and Beach Rezaliste present mesmerizing views of the Adriatic Sea coupled with easy accessibility and a range of facilities
  • Activities: Visit the imposing St. James’s Cathedral, wander through the vibrant Subicevac Fortress, and enjoy the local gastronomy in the city’s charming restaurants

12. Vodice

  • Beaches: Plava and Hangar Beach are popular locales for their crystal-clear waters, pebbled grounds, and nearby bars and restaurants
  • Activities: Discover the historical heritage of the Church of St. Cross and enjoy the bustling nightlife with the vibrant bars and clubs

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Crafting a Comforting Itinerary

Consider the following aspects to ensure your Croatian adventures are as soothing as they are enchanting, stemming from my personal pregnancy experience:

  • Opt for beaches that provide amenities to ensure comfort and accessibility, especially when your feet are so swollen (mine were huge)
  • Choose city tours that offer transportation, allowing you to explore without exertion. This, I found, made my trip so much easier
  • Prioritize venues and timings that allow you to avoid peak tourist hours and the midday sun

What To Pack:

Best Wheeled Backpack

1. Comfort is Key:

Opt for light, breathable, and loose clothing. A comfortable pair of shoes is essential for those leisurely strolls through Croatia’s scenic locales.

2. Snack Smart:

Pack a variety of nutritious and familiar snacks. Pregnancy can bring unexpected cravings, and it’s always wise to have something reliable on hand.

3. Travel Insurance Documents:

Ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers pregnancy-related incidents, and always keep these documents handy.

4. Medical Essentials:

Don’t forget to pack your prenatal vitamins and any prescribed medications. 

Medical Emergency Information

Roko & SJ - Ephesus Turkiye
My youngest son and I exploring Ephesus

Ensure that you’re aware of the nearest medical facilities wherever you stay. Keep a list of emergency numbers, including the local ambulance service (112 in Croatia), and have a basic understanding of how to navigate the healthcare system.

Discuss your travel plans with your healthcare provider and carry a copy of your medical records for reference in case of an emergency.

The names of the biggest hospitals are:

  • General Hospital Bjelovar
  • County Hospital Čakovec
  • General Hospital Dubrovnik
  • General Hospital Gospić
  • General Hospital Karlovac
  • General Hospital Croatian Pride
  • General Hospital Dr. Tomislav Bardek
  • General County Hospital Našice
  • General Hospital Nova Gradiška
  • General Hospital Ogulin
  • General County Hospital Pakrac
  • General County Hospital Požega
  • General Hospital Pula
  • General Hospital Dr. Ivo Pedišić
  • General Hospital Dr. Josip Benčević
  • General Hospital Šibenik-Knin County
  • General Hospital Varaždin
  • General Hospital Vinkovci
  • General Hospital Virovitica
  • General Hospital Vukovar
  • General Hospital Zabok
  • General Hospital Zadar

FAQs Guide On Traveling While Pregnant


Should I carry copies of my medical records during travel?

Yes, always take copies of your medical records in your bag while traveling.

How important is it to know my blood type?

It’s essential to know your blood type during travel for any medical emergencies that may arise.

What type of shoes should I wear when traveling?

Wear flat and comfortable shoes to prevent discomfort during travel.

How can I alleviate back pain during a flight?

Place a pillow against your lower back to ease the strain during long flights.

How can I prepare for health-related emergencies?

Get a list of hospitals from the tourist board and keep a list of emergency contacts for instant access when required.

What type of seat should I prefer during a flight?

Aim to reserve an aisle seat so you can reach the bathroom and move around the cabin easily. A business class seat with a flatbed could be a great option, if feasible.

How often should I walk during a flight to prevent swelling and discomfort?

It’s recommended to walk every two hours during a flight to combat swelling and discomfort.

What precautions should I take to protect my skin and prevent illness?

Always wear a high-factor sunscreen and stick to bottled water to protect your skin and prevent any waterborne diseases.

What should I drink to keep hydrated during a flight? Should I avoid certain drinks?

To keep hydrated, you should drink plenty of water – at least one liter for every two hours in flight. It’s best to avoid coffee and tea as they can be dehydrating.

What activities should I avoid during travel?

Avoid high-risk activities like diving and skiing. Also, avoid places with altitudes higher than 8,500 ft (about 2,500 meters) to prevent altitude sickness.

What should expectant mothers do about mosquitos?

Expectant mothers, being more susceptible to diseases carried by mosquitos, should take extra precautions to avoid mosquitos.

Should I avoid certain countries during my pregnancy?

Yes, it’s wise to avoid countries with health concerns as you won’t be able to take malaria medication or have all vaccinations. Always consult your doctor before booking your trip.

Where should I place my seatbelt while on a flight?

Keep your seatbelt low around your hips, not around your abdomen, for safety and comfort.

Wrap-Up On Considering A Croatia Babymoon

Croatia offers an ideal mix. This country is not just a destination; it’s an experience. You’ll encounter friendly locals, taste amazing food, and soak up serene landscapes. An opportunity to unwind and connect with your other half before your new arrival.

The balance Croatia offers between safety, adventure, relaxation, and discovery is hard to beat—it’s a memory-making machine that awaits you. I loved this about my own journey. From personal experience, it provides a unique container for the excitement of expectancy and the peace of the present. Invoke the calmness Croatia brings to cherish these moments before diving into parenthood. It delights both expectant moms and partners alike.

So, why not Croatia? By choosing Croatia, you’re opting for an unforgettable selection of experiences before the baby arrives, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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