Boskinac Hotel: Paradise & Luxury

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Boskinac Hotel: Paradise & Luxury

When you hear, luxury hotel, it typically means five-star accommodation with five star prices that go with it, however if you’re after something special without the huge five-star price tag, prefer a more boutique hotel experience, and want to be located in one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia, then you need to be looking in the direction of the Boskinac Hotel.

Boskinac Hotel | Croatia Travel Blog
Boskinac Hotel Entrance

Not your ordinary hotel, the Boskinac Hotel is actually a hotel, restaurant, and winery – yes, winery! Located in one of the most picturesque settings you will find, on the beautiful Island of Pag, Boskinac offers opulence, relaxation, and sophistication.

At the risk of sounding like a walking advert, this is the actual truth – If you are looking for gastronomy, wine, scenery, and relaxation, then you won’t be disappointed. I know we weren’t on our second trip back there.

The hotel offers eight rooms and three suites, which means you’re never going to find yourself in the middle of a busy and bustling reception area. Each room is classically decorated, with handmade furniture, using ethically sourced materials. There is an office space within each room, a mini bar, sofa, safe, TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a large bathroom containing two sinks, a hair dryer, and a tub. If you go for a suite, you can expect even greater and more sophisticated surroundings.

The hotel is surrounded by a scented forest, adjacent vineyard, and olive grove. Regarding gastronomy, the Boskinac restaurant is impressive with some cutting edge Croatian cuisine, accompanied by their outstanding wines.

The Restaurant

Mrs. CtD and I are somewhat obsessed with food and wine. So when a second opportunity to dine at Boskinac arose, we were excited to go and try some of that excellent cuisine everyone has been raving about – especially after our first visit when everything wasn’t as wow has we had hoped.

Hotel Boskinac Restaurant

We arrived and were met by a fantastic waiter named Zlatko, who was warm, friendly and very attentive. He took us through the menu, which by the way is very innovative and exciting. Here’s what we had:

Amuse Bouche – Smoked octopus and red mullet with frozen olive oil.

Wine – Tomac Sparkling.

Amuse Bouche | Croatia Travel Blog
Amuse Bouche – Boskinac Hotel

This little snack was absolutely sensational. We both loved this, and the octopus was tender and had a hint of smoke. When you go to Boskinac, you must try this.

Starter – Cuttlefish sous vide, on cuttlefish crisps with Lun olive oil & hake on a blini with dried octopus, leek and a shrimp sauce.

Wine – Boskinac Gegić

Cuttelfish Sous Vide - Boskinac Hotel | Croatia Travel Blog
Cuttlefish Sous Vide – Boskinac Hotel

The cuttlefish was melt in your mouth tender and just right while the hake was delightful with the shrimp sauce really lifting the dish. Be sure to try the Gegić wine at Boškinac. It’s a grape variety unique to Pag and has a minerality about it which is interesting in that Pag is known for being rocky.

Main – Croatian dry aged rib eye steak and the best of Pag lamb 3-ways.

Wine – Boškinac 2012

Pag Lamb | Croatia Travel Blog
Pag Lamb – Boskinac Hotel

You can’t go to Pag without trying some Pag lamb and with this dish, you are getting the lamb presented at its best. Many people ask why the lamb is so good from Pag, and it’s because there are over 700 wild herbs on the island which the lambs feed on making their meat extra tasty.  Getting a good steak in Croatia is difficult, so when I saw the steak was on the menu, I had to give it a go and the steak delivered everything I hoped for.

The Boškinac 2012 is a superb wine made from a blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot and a definite must try (and buy) wine.

Dessert – Crema frutta & chocolate ganache and ice cream

Dessert at Boskinac Hotel | Croatia Travel Blog
Dessert – Boskinac Hotel

Despite being completely stuffed, we managed to save just enough room for dessert. All I can say is yum, yum and yum.

Boskinac Hotel - Night - Chasing the Donkey Croatia Travel Blog

The Konoba

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and traditional setting, then try the Boškinac Konoba. The konoba is a celebration of traditional Dalmatian food prepared using the cooking methods which have been used for generations. The konoba has a large outdoor area which is ideal for groups, and they cook using the classic Dalmatian cooking technique, under the bell (ispod peke) which is something we always tell people not to miss when visiting Dalmatia. The Konoba is open all summer however it is best to make a reservation as its very popular.

The Winery

The Boškinac vineyard was planted in 2000, and the family are 4th generation wine makers. They currently produce seven wines and have a cellaring capacity of 50,000 liters. The cellar itself is beautifully presented and worth a visit to try some of the incredible wines they produce.

These include Gegić, Boškinac White, Ocu, Rose, Boškinčić, Boškinac and their dessert wine. If you do plan on visiting for a wine tasting make sure you call in advance and make a reservation so that someone can be there to spend time with you to give you the full wine tasting experience.

Boskinac Hotel Cellar | Croatia Travel Blog
Boskinac Cellar – Boskinac Hotel

Our Verdict

Big tick. Now we get what everyone is always banging on about! We are just sorry we left it so long between visits to see how magical the place is. On the Boskinac property, there is also a fabulous children’s play area, so in between courses, the kids can run about and burn off energy, not to mention, Pag Island is full of great family friendly activities to make a stay on the island great for families. Our Little Donkey sure loved it. Boskinac we’ll be back!

How to Get to Boskinac

EasyFrom Zadar you simply take the bus or drive a car via the Pag Bridge – keep your camera handy as you cross the bridge. The road is signposted clearly to Pag itself, taking the road to Novalja, then onto Stara Novalja.

If you land in Zagreb then taking the bus or car over to Pag Island is around 250km away, using the A1 motorway, making your drive speedy and comfortable.

Book Your Stay

Check here for the best rates and deals for staying at Hotel Boskinac.

The Boskinac Hotel gives you the best of not just two worlds, but three.  There is the glamor of a vineyard surrounding, a small and boutique-style hotel, and the opulence of a gastronomically delightful restaurant. What could be better?

Looking for a tranquil and unique location for your destination wedding? Boskinac Hotel is ideal!

We want you to know: Our stay at the Hotel and lunch was provided without charge. As always all thoughts and opinions are given honestly and without bias. The hotel link is an affiliate link, which means if you click it and make a booking at no extra charge to you we will be paid a commission. All commissions go towards travel and running costs to keep this blog free.


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