Food And Wine Not To Be Missed In Croatia

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Food And Wine Not To Be Missed In Croatia

We often get asked by people planning a trip to Croatia: what are the must-try Croatian foods? What wine shall we drink? Are there any foodie regions not to be missed?

We always think that it’s a great thing to discover before you travel to a new country. Many of our blog readers also ask us about Croatian recipes, so we have those here, including the popular and delicious Dalmatian poljicki soparnik and sweet palacinke crepes, if you’re keen to start cooking Croatian food.

But, if you just want to know what to eat and drink – check this out, and don’t miss our language guide to ordering food in Croatian so you can try these foods for yourself!

Click here to download or print the infographic.

Food and Wine Not to be Missed in Croatia | Croatia Travel Blog


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  1. Croatian foods are really delicious. Knowing they have already wines really excite us. We are looking forward to try the Croatian wines.

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