Agritourism Croatia: Grapes, Olives & More

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Written by our local expert Jela Kovačević

Jela is a Croatian-born; Canadian raised travel expert. With her wedding planning business, she is always on the lookout for the most luxurious spots to enjoy.

Croatia is famous as a summer hotspot. However, this country has more to offer than just the Adriatic Sea. Why not come and enjoy agritourism Croatia style?

A Guide to Agritourism Croatia:| Travel Croatia Blog

Summer drew to a close, and the weather has become more and more unpredictable. Have you heard about the Bura!? No more spending your days laying on Croatia’s most stunning beaches or strolling the city streets in the evening looking for a new “fešta.”  

Croatia is most famous for its Adriatic coast, high temperatures, warm waters, and lots of sunshine. However, this beautiful country has so much more to offer tourists than just the sun and the sea.

Motovun - Share Istria - 2

Many visitors want to know what other parts of Croatia look like. They crave something in addition to those beautiful beaches, stunning architecture, rich history, and delicious food. Many holidaymakers want to know what life is like in the small Croatian villages.

If this is something that you are curious about, too, agritourism is the perfect way to experience real rural Croatia.  

What Is Agritourism?

Croatian Wine Regions - Benvenuti winery

Agrotourism is quite developed in Croatia, particularly in the Dalmatian hinterlands and inner regions, away from the sea and developed coasts. Here, many Croatian families that live in rural areas run touristic attractions on their farms and agricultural lands to show visiting tourists the other charms Croatia has to offer. 

People visiting these establishments often participate in activities such as harvesting. For example, picking olives, grapes, and truffles during the fall months. The other reason is to try local food, taste extra virgin olive oil, and understand wine preparation. Afterward, they can taste the fruits of their labor.  

The hosts are amicable and make guests feel like they are at home. They involve their guests in daily activities and teach them exciting things, such as riding a horse or driving a carriage, milking a cow, feeding the chickens, harvesting a vineyard or olive trees, and much more.

Agritourism villages are famous for their authenticity, homemade products, and foods and are surrounded by many hectares of agricultural fields in unspoiled nature.


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Is Agritourism For You?

This form of tourism has become very popular among families with children, mature travelers, people traveling in groups – particularly corporations, as these kinds of destinations are perfect for team-building activities.  

Agritourism destinations provide visitors with authentic activities, many of them requiring team efforts. It offers visitors an insight into how Croatian people live in small villages away from the popular sun and sea.

Families with small children especially enjoy these establishments. They offer activities for the kiddies, such as slides, swings, soccer fields, petting farm animals, and lots of space to just run around free.

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Our Baby Donkey Vladimir

Sleep And Eat!

Agritourism establishments often offer accommodation, too. So, visitors traveling in groups and participating in harvesting activities can sleep on the grounds and enjoy being in serene nature.  

The restaurants at these establishments serve fresh, traditional Croatian specialties. Besides being absolutely delicious, the portions are pretty generous as well. Rest assured that everything you see on the menu is homemade. It is highly recommended that you order meat and potatoes cooked under the peka, which is a large metal or ceramic bell, which covers food in an open fire oven, and takes a few hours to cook.  

RaftTrek Peka Octopus

If you and your family want a fun holiday away from the busy city life, definitely visit one of these agritourism establishments in Croatia.  Fall is the perfect time of the year to experience this unique type of holiday. Perhaps you might even go glamping while you are at it?

Where To Find Agritourism In Croatia





  • Agrotourism Katičić: located in a small town of Smokovljani, near Dubrovnik
  • Agrotourism Brautović: located in Čilipi, near the Dubrovnik International Airport
  • Agrotourism Konavle: located in Konavle, on the Dubrovnik Riviera
  • Agrotourism Laptalo: located in Gromača, north of the Dubrovnik Old Town
  • Podrum Šarić: situated on the island of Lastovo
  • Sv. Vicenca: located on the island of Lastovo

Istria Region

Continental Croatia

Ready to experience the harvest for yourself? Let us know how it goes!

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  1. I’m afraid if we went and did this we’d never return home… we stumbled upon Agrotouristik Pharos on the Stari Grad Plain summer ’15 and had the most amazing afternoon, and of course my boys were in love with the farm animals…

  2. OMG! That photo brought some lovely memories back! Moj did Luka je isto grozdje ima prid ulaznim vratima.
    Predivni praznici i vikendi na selu. Veselo djetinjstvo na malom seoskom imanju kod bake i dida.

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