Make The Most Of Your Travel Memories

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Make The Most Of Your Travel Memories

The one thing everyone wants to do at the end of their vacation is to remember it.  However, hunting around souvenir shops can get boring and expensive, and you could be spending that time and money doing one-of-a-kind activities in the place you’re traveling to.  Starting new collections or abandoning old ones can be tricky. However, there are plenty of creative solutions you can try out to make sure your travel memories not only last but also look fantastic anywhere.  


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Because of their removability, magnets still make an excellent souvenir.  Magnets can be easily found at any tourist store, so try upping the ante on your magnetic souvenir or gift.

Customize magnets online with your own favorite travel photos.  Include the dates of your trip on your magnets for an extra personalized gift or momento.  Magnet are a smart souvenir because you decorate appliances, steel furnishings, and even automobiles or motorbikes with them – and when it’s time to take them off they won’t damage your stuff!

Photo Stickers

Collecting stickers on your journey is a clever way to add a personal touch to your everyday accessories.  However, if you’re the kind of person who’s snapping constantly on holiday, custom photo stickers might be the souvenir for you.  With making stickers online from your photos, you not only get to decide what your sticker looks like but also its size and shape.  Making your laptops, journals, phone cases, or travel accessories totally personalized and full of your favorite travel


Patches make for memorable souvenirs because you often find patches of flags or crests in most souvenir stores.  Additionally, great photos or art pieces you may have collected make great patches too. Creating custom patches online lets you customize the size and shape of the patch based on your favorite photos or images.  Collect a patch from everywhere you go and attach them to your favorite travel tote or bag. That way you not only get a stand-out custom accessory full of travel memories, you’ll also spend less time hunting for your travel gear.

Send Yourself Postcards

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Postcards also aren’t a new souvenir, but the next time you travel somewhere think of sending a postcard to yourself.  If you came across some architecture you’ve never seen before, or found inspiration in a famous painting or landscape find a postcard of it and send it to yourself.  Include interesting things you’ve learned or seen or funny things that may have happened to you that day. That way when you return home you’ll be able to relive some fun memories and have totally unique mementos.


Collecting holiday ornaments from your travels is a fun way to decorate your space and preserve some fun travel memories. add seasonal decor to your home.  Even if it’s not for any specific holiday, scouring local markets for handmade ornaments is a wonderful way to include unique decor at home and support local artists.  



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