Keep Your Distance Exploring Trogir, Sinj & Primošten With Tanja

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Keep Your Distance Exploring Trogir, Sinj & Primošten With Tanja

So far we have shared with you several great tour guides in Croatia. Ivica in Split, and Šime in Zadar – both are great ways to understand Croatia, and also get to know the back routes to avoid the crowds

Now, let’s meet Tanja, she is the owner of a small tourist agency called Bionda Travel. Her agency specializes in tours that present the best of Dalmatia and all her itineraries are tailor-made – PLUS,  she works as a guide for the whole region of Dalmatia. Guiding tours in both German and English.

Tanja is originally from Trogir, so, she knows many stories about the area and the people who live there. Trogir is not far from Split and is a great place to explore, and Tanja also has several other tours in Sinj, the Dalmatian Hinterland as well as Primošten.

Croatia Travel Blog_Keep Your Distance Exploring Trogir, Sinj & Primošten With Tanja

Tours With Tanja

Here are just three of Tanja’s tours, but remember she plans tours from scratch so do contact her to arrange the perfect tour for you if these don’t suit.

Trogir – Private Walking Tour

biondatravel_Tanja_Trogir 4

Trogir is a small and well preserved Romanesque-Gothic town just 30 minutes away from Split. A private tour through the town will explain to you the rich history beyond walls, streets, palaces, churches. Trogir, often called an open-air museum, has been under UNESCO since 1997.

The best way to present the town is by walking through the hidden streets that are like a labyrinth, but you always find your way out. Listening to so many stories makes you hungry, so it’s the perfect time to taste Rafioli – traditional cookies filled with almonds and other secret ingredients. One story you’ll hear is about Kairos – the god of the happy moment!

Sinj And The Dalmatian Hinterland

biondatravel_Tanja_Sinj 2

This tour invites you to the countryside. Not far from the coast, surrounded by the mountain peaks and the Cetina River you can reach the town Sinj. Walking through the streets of Sinj you can hear many stories about very turbulent history, in which Sinj was also under Ottomans rule.

The most significant battle was in 1715 when the Ottomans were defeated by the local people. In commemoration of this victory, there is a knightly tournament in Sinj celebrated every year in August, called Sinjska Alka.

During the contest, knights, known as Alkars ride horses at full gallop along the main street, the aim is to hit the center of the ring with a spear. We will visit the Alka museum. You will be able to see and learn the story of Alka with uniforms, equipment, and weapons used by the Alkars of Sinj.


The next stop is at the Kamičak fort, the symbol of Sinj used to serve as a watchtower over the town. Traditional dishes will be presented. In Sinj we have Sinjski Arambašići which reminds us of the influence of the Turks in this region. They are small rolls of leaves of pickled or fresh cabbage filled with a mixture of young beef and pork.

Primošten – The Story Of Fisherman And Farmers


One of the loveliest towns from Šibenik to Split along the coastline is Primošten. The old town of Primošten is situated in the peninsula with three sides surrounded by the sea and walls that are keeping the charm of a typical Mediterranean town.

Walking through the narrow streets we will get to the top of the hill where you have a beautiful view. It is not a big town, but looking at the houses you can see how a small village was changing through centuries.

The tour is continuing along the countryside which is rich in the olive groves and vineyards. Close to the old town is a very famous vineyard called Bucavac. It is a rocky, inaccessible terrain where it is not easy to grow grapes, but the effort of the people has transformed the land, by clearing it in a traditional way.

biondatravel_Tanja_Sinj 1

The half-day tour shows the coast and countryside, the story of fishermen and farmers. You will taste some dalmatian ham, olive oil, and the famous wine Babić.

Any of these sound fun? If so make contact now, as she is looking forward to telling you all the stories and sharing the experience with you in her homeland.

I spoke with Tanja to ask learn more about her and Bionda Travel

How Do You Feel About Travel And Tourism Given The Current Situation?

biondatravel_Tanja_Trogir 3

In this period, the beginning of June, there have been no new cases of coronavirus for a few days and the total active cases are under 25 persons. So the situation for Croatia is very good, but we still need to take care.

People will start traveling when they feel secure and the beginning of “new traveling“ will be exploring the neighborhood that they can reach by car. Tourism will be different than it was before, but I am hoping that this situation will not last so long. For me tourism is curiosity, exploring something new and interaction between the people and I am sure when the virus is gone that people will travel even more.

How Will Your Business Adapt To New Measures, Social-Distancing, Safety?

biondatravel_Tanja_Trogir 2
In my agency, I work a lot with bigger groups, so in the next period, the group number will be smaller. I think that there will be more private tours when a family or friends take a guide for a city tour.

Also during the guidings, I will need to hold the distance between the guests and when we organize some activity it will be important to arrange the safety also with all our partners like restaurants and transfers, etc.

Most of the time during the tour we are outdoors and this makes it easier to keep a distance. It will be difficult for the guide to wear a mask during the tour because we are talking with our facial expressions and we need our smile to show our enthusiasm!


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