5 Croatian Cities Indians Should Visit

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5 Croatian Cities Indians Should Visit

I’m Chaitanya and I am Indian who blogs about my travel experiences on Traveling Curiously It’s awesome reading Chasing the Donkey and it has given me inspiration to actually visit Croatia. When you hear that Shah Rukh Khan shooting his new film in Croatia, you better be in the know about where this quaint little European country is.

King Khan plans to shoot a high-octane thriller for his global audience in the lesser known part of Europe for a refreshing change of scenery in our every Bollywood movies. Needless to say, Croatia has some of the most stunning landscapes and harbours you would ever see in your life. Pleasant climate and clear turquoise waters of this country are like stills from a fairytale.

Rich in natural beauty, culture and cuisine, Croatia is the next big travel destination for the global Indians. The Republic of Croatia came into existence as recently as 1991! Over the millenniums, the country has witnessed many wars and power struggles. It has survived many changes through the centuries to emerge as a European Union country with very high Human Development Index. The rich history and culture draws in a lot of tourism revenue while the economy grows owing to the service and agriculture industries.

5 Must Visit Places

1. Pula

If dinosaur footprints and Neolithic remains excite you, this city is the perfect starting point. Pula has a very rich history which is preserved well. Visiting the European counterparts of the Harappan civilisation would be a great thrill. Needless to say, there is a possibility of discovering some interesting Indo-European connections in the language and culture.

2. Zagreb

Dream of relaxing in a European city that has an old world charm and yet has all the modern services? Zagreb is your answer. Zagreb is essentially your gateway Croatia. This is a vibrant city with some stunning architecture and avenues. Plus the flat city makes it great for a family vacation.

St Marks Zagreb - Chasing the Donkey #Croatia
St Marks in Zagreb

3. Zadar

Wonder where your adorable Dalmatian dogs come from? Welcome to Zadar, one of the major cities in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. This city has some innovative architecture and is an interesting gateway to Dalmatia culture, which, of course, is different from other parts of Croatia.

4. Split

This small city really gives you a grassroots level insight into the culture of Dalmatia and Croatia. Diocletian’s palace in Split has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is also home to one the country’s biggest ship building yards! Chances are many of India’s future vessels may come from these very yards!

Facts about Croatia - Zadar greeting to the sun - Chasing the DOnkey Croatio
Zadar’s greeting to the sun – Photo Credit Leonard

5. Dubrovnik

You can’t call yourself a global Indian if you haven’t been to Dubrovnik and thus is features high on my travel bucket list! It’s the destination that gives you bragging rights! Dubrovnik has a thriving maritime trade and the ancient city walls have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sights this little town offers are truly stunning and make for a perfect family photo backdrop.

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Have you ever been to any of these places? What other places would Indians love?


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  1. Bollywood comes to Croatia? That’s a combination I’d like to see. When’s the projected release date?

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