Athens Travel Advice, Including Things To Do In Athens

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Here is all the Athens travel advice that you need. We’ve got a list of things to do in Athens, as well as top Athens sites and tips for traveling with kids.

Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Athens_Best Things To Do In Athens

Are you planning a trip to the capital of Greece? This guide is the handiest resource you can find to plan every detail and get ready to enjoy one of the most vibrant European capitals.

Here, you’ll find everything you need, from where to go to where to stay and – most importantly – all the incredible things you can do in this millennial, fascinating city!

Where Is Athens

Athens, the capital of Greece, is located in the southern area of the Attica region, close to the Aegean Sea. The international airport is only 35 km from the city center, and it can take 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach town, depending on the traffic and the preferred means of transport.

Since Athens has a lot of traffic any time of the day, getting to town by metro can be more time-efficient while getting to the center by bus is more convenient as far as fees are concerned.

Athens’s main port, Piraeus, is about 30 minutes from the city center. It’s from Piraeus that most ferries for the Greek Islands depart from. Other ports in Athens are Lavrio and Rafina, also featuring routes to some of Greece’s most popular islands.

Where To Stay In Athens

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay in Crete_Galaxy Hotel Iraklio
Galaxy Hotel Iraklio

We have written this super complete guide to the best areas to stay in Athens – complete with a list of cities in Athens and why you should stay there (or not!)

However, if you’re looking for some quick ideas, then read on for some top recommendations.

There are different neighborhoods to stay in Athens, depending on which Athens attractions you’re keen to see. However, since the city is well-served by public transport, it doesn’t matter if you’re staying in a very central position.

Plaka is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Athens for sightseeing, walking tours, and historical landmarks. This old district is just steps from the Acropolis and some of Athens’s most important ancient sites.

Also, staying in Plaka is excellent if you enjoy shopping and food. There are several souvenir shops, endless traditional tavernas, restaurants, beautiful cafes, and places to go for a cocktail or beer.

Another great area to stay in, in Athens, is Monastiraki. Close to virtually everything, Monastiraki Square is where you’ll be reaching to sample the best gyros in town, so don’t miss Monastiraki if you’re a foodie at heart and want to sip the best Greek coffee in the city. 

For a more refined experience, choose the areas of Koukaki or Kolonaki. Both places are within walking distance of Athens’s most important museums, and both neighborhoods also preserve an elegant and quiet atmosphere.

What To Do In Athens At Night

If you’re up for a more modern vibe, choose Psirri or Thisseio’s colorful areas. These two vibrant areas of Athens feature hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and music bars open until late at night.

How To Get To Athens

Plane travel is logically the fastest and most convenient way to get to Athens from Europe, the US, Canada, or Australia.

Those traveling to Athens from other European capitals can take advantage of different low-cost companies offering convenient tickets to Athens all year round.

How To Move Around In Athens To 

Avoid renting a car when visiting the city is always a good idea since traffic can be chaotic. Besides, the city enjoys an excellent public transport system.

Buses can take you virtually everywhere, plus the metro is fast, cheap, and super-efficient to move around in town, so you can visit almost every corner of Athens by buying a daily metro pass.

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How Long To Stay In Athens

There are many things to see and do in Athens, especially in winter when other parts of Greece close up, so time seems to fly when you visit. It’s not advisable to spend less than two days in town if you really want to see the most important landmarks, archaeological sites, and museums.

A stay ranging from 3 to 5 days is perfect for getting a good insight into the city, joining a few walking tours, or even visiting places that are a bit off the radar, such as Cape Sounion, in the southern coastal area.

Anything from one week to 10 days in Athens will allow you to take a day trip to the beautiful Saronic Islands near the coast of Athens, such as Aegina or Hydra.

Where To Eat In Athens

Magiritsa - Greek lamb soup

Greek food is a vital part of the Athenian travel experience that you don’t want to miss. There are hundreds of places of interest in Athens for foodies. Almost any area you choose to visit will have a mix of budget and high-end food choices.

  • For traditional tavernas, the best places are located in Plaka and close to the Acropolis Museum in Koukaki.
  • For the best gyros in town, head to Monastiraki, while homemade dishes can be tasted in the Agia Eirini Square area.
  • More trendy places to eat and have drinks can be found in Thisseio and Kolonaki.

Athens Landmarks

A top list of Athens sights would never be complete without this list of landmarks in Athens:


It goes without saying that one of the best places to visit in Athens – at least one of the most famous places in Athens – is the Acropolis, which has overlooked and guarded the city for more than 2,500 years.

The Acropolis rock, which can be easily seen from any area in town, is one of the top places you should not miss visiting.

The most important monument to visit up in the Acropolis is the Parthenon, a temple built in the fifth century BC and which is dedicated to Athena Parthenos, the Greek goddess of wisdom and namesake of the city.

Acropolis Museum

One of the most stunning places you can visit in the capital is the Acropolis Museum, which houses unique treasures found in the Acropolis.

The museum exhibits objects from the fifth century BC to the fifth century AD, including archaic sculptures and statues.

The main feature is the impressive glass floor that reveals the rest of an ancient Athenian neighborhood below found during the construction.

Panathenaic Stadium

The construction dates back to the fourth century BC, and it’s the place where the Ancient Greeks would show demonstrations of strength and courage in athletic competitions.

The impressive stadium is entirely made from white marble, and a guided visit is a perfect idea to visit the vaulted passages under the building.

Museum of Cycladic Art

Another outstanding museum you should discover in Athens is the Museum of Cycladic Art, featuring over 3,000 artifacts and pieces of art coming from the Cyclades and Cyprus.

Here, you’ll be able to look at those mysterious marble figurines found all over the Cycladic area in the Aegean Sea.

National Archaeological Museum

This is one of the most important museums in the whole country, exhibiting the world’s most extensive collection of Greek antiquities, including sculptures, art, jewelry, and pottery, thematically grouped in different sections from prehistoric times to the Classical era.

It’s a massive place to visit, so the best bet is to join a guided tour to learn more when you visit.

What To See In Athens

These Athens sites are no doubt a must-see; add them to your best places to see in Athens list:

Witness the Change of the Guard in Syntagma Square

Greece With KIds - What to do in Greece with kids - Athens - Changing of the guard

This is probably the most traditional thing to do in Athens. There are daily changes of the guard taking place at the Parliament building, but the most impressive one certainly occurs every Sunday.

The evzones are highly trained soldiers dressed in traditional Greek uniforms.

Wander The Streets Of Plaka

Where To Stay In Athens - Hotels In Athens - Plaka

The neighborhood of Plaka sits right under the Acropolis, and it’s mostly a pedestrian area where there’re lots of shops, restaurants, and cafés to visit.

Here, you’ll find unique souvenirs and amazing places to visit in Athens. One of them is Bretto’s, one of the oldest distilleries in Europe, where it’s possible to taste a huge range of ouzo and other traditional liquors from the islands.

Discover Anafiotika

It is located in the upper area of Plaka, just under the Acropolis. Anafiotika is a beautiful neighborhood made by builders from the Aegean island of Anafi. It is not often listed as one of Athens’s top attractions, but it should be. The area features whitewashed houses, colorful alleys, and shady trees, which makes it perfect for a walk on a hot afternoon. There are no cars, and leaving the rest of Athens’s craziness behind is ideal.

Go Shopping at the Municipal Market

Traditional and full of colorful images, the smells and the experience of a visit to Athens’ Central Market are things you shouldn’t miss when in Athens.

Even when not buying anything, the place gives a unique opportunity to explore and marvel at the local everyday life and traditions that are part of the city.

Discover Athens’ Street Art With A Tour

Athens has recently flourished as a European capital where street art can range from the most basic and colorful graffiti to modern pieces of stunning beauty.

There are different areas where street art will surprise you, but you’ll discover more hidden gems that only locals know when visiting with a street art guided tour.

Find The Best Athens Sunset Spot

Things To Do In Athens _ Athens Guide - Lycabettus hill in Athens
View Of Lycabettus Hill From Anafiotika

Lycabettus Hill is a favorite place in Athens where locals meet to witness the sun setting over the city.

From here, it’s possible to admire the stunning views of the city and see the silhouette of the Acropolis in the distance overlooking the Greek capital.

Top Things To Do In Athens With Kids

The following Athens tourist attractions are ideal for families and people traveling to Athens with kids:

Hellenic Children’s Museum

Fantastic for kids of all ages, this small interactive museum helps kids learn about the world creatively.

Different sections teach kids creative techniques and everything about the world of adults!

Eat Cake At The Little Kook

This quirky tea house and café in the heart of Psirri is a fabulous place to visit in Athens with children. Kids adore the unique holiday decorations both on the inside and the outside that add a huge touch of color and animation to the street of Psirri.

Kids and adults will love the fancy dresses worn by the servers and the delicious desserts and cakes you can try when you visit.

Take An Acropolis Family Guided Tour

Greece With KIds - What to do in Greece with kids - Athens - Parthenon, Akropolis

Kids love myths and legends from Ancient Greece, so it’s no surprise that special tours designed with little ones in mind are among the favorite things to do in Athens with children.

When visiting with a guide that tells the fascinating stories of warriors, gods, and heroes, kids remain fascinated and attentive and enjoy Athens uniquely and uniquely. Parents love these tours, too!

Check The Museum Of Ancient Greek Technology

This is another place kids love to visit as it allows them to see, touch, and even make old inventions work with their hands.

The museum features several guided and educational activities, and it can be found in the Kolonaki neighborhood.

There is much more stuff to do in Athens for families; stay tuned for our top sites in Athens for a children’s guide coming soon. 

Shopping In Athen

What kind of Athens travel advice post would not include a place to shop? You can bring home great memories from your Athens trip. Typical souvenirs such as postcards, magnets, and sculptures can be found almost everywhere in town.

However, if you’re not confident about what different and unique things to buy in Athens as a trip memento, these are some of the ideas that you could consider.

Handmade jewelry from Greece is of good quality. You can find original pieces inspired by ancient Greek designs.

Reproduction of ancient figures and sculptures are also a popular gift you can buy in Athens; some of them are well-made. You can also find ceramic vases or iron helmets that kids adore!

Food products you can get home from Athens include extra virgin olive oil, honey, spices, and liquors.

If you’re not a souvenir type, choose areas such as Kolonaki or Ermou for trendy shops and some fashion retail therapy; some shops are exclusive and sell upscale items.

For those into used antiques and other oddities, then the area to visit is Monastiraki, with unique flea markets and shops selling clothes, second-hand books, and special decorative items.

To get a distinctive flavor of real Athens, visit the central market. From here, you can get all types of foods like cured meat, herbs, spices, and much more!

Great Day Trips From Athens


Things to do in Hydra Greece - Fishing boats in Hydra Island

Athens is located right by the sea, and there are several small islands you can visit by taking a ferry early in the morning at the Port of Piraeus; one is Hydra.

One of the most traditional islands in Greece, Hydra, is just an hour away from Athens, and it can be easily visited in a day.

This tiny island preserves a unique atmosphere since cars are not allowed anywhere on the island.

The island features beautiful beaches, lovely alleys, monasteries, and stunning houses you want to visit in a few hours.

Aegina and Poros

Aegina Greece Guide - Perdika Waterfront
Perdika, Aegina Island

Another island you can also visit after a short ride from Piraeus is Aegina, better-known for the large-scale production of pistachios, among the best you’ll ever try! Besides,

Aegina also hosts the Temple of Aphaia, the best-preserved Classical temple in Greece.

You can visit Aegina during your day or add the islands of Poros and Hydra to discover the three of them, taking a one-day cruise from Piraeus.

Now you’re all set to enjoy Athens, thanks to this list of must-dos in Athens, Greece.


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