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If you’re thinking about visiting Montenegro with kids in tow – you’ll need this Montenegro family holiday guide.

Montenegro Travel Blog_Things to do in Montenegro with Kids

If you’re thinking about visiting Montenegro with kids in tow – the good news is that there is plenty to keep even the most fidgety of little ones occupied!

Traveling with kids can sometimes be challenging, but it all comes down to planning. If you do your research before you head to a destination, plan your accommodation, and know the things that will keep your little ones occupied, you can be sure of a quiet and enjoyable time rather than a stressful time.

Facts About Montenegro - Sunset

As far as Montenegro family fun is concerned, it’s about getting out there and exploring the landscapes, enjoying nature at its best, and having plenty of space to run free. Many Montenegro resorts will offer you fantastic beach breaks, such as Kotor, to name just one.

You might be wondering if Montenegro is safe, and the answer is yes. We’re going to cover safety in a little more detail shortly to alleviate your worries. First things first, however, let’s give you the low down on this beautiful country!

Montenegro is located in the Balkans and is home to stunning Adriatic beaches, huge mountain ranges, and villages dating back to medieval times.

We mentioned Kotor’s beaches already, and these are most notable because Kotor looks a little like a fjord, which gives it a really quaint kind of charm.

Balkan Flags_Montenegro 2

Durmitor National Park is a must-visit, too, for a real wilderness-style break. With various types of wildlife, including wolves and giant bears, this park is also close to where you will find the Tara River Canyon, which measures 1300 meters in depth.

Of course, it’s not all about nature, as the capital city of Podgorica is home to an old versus new feel, with modern attractions and history at every turn. While Montenegro might not be the first place you think of when it comes to family holiday destinations, you’ll understand why it is becoming slowly more popular when you visit Montenegro.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Montenegro?

Budva, Montenegro Travel Blog

It really depends on where you’re planning on going, in terms of when the best time to visit is. If you’re looking for a Montenegro family holiday, which is mainly based around the beach, the summer months will be the best time.

Between May and mid-October, you can expect high temperatures and very little chance of rain; however, it may rain more in October and towards the beginning of May.

During July and August, there is literally zero chance of rain!

If you’re not a fan of high temperatures and crowds, perhaps avoid July and August, with June and September being pleasant months to visit, especially for those with children. If you visit towards the end of September, you will also find a bargain on your accommodation.

Whilst some hotels will close at this time and into October, the ones which remain open may have some fantastic rates available. Accommodation prices are typically relatively high during July and August.

Overall, the entire country is best visited from April to September, as during the winter months, it is more likely to rain, and in the country’s interior, you may see heavy snowfall.

In terms of where to go in Montenegro, that depends on what you want to see and the weather you want to experience. As we mentioned, summers on the coast are sweltering, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid visiting during the winter months, especially if you want to visit the major cities in Montenegro, such as the capital, Podgorica.

Most of the best places to visit in Montenegro are open all year round!

Places To Visit In Montenegro With Kids

Winter In Montenegro - Baka and Boys

We’ve talked about the weather (and below, you’ll find all you know to know about healthcare and safety as well as a bunch of ideas of places to stay in Montenegro for kids), but now we need to talk about some of the best child-friendly attractions in Montenegro!

Kotor Festival Of Theatre For Children

One of the best things to do in Kotor for children is undoubtedly the Festival of Theatre For Children.

The festival takes place at the start of July. The entire town is packed with fun and festivities for children to enjoy, with interactive classes on various new skills, workshops, history, singing, dancing, foods, and plenty of culture to take in too.

You might even spy one or two of these cool souvenirs from Montenegro.

Medieval Museum, Kotor

This is a fantastic place for the entire family, not just the kids! Here you can learn all about Montenegro during the Middle Ages, with plenty of hands-on attractions and exhibits.

You can even dress up as a knight in armor! This is a fantastic way for your kids to learn about history without realizing that they’re learning at all.

Kotor Old Town


After a visit to the Medieval Museum, walking around Kotor Old Town will be great fun for kids, because they can actually see what they learned in the museum.

In terms of the top places to see in Montenegro, this is certainly one of them, with winding streets, cafes, museums, and street music and artists to enjoy. Do not skip Kotor!

Boka Night (Mid-August), Kotor

As part of the Kotor Arts Festival, Boka Night is a must-see! This is just one evening, so be sure to check the exact date before you arrive, but there is singing, dancing, music, fun, food, and boat painting, which is a traditional thing in the city itself.

The night ends with a spectacular fireworks display. The kids will love it!


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Bay of Kotor Island Hopping

One of the top places to visit in Montenegro with your family is by taking a boat tour around the Bay of Kotor.

Many companies offer these types of tours, so it’s about shopping around for the best one for your family’s needs and budget. The islands are idyllic and very calm, but seeing the coastline from the boat will be great fun for the kids.

Enjoy The Beaches

Montenegro has some fantastic beaches, with ones along Kotor Bay some of the best. Most beaches around this part of the country are safe for swimming; however, keep an eye on your kids at all times.

Orahovac and Bajova Kula have some beautiful beaches which are quiet and peaceful for families to enjoy a day of building sandcastles. Velika Plaza is actually one of Europe’s longest beaches, too, at around 12km, so plenty of space to be had there! You can enjoy water sports at many beaches, as well as some basic snorkeling.

Roman History At Risan

Around half an hour away from Kotor, there is the small town of Risan, which is dripping in Ancient Roman history. Again, this is an excellent way for your kids to learn more about history, but seeing it in person makes it all seem so real.

You will also be able to visit an old villa dating back to Roman times, with stunning mosaics of the God of Sleep, Hypnos.

Kotor Maritime Museum, Kotor

Another of Kotor’s kid-friendly museums is the Maritime Museum, where they can learn all about pirates! With artifacts from old shipwrecks, and tales of pillaging in days gone by, kids will love the stories they learn about, and again, it’s great education!

There are even some genuine cannons on display from historic ships in the region.

Climb Mount Sveti Ivan, Kotor

There is plenty of nature to be found in Montenegro, and just outside of Kotor, you will find Mount Sveti Ivan, which offers fantastic hiking opportunities for all ability levels.

The views from the top are amazing, and there are all manner of different wildlife species within the mountains, as well as flora and fauna too.

Visit Lake Skadar National Park

You will find Lake Skadar National Park around an hour from Kotor, with plenty of nature and wildlife to explore. This is a huge wetland area and is the ideal spot for animal-loving children!

Perfectly accessible for just the day, this area is a photography hotspot too. You can find endangered otters here and Dalmatian pelicans also.

Learn To Ski

Montenegro has four small ski resorts operating during the winter months, with Kolasin in the south of the country one of the best.

If you prefer, you can head to the Durmitor National Park too, with all the wildlife that call that park home (more on that shortly!). There are ski schools at all of the ski resorts, and Kolasin has a kids’ ski club too.

Cijevna Waterfalls, Podgorica Region

A few miles outside of the capital city will bring you to the Cijevna River and a beautiful waterfall. This is a lovely place to head to during the summer months, and kids will love the natural setting.

There is a restaurant and kids playground, a few farm animals for petting, e.g., rabbits, as well as a large outdoor seating area where you can sit and adore the waterfalls.

It’s best not to go during the height of summer, however, as the water here can be scarce at that time, and there might be no waterfall in sight!

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park Hiking | Montenegro Travel Blog 1
Photo Credit

The fact that there are bears and wolves in this park should thrill your kids enough! Of course, stick to marked trails for safety, but this park is a stunning area to explore, and it is UNESCO listed as proof.

There are many hiking trails to follow, and the scenery is downright amazing.

White-Water Rafting On The Tara Canyon River

If you have adrenaline-loving kids, a white-water rafting expedition is a must-do! The Tara Canyons are stunningly beautiful, and the river which runs through them are perfect for spiking those adrenaline levels.

The best time to go with children is during the late summer, as the water won’t be as rough; springtime and the early summer months tend to be reserved for experienced rafters only.

Hiking In Biogradkso National Park

Biogradsa Gora National Park National Parks in Montenegro | Montenegro Travel Blog
Photo Credit

As you will have noticed, Montenegro has plenty of national parks to explore, and in the center of the country, you will find Biogradkso National Park.

This is a great place to head during the summertime, and there are many marked trails to follow, which will take you past some stunning wildlife, flora, fauna, and plenty of berry bushes! A few of the trails do get a little steeper as you get close to the top, but the views are more than worth it!

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What Can Kids Eat In Montenegro?

BUREK - Albanian Riviera Food

While travel is certainly about eating traditional foods and trying something new, we all know that most kids aren’t really open to that! If you have fussy eaters in your midst, it’s important to know that they’re going to find something on the menu to avoid tantrums and hunger strikes while you’re away!

You won’t struggle to find international dishes in the major towns and cities, such as pizza, salads, pasta, and even the obligatory McDonalds if you must!

However, what you should do if you plan to venture further is to try and explain to your little ones that the traditional Montenegrin food on offer is simply variations on foods they already know.

For instance, cufte is meatballs, and duvec is like a stew, basically a ratatouille of sorts. Musaka od krtola is just potatoes and minced meat, and sarma is a roll of sauerkraut filled with pork and rice. The names just sound funnier!

If you do a little research about the local food before you head there, you can educate your kids on what the dishes are, and they might be more inclined to try them. Of course, if your little ones are adventurous with food and are happy to try anything, then you’re well away!

If you’re wondering what food is like in Montenegro – it’s Mediterranean in many ways, with a slightly heartier twist. The food is delicious – that’s for sure.

Aside from the many family-friendly places to visit in Montenegro, there are also many delicious foods to try too!

Healthcare And Safety Information

Montenegro Family Holidays - St. george Island

How safe is Montenegro? Very!

Montenegro with kids is a very safe experience as the country is known for being very friendly overall. Of course, in the capital and large towns you should be careful of petty crime, such as pickpocketing, and don’t flash about your valuables, such as the latest iPhone, etc. – this is the same advice we should give you anywhere else in the world!

You might see beggars on the streets in the main tourist areas, especially Kotor, Sveti Stevan, Herceg Novi, and Budva, but these are relatively harmless in terms of safety. Pickpocketing is an issue in these places, however, so again, just be aware and always carry your bag in front of you, where you can see it.

If you’re hiring a car to explore the best places in Montenegro, try and avoid flashy vehicles or four-wheel drives, as these have been known to be targets for theft.

When you’re traveling with kids, you need to know about healthcare, too, just in case.

Package holidays to Montenegro often come with a level of insurance – be sure to ask.  If you are from an EU country, make sure you apply for your free EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) as there are reciprocal agreements in place regarding access to healthcare for free.

Remember that this doesn’t replace the need for quality travel and health insurance, however, so you will need to purchase this in addition.

While doctors are highly trained and speak English across Montenegro; you might find that hospitals aren’t of the same standard you’re used to in your own country. Despite that, healthcare is of high quality, and the best places to go in Montenegro for a health issue is unquestionably a main town or city hospital.

Top Places To Stay In Montenegro For Families

Now we’ve covered the basics, where are you going to stay?

This is by no way an exhaustive list, but these are a few of the places to stay in Montenegro, which are known to be remarkably family and kid-friendly overall.

Hotel Djuric, Petrovac

Montenegro Travel Blog_Things to do in Montenegro_Things to do with Kids in Montenegro_Hotel Djuric, Petrovac
Photo Credit: Hotel Djuric, Petrovac

This is a family-run hotel, which more than welcomes families in! At just a stone’s throw from the beach, Hotel Djuric has a large outdoor swimming pool, a huge garden with plenty of space for kids to run off some steam, and family rooms, which are spacious and have a furnished balcony.

The restaurant also serves international and local meals, and a cute side note is that the hotel’s gardens are home to the largest palm tree in the town! If you’re wondering where to stay in Montenegro, this is a great option.

Mario Apartment, Budva

There are many family-friendly things to do in Budva, making basing yourself in the town a good option. Mario apartment is a great family choice because it provides a home away from home feel, which may help your children relax and settle down more quickly, and therefore get a good night’s rest.

The apartment has two bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen and sitting room. There is also a flat-screen TV with children’s channels, and the outdoor area is wide and spacious, so your kids can run off some steam. One of the best beaches in Montenegro, Mogren Beach, is less than one mile away.

Apartmani DDD MAX, Herceg Novi

Montenegro Travel Blog_Things to do with Kids in Montenegro_Apartmani DDD MAX, Herceg Novi
Photo Credit: Apartmani DDD MAX, Herceg Novi

Many previous guests who have stayed in this hotel certainly recommended it as the best place to stay in Montenegro for families, and the modern quirkiness will interest your kids straight away.

The hotel has a large swimming pool, and there is free Wi-Fi across the property. Rooms are enormous and have a flat-screen TV with kids’ channels, as well as a kitchen so you can cook a little if you want to.

There is a terrace too, with plenty of space to stretch out. The outdoor gardens are ideal for exploring, and the local area is popular for walking and bike riding.

Hotel Forza Terra, Kotor

The ideal thing about the Hotel Forza Terra is that it is located in wholly chilled-out surroundings, overlooking the green nature of the area.

There is both an indoor and outdoor pool and a large terrace where kids can run free and blow off some steam. The restaurant also has an extensive international and local menu, with plenty of choices for kids.

Rooms are large and have flat-screen TVs with kids’ channels. You can also hire a bike and head out around the local area. Of course, the beaches near Kotor Old Town are renowned for their beauty, and you’re not too far away if you choose to stay in this hotel.

Hotel Casa del Mare, Kotor Bay

Montenegro Travel Blog_Things to do in Montenegro with Kids_Hotel Casa del Mare, Kotor Bay
Photo Credit: Hotel Casa del Mare, Kotor Bay

This is a top pick for families and offers a break in total seclusion while having plenty to do for kids. The hotel is set on the bay’s edge, and the rooms are huge, and all have balconies.

The hotel has a private stretch of beach, and there are gardens and private spaces for kids to run free. Wi-Fi is free across the property, and there are many outdoor activities to enjoy, such as walking, biking, and fishing on site.

The restaurant caters to all tastes, and there is even homemade ice cream from the Beach Cafe Bar!

CentreVille Hotel And Experiences, Podgorica

If you’re exploring the capital, this particular hotel is the ideal choice for energetic children! With plenty to keep the little ones occupied, you’re also very central to everything the city has to offer, as well as being close to the airport.

The hotel is situated within the Capital Plaza Complex, and it also has a shopping center and a giant children’s playroom within it. Rooms are large and have everything you could possibly need, as well as a restaurant which serves both local and international food. Wi-Fi is free across the property.

Hotel Adrovic, Sveti Stefan

Montenegro Travel Blog_Things to do in Montenegro with Kids_Hotel Adrovic, Sveti Stefan
Photo Credit: Hotel Adrovic, Sveti Stefan

This hotel is located in Sveti Stefan and is a few minutes away from the beach, ideal for kids! The hotel looks like an old medieval castle, which children will certainly love, and the rooms are huge and comfortable.

The restaurant on-site caters to every possible taste, and the terrace area has views right over the water. The central location and close proximity to the beach are ideal for a family, and the facilities on site are top quality.

There are countless more places to stay in Montenegro, but the ones above are renowned for their family-friendly vibe.

Montenegro is an ideal destination for families – right? As you can see, Montenegro has plenty of things to see and do to keep even the most energetic youngsters occupied!

While tourism is undoubtedly alive and well in Montenegro, especially in the resorts, such as Kotor, it never feels as packed as places like Croatia, so that’s perhaps what makes Montenegro the ideal destination for your family this year. Winter travel in Montenegro can give your family even more space from the crowds!


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