How To Spend A 3-Day Weekend In Skopje, Macedonia

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Written by our local expert Daniel

Originally from Macedonia, Daniel is a total budget travel junkie. Having visited over 35 countries, Dan knows a thing or two about traveling Macedonia and the Balkans on the cheap.

This is how you can spend a weekend in Skopje, Macedonia. This 3-day itinerary will show you all of the best of the city and more.

Macedonia Travel Blog_Weekend Travel Itinerary For Skopje

Skopje, the capital of the newly-named North Macedonia, is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. It is a small area surrounded by many neighbors; North Macedonia’s history is ancient and intriguing, and there’s no better place to experience it than Skopje. With its controversial monuments and statues dotted about the city and some of the Balkans’ best food, Skopje is a must-visit capital city in Southeastern Europe.

We’ve created this 3-day Skopje itinerary with history and culture in mind, but, most importantly, we talk about the food too! So let’s dive into the details of what to do in Skopje in 72 impressive hours!

A Quick Tip On When To Visit Skopje

Best Hotels In Skopje - View on Stone bridge from Oko bridge in Skopje

Before we tell you all about how to spend a long weekend in Skopje, let’s briefly talk about when to visit the city. First of all, there isn’t a “bad” season to visit Skopje. However, some times of the year are better than others.

Of course, spring or fall will be your best bet for perfect weather. It won’t be too hot or cold, and the crowds will be relatively light. Granted, we visited during July and August and never felt crowded by fellow tourists. Again, Skopje is underrated!

Even though we experienced hot weather in the dead of summer, the evenings were cool, and the city center was lovely in the evening.

Locals told us to avoid the winter months since fewer attractions (tours) are open and the weather isn’t the best, though you can find ideas on what to do in Macedonia in the winter here. That said, we’re certain Skopje will be fun any time of year. Off-season travel is cheaper too!

A Long Weekend In Skopje – Your 3-Day Skopje Weekend Itinerary

Day 1 – Morning

Skopje in Macedonia_ St. Clement Of Ohrid
St. Clement Of Ohrid

Free Walking Tour.

Like any European city, a free walking tour is the best way to kick off your stay in Skopje. Learn about the city’s history, things to see and do, and get some tips on where to eat. If you’re planning on doing some serious city travel in Skopje and exploring all its neighborhoods, a walking tour is a great way to get your bearings.

Get a feel for Skopje’s geography as you walk around town for a couple of hours and see the major sights. There will be plenty of places you’ll want to return to later!

Is the tour actually free? Kind of.

These tours are solely based on tips, which means you leave what you deem fit at the end. An average number to leave your guide is 10 euros per person. Your tips are how they operate!

We used Free Skopje Walking Tours, and it was fantastic! Feel free to reach out to them on their website or Facebook if you have any questions about meeting times, etc.

The tour will last a couple of hours, and then your day transitions perfectly into the afternoon for a delicious lunch and some more exploring.

Day 1 – Afternoon

First stop: lunch!

Macedonian traditional food in Macedonia_Shopska Salad
Shopska salad

Crossing the Stone Bridge (built in the 15th century) into the Old Bazaar, Restaurant Pivnica An is a great place to start your North Macedonian food journey.

It would help if you tried the shopska salad, which consists of a big portion of fresh vegetables, including cucumber, tomato, and onion. And to top it off, it’s covered in white cheese, an absolute North Macedonian delight.

Salads aren’t typically known to “hit the spot,” but a shopska salad is huge and is a great dish to share! It would be best if you also tried the sarma, minced meat rolled in cabbage, or grape leaves. You can’t go wrong here!

How to make Sarma

For some other ideas on where to eat and what to try, check out our list of the ten best restaurants in Skopje!

Old Bazaar

Acting as the leading trade and commerce center of Skopje since at least the 12th century, the Old Bazaar is the perfect place to wander away the rest of your afternoon. You’re literally walking where people have walked, talked, and shopped for centuries, which is very interesting in itself!

Shops and restaurants line the streets but pay special attention to “Gold Street,” which has been selling gold for hundreds of years and still is today.

Every street used to sell a specialty, whether gold, silver, spices, etc. However, most of these streets are drastically different today, scattered with random shops. Regardless, the bazaar is still a happening spot in the city and one that you should return to many times during your three-day weekend in Skopje. Why? Some of the most delicious food can be found here!

Find Restaurant Merkez, one of our favorite restaurants in Skopje, for a taste of kebap, a famous Turkish meat dish. Throw in some Macedonian flare, and you’ve got a great meal. And don’t forget to order a cold Shopsko beer to wash it all down.

Have cash with you while in the bazaar as most places prefer it; however, don’t carry too much! You never want to have a lot of money on you in a tourist area since there are pickpockets.

Kale Fortress

Things to do in Skopje Macedonia_Kale fort

Bordering the Old Bazaar on a hill is Kale Fortress. The fact that this fortress has its roots in the 5th century is reason enough to visit. However, at first glance, the fortress may seem a little lackluster to the first-time visitor.

Unfortunately, this fortress has been somewhat ignored and needs a lot of tender love and care. But it’s still worth a visit! Entry is free, and you can get some of the best views of Vodno Mountain and all of Skopje.

Day 1 – Evening

As the sun sets behind Vodno mountain, enjoy a lovely evening in Skopje’s main square. Unlike more popular destinations in Europe, Skopje’s city center isn’t overly touristy or overpriced. You’ll find plenty of locals out and about, especially during the summer.

We don’t typically recommend eating in main squares since prices are usually higher, but that’s not the case in Skopje! Enjoy great-tasting food with cheap price tags while admiring Skopje’s main square.

Warrior on a Horse and Sunset

Visiting Macedonia Alexander the Great_Macedonia Square_Skopje_Macedonia

End your first day in Skopje on a high note by finding a spot to relax under the city’s most eye-catching statue: Warrior on a Horse (Alexander the Great). This is easily one of the most Instagrammable places in Skopje! As the night darkens, Skopje’s square lights up. Have some ice cream (several vendors nearby), and if it’s hot enough, have a run through the fountains.

Additionally, there are also numerous bars in Skopje, so if you’re thirsty for a drink after your first full day of sightseeing, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a local watering hole. As is the case in basically all European capitals, the nightlife in Skopje is pretty lively.

Brands We Use And Trust


Day 2 – Morning

Find All the Statues

As you’ll have already noticed by this time, there are A LOT of statues and monuments in Skopje. But have you seen them all yet? Your free walking tour will take you by most of them, and you’ll also get a helpful explanation as to why there are so many.

All of these monuments (some unfinished) may seem quirky to some and really cool to others. Regardless of which side you’re on, be sure and keep your eyes peeled as you traverse Skopje.

Memorial House of Mother Teresa

Fun Facts About Macedonia_Mother Teresa House
Photo Credit

Skopje is where Mother Teresa was born. Although her house isn’t there for us to appreciate today (there’s a plaque in its place), the memorial in her name is a fantastic attraction right in the heart of the city.

It’s free to enter and takes visitors through Mother Teresa’s life, highlighting her many achievements. All descriptions are in English.

While walking around Skopje, keep your eyes peeled for plaques with Mother Teresa’s quotes. You’ll have some help finding them on a free walking tour!

Day 2 – Afternoon

Archaeological Museum of Macedonia

Museums in Skopje Macedonia_Archaeological Museum of Macedonia
Photo Credit

Step into the archaeological museum for a walkthrough of ancient history in one of the most grand-looking buildings in Skopje. Whether you’re just escaping the afternoon heat or have an interest in Byzantine, Roman, or Phonecian history, you’ll find thousands of artifacts inside, like some coins from Alexander the Great’s time.

Day 2 – Evening

Debar Maalo

Escape the city center and find a genuinely local area by simply walking a few blocks. It will feel like you’ve left Skopje’s main attractions, but you’re right next door!

Why visit Debar Maalo? The food!

This is one of the best areas in town to try Macedonian specialties. It’s home to several great Skopje restaurants, but our personal recommendation for a place to eat is Chardak. Of course, the food is budget-friendly, but it’s also some of the best Macedonian food we tried during our stay. We recommend trying several smaller dishes so you can taste more authentic dishes. Cheeses stuffed peppers, tavče gravče (baked white beans), grab a little bit of everything, and leave satisfied!

Day 3 – You’ve Got Options, Choose One

Your third day in Skopje can go a couple of different ways. Want to stay in town? There’s also Vodno to ascend and views to be enjoyed, or you can try some of the best wine in this region of Europe.

But if these three days in Skopje are all you have in North Macedonia, you might be interested in seeing other parts of the country. So we’ve included a day trip to beautiful Ohrid as well.

The decision is yours!

Day 3 Option 1 – Day Trip To Ohrid

Lake Orhid
Church of St. John the Theologian -at Kaneo, Ohrid, Macedonia taken in 2015

If you have a chance to visit Ohrid, whether just a day trip or multi-night stay, then you should go! While we only had one day in Ohrid, we loved every second of it. This is hands down one of the best day trips from Skopje.

Beautifully situated on the massive and pristine Lake Ohrid, the town looks across toward Albania in the distance. Take a dip in the lake, visit the famous Church of St. John and walk along the fortress walls. There’s never a dull moment.

For tips on getting there and what to do, check out our complete guide to a day trip to Ohrid from Skopje!

Day 3 Spend The Day In Skopje

Head to the Top of Vodno

Best Day Trips From Skopje, North Macedonia

Vodno offers the best view of Skopje and is the perfect place to unwind with a bit of nature. There are multiple options to get to the top, but the easiest way is by cable car.

Bus 25 (leaving from the central bus station) will drop you very close to the lift. Please note that the bus is free on the weekends at the time of writing this!

Admire the Millenium Cross and Skopje from above before finding a spot for a picnic. We highly recommend bringing your own food and drink as options atop the mountain are limited. However, we’ve been told that there are plans for a rotating restaurant. We’ll see!

There are plenty of hikes/paths to trek as well. Some of these trails descend into Matka Canyon, so if you’d like to spend the entire day exploring outdoors, then the trails are an excellent option for you. Otherwise, enjoy your day out and prepare for an amazing end to your three days in Skopje.

Kartal Winery

We’ve been to wineries in the US, Italy, and wineries in many other countries. However, an extraordinary winery in our travel memories is Kartal Winery in Skopje.

Kartal Winery is owned by two brothers who happen to be some of the most hospitable hosts we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

This wine tasting is a truly genuine experience. It’s a lot of fun, too! Kartal Winery is a smaller operation so that it won’t be flooded with tourists. Have a tour of the place and end it with an intimate tasting.

Their tastings run from 20-30 euros, depending on the package you choose. Some packages include an entire meal, so make it a fantastic last dinner in Skopje!

We hope this itinerary has helped you with your travel planning, and we wish you a fabulous stay in Skopje, North Macedonia!

Skopje, North Macedonia FAQs

What are the best things to do in Skopje?

Some of the best things to do in Skopje include exploring the charming Old Town, visiting the Skopje Fortress for panoramic views, taking a boat trip on the Vardar River, and experiencing the lively atmosphere of Macedonia Square.

Is Skopje worth visiting?

Absolutely! Skopje offers a unique blend of Balkan and Turkish influences, with its fascinating historic sites, vibrant culture, and beautiful landscapes. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or delicious local cuisine, Skopje has something to offer.

How do I get around Skopje using public transport?

Skopje has a well-connected public transport system that includes buses and taxis. You can easily navigate the city by taking buses from the Main Bus Station or hailing a taxi. Buses are a cost-effective option, while taxis offer more flexibility.

What should be the first thing to do in Skopje?

When you arrive in Skopje, a great first thing to do is to explore the Old Town. Wander through the narrow streets, visit the Old Bazaar, and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the local cafes. It’s a good starting point to immerse yourself in the city’s culture and atmosphere.

When is the best time to visit Skopje for a weekend break?

The best time to visit Skopje for a weekend break is during the spring (April to June) or autumn (September to October) when the weather is pleasant and the city is less crowded. The summer months can be hot, and winter can bring cold temperatures, so plan accordingly.

What are the main attractions near Skopje?

Some of the main attractions near Skopje include the Millennium Cross, Matka Canyon, Mother Teresa Memorial House, and the Macedonian Village. These sites offer beautiful natural landscapes, historic sites, and cultural experiences, perfect for day trips from the city.

Are there any recommended coffee shops in Skopje?

Skopje has a vibrant coffee culture, and there are many great coffee shops to visit. Some popular options include cafes in the Old Town, along the Vardar River, and in the city center. Try local favorites like Turkish coffee or traditional Macedonian coffee.

Where can I find local cuisine in Skopje?

To taste the local cuisine in Skopje, head to the Old Bazaar, where you’ll find traditional restaurants serving Macedonian dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to try local specialties like tarator (cold cucumber soup) or ajvar (roasted red pepper spread).

What are some must-visit historic sites in Skopje?

Skopje is rich in historic sites. Some must-visit attractions include the Skopje Fortress, Triumphal Arch, and the Museum of the City of Skopje. These sites offer a glimpse into the city’s past and the opportunity to learn about its cultural heritage.

Can you recommend any good souvenir shops in Skopje?

If you’re looking for souvenirs, head to the Old Bazaar or the central Skopje area. You’ll find a variety of shops selling traditional crafts, handmade jewelry, and local products. Don’t forget to bargain for the best prices!


  1. You can say SOUTH Africa not just “Africa”. Really not that hard to say NORTH Macedonia. Speaking as a Greek this article is extremely offensive. It encourages extremists in the former Yugoslav region of Vardar to violate the Prespa Agreement. It also tries to gloss over half the former Yugoslvians now claim to be related to ancient Macedonians and use that to insinuate Greek history and 1/3 of Greece belongs to them. . When the patronizing evasions go on long enough it ceases to be about ethics of their use of the name and becomes about ethnic harassment.

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