Slovenia For Kids – 35 Things To Do With Kids In Slovenia

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Slovenia is an excellent family-friendly destination that offers a variety of activities, unique accommodation options, and a culture centered around family, all within a compact, budget-friendly country that isn’t overly touristy. Let me show you what my kids loved with this massive list of ideas of what to do in Slovenia.

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Let’s head to Slovenia with the kids. 

It’s a family-friendly all-year-round country for your active youngsters, but this time of year is especially fun for kids – and adults.

The list of kid-friendly things to do in Slovenia is almost endless and varied – from outdoor sports to more creative indoor activities.  

But that’s not all; Slovenia’s kid-friendly ideas go on to include natural lakes like Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled or to learn about farm animals, homegrown fruits, and veggies in the countryside.


Outdoor & Adventure Activities

  1. Aerodium, Logatec
  2. Orienteering Adventure Park Kekec, Kranjska Gora
  3. Camp Kolpa, Podzemelj
  4. Geocaching – Treasure Hunt, Slovenia
  5. Piran Beach, Piran
  6. Tivoli City Park, Ljubljana
  7. Otok Peska – Sand Island, Ljubljana
  8. Riding bikes 
  9. Family-friendly rafting trips on the Soca River
  10. Engage in family-friendly activities
    • Swimming and museum visits
    • Treetop adventure courses
    • Summer toboggan runs

Hikes and Walks

  1. Vintgar Gorge Trail
  2. Exploring diverse terrains & road trips

Swimming and Water Activities 

  1. Enjoying various lakes, including:
    • Lake Bled (also, don’t forget to swim!)
    • Lake Zbilje (Zbiljsko Jezero)
    • Lake Bloke (Bloško Jezero)
    • Lake Trboje (Trbojsko Jezero)
    • Lake Jasna (Jezero Jasna)
    • Lake Rakitna (Rakitniško Jezero)
    • Lake Podpeč (Podpeško Jezero)
    • Lake Bohinj
  2. Exploring waterfalls, rivers, and other water bodies like Slap Virje
  3. Ride the Vogel Cable Car above Lake Bohinj

Educational and Creative Leisure

  1. Rakičan Castle, Rakičan
  2. House Of Experiments, Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper
  3. Aquarium Piran & Aquarium-Terrarium Maribor, Maribor
  4. Technical Museum of Slovenia

Culinary Adventures

  1. Enjoy the Puffy Pancake Shop and gourmet quality ice cream in Ljubljana

Places to Explore

  1. Castles and Historic Sites
    • Predjama Castle
    • Celje Castle
    • Ljubljana Castle
  2. Caves
  3. Lakes and Natural Beauty
    • Lake Bled
    • Vintgar Gorge
    • Lake Bohinj
  4. Towns and Cities
    • Ljubljana 
    • Maribor
    • Piran
    • Plus, many more
  1. Stay in farm accommodations for a unique view of Slovenian life
  2. Various glamping sites
  3. Exploring castles



Lockdown In Croatia
Lake Jasna, February 2020

You, the kids, and your extended family can visit the picture-perfect hills that Slovenia is so well known for. Slovenia is a green paradise for hikers or those who want to enjoy the crystal-clear rivers of the Soča, Nadiža, and Kolpa or for families who wish to see for themselves the unique olm – a ‘human fish’ in the Postojna Caves.

Still want more things to do in Slovenia? Great, we have more ideas for you. Spend a family fun day with white horses of Lipica, or for those who like to test their adventurous spirit, resourcefulness, and climbing skills, the diverse Adventure Park selection will not disappoint.

Or are you into family cycling? There are many options and bike tours suitable for the entire family. You can bike through mountainous or coastal environments, Pannonian plains, rolling hills on forest trails, or designated biking trails. The choice is yours.

Below are tips for spending quality time with the family while in Slovenia. Fun new memories and unforgettable experiences are guaranteed.

Things To Do With Kids In Slovenia: Active Leisure

Triglav National Park - Rope bridge on the river Soca, Triglavski national park, Slovenia

iPads down, let’s get active with the whole family in Slovenia.

Aerodium, Logatec

Located in the Industrial zone, Logatec is 500 meters from the Logatec highway exit, Koper (A1). The world’s leading company in creating and producing vertical wind tunnels. They allow everyone to fulfill the oldest human dream – to fly. But there are some restrictions: minimum age is four years, weight from 20 to 140 kilograms, and no more than 200 centimeters in height.

Previous preparation and experience are not required, and safe flying is secured by two instructors and wind tunnel security features. All you need is to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Orienteering Adventure Park Kekec, Kranjska Gora

Get to know the local nature and cultural heritage with this themed orienteering park, suitable for families with children. Explore ‘Fairytale Land’ and travel along the Triglav fairytale trails, visit the Land of Kekec, and enter through the Land of the Dwarfs’ secret door.

Don’t miss ‘Furious Pehta,’ a 1,500-metre long sledding ride. The best fun for kids is summer tubing on ‘Bedanc’s slide or Bedančeva drča’ just above the restaurant’s facilities at Bedanc. The drča (slide) is a 70-meter-long track with a conveyor belt that brings you to the top, and then you slide down on the soft air tube repeatedly.

Camp Kolpa, Podzemelj

Things to do With Kids in Slovenia - Slovenia Travel BLog
Things to do With Kids in Slovenia. Photo Credit: Kamp Kolpa

Camping Podzemelj by the village Podzemelj is situated next to the Kolpa River in Slovenia, Bela Krajina, right on the border with Croatia. This location’s unspoiled nature and beauty offer the perfect camping sites and active vacation options, accompanied by high-quality gastronomy. Besides swimming in the Kolpa – the warmest river in Slovenia, the camp offers diverse outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, beach volleyball, archery, canoeing, rafting, and much more.

All children over four years old can explore the unique Adrenalin Park Podzemelj among the treetops – an enjoyable and safe experience but also challenging. And finally, a treat for the parents – take a Finnish sauna in the relaxation corner and Eco Glamping experience in Celtic Lodge.

Geocaching – Treasure Hunt, Slovenia

The world’s largest treasure hunt brings together the best of the digital and natural environments. Try this playful, fun, and adventurous way for children’s exploration at various locations, no matter where you are in Slovenia.

A little help from modern technology is very welcome when luring the kids into the budding outdoors and away from hypnotizing video games and cartoons.  You only need to book your stay at Kamp Kolpa to get started. There are 1,184 geocaches to be discovered near Ljubljana, with millions of them worldwide just waiting for you. 

Tivoli City Park, Ljubljana

Things to do in Slovenia With Kids - Grad Tivoli Ljubljana - Slovenia Travel Blog
Things to do in Slovenia With Kids. Photo

When visiting the capital city, you must spend at least one afternoon in Ljubljana’s largest and most beautiful park, which stretches right into the city center. Choosing what to do in Slovenia can be challenging because there is so much to do, yet never enough time. But this park offers many different sports facilities, from swimming pools, mini-golf, tennis courts, and more for active teenagers; it’s a no-brainer.

There are two big playgrounds to conquer, one more suitable for younger children and the other for older kids. Tivoli Park is connected to Rožnik Hill and the Zoo by several walking paths through the woods. The Ljubljana Zoo also has two big playgrounds, most interesting for children aged two and up.

Piran Beach, Piran

Piran is ridiculously picturesque. Situated on a long, narrow peninsula jutting out into the Adriatic, this small town has managed to keep its historic charm and remain a vibrant, authentic community.

While visiting Piran with kids, a swim at Piran Beach is a must. Piran Beach is not your conventional beach. Instead of sand, the coast is paved with smooth concrete, complete with various facilities and jetties stretching out into the Adriatic Sea. Stairwells mark the end of the jetties, descending into the water for easy access. Austrian and Venetian architecture can be viewed on the hills surrounding this beautiful cove.

Slovenia’s Lakes

If you want to avoid the crowds, Slovenia has many beautiful lakes that are great for a family adventure, and we chose eight of our favorites for family-friendly activities.

Lake Bled


One of Slovenia’s most famous sights is the stunningly beautiful Lake Bled. This Alpine lake, set in some of the most breathtaking countryside scenery you’re ever likely to set your eyes on, has a mild climate, making outdoor activities a must. There is something for everyone, from climbing to kayaking, castles to churches, swimming to snowboarding!

Lake Zbilje (Zbiljsko Jezero)

Lake Zbilje is an artificial lake created in 1953 near the small town of Medvode.

A children’s playground and several cafes are located at the shore at this popular family destination. The lake is home to many bird species but is mainly known for its numerous swans. Kids love feeding them with maize, which can be bought at the Dotik café.

Sadly, the water is unsuitable for swimming, but you can rent a boat, fish, or hike around the lake. Have you ever had a meal in a restaurant while being watched by a flock of swans? Well, if not, this is the place to do it.

Lake Bloke (Bloško Jezero)

Lakes In Slovenia - Wooden swing over Lake Bloke in Nova Vas, Slovenia on a sunny day

Bloke’s water is perfect for swimming in the summer and ice-skating in the winter. Unlike some other Slovenian lakes, Lake Bloke is quite warm. The area of Bloke is also the cradle of Slovenian skiing.

Locals decorated its shore with entertaining handmade wooden sculptures, which include bears.

Lake Trboje (Trbojsko Jezero)

Are your kids SUP enthusiasts? Lake Trboje is a popular Stand-up paddling point located in the Gorenjska region. Since it is close to the town of Kranj, it is also known by the name Kranjsko Jezero.

Lake Jasna (Jezero Jasna)

Best Lakes In Slovenia - Lake Jasna

This stunning alpine lake is located two kilometers from Kranjska Gora. Lake Jasna is the name for two smaller artificial lakes. High mountain peaks provide a breathtaking view from this swimming location.

The crystal clear water looks inviting, but only the bravest dare to enter it due to cold temperatures. For those, there is a three-level diving platform.

Lake Rakitna (Rakitniško Jezero)

Lake Rakitna is popular for day trips and an excellent base for longer hiking. Several cycling routes also start or pass by; the most popular one leads to Mount Krim (1107 m). If you prefer shorter walks, try a circular path from the lake, past the vacation houses, to the center of the village with a Baroque church.

Lake Podpeč (Podpeško Jezero)

Slovenia Travel Blog_Things to do in Slovenia_Six Slovenian Lakes Other Than Bled_Lake Podpeč
Lake Podpeč. Photo Credit

Do you prefer swimming in really deep water? Then Lake Podpeč, located at the UNESCO Ljubljana Marshes, is 50 m deep for you.

This almost entirely round lake is small and not excessively crowded.  Unlike most on our list, this lake was made by Mother Nature herself. It rarely freezes in winter, bringing winter fishing enthusiasts joy.

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia, and it also happens to be less than half an hour’s car ride from Bled.

The lake is nestled between the Julian Alps and on the fringes of the only national park in Slovenia: the Triglav National Park. A glacial lake fed by, you guessed it, glaciers; the water is cold even in the warm summer months. But its large size means it’s more water-sports friendly than Lake Bled.

Brands We Use And Trust

11 Caves Family-Friendly In Slovenia

1. Postojna Cave

Kid-friendly, with its unique cave train and well-lit pathways. However, it can be chilly inside, so dress warmly.

2. Škocjan Caves

It is suitable for children, but due to its depth and certain demanding paths, it might not be ideal for very young kids or strollers.

3. Vilenica Cave

Often visited by families, but always check for any specific advisories or restrictions.

4. Križna Cave (Cross Cave)

Suitable for children, especially the shorter tours. Some longer or specialized tours might have age restrictions.

5. Pekel Cave

The steps and walkways are pretty safe, but consider the fitness level of your children as it involves some walking.

6. Dimnice Cave

Generally suitable, but always confirm current conditions and any advisories.

7. Snežna Jama (Snow Cave)

It can be visited with children, but considering it’s known for its icy conditions, ensure to dress warmly and check for advisories.

8. Kostanjevica Cave

The boat ride can be enjoyable for children, but ensure that safety guidelines and age restrictions are observed.

9. Predjama Cave

It offers a combination of history and natural beauty, which can be enjoyable for kids, but bear in mind the terrain.

10. Škocjan Caves Park

It is quite educational and fascinating for children but always check the specific cave and tour guidelines.

11. Lipa Cave

Generally suitable for families, offering an engaging experience with nature.

10 Slovenian Cities And Villages Perfect For Kids

1. Ljubljana

  • The capital city has a relaxed atmosphere, pedestrian zones, and the Ljubljana Castle, which is accessible by a funicular railway — exciting for kids
  • The city’s zoo and numerous parks, like Tivoli City Park, offer great outdoor activities for families

2. Bled

  • Famous for the enchanting Lake Bled and Bled Castle
  • You can take a traditional “pletna” boat to Bled Island and try the famous Bled cream cake

3. Maribor

  • With the oldest vine in the world and lovely parks like Mestni Park, it’s a pleasant city for families
  • The Maribor Pohorje ski resort can be a fun spot in winter

4. Piran

  • A coastal town with beautiful squares, narrow streets, and swimming opportunities
  • The Aquarium Piran is also an exciting spot for kids

5. Koper

  • Another coastal town with child-friendly beaches and a playful and vibrant atmosphere, especially in summer

6. Bohinjska Bela

  • Close to Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, this village offers peaceful surroundings and easy access to nature

7. Stanjel

  • Known for its charming old village ambiance and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside

8. Rateče

  • Near the Italian and Austrian borders, it offers fascinating nature trails and is quite close to Planica, famous for ski jumping

9. Kranjska Gora

  • Although more of a town, it is pivotal for winter sports
  • In the warmer months, it provides an excellent base for exploring the nearby natural attractions and participating in outdoor activities

10. Velika Planina

  • A picturesque high-elevation plateau that is transformed into a fairy-tale-like herdsmen’s settlement in the warmer months
  • The traditional wooden architecture and tranquil environment make it magical and fun for exploration with kids

Things To Do With Kids In Slovenia: Creative/Learning Leisure

Still wondering ‘what to do in Slovenia? Get ready to boggle the minds of your children in Slovenia.

Rakičan Castle, Rakičan

Located near Murska Sobota in the eastern region of Prekmurje, this beautiful place offers many exciting and creative workshops, language courses, summer camps, horse riding school, birthday celebrations, and vacation programs throughout the year. Fun, active, and creative holidays are intended for children from 5 to 14 years old.

House Of Experiments, Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper

When the weather is dull, you can enjoy indoor science adventures. A place where learning about the laws of nature becomes exciting and intriguing. You can choose from many activities with themes about fairytales with scientific facts, all presented in a child-friendly manner.

Aquarium Piran, Piran & Aquarium-Terrarium Maribor, Maribor

For more than 40 years, the Piran Aquarium, based in Villa Piranesi, invites you to discover the vivid underwater world of the Adriatic.

Aquarium-Terrarium Maribor is in a popular city park, which local families and tourists favor. The aquarium has 120 live species of fish in 39 large tanks, which imitate marine life or life in rivers and lakes from all over the world.

At Terrarium, you can admire more than 100 species of reptiles, insects, and the most venomous snakes in the world – perfect for your wild child!

Otok Peska – Sand Island, Ljubljana

If you and the family are interested in therapeutic indoor sand play, this is a place to be. Feel the sand cascade through your fingers when making sand art with the kids.

More Great Things To Do With Kids In Slovenia

Things to do With Kids in SloveniaDragon Bridge, Ljubljana,
Things to do With Kids in Slovenia.

These deserve a mention (and maybe a second blog post!)

  1. Eat ice cream
  2. Take a funicular ride in Ljubljana
  3. Make a game out of spotting dragons like these
  4. Watch a show at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (LPT)
  5. Enjoy a picnic at the Botanical Gardens
  6. Become Royal at Ljubljana Castle
  7. Enjoy a day at the Terme Snovik Thermal Pool and spa complex
  8. Explore more areas inside Triglav National Park
  9. Wander the Saturday market stalls in the Old City of Ljubljana

And that’s not all; you’ll find loads of things to do in Ljubljana and across the country with kids. Slovens are friendly and warm, and you will have no trouble finding a suitable hotel accommodating families. There are loads of Slovenia family hotels (stay tuned) awaiting your arrival.

What else would you add to this list of things to do in Slovenia with kids?

Bonus: Slovenia For Kids Fun Facts

Triglav National Park - Famous and beloved Vintgar Gorge canyon

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