47 Best Hotels In Istanbul & Best Areas To Stay (2024 Update)

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If you’re planning a trip to Turkey, you may ponder where to stay in Istanbul.

This city of over 15 million inhabitants has a range of neighborhoods, and it’s worth spending a little time choosing the best neighborhood to suit your plans. Luckily for you, I know the best places in Istanbul to stay. 


Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city, often seen as the gateway to the East. Although it isn’t the capital – that honor belongs to Ankara. Located by the Bosphorus Strait, the city is commonly called the place where Europe and Asia meet – both geographically and culturally.

The Old City is home to various historical monuments that reflect the empires formerly ruling this part of Turkey. This cultural diversity makes the city rich in architecture, cuisine, and culture. 

In the past, wealthy civilizations, including the Romans, ancient Greeks, Ottomans, and Byzantines, had a hand in shaping this vital city.

Due to this rich and complex history, Istanbul is packed with intriguing architecture. The city is a cultural melting pot and, as such, features ancient Greek and Roman structures, Ottoman mosques, Turkish baths, and Italianate and Byzantine churches.

My guide will take you through various centrally located areas so you can decide the best place for you to stay in Istanbul. We describe the key Istanbul districts – so whether you’re looking for 4-star hotels in Istanbul or wondering where to stay in Istanbul for one night, we have you covered.

We also list all the best hotels in Istanbul city center – in all price brackets. Read on for a brief Istanbul area guide, followed by a list of incredible places to stay in Istanbul.

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Top Places & Best Areas To Stay In Istanbul 

Best Things To Do In Istanbul - Topkapi palace at dawn Istanbu



Perfect Place To Stay In Istanbul For Tourists

The Sultanahmet district is a top pick among anyone seeking the best area to stay in Istanbul for sightseeing. This important and historic area is often viewed as the cultural heart of Istanbul. Occupying a position on the city’s southern peninsula, Sultanahmet is where you’ll find some of Istanbul’s key attractions, including Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, and gardens.

Most accommodation in Sultanahmet is within walking distance of these. Sultanahmet is a good option if you are wondering where to stay in Istanbul for the first time.

Sultanahmet Square is, without a doubt, the most historical part of Istanbul, and staying here is a way to feel at the center of this fascinating city. The neighborhood’s narrow streets are lined with plenty of shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, and many museums, bazaars, mosques, and traditional Turkish baths.


Ideal Place To Stay For History & Shopping

Eminonu is close to Sultanahmet and part of the larger Fatih district on the Golden Horn waterfront. Eminönü is home to some of Istanbul’s most iconic landmarks, such as the New Mosque (Yeni Cami), the Grand Bazaar, and the Spice Bazaar.

The district is also a popular shopping destination. It is a historic district and a major transportation hub, with ferry service to both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.


Best Area To Stay In Istanbul For Nightlife

Taksim is another hugely popular area; many visitors wonder whether to stay in Sultanahmet or Taksim. Arguably the best place for nightlife in Istanbul, Taksim is undoubtedly a popular choice for those seeking vibrant bars and clubs. The mile-long road offers all sorts of shopping, dining, and drinking venues for all budgets. Many travelers like to take a funicular ride up to Taksim before strolling down the main street – day or night.

There are some top Istanbul hotels around this area of Istanbul too, and some of these are contenders as the best areas to stay in Istanbul with a family.

Taksim is a favorite among anyone wondering where to stay in Istanbul, as it is a central location to everything. Yet the area has more space than Sultanahmet and is close to the funicular, cable car, and Metro. It is also an excellent choice for those who love exploring on foot and those who love shopping.

A large traffic-free plaza dominates the district.


Great For Bosphorus Views And Soaking Up Authentic Turkish Life

Besiktas is a bustling, hip, and youthful part of the city, and there are countless places here to enjoy a night out. Foodies will find fabulous, traditional food in Besiktas, and it’s a great area to soak up the traditional Turkish lifestyle.

It is located on the Bosphorus, and ferries here connect the European side of the city with the Asian side.


Vibrant Neighborhood With Bosphorus Views

Karaköy rivals Taksim as one of the most happening places in Istanbul – especially after dark. Right on by the Bosporus Strait, it was formerly an important port. Over the last decade, this waterside district has evolved into a vibrant area packed with lively bistros, bars, and stylish stores over the last decade.

Karaköy is viewed as one of the coolest neighborhoods in Istanbul and is home to some boutique Bosphorus view hotel options.

Galata borders Karaköy and has some hotels overlooking the Golden Horn, a quieter stretch of water just off the central Strait.


One Of The Best Neighborhoods In Istanbul

The nearby Beyoglu neighborhood is also a favorite among visitors to Istanbul. With a wide range of accommodations in all price brackets, this district bordering Karaköy and Galata has some of the city’s top nightlife venues.

Whether you want to find a party hostel in Istanbul or are looking for 3-star hotels in Istanbul, Beyoglu has options for everyone. The area’s key attributes include the red trams, the Museum of Modern Art, antique shops, and the Museum of Painting and Sculpture.

Kadikoy – Asian Side

Best Area To Stay On The Asian Side Of Istanbul

Kadıköy is a vibrant and very popular district by locals and tourists alike.

A more residential area on Istanbul’s Asian side, Kadikoy has plenty to offer visitors interested in culture and history. This district is known for its lively street markets and traditional Turkish restaurants.

A point to note – Istanbul area names can be a little confusing, as the districts tend to blend. If unsure, click on the link for each listing to see a map of each property’s precise location. We have also mentioned nearby attractions for each hotel or hostel to help you get your bearings.

We have also written a separate article on hotels by the Bosphorus Strait, so if this waterside area appeals to you, be sure to check that one out, too.

Here are the best parts of Istanbul to stay in, along with our favorite hotels in each area.

Where To Stay In Sultanahmet

Best Area In Istanbul For First-Timers

Best Things To Do In Istanbul - Hagia Sophia

Sultanahmet is probably the most popular place that comes to mind when considering what area to stay in, Istanbul. It’s where the city’s world-famous sights are located, including the photogenic Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, and it’s within walking distance of the mind-boggling Grand Bazaar with over 4,000 stalls.  The district also offers plenty of shops, bars, and dining options and a range of accommodations.

The historic district of Sultanahmet connects with the famous neighborhood district of Taksim. Along with the more modern area of Sirkeci, Sultanahmet forms part of Fatih, Constantinople’s original site.

Fatih is conveniently located on a central metro line, making an excellent base for exploring the city. Gülhane Park is also near this area, and this expansive, historical urban park is close to Topkapı Palace.


Benefits Of Choosing To Stay In Sultanahmet

  1. It is super close to all the big attractions
  2. Very accessible tram and bus options
  3. Peaceful at night 

Drawbacks Of Choosing To Stay In Sultanahmet

  1. Pricey food options – stick to street food here
  2. Not much to do at night
  3. Not great for shopping

1. The White House Hotel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_The White House Hotel
Photo Credit: White House Hotel, one of the best luxury hotels

The White House Hotel is undoubtedly one of the leading contenders as the best place to stay in Sultanahmet.

Kabataş, one of the best areas in Istanbul, is home to the White House Hotel. It’s located at the heart of the historic peninsula, within walking distance of the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and the Grand Bazaar.

Perhaps surprisingly, not all of the luxury hotels in Istanbul are in Sultanahmet, but this one certainly fits the criteria. This deluxe four-star plus property has many well-appointed, elegant rooms, some with balconies. All have cable flatscreen TVs, and the hotel has a bar, lounge, and restaurant.


2. Cronton Design Hotel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Cronton Design Hotel
Photo Credit: Cronton Design Hotel

Oozing with luxury and elegance, the Cronton Design Hotel is a 5-star delight in Sultanahmet, just a short distance from attractions such as the Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, and Hagia Sophia.

Spacious rooms are richly furnished in moody tones, with plush furniture and gorgeous linens. The photos speak for themselves!

The hotel features an onsite restaurant, bar, continental breakfast, a rooftop terrace, and a spa for extra pampering during your stay.


3. Fer Hotel 

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Istanbul_Fer Hotel
Photo Credit: Fer Hotel

Another luxurious option within walking distance of the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace is the 4-star Fer Hotel. This hotel was awarded Asia’s Best City Boutique Hotel for its unique excellence.

With a contemporary and modern design, you will feel completely spoiled in the large hotel rooms and will understand why the hotel has received so much praise.

A full breakfast buffet and a restaurant serving exceptional Turkish cuisine are available to guests all day long. Other extras include valet parking, a 24-hour service desk, luggage storage, and onsite electric car charging stations.


4. Celine Hotel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Celine Hotel
Photo Credit: Celine Hotel

With its Ottoman mansion location, the Celine Hotel could well be the best place to stay, especially as one of the best places for couples to stay in Istanbul.

Its decor gives it an unashamedly romantic vibe, and this stunning property has a quintessentially Turkish interior. Public areas have stone walls and floors featuring wild patterned tiling, while rooms feature carved wooden furniture and rich, luxurious fabrics.

Celine Hotel has an indoor garden with a fireplace, lounge, and bar, plus flatscreen cable TVs in all rooms. The Grand Bazaar is just over 500 meters away.


5. Romance Istanbul Hotel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Romance Istanbul Hotel
Photo Credit: Romance Istanbul Hotel

Even those looking for 5-star hotels in Istanbul would not be disappointed with the boutique-style Romance Istanbul Hotel. It offers a range of accommodations in a pleasant, green part of the southern peninsula, from city doubles to deluxe triples and luxurious suites with hot tubs.

The hotel has a cafe, bar, restaurant, and sauna, and the rooms are classically elegant with an Eastern twist. Guests rave about the property’s beauty, great breakfast, helpful staff, and location.


6. Rast Hotel Sultanahmet

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Rast Hotel Sultanahmet
Photo Credit: Rast Hotel Sultanahmet

If you’re looking for a room with a view, it doesn’t get much better than the Rast Hotel Sultanahmet. Featuring both a rooftop terrace restaurant and rooms with balconies overlooking the Bosphorus, you are sure to soak in the highlights of the Istanbul skyline. 

Elegant rooms hold an old-world charm, and many feature beautiful French doors that open to balcony views of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Enjoy a buffet-style breakfast each morning while overlooking the city, then head out to tour the delights of Istanbul yourself. The hotel is just a quick walk from the Grand Bazaar.


7. Magnaura Palace Hotel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Magnaura Palace
Photo Credit: Magnaura Palace

The Magnaura Palace Hotel is elegant inside and out and is located less than 250 meters from Hagia Sophia. An outdoor terrace is a particular highlight, as it offers guests views over the historic Sultanahmet district. The Marmara Sea can even be seen from some rooms.

Accommodation is decorated with Turkish textiles, air conditioning, LCD TV, and a seating area. Food, cleanliness, and comfortable beds are among the features most loved by previous guests.


8. Mest Hotel Istanbul Sirkeci

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Mest Hotel Istanbul Sirkeci
Photo Credit: Mest Hotel Istanbul Sirkeci

This Sultanahmet hotel is located near popular attractions such as the Basilica Cistern, the Column of Constantine, and Topkapi Palace. 

There is a rustic and historic charm in the decor of the rooms, with a fusion of old and new design concepts. Many rooms feature walk-out balconies with lovely views of the Istanbul city skyline. Groups of varying sizes will find comfort here, as the hotel offers economy rooms all the way up to lofted family suites. 

On site is a restaurant with a view and a daily continental breakfast. 


9. Santa Sofia Hotel

Best For Istanbul On A Budget

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Istanbul_Santa Sofia Hotel
Photo Credit: Santa Sofia Hotel

Found right in the heart of the old city center, many of the most famous sights are within walking distance of the Santa Sofia Hotel. It is also conveniently close to public transport, making it an excellent base for those visiting different areas of Istanbul.

Rooms are decorated with a Turkish flair and offer free WiFi and breakfast in the morning. 

The room prices are pretty affordable, making it a great option for families and those traveling on a budget.


10. Marius Hotel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Maruis Hotel
Photo Credit: Maruis Hotel

The Marius Hotel is a sleek, contemporary option in the city center, with airport shuttle options.

Rooms are decorated with contrasting dark and light colors, accented by wood tones, perfect for shutting out the bustle of the city when you are ready to sleep. Single up to deluxe family rooms are available, making this a convenient choice for groups of many sizes.

An onsite breakfast is available daily, which includes vegetarian, vegan, and halal cuisine options.


11. Valide Sultan Konagi

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Valide Sultan Konagi
Photo Credit: Valide Sultan Konagi

Definitely on the luxurious side, this 17-room mansion offers classical rooms with incredible views of the Bosphorus and the old city.

Ornate decor, luxe linens, and marble bathrooms will take you back in time while you still enjoy modern touches like WiFi, flatscreen TVs, minibars, and seating areas.

Mornings start with a complimentary buffet breakfast on the terrace, and guests can access a bar throughout the day.


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Where To Stay In Eminönü

Best Place In Istanbul For Shopping At The Bazaars

Sultanahmet Grand Bazaar

Eminönü is one of the most historical and touristic districts on the European side of Istanbul. It is located in the heart of Istanbul, on the Golden Horn Waterway.

Eminönü comes from Ottoman Turkish and means “Emperor’s Landing Place.” This is because it was where the Sultan would disembark from his royal barge when entering Istanbul.

The Eminönü district has many historical landmarks and tourist attractions. These include the Spice Bazaar, the New Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, and just a short walk away, the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque (technically in Sultanahmet).

The Spice Bazaar is a covered market that sells various spices, herbs, nuts, and dried fruits. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Eminönü.

The New Mosque is a beautiful mosque that was built in 1665. It has an iconic onion-shaped dome and two minarets.

The Grand Bazaar is one of the world’s largest and oldest covered markets. It dates back to 1461 and consists of over 60 streets and 4,000 shops selling everything from jewelry to carpets. 


Benefits Of Choosing To Stay In Eminönü

  1. Steeped in history and is home to iconic landmarks
  2. Offers a vibrant shopping scene

Drawbacks Of Choosing To Stay In Eminönü

  1. Extremely crowded
  2. Noise levels may not be suitable for travelers seeking a quieter and more relaxed stay
  3. Lacks green spaces and parks,
  4. Heavy traffic congestion

12. Nagehan Hotel Old City

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Istanbul_Nagehan Hotel Old City
Photo Credit: Nagehan Hotel Old City

Just a 15-minute walk from the Grand Bazaar, this is an affordable option in the city’s heart. 

The various room sizes make this an excellent option for families, and a daily breakfast is served here. Rooms are simple and clean, with plenty of space and small ornate decor touches to give them character.


13. Grand Hotel Gulsoy

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Istanbul_Grand Hotel Gulsoy
Photo Credit: Grand Hotel Gulsoy

For a more grand stay, check out Grand Hotel Gulsoy. With a sauna, hammam, massage treatments, indoor pool, and solarium, this is the right place to be pampered when you aren’t enjoying the nearby history of the city.

This 4-star hotel features contemporary rooms and can accommodate groups of up to 5.

Turkish and international cuisine is served at the hotel restaurant, and guests can also access bicycle rentals.


More Eminönü Hotels To Consider


Where To Stay In Taksim

Best Part Of Istanbul For Nightlife

Best Things To Do In Istanbul - taksim square Red tram in Istiklal street

Taksim is popular with all kinds of travelers. It is home to one of the best streets in Istanbul for its range of cafes, the best restaurants, and shopping.

This area is very central yet less crowded than Sultanahmet. Staying close to pedestrianized Taksim Square is an excellent option for couples and families visiting Istanbul.


Benefits Of Choosing To Stay In Taksim

  • It has two Metro stations
  • Lots of restaurant choices
  • Best place for nightlife

Drawbacks Of Choosing To Stay In Taksim

  • Expensive drinks and food
  • It can be trouble after dark
  • Clubs stay open until the wee hours, so it isn’t quiet 

16. The Marmara Taksim

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Spa Hotels In Istanbul_The Marmara Taksim
Photo Credit: The Marmara Taksim

This luxury hotel is located in the heart of Istanbul’s business district. The hotel has an indoor pool, a fitness center, and a spa with Turkish baths, massages, and body treatments.


17. Mukarnas Taksim Hotel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Mukarnas
Photo Credit: Mukarnas

I was wondering where to stay in Taksim. The Mukarnas Taksim Hotel is a favorite with visitors to this central area. With a range of rooms sleeping between two and six guests, this property is prized for its location, friendly staff, fabulous breakfast, and clean, modern rooms.

The hotel has an outdoor terrace, fitness room, free WiFi, 24-hour reception, and air-conditioned rooms with flatscreen TVs.

This hotel, just 400 meters from Taksim Square, which has loads of places to visit in Istanbul, is ideal for those wondering where to stay in Istanbul with a family.


18. Pera Luna Residence

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Pera Luna Residence
Photo Credit: Pera Luna Residence

If you want proximity to the metro line and Taksim Square, you’ve got it at Pera Luna.

This highly recommended property offers rooms that combine classic and modern decor to a pleasing effect, and guests staying here can walk pretty much everywhere.

Guests who’ve stayed here particularly love the comfortable beds, cleanliness, and convenient location. The hotel offers air conditioning, free WiFi, flatscreen TVs, and a 24-hour front desk.


19. CVK Taksim Hotel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_CVK Hotel Taksim
Photo Credit: CVK Hotel Taksim

Overlooking Taksim Square, this four-star hotel is undoubtedly one of the suitable areas to stay in Istanbul.

Each clean, modern room is elegantly decorated in its unique style, with views over the Bosporus from the restaurant. Some rooms have private balconies.

The property has a spa, a marble hammam, and a Scandinavian sauna. There are 3 bars, and the hotel serves a buffet breakfast daily.


20. Ayramin Hotel Taksim

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Ayramin
Photo Credit: Ayramin

Just a five-minute walk from Taksim metro station and under 200 meters from Istiklal Street is the Ayramin Hotel.

There is a huge range of rooms and suites available at this property – sleeping up to eight – meaning it suits all kinds of guests. All air-conditioned accommodation has flatscreen TVs, and some have a hot tub or a seating area.

Attentive staff, comfortable rooms, and a great location make this an Istanbul favorite.


More Taksim Hotels To Consider


Where To Stay In Beşiktaş

A Lesser-Known Tourist Choice

Located in the European side of Istanbul, Besiktas is one of the oldest neighborhoods and districts. It is declared that the name of the area originates from the Ottoman period.

Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa, the most famous admiral of all the Ottoman Empires, built five stone pillars in the district to serve as ship mooring, called Beştaş.

Over time, the name changed to Beşiktaş.


Benefits Of Choosing To Stay In Beşiktaş

  • Local feel
  • There are so many accommodation choices
  • Great for shopping

Drawbacks Of Choosing To Stay In Beşiktaş

  • So jam-packed with people all the time
  • No Metro option and taxis are hard to come by

23. W Istanbul

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Spa Hotels In Istanbul_W Istanbul
Photo Credit: W Istanbul

This stylish hotel is located in the trendy Besiktas district. The hotel has an outdoor pool overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, a fitness center, and a spa with Turkish baths, massages, and body treatments.


24. Shangri-La Bosphorus

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Shangri La Bosphorus
Photo Credit: Shangri La Bosphorus

If you want a Bosphorus view restaurant in Istanbul, you’ll be spoilt for choice at the Shangri-La Bosphorus. It has three eateries plus a spa and an indoor swimming pool.

This fabulous five-star hotel and resort on the Bosphorus in Istanbul has steam rooms, a Turkish bath, a sauna, and a hot tub.

There are marble bathrooms with Bvlgari toiletries, underfloor heating, iPod docks, high-speed internet, and flatscreen TVs.

The room decor is contemporary, with Asian touches reflecting the wonderful location. Suites have two outdoor terraces each, plus an indoor seating area.


25. Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Four Seasons Istanbul
Photo Credit: Four Seasons Istanbul

Why look for hotels in Istanbul at Taksim Square facing the Bosphorus when you could base yourself further out? The hotels in Beşiktaş offer so much luxury and those glittering sea views.

The Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul is a classic example of a former Ottoman Palace, no less.

This seafront five-star property has a spa, gym, indoor and outdoor pools, and gardens with sun loungers—several bars and restaurants, including Aqua Restaurant, boasting a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus.

Vibrant Besiktas Square is under a five-minute walk from the property.


26. Mandarin Oriental, Istanbul

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Spa Hotels In Istanbul_Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul
Photo Credit: Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul

This luxury hotel is located in Besiktas near Taksim Square. The hotel has an indoor pool, a fitness center, and a spa with Turkish baths, massages, and facials.


More Besiktas Hotels To Consider

Where To Stay In Beyoğlu – Including Karakoy & Galata

2 Best Neighborhoods In Istanbul

Istanbul Nightlife - Galata Tower Istanbul

Beyoglu is a vibrant part of Istanbul and probably home to the Turkish city’s broadest range of accommodation choices. With its red trams, museums, antique shops, eateries, and bars, this lively and interesting area close to the Galata Tower is one of the many Istanbul neighborhoods to stay in.

Cukurcuma also forms part of this area and is home to a property with a traditional Turkish bath on site, making it one of the best areas to stay in.

Technically, Karakoy and Galata are both part of the Beyoglu district of the city, so the good and bad things you need to know about staying here we already mentioned.

30. Hotel DeCamondo Galata, Galata

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Camondo
Turkey Travel Photo Credit: Hotel DeCamondo

Past guests highly rate the location and facilities of this super clean hotel. Rooms have character features like exposed brickwork, wooden beams, and flooring and typically have white walls and indigo accents. T

his contemporary hotel has a restaurant, bar, and terrace and offers a 24-hour front desk, concierge, and currency exchange. A la carte or continental breakfast options are offered daily.


31. Bankerhan Hotel, Galata

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Bankerhan Hotel Galata
Photo Credit: Bankerhan Hotel Galata

The Bankerhan Hotel is close to where Karaköy and Galata meet, just 300 meters from the tram stop.

Accommodation is comfortable and stylish, with a flatscreen cable TV, air conditioning, and WiFi. A mix of city and sea view rooms in various styles are available – from standard singles, doubles, and twins to Japanese-style doubles or executive rooms with private terraces.

The hotel has a restaurant, 24-hour front desk, and a concierge, and breakfast is served each morning.


32. Art Nouveau Pera, Galata

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Art Nouveau Pera
Photo Credit: Art Nouveau Pera

The Art Nouveau Pera Hotel offers sea view accommodation as single, double, or family rooms for up to four guests.

The property also has a Turkish bath, sauna, and hot tub.

This hotel is about 300 meters from the Galata Tower, and rooms have features like paneled walls and parquet flooring. Some of the marble bathrooms have a hot tub or spa bath. Air conditioning, flatscreen satellite TV, free WiFi, and a mini-fridge are in all rooms.


33. Doruk Palas Hotel, Karakoy

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Doruk Palas Hotel
Photo Credit: Doruk Palas Hotel

Around 600 meters from the Galata Tower is the Doruk Palas Hotel, where guests say they’ve been made to feel like one of the family. Its position close to the Golden Horn means that many double and family rooms here have stunning views over the water.

A restaurant with a terrace also makes this one of the best Bosphorus view hotels in Istanbul for dining. The hotel also offers free WiFi, 24-hour reception, flatscreen TVs, and air conditioning and serves a buffet breakfast daily.


34. Sherry Suites Karaköy

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Sherry Suites Karakoy
Photo Credit: Sherry Suites Karakoy

Located right by the point where the Golden Horn departs the Strait, the Sherry Suites are a rather unique place to stay for those wanting hotels on the Bosphorus with a view. A range of sea views rooms is available, from doubles to family rooms and apartments for four or five.

As it’s just a mile from the center of Taksim, this property is also suitable for anyone searching for the best hotels in Istanbul near Taksim Square.

It has a 24-hour reception, a tour desk, air conditioning, flatscreen TVs, and free WiFi and serves a continental or à la carte breakfast.


35. Hammamhane

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Hamamhane
Photo Credit: Hamamhane

Located in a restored building close to Istiklal Avenue, Hammamhane offers a range of suites, ideal for those looking for places to stay with a little more space.

The main highlight is the Turkish bath – Cukurcuma Hammam – on site, from which the property takes its name. Hammamhane is within walking distance of the shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafés of Cukurcuma.

The air-conditioned suites have high ceilings, cork flooring, flatscreen TVs, and fully equipped kitchens. Some also feature their terrace.


More Beyoğlu Hotels To Consider


Where To Stay In Kadikoy

Best Restaurants On The Asian Side

Istanbul Nightlife- Kadikoy_Haydarpasa railway station

Kadıköy is a vibrant and very popular district frequented by tourists on the Asian side of Istanbul. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists, with plenty of things to see and do. From its bustling markets to its historic buildings, Kadıköy has something for everyone.

The district is home to one of Istanbul’s most famous landmarks, the Haydarpaşa Train Station. Built in 1909, the station is a beautiful example of Ottoman architecture. Today, it is no longer in use but remains an important part of the city’s history.

Kadıköy is also home to the Kadıköy Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Istanbul. The mosque was built in 1597 and is known for its beautiful courtyard and grand interior.


Benefits Of Choosing To Stay In Kadıköy

  • Home to numerous art galleries, theaters, and live music venues
  • This neighborhood is a food lover’s paradise – so much authentic Turkish food
  • A transportation hub with ferries, buses, and a metro station

Drawbacks Of Choosing To Stay In Kadıköy

  • Kadıköy can be crowded, especially during peak hours and weekends
  • Heavy traffic congestion leads to longer commute times and difficulties in navigating the area by car.

42. Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamış Marina Hotel

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Hotels On The Asian Side Of Istanbul_Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamış Marina Hotel
Photo Credit: Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamış Marina Hotel

Located centrally in Kadikoy, this hotel is one of the best on the Asian side, and it’s a 5-star choice packed with luxury. Most rooms have sea or marina views. However, others have city views. There are two pools, an indoor pool, a fitness center, and a spa onsite.

Rooms are large and comfortably furnished with flatscreen TVs and tea and coffee-making facilities. There are eight restaurants on site and an extensive cocktail bar. The hotel is within walking distance of the center of the ferry port, which will take you over to the European side.


43. Broyt Hotel, Kadikoy

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Hotels On The Asian Side Of Istanbul_Broyt Hotel
Photo Credit: Broyt Hotel

Close to Caddebostan Beach, this hotel is the best choice for those who want to be close to the action but not right in the middle of it. It is also a very luxurious choice for a four-star hotel, with large and comfortable rooms. Rooms also feature flatscreen TVs, a kitchenette, a private bathroom, and a dining area. Most also have city views.

An onsite restaurant serves breakfast daily and has good dining options during the day.


44. Plus Hotel Bostanci Atasehir

Turkey Travel Blog_Best Hotels On The Asian Side Of Istanbul_Plus Hotel Bostanci Atasehir
Photo Credit: Plus Hotel Bostanci Atasehir

This very stylish hotel is excellent value for money and is located in the lively Bostanci area of Kadikoy. There is a spa onsite that offers massages, free parking, and high-speed WiFi.

Rooms are large and decorated in a modern manner, with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and fantastic city views. The nearest Metro station is just a stone’s throw away from the hotel.



Istanbul Hostels

45. Archeo Hostel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Archeo Beyoglu
Photo Credit: Archeo

Hostels make unique places to stay in Istanbul. Suitable for solo travelers, they are a great way to meet like-minded people. Istanbul hostels aren’t much more memorable – or highly rated – than Archeo.

Archeo Istanbul is super clean, laid-back, and decorated in an appealing, quirky style. Beyoglu is under a mile from Taksim Square and just over a mile from the Spice Bazaar. Accommodation options include male and female dorms, double rooms, and an onsite cafe.


46. Taksim Wooden House Hostel

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Istanbul_Taksim Woodenhouse Hostel
Photo Credit: Taksim Wooden House Hostel

This spotless and well-run hostel is in an area straddling Beyoglu and Taksim. The property is around 500 meters from Taksim Square, on the inland side.

Rooms have city views, and the hostel has its own garden for guests’ use. There are double and bunk rooms and the property, and travelers can pick a four or eight-bed dorm. Some have garden views or a balcony.

The excellent location and modern facilities like free WiFi, 24-hour desk with currency exchange, and shared kitchen make this a perfect option for those on a budget.


47. Hush Hostel

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Photo Credit: Hush Hostel Lounge

You don’t have to have endless funds to enjoy those Bosphorus views. Hush Hostel is positioned on the ‘other,’ Anatolian side of Istanbul – and there are views over the water from its rooftop terrace. It also has a garden.

The central part of town can be accessed in just 20 minutes via the nearby Kadiköy ferry service. A common area with musical instruments, a TV, and a shared kitchen make this a sociable place to stay.

Accommodation can be booked in singles or doubles with private or shared bathrooms or in various dorms.

We hope this guide has helped you find an excellent base for your stay in the beguiling city of Istanbul.

Whether you choose a sumptuous property in Sultanahmet, an affordable family hotel in Taksim, or a friendly hostel in Beyoglu, you’ll surely enjoy your time in this exciting East meets West destination.


What is the best area to stay in Istanbul?

There are multiple areas we recommend: Sultanahmet, Eminönü, Karaköy, Galata, Taksim Square, Kadiköy, and Besiktas are all significant areas to start your search.

What is the best place to stay in Istanbul for my first visit?

Sultanahmet and Eminönü are perfect first-time visitors as you will be near the city’s most famous sites.

Should I stay on the European or Asian side of Istanbul?

The European side is home to the majority of famous sites, but the Asian side has a more authentic feel, so it depends on what you want to get out of your visit to Istanbul. Most tourists opt to stay on the European side out of convenience but then visit the Asian side during their stay.

What is the most central area of Istanbul to stay in?

Taksim Square and Istikal Street are the most central areas of the city. This also means they are pretty busy areas, but if you love being in the center of the action, they are great places to base yourself on the most efficient way to get around Istanbul.

The Metro servMetrost of the city, but we recommend using a combination of Metro, tram, and buses for convenient transportation. Avoid driving due to the heavy Istanbul traffic, especially during the evenings; taxis are a better option then.

Choosing between Taksim and Sultanahmet: where to stay in Istanbul?

If you prefer a serene atmosphere with historical significance, Sultanahmet is one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to stay. However, for those seeking vibrant nightlife or looking for places to eat, Taksim offers a more suitable experience.

Which area in Istanbul offers the most scenic views?

Istanbul boasts beauty throughout, but if you’re seeking a breathtaking panorama, head to the Asian side and savor the sight of the Golden Horn at sunset.

Is Istanbul a walkable city?

While Istanbul’s vast size makes it impossible to walk everywhere, walking can be a practical way to avoid traffic congestion. Ensure you have comfortable shoes and take advantage of walking opportunities.

Does the location of my accommodation in Istanbul matter?

Indeed, it does. Istanbul’s expanse means that staying far from your desired places to visit can result in significant time spent in transit. Make a thoughtful choice based on your planned activities.

Which Istanbul neighborhood is ideal for tourists?

The perfect area for tourists in Istanbul depends on your interests. If history fascinates you, Sultanahmet is the best choice, as it houses numerous attractions.

Is Taksim Square safe at night?

While Taksim Square can get lively at night, it is safe to visit with prudent precautions, just like any bustling area or city. Overall, Istanbul is a very safe tourist area.

Is staying in downtown Istanbul recommended?

Istanbul lacks a distinct downtown area due to its sprawling nature. If nightlife is your priority, Taksim may be appealing. However, for a quieter environment away from large crowds, consider alternative accommodations and visit Taksim when desired.

European or Asian side of Istanbul?

Both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul offer abundant attractions. Nonetheless, the European side typically provides more tourist activities and amenities.

Where’s the safest place to stay in Istanbul?

For a secure stay, choose Sultanahmet, Istanbul’s historical heart. It is renowned for its heightened security and tranquil ambiance.

Which areas in Istanbul should I avoid for accommodation?

Dolapdere and Tarlabaşı, situated near Taksim, are neighborhoods to steer clear of due to safety concerns.

Where to stay in Istanbul for accessibility to everything?

Beşiktaş, centrally positioned, grants easy access to public transportation networks linking all parts of the city. Opting for accommodation here simplifies the exploration of Istanbul’s diverse attractions.

Is nighttime in Beyoğlu safe?

Generally, it’s safe to walk the streets of Beyoğlu at night as long as you stick to the main roads and avoid displaying valuable items. If possible, take a taxi for added security.

Where is the best area to find luxury hotels in Istanbul?

Besiktas and Ortakoy are known for their selection of outstanding luxury hotels in this area.

How many days should I spend in Istanbul?

Plan to spend at least four days in Istanbul. More is always better, but you can never see it all in just one trip.

Where will you stay in Istanbul?

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