20 Istanbul Beaches – Best Beaches In Istanbul & Nearby

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Summer in Istanbul isn’t just about immersing yourself in the local culture’s vibrancy and soaking up unforgettable experiences. It’s also the perfect season to explore the city’s stunning beaches and hidden coves. 

Think sun-kissed shores of the Black Sea in the north, the Sea of Marmara in the south, or the Bosphorus Strait in the middle, complete with soft yellow sand that’s just perfect for a game of beach soccer, lounging under the sun and safe for swimming. 

Turkey Travel Blog_Istanbul Beaches Our Pick Of The Best Beaches In Istanbul

Whether you’re close to the city center or venturing a little further out, Istanbul’s beaches are a refreshing escape. From bustling beaches equipped with sun loungers to serene coves, you’re in for a treat.

So, if you’ve had your fill of historical landmarks and bustling bazaars, let’s switch gears and guide you through the refreshing beachside of Istanbul.

Best Beaches In Istanbul

If you are short on time, here are the top beaches in Istanbul you will love.

  1. Büyükada Beach
  2. Uzunya Beach
  3. Burç Beach
  4. Uzunkum Beach
  5. Karaburun Beach
  6. Suma Beach Club
  7. Sariyer Beaches
  8. Teos Beach
  9. Kilyos Beach
  10. Tirmata Beach
  11. Burgaz Adası
  12. Kilimli Cove
  13. Kadirga Bay
  14. Caddebostan Plajı
  15. Solar Beach
  16. Dalia Beach Club
  17. Anadolufeneri Plajı
  18. Babylon Beach
  19. Tuzla Sahil Parkı
  20. Agva Beach

Keep reading for details on these beaches of Istanbul:

Best Beaches For Families

These beaches offer a welcoming atmosphere for families with children, featuring calm waters, playgrounds, or additional facilities like picnic areas and easy access to restrooms and food options.

1. Büyükada Beach

A wooden pier leading to Büyükada beach with chairs and umbrellas, perfect for a day trip.

Welcome to Istanbul’s largest beach! Buyukada Beach is located on one of the Princes’ Islands of the same name and provides guests with an unforgettable adventure.

The scenic beach overlooks the blue waters of the Sea of Marmara and is close to other Princes Islands. Although the beach is a little rocky, the water is fantastic, and the beach is well worth a visit.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • The natural beauty of Buyukada Island is breathtaking
  • There are many facilities around the beach
  • The water is ideal for swimming
  • It’s one of the best places to watch the sunset in Istanbul city

Best For: A tranquil getaway

How To Get There: Taking a ferry from Kabataş ferry port is the most convenient way to travel to Buyukada Beach. Ferry services from Beşiktaş, Maltepe, and Bostancı ferry terminals are also available.

2. Tuzla Sahil Parkı

Tuzla Sahil Parkı is a refreshing escape on Istanbul’s Asian side. It offers a long stretch of coastline with a promenade, green spaces, and a serene atmosphere.

This beach is less about the sand and more about enjoying the seaside. It has areas for picnicking, jogging, and leisurely strolls. Its laid-back vibe is perfect for those looking to escape the city’s hustle without venturing too far.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Ample green spaces for picnics and relaxation
  • A family-friendly atmosphere with playgrounds for kids
  • Clear waters for a refreshing dip
  • It is ideal for long, scenic walks along the promenade

Best For: Families, joggers, and anyone looking for a peaceful day out

How To Get There: The easiest way to reach Tuzla Sahil Parkı is by taking a bus or minibus from various points in Istanbul heading towards Tuzla. You can also drive there, with parking available near the beach. The Marmaray train line has a stop in Tuzla, making it accessible for a quick getaway.

3. Kilyos Beach

Kilyos Beach - Beaches in Istanbul

Kilyos Beach, located near a picturesque Black Sea village, is the epitome of a hidden treasure. It’s over 50 kilometers from Istanbul and rarely crowded throughout the week.

However, on summer weekends, it is the first choice of most beachgoers in the region. So, if you want to visit this beautiful beach, go on weekdays and avoid the weekends.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • On the weekdays, the beach is never busy
  • It has a scenic town nearby where you can explore the local culture and taste delicious dishes
  • The beach is a meeting point of all colors! You have turquoise, golden, green, and white.

Best For: Exploring the local culture and lifestyle.

How To Get There: You can take bus line 151 from the Hacıosman Metro bus stop.

4. Uzunkum Beach

Uzunkum Beach, located near the city, offers guests a rejuvenating experience through many activities and luxury facilities. While soaking up the sun, you can shower, sunbathe, or sip a superb cocktail – rated the best beach in Istanbul by Chasing the Donkey.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Located in a peaceful location, Uzunkum Beach offers its visitors a relaxing experience.
  • It hosts many facilities where you can enjoy great beverages and socialize
  • The water is perfect for swimming
  • There is a club named Aqua Beach Club that organizes beach parties and fun activities

Best For: People who love parties

How To Get There: The quickest method to go to the beach is to take the bus line 139 from Üsküdar

5. Caddebostan Beach (Caddebostan Plajı)

Caddebostan Plajı is one of Istanbul’s most popular urban beaches, located on the city’s Asian side. It’s a vibrant spot where locals and tourists flock to soak up the sun, enjoy the sea, and partake in the lively atmosphere.

The beach is well-maintained, with clear waters and a spacious sandy shore, making it a favorite for sunbathers and swimmers alike.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Urban beach with easy access
  • Clean and well-maintained sandy shore
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Close to cafes and restaurants

Best For: Families, friends, and solo travelers looking for a beach day without leaving the city.

How To Get There: Easily reachable by public transport, Caddebostan Plajı is accessible via bus or minibus from Kadıköy. You can also drive there, as parking is available nearby.

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Beaches For Water Sports And Activities

These beaches are ideal for those looking for more than just a swim. These locations offer activities such as surfing, kiteboarding, or canoeing.

6. Burç Beach (Burch Beach)

Known for Kiteboarding and Windsurfing

Day Trips From Istanbul - Kilyos, Burc Beach. Istanbul

Burc Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul, and it is perfect for enjoying the sea, soft sand, and sun.

The club offers water sports, beach volleyball, football, windsurfing, and other exciting activities. If you’re lucky, you might be able to visit during its annual kitesurfing event.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • It’s far from the city and offers you a tranquil getaway
  • The club features many facilities
  • There are various water sports activities you can try at the club
  • The beach is sandy, and the water is excellent for swimming

Best For: People who love water sports and activities

How To Get There: The club is 15 km from Istanbul, and taking a taxi is the best option. There are shuttles from Boğaziçi University to Burç Beach that run every weekend

7. Suma Beach Club

Suma Beach Club - Best beaches in Istanbul
Photo credit

Suma Beach Club is well-known for its vibrant nightlife and wide range of amenities. The beach club offers a variety of activities, including yoga and pilates sessions.

If you want to dance or have a fun evening, the nightclubs along the beach are ideal. Suma Beach Club will undoubtedly help you; unwind and get away from the monotony of city life.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • The beach club offers you some of the best nightlife experiences in Istanbul
  • It’s rich in facilities and full of activities
  • The beach has a sandy shore, and the water is ideal for swimming
  • There are many venues and restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine

Best For: Discovering Istanbul’s nightlife

How To Get There: Unfortunately, it’s hard to get to Suma by public transportation, and you’ll need to take a taxi.

8. Solar Beach

Solar Beach, located in the Kilyos area on the Black Sea coast, is known for its wide range of sports and entertainment activities. It’s a private beach offering a premium beach experience with its clean sand, clear waters, and a variety of water sports.

Whether you’re into jet skiing, volleyball, or just lounging by the sea, Solar Beach has something for everyone.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Wide array of water sports and activities
  • High-quality facilities, including loungers, showers, and changing rooms
  • Vibrant nightlife with parties and live music events

Best For: Water sports enthusiasts and party-goers.

How To Get There: The best way to Solar Beach is by car or a shuttle bus, which the beach provides from various points in Istanbul. Check the website for the shuttle schedule.

9. Agva Beach

Opportunities for River Boating and Kayaking

Beaches in Istanbul - Aerial view near the river in agva sile istanbul turkey_Depositphotos_214962880_S

Nestled along the Black Sea coast, Agva Beach is a hidden gem with a stunning natural landscape. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking a quiet retreat.

Lush forests surround the beach, and it is part of a charming village known for its warm hospitality and beautiful river. Agva provides a mix of sandy and pebbly shores with clear, inviting waters.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • The natural setting between two rivers with a backdrop of forests
  • It is less crowded than other Istanbul beaches, providing a more intimate experience
  • Opportunities for water sports and river boating
  • Proximity to local seafood restaurants offering fresh catches

Best For: Nature enthusiasts, couples, water sports lovers

How To Get There: Agva Beach is about a 2-hour drive from Istanbul, making it an excellent option for a weekend getaway. Public transport options include buses from Istanbul’s Harem bus station to Agva. For a more scenic route, take a bus to Şile first and then a short ride to Agva, enjoying the beautiful countryside along the way.

Secluded And Natural Turkish Beaches Along The Coast

Perfect for visitors seeking tranquility and a natural setting away from the crowds. These beaches are more about the scenic beauty and less about the facilities.

10. Kilimli Cove

Ağva is another Black Sea coast village with picturesque nature and a secluded cove. Kilimli Cove offers travelers a lovely escape from Istanbul’s city beaches.

The rock formations around the cove make the scenery even more dramatic and majestic. Plus, the cove is a popular camping destination, so you can bring your tent and camping equipment.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • The cove is rarely busy due to its distance from the city
  • It’s an ideal destination for camping and discovering the local lifestyle
  • Thanks to its spectacular nature, you can take lots of Instagrammable pictures

Best For: Families and people who love camping, taking pictures, and discovering hidden coves

How To Get There: To get to Ağva, you need to take the bus line from Üsküdar to Ağva

11. Kadirga Bay

While in Ağva, consider a stop at Kadirga Bay. This stunning natural wonder is just 15 minutes from town.

This hidden bay is essentially a cove between the rocks and the sea. The rocks have been carved away by the waves over time and resemble an amphitheater. When visiting this stunning bay, swimming, sunbathing, and exploration are all on the menu. 

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • The cove is very sheltered, more so than Kilimli.
  • You can easily swim in the calm waters of the bay.
  • The natural beauty of the sea and rock is breathtaking.

Best For: Families and people who love exploring hidden coves

How to Get To The Beach: To get to Ağva, you need to take the bus line from Üsküdar to Ağva. Kadırga Bay is located to the east of the city and can be reached from Büyükbucaklı village by a road 1 km long that travels towards the sea.

12. Karaburun Beach

White sands, turquoise waters, and natural cliff surrounds make this a favorite spot for locals living on the Anatolian side in the summer months. The beach is found in the village of Balaban. 

Since the beach is remote and natural, it’s rarely busy, making it a great escape from the city.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • It’s the perfect location for a picnic
  • This stretch of sandy beach is soft and ready to sunbathe on
  • It’s off the beaten path, so it will never feel overcrowded
  • It is free to visit
  • There is parking on the road right by the beach

Best For: People who love experiencing life like a local and want to get away from the crowds

How To Get There: The quickest way to the beach is to take a taxi, but public transport also runs to the area. Check local schedules, as this route sometimes changes. 

13. Anadolufeneri Plajı

Anadolufeneri Plajı is a hidden gem located at the northern end of the Bosphorus, near the Anadolufeneri Lighthouse.

This lesser-known beach offers a peaceful retreat with its natural setting, clear waters, and beautiful surroundings. It’s an excellent spot for those looking to enjoy a quiet day by the sea, away from the crowded city beaches.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Peaceful and natural setting
  • It is less crowded than other Istanbul beaches
  • Beautiful views of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea

Best For: Solo travelers and anyone seeking a tranquil beach day.

How To Get There: The best way to reach Anadolufeneri Plajı is by car. Public transport options are limited, but you can take a bus towards Anadolukavağı and then a taxi to the beach.

Beach Clubs And Nightlife

These spots are great for those looking to combine sunbathing with socializing. They often feature bars, music, and sometimes entrance fees.

Suma Beach Club is a fantastic beach that falls into this category, which was highlighted previously.

In addition, check out the following:

14. Dalia Beach Club

Dalia Beach Club offers an exclusive slice of paradise with its serene ambiance, beautiful landscape, and top-notch services.

Situated in the Demirciköy area, this beach club is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Istanbul for a day. With its comfortable sunbeds and beach umbrellas, delicious dining options, and pristine waters, Dalia Beach Club promises a relaxing and luxurious beach day.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Luxurious and tranquil atmosphere
  • Excellent dining options
  • Pristine beach and clear waters

Best For: Couples and anyone looking to indulge in a more upscale beach experience.

How To Get There: Driving is the most convenient option to reach Dalia Beach Club, with ample parking available on-site. Public transportation options include buses and minibusses that get you close to the area, followed by a short taxi ride.

15. Babylon Beach

Babylon Beach at Kilyos is all about combining relaxation with entertainment. This beach is known for its youthful vibe, regular DJ performances, and beach parties.

Besides the vibrant atmosphere, Babylon Beach also offers a clean, sandy shore and clear waters for a refreshing swim. It’s the go-to place for those looking to enjoy the beach by day and party by night.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Energetic atmosphere with regular events and parties
  • Clean beach and clear waters
  • Variety of food and drink options

Best For: Young travelers and anyone looking for a fun beach day with the option to party.

How To Get There: Babylon Beach is most accessible by car. There are also shuttle services available from various points in Istanbul, particularly on event days.

Perfect Place See Historical And Cultural Sites With The Beach

Beaches located near or on islands that offer a glimpse into Istanbul’s rich history and culture, perfect for those who want to mix beach time with exploration. 

Büyükada Beach (one of the Princes’ Islands) is a fantastic beach that falls into this category and was highlighted previously.

In addition, check out the following:

16. Burgaz Adası

An island option with historical significance

Burgaz Adası, or Burgaz Island, is a small island between two other Princes’ Islands, Kınalı and Heybeli. Around the island, there are numerous public beaches and unspoiled coves. However, the beaches are mainly stony and pebbly, so don’t forget to pack a pair of beach shoes.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • There are many secluded beaches on the island where you can spend quality time alone
  • The island has stunning natural beauty
  • Although the island is remote, there are a few small venues and facilities to enjoy

Best For: Nature lovers!

How To Get There: The only way to the island is by ferry from Kabatas Besiktas Adalar Seaport.

Best Istanbul Urban Beach Best Spots

Located within or very close to the city, these beaches offer easy access for those looking to quickly escape the urban environment without venturing too far.

Caddebostan Plajı is a fantastic beach that falls into this category and was highlighted previously.

In addition, check out the following:

17. Sariyer Beaches

Short day trips from Istanbul - Istanbul coastal Sariyer

This coastal district in Istanbul is home to 3 popular beaches: Elmas Kum Beach, Altinkum Ladies Beach, and Altinkum Beach Club. 

What Makes These Istanbul Beaches Great?

  • These beaches are all close to each other so that you can make a day of it.
  • The area is known for incredible food – mussels, fish, and figs.
  • The Altinkum Ladies Beach is for women only, making it an excellent spot for a girl’s trip.

Best For: Beach day with seafood

How To Get There: Both the 25A bus and the SRY-05 minibus pass near the Altinkum Beach Club.

Day At The Beach For Adventure And Exploration

These beaches and coves offer rugged landscapes, ideal for hiking, exploration, or simply enjoying unspoiled nature. 

Both of these beaches fall into categories already listed previously but make for excellent exploration spots, too.

  • Kilimli Cove
  • Kadirga Bay

More Great Istanbul Beaches

18. Uzunya Beach

If you want to spend your holiday on a picturesque beach, Uzunya Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Istanbul and should be at the top of your list.

The beach is only an hour’s drive from Istanbul, making it ideal for a quick break from the city. Despite being in a small cove, the beach is rarely busy.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Uzunya Beach is the meeting point of golden, green, and turquoise colors.;
  • It has a spectacular nature
  • The beach is small but never crowded. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to spend quality time alone.
  • Around the beach, there are many facilities and venues where you can enjoy delicious Turkish dishes.

Best For: A quiet adventure

How To Get There: You can take a bus or shuttle towards Kilyos. Taking a taxi is another option.

19. Teos Beach

Teos Beach, located on Kınalı Ada, the jewel of the Princes’ Islands, is a luxury beach club with superb beach service and a restaurant serving delicious meals. Teos Beach offers visitors entertainment programs, outstanding facilities, and must-try restaurants.

For those looking for a relaxing and luxurious getaway, Teos Beach in Istanbul is the way to go.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Teos Beach has high-quality facilities
  • You can enjoy delicious seafood at the restaurants around the beach
  • The water is ideal for swimming
  • The beach is on one of the most spectacular islands of the Marmara Sea

Best For: People who love all-inclusive beach holidays

How To Get There: You can take a ferry from Kabataş, Bostancı, or Eminönü

20. Tirmata Beach

Tirmata Beach is another luxury beach club located in Kilyos. The beach, with its many activities and beautiful environment, is a great place to spend your holiday.

You can have a delicious Turkish breakfast at the beach’s cafeteria to start your day and sunbathe on the lounges provided by the beach. Plus, for dinner, you can have a delectable meal at the Tirmata Beach restaurant.

What Makes This Istanbul Beach Great?

  • Its facilities offer you high-quality services
  • You can taste delicious food thanks to the cafeteria and restaurant the beach features
  • The water is perfect for swimming
  • The beach is sandy, and you don’t have to bring slippers to have a stroll

Best For: A classic beach holiday

How To Get There: The easiest way to the beach is to take bus line 151 from the Hacı Osman Metro stop in Maslak.

Things To Do In Istanbul

What to do in Istanbul:

  • 🚢 Enjoy the city view with live music and stage performances on this cruise with private tables
  • 🚶 Discover the Basilica Cistern beneath the streets of Istanbul with a guided tour
  • 🕌 Enter the magnificent Hagia Sophia, which is the world’s largest place of worship, built by Emperor Justinian in 532 AD on this tour
  • 🍲 Eat your way through Istanbul and sample Turkish delicacies with a guided tour of local favorite food spots
  • 🏰 Skip the line and enter the most important museum of Turkey – Topkapi Palace and the Balkan Peninsula with this ticket


Frequently Asked Questions: Beaches In Istanbul


What are the best beaches near Istanbul?

Several beautiful beaches are near Istanbul, such as Solar Beach and Burc Beach. These beaches offer an incredible swimming experience and are a short drive from the city.

When is the best time to visit Istanbul for a beach day?

The best time to visit Istanbul to swim and sunbathe is between May and September. During these months, the weather is warm and pleasant, perfect for enjoying the beaches.

Which beach is the closest to central Istanbul?

If you want a beach close to central Istanbul, Caddebostan Plajı is the ideal choice. It offers calm waters and is situated on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, providing a convenient location.

Are there any private beach clubs in Istanbul?

Yes, there are several private beach clubs in Istanbul. Dalia Beach Club and Uzunya Beach Restaurant are popular choices, offering exclusive amenities and a more intimate beach experience.

What are the best beaches on the Asian side of Istanbul?

Beautiful beaches surround the Asian side of Istanbul. Some of the best ones include Solar Beach, Burc Beach, and Anadolufeneri Plajı. Each offers a unique experience and stunning views.

How can I get to the beaches around Istanbul?

The best way to get to the beaches around Istanbul is by car or using public transportation. Many of the beaches are easily accessible by road, and public buses or ferries can also take you to some of the beach locations.

Which beach in Istanbul is considered one of the best in Turkey?

Solar Beach is renowned as one of the best beaches in Turkey. With its golden sands and lively atmosphere, it attracts locals and tourists alike and offers a top-notch beach experience.

Now that you know which Istanbul beaches you should swim at, tell us which one of these beaches near Istanbul you will head to first.

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