17 Best & Most Beautiful Beaches In Izmir, Turkey

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In fact, there are plenty of pristine beaches, most of which are lovely and sandy, offering visitors a wonderful and relaxing day in the sun. These beaches are generally less crowded and don’t have quite the same “resort” feel as many of the beaches in Antalya do!

So, if you’re planning on visiting Izmir and are keen to spend some time at the coast and enjoying the beaches, stick around because we’re going to give you a list of the best beaches to visit in Izmir – a comprehensive Izmir beach guide if you will.

Turkey Travel Blog_Best & Most Beautiful Beaches In Izmir Turkey

Located on the west coast of Turkey’s Anatolia region, Izmir is probably most well-known for Ephesus, an ancient city and archaeological site. In addition to numerous historical and cultural attractions – such as old ruins, bazaars, and buildings – the coastal area of Izmir boasts several lovely sandy beaches and hidden coves.

Since Izmir isn’t exactly regarded as the top destination in Turkey for beach holidays – simply because most people tend to choose Antalya or Bodrum instead – most of the beaches in Izmir are actually fairly underrated.

1. Altınkum Beach – Sandy Beach

Altinkum Beach is an excellent beach for relaxing, with plenty of space to hang out, as well as beautiful calm waters that are perfect for swimming. It’s known in particular for its fine white sand and crystal clear waters, and it’s an excellent choice for just about anyone. It’s about 100 kilometers from the center of Izmir, but if you want to spend the day on the beach, it’s a great option.

Most of the beach is public, so you can visit free of charge and make use of public restrooms – if you want some extra comfort, you can purchase an umbrella or cheap beach chairs.

Alternatively, if you’d like a bit more pampering, there are also a few private beach clubs that’ll charge you an entrance fee, but in return, you have access to sun loungers, umbrellas, cafes, shade, and grassy areas.

2. Melengeç Beach – Top Family Destination

About 35 kilometers from the center of Izmir, Melengec Beach is known for its gorgeous blue water and lush natural scenery all around – mountains in the distance and lovely greenery, too. Overall, the beach boasts a laid-back vibe, with a few cafes where you can buy food, drinks, and snacks, but it’s not quite like the fancy resorts you’ll find elsewhere.

The beach itself is a great family-friendly option in Izmir as the water is calm and super safe for swimming, and there are also public restrooms, showers, and changing rooms around. Also, they have a policy of not allowing men to enter the beach alone; they have to be with other people or at least one woman – this is an attempt to make it safer – so if you’re worried about safety, this could be an upside.

If you’re into water sports, Melengeçis is the perfect spot for you because you can get involved in windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, kite surfing, pedal boating, and more here. You can also rent umbrellas and loungers if you are so inclined, and it’s actually considered to be one of the best-hidden beaches in Izmir, surprisingly enough, so you can enjoy a fair bit of tranquility.

3. Pamucak Beach

Pamucak Beach may seem remote from central Izmir, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for breathtaking natural coastal scenery and a rugged landscape. And, since most people tend to visit Ephesus while they’re in Izmir, that offers a convenient opportunity to go to Pamucak Beach because it’s very near Ephesus and Selcuk.

The beach, bordered by olive groves and shrubs, provides a more natural coastal atmosphere. It’s not touristy at all, so you’re unlikely to have to deal with busy crowds, but make sure you take along everything you need (food, water, towels, umbrellas) because there aren’t any shops or restaurants on the beach – although you can walk a little way to find a few if you’re desperate!

4. Kocakum Beach

If you’re looking for a beach that offers quiet and serenity, Kocakum Beach is perfect for you – it’s about 100 kilometers from Izmir. The nice thing about Kocakum is that it’s a quiet and relaxing beach, but it’s not totally remote – there are still loungers and umbrellas that you can rent, as well as a few restaurants and cafes just behind the beach on the promenade.

Kocakum Beach is pretty narrow, though, and it’s not particularly long, so it’s mostly just a basic beach ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and walking along the water.

5. Boyalik Beach

Boyalik Beach offers a lovely long sandy stretch with pristine water that’s just perfect for a refreshing dip. It’s also a pretty relaxed beach, with far fewer crowds and less hustle and bustle – although there are still several hotels along the beach, they’re not like the resorts you find elsewhere.

Do bear in mind, though, that this means you can’t hire umbrellas and loungers, so ensure that you’ve got everything with you before you go. Umbrellas are particularly important because as much as Boyalik is a gorgeous beach, there’s absolutely no natural shade!

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6. Ilıca Beach

A beach in Turkey adorned with wooden lounge chairs and umbrellas, perfect for celebrating the New Year.

Ilica Beach is easily one of the most popular (and most photographed) beaches in Izmir, boasting soft white sand and strikingly blue water. You can also hire sun loungers and umbrellas along the beach if you like.

But what sets Ilica apart from other beaches in Izmir is its warm water. Because of its proximity to the hot springs in Cesme, the water is naturally far warmer than ordinary beaches, so it’s perfect for those who don’t like chilly swimming! The water is also relatively shallow for, about 100 meters, making it a nice, safe beach for swimming, especially for small children.


7. Badem Bükü Beach

Situated among the mountains of Izmir, Badem Bükü Beach is one of Izmir’s more most stunning beaches. The beach itself is made up of a mixture of sand and very small pebbles, so it’s comfortable to walk and lie on.

While it’s not a busy, touristy beach, there are still a few cafes and restaurants around, and you can hire sun loungers and umbrellas if you need them. There are also showers, toilets, and changing rooms, making this an ideal beach if you want to have a relaxed day in the sun with your family, alone, or with a partner.

8. Kalem Island Beach

If you’re looking for the most exclusive and unique of Izmir beach hotels, Kalem Adasa Oliviera Resort on Kalem Island is a top option. It has its own private beach, Kalem Island Beach, that is absolutely picturesque and nice and secluded – the ideal spot to be if you don’t enjoy crowds.

If you’re staying at the hotel, you’ll have access to loungers, umbrellas, towels, and everything else you could possibly need, as well as a beach bar, the hotel restaurant, and more.

9. Yoncakoy Beach – Known For Turquoise Waters

When it comes to the most popular beaches that are a little less crowded, Yoncakoy Beach is an excellent option for some sunny downtime. It’s just as beautiful as the other beaches in the area, with glistening turquoise water that is calm and inviting and a soft sandy shoreline that’s just perfect for sunbathing or taking a nice relaxing stroll.

There are two restaurants at the beach, adding a touch of convenience to your day, and they rent out loungers and umbrellas, too, so you don’t have to go to a beach with busy and bustling resorts and hotels for this kind of experience.

Yoncakoy Beach is near Selcuk, about 60 kilometers from Izmir.

10. Foca Beach – Blue Flag Beach

A boat sailing in the turquoise waters, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Izmir's best beaches.

Foca Beach boasts picturesque and unique views of the blue sea and colorful little fishing boats.

This blue flag beach is a great place for swimming, with gorgeous calm water, and there’s also plenty of space both in the water and on the sand for some seaside activities – including volleyball, snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and more. The equipment can easily be rented from nearby resorts and shops.

11. Cukaralti Halk Beach

Unlike many of the beaches in Izmir (and Turkey more generally), Cukaralti Halk Beach is open to the public, but it doesn’t have many facilities. It’s still a nice beach to check out if you’re in the area and are looking for a seaside location to relax and spend some time outdoors, but make sure you take along everything you need because you can’t rent umbrellas, and there aren’t any restaurants on the beach.


12. Gümüldür Beach – Easy Access To Beach Chairs & Umbrellas

About 50 kilometers away from Izmir is Gümüldür Beach, a relaxed beach suitable for people wanting to have a calm day near the sea. There are hotels and resorts nearby, but you won’t find a super busy and touristy type of atmosphere – in fact, Gümüldür Beach is frequented by locals.

Here, the waters are one of the most beautiful shades of blue, and the golden sand is delightfully soft. Because it’s mostly a public beach, the entrance is free, and you’ll have access to umbrellas, sun loungers, restrooms, and changing rooms, too. During the summer months, there are lifeguards on duty, making this one of the top family-friendly beaches in Izmir.

13. Alaçatı Beach – Beach Resort

A group of people in Turkey celebrate the New Year in the water.

Alaçatı Beach, about 80 kilometers from the center of Izmir, is known in particular for windsurfing. Still, you can also get involved in kitesurfing, jet skiing, banana boating, waterskiing, and more, making it great for beach activities in Izmir.

The beach is partially public and partially private, and some of the resorts offer day rates if you’re not actually staying there – meaning that you can hang out in their private area, using their umbrellas, loungers, and other facilities, which you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

However, the public section is still lovely, boasting gorgeous blue water and soft sand – there are public restrooms and places to buy food and drinks, but you’ll need to make sure you bring your own umbrella if you don’t want to pay the full day rate at one of the resorts.

14. Akkum Beach

About 40 kilometers away from central Izmir, Akkum Beach is in an area called Urla, and there are several beaches around. Akkum Beach, in my humble opinion, is the best option by far. In terms of beach clubs in Izmir, it’s ideal because they’re reasonably small, so although they can get pretty crowded during peak season, access is limited, so you’re still not going to be dealing with millions of people.

The water is beautiful, turquoise, and calm – perfect for a relaxing swim. You do need to pay an entry fee, but it’s totally worth it because you get to use their loungers, umbrellas, and other facilities, and you have access to one of the nicest private beaches in the area!

It’s also conveniently located within walking distance of the town of Urla.

15. Diamond – Pirlanta Beach

Pirlanta Beach, often referred to as Diamond Beach is most well-known as a wind and kite surfing destination. Still, it gets the title of “Diamond” due to the coarse sand supposedly glistening in the sunlight like diamonds! The beach is about 500 meters long, providing a great long stretch for kites and windsurfers, but it’s pretty shallow water – it’ll take about 100 meters before you’re more than waist deep.

However, Pirlanta Beach isn’t really big enough for other activities on the sand – it’s more of a “lie in the sun” kind of beach. You can rent loungers and umbrellas relatively cheaply, and there are also public changing rooms and restrooms, making it one of the nicer public beaches in Izmir. Pirlanta Beach is about 90 kilometers away from the center of Izmir.

16. Altınköy Beach

If you’re looking for the perfect place to do some laid-back beach activities in Izmir, Altınköy Beach is a great option, and it’s only about 60 kilometers from Izmir. It’s a pretty serene and calm beach in comparison to many other locations in the area, making it ideal to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun.

The pristine turquoise waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and for those who are into running or walking on the beach, there is no beach more beautiful than Altınköy Beach.

While it is quiet (and definitely wouldn’t be considered one of the big commercial beaches), this small beach does have a few resorts and clubs if that’s your thing. You can hire loungers and umbrellas from them if you need them, but the greenery that surrounds the beach does provide some natural shade, which is always a bonus.

17. Erdogan Beach

One of few beaches located within the city of Izmir, Erdogan Beach (named after the country’s president) is about two kilometers from the center of the city of Izmir. It’s a great spot to go if you’re spending time in the city and want to have a swim and some beach time without going too far – there’s space to sunbathe and swim, too.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Beaches In Izmir


Which is the best beach in Izmir for families?

The answer all depends on what you mean by family-friendly and precisely what you’re looking for – whether it’s lifeguards, calm water, child-friendly facilities, or something else.

Melengec Beach is great because the beach is ideal for kids who want to play. There are lots of water sports on offer, and they’re super aware of who they allow onto the beach.

Gümüldür beach is also a nice beach for kids, especially because there are lifeguards on duty.

Ilica Beach is also great for little ones because the water is fairly warm, and it’s super calm and shallow, making for safe swimming.

How do you get to the beaches in Izmir?

Like most of Turkey, Izmir has an excellent public transportation system, making it pretty easy to get wherever you need to go. You should be able to catch buses to most areas where the beaches are – from there, you can normally walk, hop on a tram, or catch a taxi if it’s secluded.

Kalem Island Beach, however, is one that you’ll need to hop on a boat from Dakili mainland, but that’s pretty easy to organize as there are lots of boats to choose from.

Are there any private beaches in Izmir?

Izmir has plenty of private beaches if you’re looking for options that are a little quieter, have controlled access, and allow you to use umbrellas, loungers, and more. Places like this typically also have private restrooms, changing rooms, and even showers, as well as access to private bars and restaurants that offer exceptional service – commonly serving you from the comfort of your sun lounger!

A few of the best private beaches in Izmir include Alaçati Beach, Altinkum Beach, Akkum Beach, and, of course, Kalem Island Beach (the ultimate private beach in Izmir!).

Can I find any all-inclusive beach resorts in Izmir?

Izmir is full of all-inclusive beach resorts – it’s a big part of Turkish beach culture (and probably Turkish tourist culture, too). Often, you’ll find beaches that are partially public and partially private, too.

If you’re looking for the top Izmir beach resorts, you should consider visiting Foca Beach, Alaçati Beach, and Altinköy Beach. In terms of specific beach resorts, I’d recommend the Reges at Boyalik Beach, Club Resort Atlantis (on a private beach near Akkum Beach), and Ilica Hotel, Spa, & Wellness Thermal Resort.

Which beach in Izmir has the clearest crystal waters?

When you’re in Izmir, Turkey, beach hunting isn’t too tricky, but most people are specifically on the hunt for those postcard-perfect beaches – and the good news is that most of them look like that! But a few of my favorite beaches in Izmir with the clearest water are Altinkum Beach, Ilica Beach, Pamucak Beach, and Pirlanta Beach.

What are the facilities like at Izmir’s beaches?

For the most part, there are plenty of facilities at Izmir’s beaches. For the most part, you’ll have access to public restrooms, changing rooms, and even showers, and there are also usually a few restaurants, cafes, and bars nearby. More often than not, you’ll be able to hire umbrellas and sun loungers, too, if that’s what you’d like.

If these things are really important to you, make sure you check our individual descriptions – since it’s pretty unusual for Izmir beaches not to have these things, you’ll be able to tell immediately.

Can you do water sports on the beaches of Izmir?

Absolutely! But it depends on where you go and what you want to do. Some of the beaches are too small, and they’re just not appropriate for activities – that is, they’re more for sunbathing and hanging out.

However, the bigger beaches certainly have options for activities, especially when there are resorts nearby. Some activities available include waterskiing, kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and more.

Foca Beach, Alaçati Beach, and Altinköy Beach are all great options for beach activities and watersports if that’s your thing.

Which beaches in Izmir are safe for swimming?

In the province of Izmir, most beaches are safe for swimming, especially on this list – most of the beaches we’ve named are blue flag beaches. Cukaralti Hulk Beach is, perhaps, the least ideal for swimming, but it’s still absolutely possible if you’re competent. 

Most of the Blue Flag beaches have lifeguards on duty during the peak summertime, like Gümüldür Beach. Pirlanta Beach and Ilica Beach are both pretty shallow for a fair distance from the shoreline, making it ideal for less confident swimmers.

Are there any beaches in Izmir that are particularly good for sunsets?

Watching the sunset from any beach in Izmir is pretty magical, but there are a few that are particularly special. I’d recommend Gümüldür Beach, Ilica Beach, Pamucak Beach and Altinkum Beach.

How crowded are the beaches in Izmir during summer?

Beaches in Izmir can get very busy during the summertime, much like everywhere else in Turkey (and Europe). However, there are a few places that are a little less busy, and, generally, you’re better off at the private beaches.

Are there any restaurants or cafes on the beaches in Izmir?

Turkish beach culture is very much attached to having resorts, hotels, bars, and restaurants on the beach fronts, so most often, you’ll find plenty of establishments on the beaches in Izmir. There are a few that I’ve mentioned that don’t have restaurants or anything, but since this is unusual, I’ve specifically pointed this out so you’ll know before you go.

Can I find beach loungers and umbrellas for rent at Izmir beaches?

Again, this is very much part of Turkish beach culture, so more often than not, you’ll be able to rent loungers and umbrellas from resorts, hotels, or restaurants on the beach. If you pay for a day pass at a resort, this will be included.

There are a few beaches that don’t have this option, but I’ve pointed this out on our list.

Which beaches are closest to Izmir city center?

Izmir itself is an urban city, not much of a beach city, so most of the best beaches in the region are a little way away – but it’s certainly worth the drive. However, if you really want to have a quick swim or visit the seaside while you’re exploring the city, Erdogan Beach is probably your best bet – it’s about two kilometers from the center of the city.

Are there any natural or scenic beaches in the Izmir province?

There are plenty of beaches around Izmir that boast incredible natural scenery – in fact, most of them boast gorgeous views. The best ones, however, are probably Pamucak, Kalem Island Beach, Melengec Beach, and Badem Bükü Beach.

Are Izmir beaches dog-friendly?

Most of Izmir’s beaches aren’t dog-friendly, so if you want to take your furry friend along with you, you need to make sure you check up on this before you go. Pamucak is probably the best option for dogs.

Final Thoughts On A Day At The Beach In Izmir

As we conclude our journey through the most beautiful beaches of Izmir, it’s clear that each shore along the turquoise Aegean Sea has its unique allure.

From the sandy stretches of Ilica Beach, perfect for a day trip with its warm, shallow waters, to the natural beauty that defines spots like Pamucak and Altınköy, ideal for a relaxed atmosphere, especially in the late afternoon.

Whether you’re drawn to the adventurous water sports at Alaçatı and Pirlanta or the family-friendly vibe of Melengeç and Badem Bükü, each location promises a memorable experience. Izmir’s coastline, a wonderful place brimming with diverse beaches, truly captures the essence of the Aegean’s scenic charm.

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