Kuşadası Beaches Travel Guide: 12 Best Beaches In Kusadasi

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Are you planning a visit to Turkey’s famous holiday resort, Kuşadası? Then you must start preparing your itinerary!

In this Kuşadası beach guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the best beaches in Kusadasi – Aydın’s paradisiacal holiday spot!

Kuşadası is a heavenly town with a unique charm and extraordinary scenery, where golden sands meet with verdant greenery. If you’re looking for a serene and pristine spot for your next trip to Turkey, this gorgeous place is the perfect fit for your journey!

In Kuşadası, you can find many public beaches and private beach resorts. However, finding the best spot for the perfect holiday requires much attention.

In the following list, you can find some of the finest beaches in Kuşadası and pick the perfect one for your journey.

12 Best Beaches In Kusadasi

1. Ladies Beach (Kadınlar Plajı)

Kuşadası Beaches are crowded with people. Beautiful Ladies beach in Kusadasi, Aydin province, on a sunny summer day

  • Address: Kadınlar Denizi, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
  • Best for: Families, couples, solo travelers
  • Price: Free

The historic Ladies Beach Kusadasi is one of the most famous and popular beaches in the town. The beach initially had a women-only policy during the last years of the Ottoman Empire. Nevertheless, after the foundation of the republic, the beach opened to all genders, and now that Ladies Beach is open to all (and it has been for the last decade), it has become one of the best beaches in the area.

Locals usually prefer Ladies’ Beach over most other beaches in Kuşadası due to its convenient location, stunning scenery, and crystal-clear water. As it’s a public beach, you don’t have to pay any fees in order to use the facilities within the beach.

Besides public facilities, there are also various cafés, restaurants, and pubs nearby, where you can purchase food or drinks. Also, since it’s located near the city center, Ladies’ Beach offers excellent beach access and parking.

2. Long Beach Kusadasi (Uzun Plaj)

  • Address: Kuşadası, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
  • Best for: Families, couples, solo travelers
  • Price: Mostly free

Long Beach Kusadasi truly lives up to its name. It spans a 12-kilometer area and includes many other beaches. Long Beach has a very sandy terrain and is an ideal option if you’re looking for a swimming spot. However, since it is one of the busier beaches, it might not be the best choice for serenity-seekers.

Although entrance to Long Beach is free, it might have private areas with an entrance fee. There are many restaurants, pubs, and hotels near the beach, so you’ll have many options to purchase snacks or beverages. Plus, Long Beach is close to Tortuga Pirate Island Theme & Water Park, a great attraction to spend time with children.

3. Love Beach (Sevgi Plaji)

  • Address: Davutlar, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
  • Best for: Families, couples
  • Price: Free

A small and secluded beach, Love Beach is the locals’ go-to place for a nice picnic. This Kusadasi beach is 17 kilometers from the center of Kuşadası on the Davutlar Coast. It boasts rich facilities, such as a cafeteria, a toilet, a tiny shop, a parking lot, and a shower you can use.

Unlike other beaches around, Love Beach is rarely busy. If you are looking for a peaceful spot, you can visit this 550-meter (1804-ft) beach on weekdays. Besides the beach, there is a picnic area of 3,000 m2 (around 3500 yards) with trees and greenery.

Since it’s a public beach, you don’t need to pay an entrance fee. However, you might need to pay for other services you purchase. You can get to the beach via public transportation or taxi.

4. Downtown Beach – Sand Beach

  • Address: Ataturk Bulvari, Kuşadası Türkiye
  • Best for: Solo travelers, couples
  • Price: Free

Downtown Beach is a small yet pretty beach beach next to Kuşadası marina. Although it lacks necessary gear, such as sun beds and beach umbrellas, the beach is an excellent option if you’re staying at one of the nearby Kusadasi beaches and looking for a nearby beach.

As a public beach, Downtown Beach doesn’t have an entrance fee. So, you can go and have a swim without paying a dime. Besides, thanks to its central location, it’s easy to find a restaurant or pub to eat after having a tiring day at the beach.

The beach has white sands and can get deep fast, making it unsuitable if you cannot swim well.

5. Pygela

  • Address: Bayraklıdede, Kuştur Önü Yolu Cd., 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
  • Best for: Families, couples, solo travelers
  • Price: Free

Pygela Beach, also known as Kuştur Plajı, is in a historic site once within the territory of the Pygela ancient city. Since it’s a public beach, you can enter Pygela without paying an entrance fee and enjoy the beach’s golden sands freely – in every sense.

The area boasts a charming, serene atmosphere. The beach has all the facilities you might need, from sun loungers to toilets to a cafeteria. Besides, there are various cafés and restaurants nearby where you can purchase food or beverages.

The beach has a blue flag and calm water, making it a perfect option for families with children and those who cannot swim well.

6. Sandal Beach

  • Address: Kadınlar Denizi, 14. Sk., 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
  • Best for: Couples, solo travelers

Sandal Beach is another of the most popular beaches in the area of Kusadasi (near Ladies Beach). Unlike most beaches on this list, Sandal Beach is a private resort, and you must pay a fee to enter.

The beach is usually very calm and serene. Although there are often many people, the large area allows you to hang out without being bothered by anyone else.

Sandal Beach provides various facilities, such as a bar, showers, and toilets. There are also various events held in the resort throughout the year with famous DJs participating.

You can contact +90 (532) 769 60 00 for reservations or inquiries.

7. Yılancı Burnu

  • Address: Kadınlar Denizi, Yılancı Burnu Mevkii, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
  • Best for: Families, couples, solo travelers, friend groups
  • Price: Free

Yılancı Burnu is known as the most beautiful spot in Kuşadası. Although it’s a public beach, there are two private beach resorts in Yılancı Burnu. Also, various cafés, restaurants, pubs, and stores nearby allow you to bring your own food or drinks to the beach.

Although it boasts an unmatched natural beauty, Yılancı Burnu has an unfortunately harsh terrain. The beach is rocky and unsuitable for walking without beach shoes. Plus, the water is also rocky and gets very deep suddenly, making it an unsuitable spot to swim for beginners.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t change the fact that Yılancı Burnu boasts magnificent scenery and is a perfect resting spot.

8. Güzelçamlı Venüs Beach

  • Best for: Families, couples, friend groups
  • Price: Free

Venüs Beach is among Kusadasi’s top beaches. The beach boasts a magnificent natural beauty, offering the perfect spot to rest and bask in the gorgeous summer sun.

Güzelçamlı Venüs Beach is big and long, which makes it a less crowded spot compared to other beaches nearby. The golden sand and shallow waters combine, making it an ideal destination for families or inexperienced swimmers.

Since it’s a public beach, there are free-of-charge toilets, changing rooms, and shower facilities at Güzelçamlı Venüs Beach. You also don’t have to pay a fee to enter the beach.

9. Jade Beach Club

A map showcasing the beautiful Jade Beach Club of Kuşadası.

  • Address: Kadınlar Denizi Mahallesi, Kutucuoğlu Sokak, Yılancıburnu Mevki, Kuşadası
  • Best for: Couples, friend groups, solo travelers
  • Price: Call 0532 610 36 31 for information and reservations

Jade Beach Club is a popular club on Ladies’ Sea with great beach safety and facilities. Thanks to its friendly atmosphere, the club is considered among the most famous relaxation spots Kuşadası offers.

Most visitors praised the club’s cocktails and overall setting. If you enjoy a contemporary aesthetic, this luxury club might provide all you need. As a result of its unique style, Jade Beach Club has a very young audience.

10. Sunrise Beach Club

  • Address: Kadınlar Denizi, Yılancı burnu Mevkii, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
  • Best for: Friend groups, families
  • Price: Call 0532 690 2096 for information and reservations.

Sunrise Beach Club is a great spot for having a calming day. The club is in a secluded spot where golden sands and verdant greenery meet. Although its beach is a tad rocky, the water is nice and doesn’t get too deep suddenly.

The club provides you with the necessary facilities, such as a bar, toilet, and showers. Their breakfast is one of the best in Kuşadası, and most visitors enjoyed the cocktails they were served. The beach also boasts one of the best seaside restaurants Kuşadası offers.


11. Green Beach

  • Address: Green Beach, Kadınlar Denizi, 16. Sk. No:9, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
  • Best for: Families, friend groups, couples
  • Price: Around €10

A nice and welcoming beach in the Ladies’ Sea area, Green Beach is a serene spot to rest and spend time with your loved ones. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for a decent price. Also, the facility’s cafeteria provides you with food and beverages.

The beach is sandy, and the water is shallow. However, it can get a bit wavy in the afternoon, making it difficult to swim.

12. Lost Paradise Beach

Palm trees on one of Turkey's best beaches in Kuşadası - Lost Paradise Beach

  • Address: Kadınlar Denizi, atümkoyu No16, 09400 Kuşadası/Aydın
  • Best for: Couples, friend groups, families, solo travelers
  • Price: €5-€10

Lost Paradise Beach is a private beach near Green Beach. Since it’s a private beach, you need to pay an entrance fee between €5 and €10 per person – it varies depending on the season. This fee includes an umbrella and a sunbed.

There is a cafeteria on the beach where you can buy any soft or alcoholic beverages, as well as snacks and food. The beach is a bit more expensive than others in the area. So, if you’re on a budget, looking for other beaches might be a good idea.

It’s also worth noting that the beach offers one of the best sunset views, Kuşadası.

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Things To Do In Kusadasi

Here is a list of things to see and do in Kuşadası, Türkiye:

  • Enjoy the popular beaches in Kusadasi, known for their crystal-clear waters and picturesque views
  • Take a dolmus(shared minibus) to explore different beaches and hidden gems in the area
  • Try thrilling water sports activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, and more in the waters of the Aegean Sea
  • Explore Pigeon Island, a picturesque landmark with historical ruins and stunning views of the coastline
  • Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of cafes, bars, and restaurants along the beach promenade
  • Take a leisurely stroll along the coast, admiring the natural features and palm trees lining the shoreline
  • Visit Pamucak Beach, known for its silver sands and crystal clear waters, perfect for sunbathing and swimming
  • Indulge in delicious meals and refreshing drinks at cafes and restaurants scattered along the coastline
  • Discover hidden coves and secluded spots along the coast, worth a visit for their pristine beauty
  • Enjoy water sports activities such as snorkeling, diving, and paddle boarding in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea
  • Take a boat tour along the coastline, admiring the stunning scenery and exploring hidden caves and bays
  • Experience the vibrant nightlife of Kuşadası, with bars and clubs offering entertainment until the early hours of the morning
  • Visit the town center of Kuşadası, bustling with shops, markets, and cultural attractions worth exploring

Day Trips From Kuşadası Beaches

Hierapolis Ancient City, ruins of Hierapolis in Pamukkale_Depositphotos_321572494_S

You might be wondering what to do in Kusadasi port. Besides discovering the town and basking in the warm Aegean sun, you can always take a short day trip to nearby spots.

Three of the most popular day trip destinations from Kuşadası include:


Among the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey, Ephesus is an ancient city that was once a significant capital of art, culture, and religion in antiquity. You can get to Ephesus with short day trips from Kuşadası beaches.

National Park of Dilek Peninsula

One of the most popular nature trails near Kuşadası beaches, the National Park of Dilek Peninsula is a popular spot for nature enthusiasts. The national park boasts magnificent verdure and stunning wildlife.


A pretty town near Kuşadası, Didim can be considered a heritage capital of Aydın. The town features a magnificent ancient city, Didyma, which gave the town its modern name. Although there are other ancient cities nearby, such as Magnesia, Priene, Miletus, Alabanda, or Nysa, Didyma stands out with its historical prominence and well-preserved ruins.

Pamukkale Travertines

While beach Kusadasi Turkey options provide you with a great summer holiday, Pamukkale natural wonder offers an otherworldly experience. The site consists of travertine terraces created by mineral-rich thermal sprigs. And the best part is that a short day trip is all you need to see this magnificent formation.

Hierapolis: Hierapolis, meaning “the Holy City,” is an ancient city in Pamukkale. Pamukkale travertines are actually a part of this ancient city. If you’re planning to see the travertines, you can add this well-preserved ancient city to your itinerary.


Take a day trip to the Greek island of Samos, easily accessible from Kuşadası via ferry.

FAQs About Kusadasi Beaches


Is Kuşadası safe?

The answer to “Is Kusadasi safe?” is always yes. As long as you watch your belongings and avoid unknown areas at night, you’ll be alright.

Are there family-friendly beaches in Kuşadası?

Yes, there are many family-friendly beaches Kuşadası offers.

Is Kuşadası a good place for water sports?

Yes, you can find many opportunities to do water sports in Kuşadası, such as snorkeling and diving sports. Also, at various beaches, you can enjoy Kuşadası beach activities and have fun with your loved ones.

When is the best time to visit?

Since Kuşadası is a holiday town, the best time to visit is late spring and the summer season.

How can I get to Kuşadası beaches?

You can use public transportation or take a taxi to get to the beaches. Nevertheless, there are also many beaches within walking distance from the city center of Kusadasi.

Can I rent sunbeds and umbrellas at the beaches in Kuşadası?

Yes, you can purchase or rent sunbeds and umbrellas from shops or sellers near the beaches in Kuşadası.

Does Kuşadası have a lively nightlife?

There are many beach bars and nightlife opportunities in Kuşadası. The city is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday destinations, and nightclubs are almost always full.

Are there any public restrooms and changing facilities available at the beaches in Kuşadası?

Yes, almost all beaches in Kuşadası have public restrooms and changing facilities available. While most facilities are free of charge, luxury ones might incur certain fees.

How much does it cost to rent sunbeds and umbrellas at the beaches in Kuşadası?

The prices for sunbeds and umbrellas usually range between ₺300 and ₺600 (roughly between €10 and €20). You might need to pay even higher for luxury beach resorts.

How much does it cost to enter private beaches?

Entry fees to private beaches also vary greatly, with the average pricing being between ₺50 and ₺300 (roughly between €2 and €10). Of course, the prices change depending on the resort.

How much should I bring for a holiday in Kuşadası?

A budget of €500-600 should be enough for a decent holiday in Kuşadası.

Are private beaches worth the entry fee?

Since private beaches usually offer premium service, the entry fee is definitely worth it. However, you should carefully pick the beach.

Can I bring my own gear (umbrella, towels, etc.)?

Yes, you can bring your own gear to Kuşadası beaches to save money.

Are there affordable beach resorts in Kuşadası?

Although Kuşadası is a popular holiday destination, most beach resorts in Kuşadası are usually more affordable than other holiday towns in Turkey. You can also find many public beaches without an entry fee.

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