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Here is your Bodrum Beach guide. We have included all the best beaches in Bodrum, Turkey we know you’ll love just as much as us. 

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Surrounded by four seas, Turkey is the perfect place to visit for a beach-filled summer. Packed full of crystal-clear waters and yellow sands, the Bodrum Peninsula is home to some of Turkey’s best beaches.

odrum Or Antalya – Antalya Vs Bodrum - Sunset in Bodrum
Set on Turkey’s southwestern coast, against a backdrop of impressive mountains, the Bodrum Peninsula boasts a vibrant nightlife, charming traditional villages, and an array of day trip locations. If you are looking for great inspiration about this magical coastline, check out our list of the best beaches in Bodrum, Turkey.

Küdür Public Beach

If you’re looking for a local beach that has no frills and is perfect for simply soaking up the sun, this beach is for you. Directly next to Yalikavak Beach, this option is a calm and relaxing area; however, during the peak months, you’ll find that locals flock here in abundance.

The great thing about this beach however is that it faces the sea and not the marina, so you get amazing views, especially at sunset. If you’re a keen windsurfer, you’ll enjoy this beach as the winds make for great conditions. The only downside is that the water can get a little rough occasionally, so perhaps not the best for children.

Bitez Beach

Things to do in Bodrum, Turkey - Camel Beach in Bitez, Bodrum, Turkey
Camel Beach in Bitez

Best For Families

With its stunningly clear waters and picturesque white sand, Bitez Beach is an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and all kinds of beach activities.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

    • Sheltered bay offers safe swimming for young children

Many hotels, restaurants, and facilities (including sun loungers)

How to get there: Bitez is located nine kilometers southwest of Bodrum Town and is easily accessed by car. The town offers plenty of parking places, and you can pay to park at many of the beach hotels. There is also a direct minibus from Bodrum Minibus Station.


Kumbahçe Beach

If you don’t want to venture too far away from the center of town, this beach will suit you and also has an amazing view of Bodrum Castle. The beach is quite small, but if you get there early, you’ll bag a spot – however, during the children’s holidays in Turkey, you may find this place a little too crowded.

This is an ideal spot to check out the sunset and the city lights as the sun goes down. It is a pebbly beach, but the sea is very calm, so it’s ideal for families.

Yalıkavak Beach

Best For Couples

A beautiful spot to enjoy true Mediterranean beauty away from the crowds, Yalıkavak is a pebble beach boasting crystal-clear waters and the rolling lush greenery of the Yalıkavak Valley.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

    • It is a relaxing and

peaceful place

    • to escape

High-end restaurants for fine dining

Beautiful scenery

How to get there: Located on the northwestern tip of Bodrum Peninsula, 26km from Bodrum Town, getting to Yalıkavak Beach is accessible by car or public transport, with a regular minibus service running from Bodrum Town.

Gümbet Beach

Sailing Turkish Coast - Gumbet, Bodrum, Turkey

Best For Party Goers

One of the Bodrum Peninsula’s liveliest beaches, Gümbet offers shallow waters, water sports, and vibrant nightclubs. Perfect for groups, families, and couples, hotels, restaurants and bars, and shops line the long beach.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

    • Plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, and clubs

The lively atmosphere by night

How to get there: Located 4km west of Bodrum Town, regular minibus services link the beach to the main town from the Bodrum Minibus Station. If you travel by car, you will find many parking lots in the town of Gümbet.

Ortakent-Yahsi Beach (Yahsi-Yalisi)

Bodrum beaches - Ortakent-Yahsi Beach Beach (Yahsi-Yalisi)

Best For Everyone

Also known as Yahsi-Yalisi, this long stretch of sand boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters and spectacular panoramic views. The area is split into two parts: the East beach is located close to Ortakent Tow, and the West beach is home to most hotels and resorts.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

    • Part of the beach is free

Many beachside shopping and eating opportunities

Harbor boasting artisan craft shops

Incredible sunset views over Kos, Greece

How to get there: Lying 14km from Bodrum Town, the village of Ortakent, is a popular day trip option for visitors to Bodrum. It is easily accessed by minibus from Bodrum Minibus Station or by car.

Yahsi Beach

Close enough to Bodrum to be in easy reach, but far enough away to enjoy peace and quiet, Yahsi Beach is a small and very clean option with calm waters and golden sands. You can find cafes and restaurants in the area around the beach, and if you want to stay in the area overnight, there are a few hotels too.

The beach is quite long, so you won’t struggle to find a spot without crowds, even in the peak summer months.

Ortakent Beach

Ortakent Beach can be found around 12km from the centre of Bodrum and it’s somewhat of a hidden gem. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants around, but it has a chilled out, almost cut-off feel to it which is ideal for relaxation.

There are sunloungers and parasols available on the beach and you can do several water-sports too.

Ortakent Beach can be reached via a dolmus from the centre of Bodrum and during the summer months it runs every 15 minutes or so.

Kargi Bay Beach (Camel Beach)

Beaches in Bodrum - Kargi Bay Beach (Camel Beach)

Best For Families

The beautiful Kargi Bay is a great family day out. The beach received its unusual nickname due to its unique camel riding opportunities.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

Beautiful sandy beach

Not crowded and is best visited by boat tour

The entrance fee includes a sun lounger rental and can be redeemed in cafes

How to get there: Kargi Bay is 15km from Bodrum and is accessible by car on the coastal route from Bagla to Kargi. You can also walk over from Yahsi Beach.

Karaincir Plaji Beach

Best ForAuthentic Experience Seekers

The village of Akyarlar is home to the beautiful Karaincer Beach, known for its stunning turquoise waters and crystal-clear views of the Aegean Sea.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

    • Sheltered swimming in a cove

Quiet, unassuming local beach

Free and paid beach access

How to get there: Karaincer is on the route of Akyalar minibusses, which depart from the Bodrum Minibus Station. The village of Akyalar is also reachable by car.

Aspat Bay

Best beaches in Bodrum - Yacht in Aspat Bay, front view. Bodrum, Turkey

Best For Couples

A secluded escape, the private Aspat Beach belongs to the Radisson Aspat Beach Hotel. A lawn area borders the shoreline with palm trees and a few excellent restaurants.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

Snorkeling opportunities

Paid access

Secluded resort

How to get there: You can reach Aspat Beach by minibus along the coastal road, 21km from Bodrum Town, with parking available at the Radisson Hotel.

Bodrum Municipality Public Beach

This is a public beach, which means it’s free to use, but there are only minimal sun-loungers and parasols on offer – you’ll need to get there early to grab them!

The beach is just 15 minutes away from the center of town, and there is a large café on site where you can grab refreshments and snacks, along with showers and changing areas.

Turkbuku Beach

Best beaches in Bodrum - Turkbuku

Best For Luxury Travellers

A pristine beach on the Bodrum peninsula, catering to those who enjoy fine dining and spectacular waters, Turkbuku Beach is a high-end beach.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

Beautiful bay views.

How to get there: Minibuses leave the Bodrum Minibus Terminal and take 25 minutes to reach Turkbuku.

Bodrum Yali Public Beach

Half an hour away from the center of Bodrum, you’ll find Yali Public Beach, which is a busy spot with locals during the summer months. You’ll find sun-loungers and parasols here, all free to use, but again, you’ll need to get there early – preferably around 9 am during the peak summer months.

The beach has a green backdrop which offers welcome shade from the intense summer sun, and there are showers and changing facilities on offer.

Gumusluk Beach

Beaches in Bodru Gumusluk, Bodrum Turkey

Best ForAdventure Travellers

The snorkeling paradise of Gumusluk is the perfect place to explore the Bodrum coastline beneath the water. With the ruins of Myndos and the ancient Dorian colony of Troezen nestled beneath the seas, Gumusluk boasts incredible opportunities for underwater exploration.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

    • Snorkeling amongst the ruins

Opportunity to visit Rabbit Island via sandbank

How to get there: Gumusluk is linked to Bodrum Town, 22km away, by minibus service.

Turgutreis Beach

Sunset on the beach. Seaside town of Turgutreisq
Sunset on the beach. Seaside town of Turgutreis.

Best For Foodies

Lined with numerous seafood restaurants, Turgutreis Beach lies in the second largest town on the peninsula, offering visitors incredible gastronomy and beautiful beachside views.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

    • Amazing seafood restaurants

Stunning beaches within walking distance

Weekly Saturday artisan market

How to get there: Turqutreis is the second-largest town on the Bodrum Peninsula. Therefore there are many daily bus links from Bodrum Town. Turgutreis is a large town with plenty of parking options.

Kadikalesi Beach

Best For Active Travellers

A beautiful beach backed by a typical rural Turkish village, Kadikalesi is a quiet spot. Perfect for those looking to relax, explore a traditional town and enjoy home-cooked Turkish meals, Kadikalesi is an oasis on the coast.

What Makes This Bodrum Beach So Great

    • Rustic village location

Kite surfing opportunities

How to get there: running parallel to the main road between Tuqutreis and Gumusluk, it is easy to reach Kadikalesi Beach by minibus.


Here are a few other beaches in Bodrum that you may want to take a look at.

  • Sarnıç Beach
  • Meteor Beach
  • Yalikavak Beach
  • Torba Bay
  • Cennet Bay

These are just a few of the beaches of Bodrum; there are, of course, many more waiting to be explored. All you have to do is decide which of these Bodrum beaches you’ll swim at first.

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