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When the sun sets, Izmir shifts gears. Stretching from Karsiyaka to Cesme, every area has its own kind of nightlife and exciting events you can attend. Whether it’s a quiet drink by the sea or seeing world-famous DJ performances, Izmir will have it all and then some.

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Izmir is a gorgeous seaside metropolis on the Aegean coast of western Turkey. It is also Turkey’s third largest city, and like most of Turkey’s other cities, it’s mainly known for its exciting history, great food, and the wonderful holiday weather it has for most of the year. 

There’s plenty to see and do here during the day. From ancient Greek ruins to busy shopping malls, there’s always going to be something new and exciting around every corner, waiting to be discovered before the day is out.

However, when the sun sets, the city still has life! Whether it’s a quiet drink by the sea or seeing world-famous DJ performances, Izmir will have it all and then some.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the absolute best Izmir offers at night. The entries listed below are the pieces of an unforgettable night in this gorgeous seaside town. So, hop on, and let’s see what the night has in store for us in Izmir!

Best Nightlife Areas In İzmir

A clock tower in a plaza is lit up at dusk, creating a captivating sight for Izmir nightlife enthusiasts.

As we mentioned in our Alacati guide, every district of Izmir has a different nightlife vibe. Some places are calmer and more suited to enjoying a couple of pints on the beach; some are more traditional, with hookah bars and cultural tones, and some are just all-out carnage and excitement. 

In the city center districts of Karsiyaka, Bornova, Konak, and Bayrakli, you’ll find classy bars and rooftop spots perfect for those after a more sophisticated evening. We’re talking Michelin stars and cocktails that take fifteen minutes to prepare. That’s how classy it is! 

The center is also where most of the big events are held. Big concerts, theater shows, evening boat tours, and outdoor cinemas can all be found in the center of town.

Closer to the coast, around Urla and Cesme, the vibe shifts entirely. The beach areas are packed with clubs and bars that keep the party going till the early hours. This is where you go for a truly wild night out, with plenty of dancing and drinks to go around. This part of Izmir closely resembles what you’d find in Turkey’s holiday towns like Marmaris and Bodrum.

Then, there are the spots favored by college students and locals looking for a more chilled evening. These areas have a ton of budget-friendly bars where the focus is more on hanging out with friends and taking in the local culture a bit more.

In short, no matter what kind of evening you’re planning, you’ll find something to your liking in one part of the city or another.

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Map Of Where Places In Izmir To Party

Here, we’ve got the ultimate tool to pinpoint the best spots to let your hair down. From the streets of Karsiyaka to the chic bars in Bornova, our map covers all the top districts known for their lively evening scenes.

Best Places In Karsiyaka For Nightlife

Kicking Back & Enjoying Some Good Music

A vibrant bar on a cruise ship, illuminating the night with captivating purple lights.

Karsiyaka is Izmir’s flagship for a laid-back evening, especially among holidayers and young professionals. It’s dotted with tons of bars and live music venues for an evening of good conversation over a couple of drinks.

Turkish Singers And Bands Perform

“The Old Pub” is a local favorite, hosting live bands across various genres and a friendly atmosphere. They have a great drinks menu, with plenty of whiskey options and a good range of cocktails.

Jazz Clubs

For a lower volume and a chic vibe, “Jazz Now” is a great choice. It’s all about jazz, fine wine, and a cozy setting. Great for dates and low-key chillaxation.

Set Sail On An Alcohol-Friendly Boat Tour

A tall ship docked in Izmir harbor at night.

During the summer, Karsiyaka is a venue for a number of entertainment options like street theaters, food tours, and celebrations. But aside from these one-off events, it’s also a port for regular evening boat tours. These are an awesome way to enjoy the beauty of the Aegean coast with a cocktail or two.

  • Sunset Cruises
  • Dinner & Wine Tour
  • Nighttime Party Boat
  • Theatre On the Sea
  • Open Mic Tours

Brands We Use And Trust

Top Konak Nightlife

This part of the city is also no stranger to an array of rooftop lounges and cozy bars, but where it excels, however, is the number of entertainment options closer to the traditional Turkish culture. If you’re looking to explore new flavors of entertainment, Konak is the place for you.

A Hundred Flavors of Hookah

In Izmir's vibrant nightlife scene, a hookah is elegantly placed on a table beside a striking red chair, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of Things To Do.

Konak is home to tons of hookah bars where you can kick back in true Turkish style. A hookah, also known as a water pipe, is a device used to vaporize and then inhale flavored tobacco. The tobacco is heated in a bowl at the top of the hookah, and the smoke passes through water before being drawn through a hose to a mouthpiece by the smoker.

Smoking hookah is a unique and enjoyable experience, made even more interesting by the sheer number of tobacco flavors available. In most hookah bars in Konak, you’ll find literally hundreds of different flavors.

There are the classic ones, like mint, cappuccino, and apple, as well as some really odd ones like rose and tiramisu. 

Guava-flavored hookah, anyone?

Where To Party In Narlidere

Good Food & Local Wines

A group of friends toasting wine at a picnic in the park, enjoying the Izmir nightlife.

Narlidere houses a more continental nightlife scene, home to a couple dozen boutique bars and wineries with good Anatolian and Greek music to accompany the calm breeze of the sea.

It’s a quieter suburb of Izmir with a booming grape and wine trade. The drinking spots here reflect this unique side of Narlidere.

Here, you can find an impressive selection of fine vintages bottled years ago, just around the corner from where you’re sitting. Some of the most popular regional wines here are Kalecik Karasi, Misket Wine, and Sirince fruit wine. These wines are all produced here and distributed across the country.

Narlisu Restaurant & Bar, Evening Entertainment By the Sea

Narlisu has been around for longer than we can remember. It is among the most popular seaside gastropubs in Narlidere for those looking to experience a Turkish night out with drinks accompanied by Anatolian melodies. The menu consists mainly of seafood and two dozen mezze choices to accompany the raki.

They host live music shows every weekend; they’re usually local up-and-comers who are still very good, but they also bring in big names of Turkish music every now and then. These are announced on their shopfront as well as sites like Biletix, Turkey’s Ticketmaster. It’s a good idea to have it installed if you’re looking to catch a show, regardless of where you’re traveling in Turkey.

Their menu is always receiving new additions, and many locals have made it a fun habit to go there at least a few times every year to check out the new dishes and drink options. When considering where to enjoy a night out in Narlidere, Narlisu is definitely worth checking out.

Cesme Nightlife

Izmir’s Top Party Destination

A person's hands create a heart shape at sunset while enjoying the vibrant Izmir nightlife.

Cesme is Izmir’s crown jewel when it comes to nightlife. An abundance of clubs, beach bars, regular parties of all kinds, and so much more can be found in this crazy party district.

There’s also plenty else to do here; they have a good range of restaurants and shopping options, but the abundance of party options is what separates Cesme from the other areas. Here, the volume never goes down, and the dancing doesn’t stop till the morning!

Places like “Alacati Beach Club” and “Babylon Cesme” are hotspots where the energy is infectious, and the party never stops. These are crowd favorites among locals and holidayers alike. The prices might be a bit steep, but it’s definitely one of the best Izmir has to offer.

A crowd of people watching the sun set over the water in Izmir, a popular destination for nightlife and things to do.

If you’re after a more interactive night out, many beach clubs in Cesme offer a variety of nighttime activities, including bonfires, beach volleyball under the moonlight, and even midnight swims. Check out Babylon’s notice board or Instagram to see what they have arranged for that week.

All in all, Cesme is loud, dynamic, and packed full of crazy bars and clubs. It is a favorite among locals and returning travelers looking to let loose and have fun. Bars along the promenade operate till the morning, and apart from bars and clubs, there are also several tattoo parlors and takeaways. 


Introducing Izmir’s Local Drinks

Izmir has plenty of unique drinks to try out if you’re interested in checking out new and regional flavors.

Let’s chat about a couple of drinks that really show off what this city’s all about. You’ve got your famous fruit wines, the raki, or how about a taste of the local beer?

Izmir’s Famous Fruit Wine

Enjoy the Izmir nightlife with two glasses of red wine on a wicker basket - the perfect thing to do in Izmir at night.

First up, Izmir’s not just about grapes. The area’s buzzing with all sorts of fruit wines. Think cherries, figs, and even pomegranates getting in on the action. 

It’s pretty much fruit, sugar, and a bit of waiting around until it’s just right. Fancy trying some? Head over to Cesme or Narlidere, where vineyards are more than happy to let you sample their fruity creations. Or, pop into a wine bar in town; they’re everywhere.

These usually aren’t expensive at all and are a huge favorite among the locals of Izmir and the nearby cities. It’s a big plus for Izmir that you can’t find on a night out in Istanbul.

Raki: Turkey’s National Drink

A lively group enjoying Izmir nightlife, toasting to a glass of mulled wine.

Now, you can’t say you’ve been to Turkey without trying raki. This stuff is very potent, flavored with anise, and it’s basically a social lubricant around here. 

The making of it is all about distilling grape leftovers and adding in that anise flavor. To really get into it, find yourself a meyhane, order a glass, and brace yourself for a slow evening of nibbling on mezes and sipping water alongside your raki. Konak and Karsiyaka have some great spots where the locals go to unwind.

Tread carefully with this one, though; it’s got a bit of a punch to it. If you haven’t had it before, a good idea might be to have it in singles rather than doubles. A single is basically about a shot’s worth of raki. They add water to dilute it as well, so as long as you’re drinking slowly, you won’t have any issues. Don’t try it neat, though; it’s like a punch to the stomach.

Local Beers Of Izmir

Izmir has its own craft beer scene that’s been gaining a cult following over the past few years. Local breweries are popping up, experimenting with unique blends that give you a taste of the region in every sip.

It’s not just about the big-name brands; these local brews pack a punch with flavors you won’t find anywhere else. Check out some of the city’s boutique bars or breweries for a taste. These are in abundance in the city center, but you can always run into an absolute gem in the suburbs as well.


Best Evening Shows In Izmir

If you’re looking for some top-notch evening entertainment, you’re in for a treat. Izmir has a diverse range of shows and events that cater to all tastes, whether it be a match you want to attend or watching international artists perform.

Here are three must-see evening shows that’ll make for unforgettable stories.

Karsiyaka FC Football Match

A vibrant stadium at night, buzzing with Izmir nightlife, as thrilled spectators fill the field engrossed in exciting things to do.

Karsiyaka FC is a staple of Izmir’s culture. They’re a tough and unapologetic team, and the supporters are known as the biggest hooligans of Turkish football. Watching them in action is a must for any sports fan visiting Izmir. 

The atmosphere at a Karsiyaka match is literally unbelievable, with fans tearing down the stadium at every match. They’re in the second league and play pretty well, but the atmosphere of hundreds of people shouting, spilling beer, throwing stuff, and more is probably the closest you can come to seeing authentic Turkish football culture.

Remember to wear something green and black to show your support!

Concerts At The Holly Stone Performance Hall

A lively crowd of people enjoying Izmir's vibrant nightlife in a concert hall.

For music lovers, the Holly Stone Performance Hall is the place to be. This venue is host to a wide range of concerts, from local Turkish bands to international acts. The acoustics are fantastic, and there’s a really intimate feel to the place that creates a perfect setting to enjoy live music. 

Check out their schedule in advance to snag tickets for a show during your visit. It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Izmir’s vibrant music scene.

Turkish rap is on the up and up lately in Izmir. If that sounds good, try to catch tickets for Uzi, Khontkar, or Ezhel, Turkey’s sweetheart, although he comes to Turkey very rarely these days due to legal issues.

Richard The Third At Kulturpark Open-Air Theatre

An ancient Roman amphitheatre in Greece, offering a memorable experience with its impressive history and architectural beauty.

On a breezy Izmir night, you can head to the Kulturpark Open-Air Theatre to catch a performance of Richard the Third. 

This classic Shakespearean play takes on a new life in the open air, with talented local actors bringing the intrigue and drama of the English court to Izmir. 

Watching a play in the cool evening air, surrounded by the buzz of the city, is a truly special experience. It’s a perfect blend of high culture and relaxed outdoor entertainment, making it an ideal night out for theater buffs and casual theatergoers alike.

The shows are almost always in Turkish, but the vibe is still pretty nice. 

Wrapping Up Izmir Nightlife

All in all, Izmir’s got a bit of everything after dark, no matter what you’re into.

Fancy a bit of football and beer? Karsiyaka FC’s matches are your ticket.

Are you more into tunes? The Holly Stone Performance Hall has your back with some solid gigs.

And if you’re up for something a bit more highbrow, “Richard the Third” at Kulturpark’s open-air theater is a proper treat under the stars.

But that’s not all. Izmir’s nightlife isn’t just about what you do; it’s about the vibe. Each district throws its own kind of party. From laid-back bars where you can relax with a local drink or fruit wine to the endless beach parties in Cesme, Izmir doesn’t skimp on options.

So whatever you’re into, Izmir will have you sorted. Whether you’re cheering, chilling, or getting cultured, Izmir’s nightlife is ready to show you a good time!




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