37 Of The Best Restaurants In Croatia: Where To Eat In Croatia

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Food, glorious food! Here are the best restaurants in Croatia. This list is written by locals living in Croatia, and it makes choosing where to eat in Croatia easy!


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Food, glorious food! If you have been reading our blog for a while, you’ll already know how much we love food. We have a stack of Croatian recipes in English, and one of our most popular posts is this one on traditional Croatian food.

If you’re heading to our sunny shores and are looking for the best spot to chow down, and you’re looking for recommendations, you’ve come to the right place!

Best Restaurants In Croatia

These places regularly win awards and are favored by us and or our friends and colleagues. 

1. NAV

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Croatia_NAV
Photo Credit: NAV

If you’re looking for an amazing restaurant experience in Zagreb, Croatia, you’ll definitely want to check out Nav! This cozy little spot is located in the heart of the city and offers a truly unique dining experience. The menu features traditional Croatian dishes with a modern twist, and the decor is absolutely beautiful. Trust us; Nav is definitely worth a visit!

The renowned Croatian chef Tvrtko Šakota opened NAV to cook precisely as he envisioned. This restaurant, situated at 11 Masarykova Street in a courtyard, provides guests with an extraordinary gastronomic experience. On the entrance is a sign reading ‘modern Croatian cuisine’ – and this exquisite theme pervades throughout the homey interior, making the eatery feel like dining in someone’s home.

Chef Šakota stands out with his unique approach to each diner, during which he narrates the creation of each course in-depth: detailing its preparation and highlighting that all ingredients are locally sourced, many from his own biodynamic farm. Only fifteen people can be served per evening, ensuring outstanding quality as you enjoy a four-hour-long 16-course dinner, where every dish is worth savoring.

2. Nautika, Dubrovnik

Nautika is a restaurant that gives you several experiences all rolled into one. First, you get stunning views, as it’s located right at the western entrance to the famous Old City.

The terraces mean amazing sunset views and photo opportunities too. Secondly, this restaurant offers cooking classes you can pre-book in advance. But of course, it also offers amazing food that will make your mouth water.

The restaurant specializes in seasonal, local ingredients, including seafood caught fresh from the Adriatic. Be sure to try their lobster if you’re feeling fancy! Nautika has also won several awards over the years, which should give you an idea of its quality.

3. Panorama, Dubrovnik

Best Restaurants In Dubrovnik_Panorama

If an amazing meal with a view is what you’re after, Panorama is for you. Located on Mount Srd, you’ll have the very best view across the entire city and further afield. If you want to eat at sunset, you’ll have to book a table far ahead of time, but it’s more than worth the effort.

The hotel is open for lunch and dinner, with an extensive cocktail and wine menu for you to choose from. Again, this hotel specializes in the freshest ingredients that change seasonally.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of cable cars, this is one restaurant you need to push aside your fears for!

4. Vidilica, Split

If you’re visiting Split and need a scenic place to eat, Vidilica is the spot. Located up at Marjan Hill, you’ll easily work off any calories before you eat, so you have space to fill up from the huge menu! Seasonal ingredients are high on the importance list at this restaurant, and be sure to try the delicious truffle pasta that is extremely popular.

With an amazing view, you’ll feel like you’re floating in the sky as you eat, but even if you don’t want to have a large meal, simply sitting here and enjoying the view with a glass of wine is an amazing experience.

5. Draga di Lovrana, Lovran

This restaurant is part of a large hotel and is located on the seashore, right at the edge of a huge reef. As you look around you, you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by endless blue, with an amazing photo opportunity in front of you. This is also a Michelin star restaurant, so you know from the get-go that it’s high quality.

Seafood here is as fresh as fresh can be, and the huge wine list pairs wonderfully with your dish of choice. While it might not be the cheapest restaurant you’ve ever been to, it will be one of the best.

6. Pelegrini, Šibenik

Photo Credit: Pelegrini Šibeni (Sea Snails)

Three consecutive years in a row, Pelegrini has been crowned Croatia’s best restaurant, with the resident chef Rudolf Stefan also winning serval best chef awards. Put simply, Pelegrini is outstanding and at the cutting edge of Croatian cuisine. The food here will blow your mind and looks as good as it tastes. Be sure to book well in advance. The view of the UNESCO-listed cathedral is also a big seller.

7. Dubravkin Put, Zagreb

Located in the woods, a short walk from Zagreb, you’ll find Dubravkin Put. It’s here that you will find stylish and sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine served to you in style. The restaurant has one of Croatia’s largest wine lists, with many of those by the glass making your experience at this restaurant even better.

8. Monte, Rochasvinj

Croatia’s one and only Michelin-star restaurant is certainly worth a visit when in Rovinj. Here, you’ll experience delightful contemporary Croatian food. Go for the tasting menu and take in the full Monte experience. If that’s too much, be sure to try the suckling pig, which is to die for.

9. Noel, Zagreb

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Croatia_Noel
Photo Credit: Noel

This chic restaurant will impress you upon entry with its warm and sophisticated décor. The chef employs modern cooking techniques extracting every ounce of flavor from local ingredients. Go for the tasting menu for the best gastronomic experience. It’s also worth noting they have an extensive wine list.

10. Plavi Podrum, Volosko

Plavi Podrum is an excellent example of great things coming in small packages. This restaurant offers superb seafood cuisine you won’t find anywhere else. Located in the charming Volosko harbor, the ingredients are ultra-fresh, with seafood caught daily a stone’s throw away.

11. Vinodol, Zagreb

A popular Zagreb restaurant, Vinodol serves tasty traditional continental and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is somewhat casual, meaning it’s perfect for a family meal, a romantic dinner for two, or a business meeting. The menu is large, and the wine list is equally as extensive!

12. Bevanda, Opatija


Bevanda arguably has the best view of any restaurant in Croatia, located at the water’s edge in Opatija, and serves classic Croatian cuisine with a hint of modernity. Seafood dominates the menu, and it doesn’t get much better than this. Try the Kvarner scampi for a taste of the region.

13. Carpaccio, Zagreb

If you’re looking for Italian in Zagreb, look no further than Carpaccio. With a wide range of classic Italian dishes, there is something here for everyone. The tagliatelle with shrimps is a house favorite, while the extensive wine list is always a winner.

14. Marina, Novigrad

If you are looking for seasonal, simple, but exquisite cuisine, this restaurant is a must. Specializing in seafood, the menu changes according to the catch of the day. The best way to experience Marina restaurant is going for the tasting menu option. Additionally, if seafood is your thing, schedule a visit to Marina as well.

15. Mala Hiža, Mačkovec

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Croatia_Mala Hiža, Mačkovec
Photo Credit: Mala Hiža, Mačkovec

Located in the lovely Medumurje, Mala Hiža produces continental cuisine from the Medumurje region. The chef has partnered with local producers and creates modern takes on regional classics. This restaurant’s location is a fantastic plus point, set in its own gardens with a minor water feature and wooden bridge to complete the scene.

16. Konoba Boba, Murter

Located in Murter, on an island between Sibenik and Zadar, Konoba Boba is an award-winning restaurant that always belongs on overviews of the best Croatia restaurants. It’s a fantastic destination for veritable gourmands, people who high-end, well-thought-out dishes prepared in accordance with local traditions and the freshest ingredients. This is where you’ll find some of the absolute best Dalmatian food, from risotto and seafood spaghetti to local lamb and Adriatic tuna carpaccio, paired with delicious Dalmatian, Croatian and international wines.

17. ARTiČOK, Split

Split is home to many great restaurants, and ARTiČOK is definitely one of them. This is a perfect place for a cozy evening enjoying traditional homemade Croatian food. Its menu features all the Croatian classics, from cheese board and tartar rump steak appetizers to pasta with truffle sauce, fish soups, tuna, lobster, and black risotto. While seafood and meat have a prominent place on their carte, the chefs can also prepare vegetarian and vegan dishes upon request. Gluten-free options are available, too!

18. Otto & Frank, Zagreb

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Croatia_Otto & Frank, Zagreb
Photo Credit: Otto & Frank, Zagreb

Serving modern comfort food that blends contemporary culinary trends and local home-cooking traditions, Zagreb’s Otto & Frank is one of the best restaurants for a casual breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Located in the Zagreb city center, this bar and bistro focus on seasonal food. Its main menu is complemented by about half a dozen different dishes inspired by the local market’s offerings.

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Best Restaurants In Central Croatia

19. Mala Hiža, Mačkovec

This restaurant is set in its private gardens, making you feel a thousand miles away from any hustle and bustle. The fine-dining choices are extensive and include authentic homemade dishes from the area.

20. Karlo, Plešivica

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Croatia_Karlo, Plešivica
Photo Credit: Karlo, Plešivica

Located in the stunning Plešivica wine country with fantastic views over the vineyards, the food at Karlo is authentic, made with fresh local produce and meat.

21. Kod špilje, Otruševec

If you like large portions and want to try a large range of domestic food, this is your place! Here, you can try charcuterie, local soups, and game, along with a host of other options.



Best Restaurants In Dalmatia

22. Pelegrini, Šibenik

We’ve mentioned this one already, and it is the winner of the award for the best restaurant in the whole of Croatia! Certainly, be sure to book this restaurant ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

23. 360, Dubrovnik

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Dubrovnik_360 Dubrovnik
Photo Credit: 360 Dubrovnik

Located in the heart of the city, with a fantastic view of the Old Town, 360 is one of the top restaurants in Dubrovnik, the second-best actually! Famous for its black pork and its beetroot risotto, the menu is large and concentrates mainly on seasonal choices. Read more about Dubrovnik & food here, while you can find out where to sleep in Dubrovnik here.

24. Boškinac, Novalja

This particular restaurant’s rural setting will really make you feel like you are in the heart of the beautiful Croatian countryside. If you can visit during the summer months, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy sitting on the terrace with a glass of wine before your meal! Be sure to try their outstanding red wine Boskinac. Please read our review here.

25. Konoba Fetivi, Split

Known for its laid-back vibe and traditional, comfort food menu selection, this restaurant is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. It’s definitely one not to miss when in Split!

26. Above 5, Dubrovnik

Best Restaurants In Dubrovnik_Above 5

Located on the 5th floor of the Boutique Hotel Stari Grad, this rooftop restaurant offers a view of the city that is one of a kind! The Mediterranean menu offers three and 5-course dinners along with separate breakfast and lunch options that will leave your tastebuds more than happy.

27. Bowa, Sipan Island

A 30-minute boat ride from Dubrovnik will land you on the largest of the Elaphiti Islands, home to Bowa. This restaurant puts you right at the foot of the Adriatic, with cabana and seaside dining along a pebbled beach. Hidden in a tranquil little cove, guests rave about the unique dining experience and the incredible, Dubrovnik-style fare.

28. Apolon, Stari Grad

As one of Croatia’s Michelin 2018 restaurants, this cozy dining experience on Hvar island is great for foodies. The restaurant is located in the Heritage Villa Apolon and offers fresh, flavorful Mediterranean cuisine made with local ingredients. 


Best Restaurants In Kvarner & Istria

29. Monte, Rovinj

Monte is the third-best restaurant in the whole of Croatia and, as previously mentioned, has Croatia’s only Michelin star! Read more about Rovinj and food here, or find out where to sleep in Rovinj here.

Best Restaurants in Croatia - Monte Rovinj
Best Restaurants in Istria. Photo: Monte Rovinj

30. Plavi Podrum, Volosko

This is another place that made the country-wide top restaurants list, and the marina setting is really what sells it. The freshly caught seafood is brilliant, but sitting and watching the sun glisten off the water, or viewing the sun go down with the boats in the background, is something to behold.

31. Bevanda, Opatija

This restaurant is relaxed but luxurious simultaneously, with a really chilled-out atmosphere overlooking Kvarner Bay. There are sunbeds on the restaurant’s exterior, and inside, you can simply sit and chill out, with great local food and a large drinks selection on offer.

  • Marina, Novigrad
  • Batelina, Medulin
  • San Rocco, Brtonigla
  • Johnson, Mošćenička Draga
  • Damir & Ornella, Novigrad
  • Stari Podrum, Momjan
  • Badi, Umag

Best Restaurants In Slavonia

32. Muzej Okusa, Osijek

While most restaurants in Slavonia are authentic in their décor, this restaurant is contemporary. The building is actually a museum that has been renovated. The restaurant’s menu is a mix of continental and coastal Croatian dishes, and they also have an extensive local wine list.


33. Baranjska Kuća, Karanac

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Croatia_Baranjska Kuća, Karanac
Photo Credit: Baranjska Kuća, Karanac

Authenticity is the order of the day with this restaurant, where you can get a taste of Banaja county. Try the house-made bread baked in clay ovens, snails, and nettle dishes for something unique.

34. Zimska Luka, Osijek, Hotel Osijek

This restaurant is part of Hotel Osijek and overlooks the countryside and river that backs onto the hotel grounds. Steak is the order of the day here, as well as the lamb chops and veal.

  • Josić, Zmajevac
  • Principovac, Ilok
  • Lumiere, Osijek
  • Dunav, Ilok
  • Kovač, ČArda Suza
  • Klub Restoran Waldinger, Osijek
  • Kormoran, Bilje

Best Zagreb Restaurants

35. Dubravkin Put, Zagreb

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Croatia_Dubravkin Put, Zagreb
Photo Credit: Dubravkin Put, Zagreb

Voted number 2 in Croatia, Dubravkin serves modern cuisine in style, as previously mentioned.

36. Noel, Zagreb

Another establishment that made the country-wide list, this is a top choice for steak lovers. Additionally, the menu is continuously evolving and changing, incorporating the freshest seasonal ingredients.

37. Vinodol, Zagreb

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Croatia_Vinodol, Zagreb
Photo Credit: Vinodol, Zagreb

One more on the top list, and one that truffle lovers should definitely consider visiting! The fish and chips might sound simple, but try them and let your mouth water with the freshly caught fish and homemade chips and dip.

  • Carpaccio
  • Bistro Apetit
  • Takenoko
  • Mano
  • Barbieri’s
  • Apetit City
  • Time

Now, what will you do with this list of the best restaurants in Croatia? Start at the top and work your way down or close your eyes and pick one at random? Either way, this list makes choosing where to eat in Croatia easy!

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  2. Totally disagree about Pelegrini was just there and you now have to order a 5 course meal. Very expensive! Not as nice as it was a few ago when I was there. Place was half empty at a 7:30 pm reservation. Go to Tomasao on the rive that is excellent!

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