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We travel Albania seeking out Albanian food, wine, the best things to do in Albania, & accommodation in Albania for you.

Albania Official Language: Albanian

Currency Of Albania: Lek (ALL)

Albanian Population: 2,937,764

Capital City: Tirana

National Day: 28th November

Timezone: UTC +1 (UTC +2 during summer)

Albanian Fun Facts: 100+ Albania facts here

UNESCO Sites: Albania has 3 sites. Read about them here

Things To Do In Albania: So many! Start here for a few ideas

Driving: Some complications. Driving guide here

Nestled between Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, Albania and the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Albania is land blending cultures and traditions. A land of food and wine, where the Xhiro or evening walk is as important as drinking Turkish coffee, Albania is climbing higher on the travelers’ radar.

Albania is the land that gave the world the missionary Mother Teresa, novelist Ismail Kadare, soprano Inva Mula and actor Jim Belushi. It’s also the land of the red poppy, their national flower and of the famous burek that the world can’t do without. Visit Albania and you’ll find history, culture, architecture, food, art, literature, and a lot more that will make you want to stay.

International Airports In Albania: Tirana International Airport, Kukes Airport, and Vlore International Airport. Tirana Airport is named Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza in honor of Mother Teresa, the Albanian Roman Catholic nun.

Albanian Traditional Food: Find the traditional food guide here

  • Tave Kosi, a lamb made of yogurt, rice, egg, and lamb
  • Qofte, meatballs made of lamb, pork, beef or chicken
  • Tarator, a cold cucumber soup
  • Qebapa or Cevapcici, sausages made of minced meat
  • Grilled fish
  • Kackavall, a popular cheese
  • Fergese Tirane, made of cheese, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers
  • Byrek, a pie filled with minced meat and vegetables
  • Flija, a many-layered pancake with sour cream filling
  • Baklava, a multi-layered phyllo pastry stuffed with nuts and covered with honey

Top Things To Do In Albania:

  • See the beautiful Kruje Castle, once the headquarters of Georg Kastriot
  • Escape the crowds in Tirana’s Parku I Madh
  • Ride the Dajti Ekspres to the top of Mount Dajti in Tirana
  • Enjoy winter sports at Dardha
  • Drive through Llogara National Park, a road that reaches 1000 meters above sea level
  • Visit the 100-year old Cobo Winery in Berat
  • Picnic near the Lana River
  • Sail on one of Europe’s oldest lakes, Lake Ohrid
  • Swim in the Syri Kalter, the Blue Eye
  • Get some sun at Porto Palermo Beach
  • Enjoy water sports at Lake Farka
  • Swim in the beautiful waters of Dhermi Beach
  • Enjoy the healing waters of Benja Thermal Baths
  • Visit the imposing Rozafa Castle
  • Spend some time in Skanderbeg Square, Tirana’s Central Plaza
  • See the Balkan’s largest lake, Lake Skadar
  • Take a magical ferry ride on Lake Koman
  • Explore the cave of Pellumbas
  • Visit the fortress of Ali Pasha

Major Places Not To Skip:

  • Vibrant and modern Tirana
  • Iconic Kruja
  • Historic Gjirokaster, the “City of Stones”
  • Alpian Theth National Park
  • Strategic Shkoder
  • Berat, the “City of a Thousand Windows”
  • Peaceful Ksamil Village
  • The ruins of ancient Apollonia
  • Stunning Qafe Shtame National Park
  • UNESCO World Heritage Butrint National Park
  • Coastal Durres
  • Mysterious Sazan Island