Detailed Guide To The 4 Ferries From Italy To Albania

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From the Roman ruins in Italy, you’re at the doorstep of countless other gems, just a stone’s throw across the waters. Take Albania, for instance. Just across the Adriatic Sea to the east, it’s fast becoming the place to be – and you’ll want to see it before it hits peak tourist season.

Sure, flying is the quick route, but it’s not the only way to get there. If you’re not pressed for time, the best solution is to consider taking a ferry from Italy to Albania.

Albania Travel Blog_4 Ferries From Italy To Albania Guide

It’s a more laid-back approach, and you get to enjoy the scenery along the way. The ferries are pretty well set up, too. Think of it as a mini-cruise: on the overnight ferry, you’ve got sleeping quarters that you can reserve ahead, as well as cafes, restaurants, and bars to keep you entertained. Then, the next morning, you awake to a new country!

The journey’s about seven hours, give or take, so comfort is key. You can opt for a cabin to stretch out in, or if you’re looking to keep costs down, a reclining seat will do just fine. It boils down to what you prefer and how you want to roll with the waves.

The fact that you’re crossing borders between countries means that you need to have all your paperwork sorted out beforehand. Make sure you have your valid passport and any visa that you may need for your country of origin. If you’re not sure what you need, check on your country’s embassy website ahead of time.

You’ll find daily departures between the two countries; you’ll just have to look at your preferred travel dates and see which companies have ferry connections on your days. 

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Ferries Between Italy & Albania

Best Beaches In The Mediterranean - Crystal clear water on Livadhi Beach in Himare in Albania

There are four main ferry routes between Italy and Albania, and all can be booked ahead of time, either from the port directly or online. It’s best to book as early as you can, as not only will you find cheaper deals, but you also avoid disappointment if the route is booked up. This can happen quite often during the peak summer months.

There are three ports on the Italian side of the Adriatic (Brindisi, Ancona, and Bari) and two on the Albanian side (Vlore and Durres) on the Ionian Sea.

Let’s take a look at the available options and the travel time it will take you.

1. Ancona To Port Of Durrës

How To Get From Greece To Italy (& Italy To Greece) - Ancona Port Ancona

This particular service is operated all year around, although do expect fewer crossings during the winter months. At this time, some services can be canceled at the last moment due to poor weather conditions.

The Port of Ancona to Durres route is operated by Adria Ferries and is for foot passengers and vehicles. The crossing will take 16 hours, and there are 6 weekly sailings.

2. Port Of Bari To Vlore

There are 6 ferry crossings per week between Bari to Vlore, which is 233km away. The crossing takes 9 hours and is operated by European Ferries.

You can often find some good deals on this very popular crossing. A single adult ticket costs around 65 euros, with children between 4-11 years going at half price.

3. Port Of Bari To Durres

Durres lies 218km away from Bari on the Italian east coast, with a crossing time of around 8.5 hours. Three ferry companies offer this service, including GNV, Ventouris Ferries, and Adria Ferries, open to both vehicles and foot passengers.

There are 12 crossings per week with each ferry company and again, this is a popular crossing during the summer months. Booking ahead of time would be sensible. Ferry tickets are quite reasonable however, in August last year, it was possible to snap ticket prices for a a bunk bed cabin for 75 euros per person.

4. Brindisi To Vlore – Fastest Ferry Choice

Things To Do In Himare, Albania - Pier In Himara City - Vlore, Albania

There are 13 crossings per week between Brindisi and Vlore during the summertime only. The two destinations are 130km away from one another, and the crossing time is 7 hours.

Both A-Ships Management and Star Line Ferries offer this route, with 14 services from A-Ships Management and 13 From Star Line.


What is the Bari Durres ferry?

The Bari Durres ferry is a popular transportation option for traveling between Italy and Albania. It offers a convenient and cost-effective way to cross the Adriatic Sea.

Which ferry operators serve the Bari Durres route?

Several ferry operators serve the Bari Durres route, including Adria Ferries, Ventouris Ferries, and Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV). These operators offer regular sailings between Bari and Durres.

What types of tickets are available?

There are different ticket types available. These can range from basic deck tickets, which provide space on the open deck for the duration of the journey, to private cabins with various sleeping arrangements.

What is the boarding process like?

Passengers should arrive at the ferry terminal early to collect their boarding passes. After booking online, you will need to exchange your voucher for boarding passes at a separate location, typically situated around 2 km away from the terminal. Once at the terminal, you will go through immigration and security checks before boarding the ferry.

What amenities are available on the ferry?

The amenities vary depending on the operator and the type of ticket. Generally, you can expect dining options, lounge areas, and cabins with basic facilities. Some ferries may also offer additional services, such as entertainment options or duty-free shopping.

What happens upon arrival in Durres?

Upon arrival in Durres, passengers will disembark from the ferry and proceed through Albanian immigration. The immigration process typically involves presenting your passport and any required travel documents. After going through immigration, you are free to continue your journey in Albania.

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