Epic Travel Guide To Alonissos Island, Greece

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Here is all the Alonissos, Greece travel advice that you need. We’ve got a list of things to do on Alonissos Island, top Alonissos sites, and tips for where to stay on the island of Alonissos, Greece.

Greece Travel Blog_A Guide To Alonissos Island Greece

If you’re looking for a relaxing and peaceful holiday in Greece, Alonissos is for you! Alonissos is a small island part of an archipelago of islands known as the Sporades. The island, also known as “The Pearl of the Sporades Islands,” is home to beautiful white beaches, clear waters, and lush forests.

The island is part of Greece’s first marine park and an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts, with plentiful paths and stunning views to discover. In addition, many great restaurants, hotels, and charming villages make it easy to get off the beaten path and experience authentic Greek life, not to mention some of the best seafood in Greece!

Island Of Alonissos

Majestic beach of Kokkinokastro in Alonnisos island, Greece

Alonissos is an undiscovered gem of the Aegean. It’s a small island with tranquil beaches and an incredible history of its own.

The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times (some even claim that it was first settled by humans 25000 years ago), and today it’s home to just under 3,000 people, with many areas untouched by tourism.

Alonissos was once inhabited by Greek pirates, who used it as a base for their raids against other countries in the region. Today, this historic town still maintains its charm with many buildings dating back to medieval times—and even ancient ruins!

Alonissos is part of a unique ecosystem as the center of the National Marine park of Alonissos and Northern Sporades, which includes six mains islands (Alonissos, Peristera, Skantzoura, Gioura, Kyra Panagia, and Piperi) along with 22 rocky islets. The park is home to the Mediterranean Monk Seal – the rarest mammal in Europe and an endangered species – along with 300 species of fish and around 80 species of birds.

When To Visit Alonissos Island

You can expect slightly larger crowds during the summer peak season (July-August), but this is an island that offers a relaxing experience even in the middle of the summer as it’s still relatively quiet. 

Where Is The Island Of Alonissos

Alonissos is a beautiful Greek island located just off the coast of Thessaloniki between Greece and Turkey in the Northern Aegean Sea. It sits between the Greek islands of Skiathos and Skopelos and is one of the country’s most beautiful places.

How To Get To Alonissos Island

Alonissos is a popular tourist destination with a large dock for ferries and hydrofoils, but it does not have its own airport. That being said, there are many ways to reach the island.

From Skiathos

The closest island to Alonissos is Skiathos, which sits just across the water from Alonissos. Skiathos is a popular tourist destination and has many hotels and restaurants. It has an airport you can fly to (a 30-minute flight from Athens) or reach Skiathos by ferry.


Ferry Options To Skiathos

  • Depart from the port of Agios Konstantinos; 1.5-hour duration
  • Depart from Volos; 2.5-hour duration

Once in Skiathos, there are 2-3 ferry crossings to Alonissos daily. The ferry trip lasts 2 hours.

From Athens

Fly to Athens and then take a ferry from Piraeus Port to Volos. Alternatively, you can fly to Skiathos from Athens (30 minutes) or drive/take a bus to Volos (4 hours). From both Skiathos and Volos, you can board another ferry to Alonissos.


Ferry Options To Alonissos

  • Depart from Volos; 4-hour duration
  • Depart from Skiathos; 2-hour duration

Note: First Class Buses depart daily between Athens Airport Terminal 1 & 2 at 8:30 am & 7 pm, respectively, while standard buses depart every hour throughout each day (except Sunday) between 2 pm & midnight, respectively.

From Thessaloniki

Fly to Thessaloniki and drive to Volos in your own car (or rent one). Take the ferry from Volos port to Alonissos.

Alternatively, there is a direct ferry route from Thessaloniki to Alonissos, which lasts a little over 4.5 hours and costs around USD 50.

From Kavala

If you’re flying into Kavala Airport, it’s an hour’s drive south on the E67 highway toward Volos (which will take you right past the port). Take the ferry from Volos to Alonissos.

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The Best Things To Do In Alonissos, Greece

There are many ways to enjoy the island, and you can choose whatever works best for you. The following are some of the activities we recommend:

Windsurfing & Watersports

Alonissos is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. As the center of the marine park, and with ample beaches, bays, and clear waters, you could spend all of your time windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling, and for the more adventurous, scuba diving.

Try windsurfing at one of two great windsurfing spots – Laganas Bay or Moudania Beach, which is just south of Agia Marina. This area offers excellent weather year-round and has both light winds in summer and strong winds from October through March.

The local dive shop will provide all the necessary equipment for beginners who want to try scuba diving without breaking their bank accounts; be sure that your insurance covers this type of activity before booking it! If not, don’t worry—you can still enjoy yourself at Laganas Bay by renting snorkel gear from one of its shops or purchasing them online beforehand so there won’t be any surprises when it comes time for check-in. Or bring your own snorkel gear!


Kokinokastro red cliffs beach landscape in Alonissos island
Kokinokastro red cliffs

Alonissos is great for those who love experiencing nature and architecture on foot. If you want to explore more of the island itself, leave the beaches for the day and hike through the forested areas or take one of the many island paths.

There are many sites to see along the walking paths, including an old windmill along the cliffs, the stunning view from the top of Kalovoulos Mountain behind the Old Village, the chapel of St. Ioannis, and many ravines, pine forests, and bays.

Many paths wind near beaches, so feel free to take a quick dip when the opportunity arises!


Milia is a small village on the southern side of the island. If you love being outside or just chilling at the beach with nothing but silence around, then Milia would definitely be worth checking out! Milia may not be right up your alley if you’re into partying all night long.

It’s one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for some peace, quiet, and solitude. In fact, it’s so calm here that there isn’t even any nightlife! If your family loves nature and beaches, then this is definitely the place for them!


Aerial view over Patitiri town in Alonnisos island, Greece
Patitiri Town, Alonissos Island

Patitiri is a small fishing village on Alonissos, the most popular beach on this island. It’s a tranquil place with all the amenities you need to enjoy your stay.

If you want some peace while enjoying nature in its purest form, the Port of Patitiri would be a great choice! Many restaurants, bars, and shops sell souvenirs and clothing. There are also plenty of activities for children: water sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding are very popular here.

Island Hop

Suppose you want to do a little island hopping. In that case, you should consider visiting nearby islands like Mykonos or Skiathos, which are both popular destinations for tourists who want fun things like diving off cliffs and other water sports!

Where To Eat In Alonissos Greece

Food in Greece - greek gyros with tzatziki sauce and fries on parchment

What are the best places to eat and drink on Alonissos Island?

Alonissos Island has a lot of great places to eat and drink. Here are some suggestions:


There are many good restaurants on Alonissos, including casual tavernas, which serve traditional Greek dishes like souvlaki or moussaka. If you’re looking for something more formal (perhaps with better service), try one of the many dining establishments in town, such as Sea Grill & Bar or Samario Restaurant & Bar. For dessert, there’s Saturno Pizza Bar.

Gyro Taverna

This family-run restaurant offers authentic Greek food, including souvlaki (grilled meat), mezedes (small plates), and moussaka. It’s located in the heart of town and has a charming seaside location.

To Pano Thira Restaurant & Bar

This place is owned by an English couple who runs it well with their experience from living abroad for ten years in Greece since 1997; they know exactly what makes a good plate or cake! The menu offers pizza, pasta dishes, Greek specialties like souvlaki or moussaka, and much more.


The best coffee place is Oasis Cafe Bar, where they serve fresh fruit smoothies made with local ingredients like avocados grown right outside their door! You can also buy fresh produce at farmers’ markets held every Saturday at 10 am; these markets offer everything from cheese wheels to tomatoes picked directly off their vines by hand rather than shipped thousands of miles away like most other products sold in supermarkets today.

Where To Stay In Alonissos?

There are many places to stay in Alonissos. The island’s west side is quieter but windier, and there are no hotels on this side.

If you want to be near everything and have a fantastic view from your room, head east to Skala or Voudomato.

You can find great discounts during the off-season when prices are lower than in the high season (September through May).

Island Of Alonissos Beaches 

Aerial view of the famous Agios Dimitrios (Saint Demetrios) Beach in Alonnisos island, Sporades, Greece

Have we already mentioned that Alonissos has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe!?

  • Agios Dimitrios Beach
  • Glyfa Beach
  • Koukounaries Beach
  • Megalos Mourtias
  • Chrisi Milia Beach
  • Spartines Beach
  • Millia Beach
  • Kokkino Kastro Beach
  • Leftos Gialos Beach
  • Tzortzi Gialos Beach

Here are some of our faves!

Agioi Saranta

Agioi Saranta, the most popular beach on the island, is a must-visit for families. It has lots of facilities and is splendid for swimming and snorkeling.


Glyfa is a small and quiet beach. It’s suitable for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing under the pine trees. If you want to windsurf here, then be prepared to get blown around by the wind!


Koukounaries is a small beach that’s perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You’ll find plenty of shade here and plenty of places to eat or have lunch on the beach if you’re looking for something more than just swimming in the water. It’s also an incredible spot for windsurfing, diving, and even wakeboarding.

Megalos Mourtias

Megalos Mourtias is an excellent place to visit in the summer. It’s not as popular as other beaches on Alonissos, but it has a lovely sandy beach and plenty of outdoor restaurants where you can enjoy your meal after swimming. The water here is shallow enough for children to play in and deep enough to keep away the larger waves that come with windier weather.


What is the recommended time of year to visit Alonissos Island?

The best time to visit Alonissos Island is from late spring to early autumn, particularly from May to September when the weather is warm and pleasant.

What is the nearest airport to the island of Alonissos?

The nearest airport to Alonissos is Skiathos Island National Airport, which is a short ferry ride away from Alonissos.

What is Alonissos Island well-known for?

Alonissos is renowned for its natural beauty, pristine beaches, and marine park, which is a protected habitat for the Mediterranean monk seal.

How much time does the ferry take from Athens to Alonissos?

The ferry from Athens to Alonissos typically takes around 4 to 5 hours, depending on the ferry service and route taken.

Final Word About Alonissos Greece

If you have time during your stay in Greece, we recommend visiting this beautiful island!

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation with plenty of natural beauty, then Alonissos is the place for you. It offers all the amenities of modern life yet still maintains its rural character. You can enjoy your time on the island as much as possible without worrying about going hungry or getting lost in this paradise!

Everything is more beautiful on the Island of Alonissos – what will you do first? Take a walk along the beach and watch the sunset over the sea. Or stop by a taverna and enjoy some of the island’s delicious local cuisine! 

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