14 Things To Do In The Pelješac Peninsula – Wine & Oysters

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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

The Pelješac peninsula is a place of wine and relaxation. Here are just some of the many things to do in Pelješac.

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Despite the fact that the earlier years of this beautiful part of Croatia are shrouded in mystery, we know that the sparsely populated but seriously impressive Peljesac Peninsula was initially mentioned by Greek writers known as the Roman Province of Dalmatia.

Following a changing of hands, the area was part of the French Empire in the early 1800s before passing over to the Austrian Empire. Moving on from this, for around 70 years, the area was then part of Yugoslavia before Croatia was granted independence in the 90s. For this very reason, the Peljesac Peninsula is an area that is dripping in history, nods to various cultures, and as such, the ideal place to visit.

Though it is only home to about 8 thousand people, the Pelješac peninsula is now coming into its stride as a top travel destination.

We prioritized heading to this part of the world as soon as we moved to Croatia; with so much traveling and with a baby in tow, it took us a while! This region has long been known for its delicious shellfish, dry red wines, and gorgeous beaches, so there are many reasons to love the Pelješac peninsula. 

The Pelješac peninsula is easy to get to from Dubrovnik, so we always recommend this part of Croatia to anyone who loves wine.

Things To Do On The Pelješac Peninsula

Because it would be almost selfish not to share all the tips with you, here they are:

1. Taste The Local Seafood & Enjoy The Wine

Hotel Marco Polo Gradac - Wine
Hotel Marco Polo, Gradac

The oysters and mussels found around Pelješac are exceptionally good, and several Blue Flag beaches can be found in the region.

There are also excellent vintages on tap at Postup and Dingač villages. Both of these towns are located near the main settlement at Orebić on the peninsula’s southwestern coast.

Our friends over at the Boutique Hotel Marco Polo in Gradac run private tours to explore this whole area, and we plan to go back and check it out ASAP.

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2. Orebic Is A Top Spot For Some Sunshine

Orebić itself is but a short ferry ride from Korčula, and boats often go between the two destinations. Due to the fact that this town functioned as a trading outpost for many years, many sea captains and their families made their homes here.

Orebić is one of the sunniest spots in Croatia, so it is a popular spot for day-trippers from the surrounding areas. Dubrovnik is only an hour and a half away, so plan this part of your vacation at the beginning or end of your stay in Dubrovnik or as the perfect day trip. 

Local Tip: Orebić is home to Nevio Camp, the campground that has won the best campsite in all of Croatia for several years in a row. It’s the perfect place to escape from the bustle of Dubrovnik while still being able to explore the city and all that Peljesac has to offer.

3. Visit Our Lady Of The Angels & Hike Sveti Ilija

Orebić has a historic monastery called Our Lady of the Angels that is worth a stop, but avid hikers will also want to make the 4-hour climb up Sveti Ilija (Mount St. Ilija). Pack comfortable shoes and plenty of water and sun cream for your hike, as well as an empty memory card for those stunning views from the top.

4. Kite Surfing In Kuciste

Those who want to spend their time at the beach should check out the pebbly shores at Trstenicia. Kitesurfers should likewise head out to the village of Kuciste, where there are lessons available, or simply practice at the highly-rated North Kiteboarding Club.

5. More Wine Tasting Fun

Korta Katarina Pelješac Peninsula - Travel Croatia
Photo Credit: Korta Katarina

Wine aficionados should stop at Korta Katarina Winery in Orebić for a tasting before making their way out to Trstnik. While the village’s main draw is the tasty red and white vintages produced by the local Grgić winery, there are plenty of excellent beaches to be found nearby. The winery is open daily between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm.

Other great wineries to visit are:

  • Bura-Mrgudic
  • Matusko
  • Vina Grgić
  • Crisis
  • Milos
  • Marlais

6. Enjoy The Local Produce

Another good stop for those that enjoy wine is the Podobuče village, where there is also a beach. Travelers can stay at the local inn, Konoba Molovran and feast upon the local produce in the tavern below.

Wine lovers might also want to make their way out to the Vino Špaleta in Kuna. They sell delicious rose wines as well as locally crafted olive oils.

Ston is home to the local winery Vinarija Milos can also be found in town, and it is worth a stop for those that are still on a quest for the perfect vintage. With all of the culinary offerings that can be found here, it is no surprise that the town makes a fine stop for a delicious, locally produced meal. Some great places for foodies to check out are the Gastro Mare, the Restaurant & Caffe Bar Bella Vista, and the Stagnum restaurants, all of which are located in Ston.

7. History To Be Found At Ston

Mali Ston_Ston walls Croatia

The peninsula’s second-largest population center is at the Ston. This fortified city is a Renaissance maze that sits on a spit of land which connects the peninsula to the mainland. In the Middle Ages, Ston was located in a strategic location and was thus fortified in order to help protect Dubrovnik, which had acquired it in the 14th century.

The stone ramparts are said to resemble a downsized version of the Great Wall of China. They are accessible to the public, and admission is free. I am told that the ocean vistas found here are excellent.

8. Check Out The Oysters

Oysters in Mali Ston Oysters Croatia

Ston and its sister city, the charming fishing hamlet of Mali Ston, are known for their lush oyster beds and their salt pans, both of which can be glimpsed from the walls.

The salt pans are also open for viewing after paying a small admissions fee, but I am told that tours of these facilities are self-guided, and there is often no one about to answer questions. However, Ston salt is available at local retailers.

9. Enjoy The Great Outdoors at Mljet National Park

THINGS TO DO IN CROATIA - mljet national park

And while not part of the peninsula of Pelješac, very close by is Mljet National Park. Be sure to take a day trip to explore this beautiful Island, which offers kayaking, hiking, or crystal clear beaches just for relaxing.

10. Work For Your Lodgings And Harvest Salt in Ston

There is, even more, to do in Ston, and you’ll find salt plains here, which date as far back as the 14th century.

The yearly salt production around here is a massive 530 tonnes, and you can help out by harvesting in exchange for your lodgings! I personally think this is a great experience to have, and while I haven’t tried it myself, I’m told it’s quite the workout!

11. Take A Road Trip

There are several scenic road trips you can take, and four of the best are said to be: the Trstenik to Potomje route, in and around Drace, from Orebic to Podobuce, and Trstenik to Zuljana. All of these are packed with sights to see, and places to visit along the way, all calling for more than a few photo stops along the way.

12. Head To The Donkey Farm

Colours Of Istria Trip Donkey 2 (1)

You’ll find a family-run and charming donkey farm. You need to pre-arrange to head here, but you can feed them, pet them, and even milk them – indeed, an activity to put a smile on your face, especially if you’re traveling with little ones.

13. Head To The Island Of Mljet

There is a ferry that runs from Prapratno to Sobra on Mljet regularly, and it’s a must-do to see the stunning beauty of this Island. Basically, this is nature at its best and a very green island.

Mljet National Park Croatia - Chasing the Donkey
Photo Credit SailDubrovnik

14. Head Under Water

THINGS TO DO IN CROATIA - Adriatic Sea 000362

Scuba diving is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and there are several shipwrecks along this coastline, including Boka and a German torpedo boat, as well as a 2000-year-old ship from Roman times. On top of this, there are caves, passages, and sea walls to check out – Oh, and the underwater residents, of course!

Have you ever traveled to or planned to travel to the Pelješac peninsula? We’d love to know your suggested pit stop… or stops.

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  1. You had me at wine and oysters. One of the main reasons I want to visit Croatia is the food, the seafood and the wine! I saw an Anthony Bourdain special and ever since I have wanted to go eat!

    1. Anthony Bourdain did a lot for Croatia – as I have heard that a lot I must say. My guess is you’ll love it here.

  2. I want to visit all the places where we wine is produced. The combination of wine and oysters is wonderful. Oyster is a lovely and very tasty dish. I take it to every visiting place. Its taste is very different from others. All the vineland has great taste of wine grapes.

  3. My wife and I loved your blog post and plan to visit the area on our trip next week. Wanted to combine it with a trip to Mostar, but we heard boarder crossing can be time consuming. Is there a faster route, time of day, anything to get through quickly so we can make a day trip through wine country AND see Mostar?

    1. Unless you go first thing in the morning, you’ll be caught up with other day trippers. Mid-week is also better to avoid people going on weekend getaways. That said sometimes there are no queues. Good luck and enjoy.

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