16 Of The Best Spas in Slovenia To Get Well & Stay Relaxed

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Slovenia is situated right in the heart of Europe & offers diverse natural spa choices. Here are the best spas in Slovenia for you to enjoy. 


Slovenia is a small green dot on the world map, situated right in the heart of Europe. The country never ceases to amaze with unspoiled nature and opulent spa and wellness offers. Slovenia may be tiny, but with the diverse natural and mineral springs scattered throughout the region, it can satisfy every spa and wellness taste, even for the most demanding guests.

The Romans first recognized the health benefits obtained from local waters. We can thank the Romans who developed highly sophisticated thermal springs, spas, and saunas, which we still use today.

Spa and wellness tourism has a long tradition in Slovenia. Recorded mentions of Dolenjske Toplice/Spa date back to 1228, and pools accompanying guest homes debuted in 1767. In the modern-day, wellness and spa tourism is the only one that hasn’t suffered negative recession influences and has managed to grow and develop.

Why is that, you ask? Three main reasons:

  1. Spa and wellness offers are available and at your service all year round, in all weather conditions.
  2. It seems like everyone is an expert on a balanced diet or mind-body wellbeing. Awareness of a healthy and holistic lifestyle is not just on the rise but becoming the new normal. The vast diversity of treatments, exercises, and products worldwide is more available than ever.
  3. The European population isn’t getting any younger, and the need to address more health issues with aging is growing rapidly.
    Photo Credit Zreče – Rogla Health Resort

And who doesn’t want to stay fit and look gorgeous as long as possible, feeling healthy in every life stage?

Help is at hand with over 130 spa and wellness resorts in Slovenia and their exclusive and diverse selection of beauty-body-mind treatments. Slovenia is home to 87 natural thermal springs with water temperatures between 32 and 73 degrees Celsius. Visitors will be pampered at these springs and resorts, from medical therapy (related to recovery and rehabilitation) to aesthetic and cosmetic sessions of pure relaxation and pleasure.

To help you choose the perfect oasis of relaxation in Slovenia, let’s take a closer look at 15 certified Natural Health Resorts with their excellent medical services. All have their specific features, treatments for different conditions, and healing characteristics of the thermal water. Most are in inland Slovenia, except for two resorts on the coast.
Best Spas in Slovenia
Here are the top-rated spa hotels in Slovenia for you!

1. Čatež Thermal Spa, Čatež ob Savi

Photo Credit Terme Čatež

Are you feeling any back or muscle pain? Čatež Spa in eastern Slovenia near the Croatian border is for you. Set in lush nature, this resort is the largest and most popular thermal pool complex with regular guests from all over Europe. Health programs and wellness services, water programs, sports and recreation, golf, and fine dining are on site, along with 25 tepees in the Indian village and 20 lagoon cabins in the Pirate Bay for unique sleeping options.

  • Therapies for guests include physiotherapy and isokinetic, along with curative, paraplegic rehabilitation, and anti-cellulite/anti-rheumatic programs.
  • At the health and beauty center, guests enjoy a variety of massage options – traditional manual massage, manual and machine lymphatic drainage, reflex zone foot massage, tui-na, Ayurveda, Thalgo, watsu, aromatherapy, pearl baths, underwater massage, and pampering in Roman-Irish baths for total relaxation of mind and body.
  • Hotel Čatež offers wellness programs with special rituals designed for total physical and mental relaxation for individuals and couples: hot-stone massage, aroma soul massage, relaxation and beauty programs, programs for two, etc.
  • Step into eight saunas at the Sauna Park in the Winter Thermal Riviera – crystal, steam, extreme, salt, infrared, Finnish aroma, Aquaviva, and open-air Indian sauna – for soothing muscle relaxation.

Thermal water spring temperature: 58 – 63 degrees Celsius


2. Dobrna Thermal Spa, Dobrna

Photo Credit Terme Dobrna

Thermal Spa Dobrna is Slovenia’s oldest working health resort from ancient Celt and Roman times. Famous for centuries for treating a full spectrum of gynecological conditions, guests will find unique fertility programs available. Anti-inflammatory thermal water, a pleasant bioclimate therapy, and natural peloids are the main factors that help treat various problems.

  • Guest therapies include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and traditional or laser acupuncture.
  • Other services include wraps and baths, fertility, incontinence, gynecological programs, and even acupuncture when pregnant.
  • Soothing massages of intriguing varieties (chocolate, honey, Tibet, Thai, Mediterranean, Tui–na, to name a few) are the highlight of “hiša na travniku” (house in the meadow) Massage and Beauty Centre.
  • Body sculpting, slimming, and drainage procedures are popular with guests. 
  • In the “land of saunas,” enjoy seven steam and Finnish saunas and other relaxing options like cold-warm pools, an ice room for cooling down, and a vitamin bar.
  • Don’t forget the large terrace suitable for nude sunbathing!

Thermal water temperature: 35 – 36, 5 degrees Celsius


3. Olimia Thermal Spa, Podčetrtek

Photo Credit Terme Olimia

Located in the countryside by the Sotla River is the Olimia Thermal Spa. Although slightly radioactive, the natural healing Olimia spring water is actually suitable for drinking. Pamper yourself with relaxation massages, the oriental rituals of a Turkish bath, and a rest in a Japanese garden. Visitors will also enjoy one of 9 different saunas, bathing in silicon-rich water and the playful excitement of an outdoor thermal park.

  • Guests can opt for Physio, Hydro, Electro, Mecano, Thermo, and Magneto-therapies.
  • Special curative programs for easing lower back pain, rehabilitation following sports injuries, and treatment of rheumatic illnesses and skin diseases are available.

Thermal water temperature: 30 to 37 degrees Celsius


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4. Radenci Health Resort, Sava Hotels & Resorts, Radenci

Photo Credit: Radencia Health Resort

Terme Radenci is set in vineyard-covered hills along the river Mura. Here, witness a rare phenomenon when mineral water and thermo-mineral water come out of the ground side by side. Visitors can enjoy therapies available due to the water’s healing properties, including thermo-mineral bathing. In 1869 the first bottle of “Radenska” mineral water was filled and later supplied to the imperial court in Vienna and Rome’s papal court.

The modern spa complex offers medical and preventive programs for cardiovascular, kidney, urinary tract, rheumatic diseases, and metabolic disorders.

  • The modern spa complex offers medical and preventive programs for cardiovascular, kidney, urinary tract, rheumatic diseases, and metabolic disorders.
  • A special feature of Terme Radenci is the Ayurveda Centre, offering Ayurvedic massage with aromatic oils and individually adapted diets designed to achieve harmony of body and spirit.
  • Also available at the Ayurveda Centre is a massage with stones, Thai massage, shiatsu, traditional massage, reflex zone foot massage, aromatherapy, and more.

Thermal water temperature: 34 to 37 degrees Celsius


5. Rogaška Health Resort, Rogaška Slatina

Photo Credit Rogaška Health Resort

A modern thermal riviera and pool complex with thermo-mineral water, wellness centers, and beauty programs are the most important reasons to visit Rogaška, but not the only ones.

The natural mineral water of Rogaška is Donat Mg; a one-liter bottle of this water contains over 1000 mg of magnesium – water with the highest mineral content in the world! Drinking the water helps with various diseases and health conditions, and bathing in the water is excellent for promoting body movement health (both in circulation and muscle movement).

Water temperature: 31 to 36 degrees in pools and 59 degrees Celsius in the spring


6. Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort, Šmarješke Toplice

Photo Credit Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort

Vitarium is a modern health resort Spa & Clinique Centre offering a broad range of effective medical wellness programs and services and pampering, bringing the utmost relaxation. (slimming programs, detoxification programs) and pampering.

  • Guests enjoy slimming and detoxification programs.
  • The Vitarium Spa & Clinique embraces good health programs, improved wellbeing, restored physical energy, a healthy and attractive appearance, and excellent physical and mental condition. The programs are based on a natural approach with measurable effects.
  • Is a romantic weekend needed? Indulge in a wellness package for two.
  • Stop in at Vitarium Aqua, a world of thermal pools, baths, and saunas set in a luxurious setting.

Water temperature: 32 degrees Celsius


7. Talaso Strunjan Spa & Hotels, Strunjan

Photo Credit Talaso Strunjan Spa & Hotel

This spa has a prime location by the sea in the middle of a nature park known for its cliffs, Mediterranean diet, vegetation, and millennium-old salt pans. Talaso Strunjan is a thalassotherapy center where you can experience the effects of the sea climate, heated seawater pools, and the application of sea mud and sea salt in beauty and health treatments.

  • Guests can opt for physiotherapy, curative, weight loss, and relaxation programs.
  • Salia tried something unique at the Thalasso Center – a salt worker’s massage. Other massage styles include thalasso, Zen Shiatsu, massage with hot volcanic stones, and massage with chocolate or honey.
  • Try a peel with salt, oil, or seaweed, or treat your skin to aromatherapy, anti-cellulite care, facials, and more.


8. Terme & Wellness LifeClass Portorož, Portorož

Photo Credit Terme & Wellness LifeClass Portorož

Terme & Wellness LifeClass combines five local natural medicinal elements: saltpan mud (fango), brine (Aqua Madre), the coastal climate, seawater, and thermo-mineral water. These natural foundations are complemented by the ancient wisdom of the Far East and the latest medical knowledge.

  • Swimming pools are filled with Prehistoric Sea (approximately 23 degrees Celsius), known for beneficial effects on the skin and aid in body detox and general wellbeing.
  • Join morning exercises, aqua aerobics, or Pilates routines.
  • Participate in organized walks and cycling, play a match on the tennis court, or spend an afternoon playing mini-golf or water sports.
  • Nearby nature parks are perfect for Strunjan and the Sečovlje saltpans outdoor explorers.
  • Reconnect with nature by bird-watching.


9. Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, Sava Hotels & Resorts, Moravske Toplice

Photo Credit Terme 3000

The unique black thermo-mineral water found at this spa helps treat rheumatic illnesses, diseases of the respiratory system, and skin and rehabilitation following injuries or surgeries.

  • Guests can opt for Hydro, Kinesio, Electro, Mecano, Thermo, and Ultraviolet Photo – therapies.
  • Anti-stress, anti-rheumatism, osteoporosis, slimming, and relaxation programs are available, to name a few.
  • At Thermalium, relax with baths, massage, Ayurveda, and other beauty care specialties.
  • Livada Wellness Centre offers five unique massage styles (Grand Livada, Gold, Spring Flower, Flowering Summer, and Spring Awakening).

Water temperature: 28 to 38 degrees Celsius


10. Terme Dolenjske Toplice, Dolenjske Toplice

Photo Credit Terme Dolenjske

Experienced and highly trained experts provide a wide range of relaxation, pampering, and health programs at this spa, including pampering programs for couples.

  • The number of therapies available is impressive, from diagnostics to underwater massage and spine traction to paraffin compresses.
  • Excellent treatment programs for osteoporosis, rheumatism, and easing back pain are available.
  • Massages – shiatsu, hot and cold stone, Tibetan sound, Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian, chocolate, honey, and grape skin – are popular, along with massage baths of exotic flavors.
  • At the Vitasalin Vitality Centre, re-energize in the bioenergy room.
  • Perhaps give yourself a little boost with botox, jet peel, dermal fillers, or chemical exfoliation.

Water temperature: 36 to 38 degrees Celsius


11. Terme Lendava, Sava Hotels & Resorts, Lendava

Photo Credit Terme Lendava

Terme Lendava, a place where Slovenia, Hungary, and Croatia meet, is the perfect mix of outstanding natural, cultural and ethnological features. It’s a magical place where storks nest and more than 4,000 vineyards in the Lendava hills produce fine wines.

Green water, with its high paraffin content, is the basis for balneotherapy. In 1965, the unique thermo-mineral paraffin water with its green reflections was discovered. The water’s miraculous rejuvenating powers led to the building of the spa.

  • Guests can opt for Hydro, Kinesio, Electro, Mecano, Thermo, and Magneto-therapies.
  • Anti-pain, rehabilitation, rheumatic, and osteoporosis programs are well-developed.
  • Complete your wellness with anti-stress programs, aromatherapy, massage with stones, and time in the pan thermal regeneration chamber.

Water temperature: pools 26 to 38 degrees and 62 degrees Celsius at the spring source


12. Terme Ptuj, Sava Hotels & Resorts, Ptuj

Photo Credit Terme Ptuj

One of Slovenia’s youngest spas is located near Slovenia’s oldest town of Ptuj, a place where the winter is chased away by “kurenti” – Slovenia’s most interesting ethnological carnival event. This Thermal Park offers 4,200 m2 of pools and numerous water attractions, includes campsites for tents and caravans, and has holiday chalets for guests to stay on site.

  • Guests can opt for Hydro, Kinesio, Electro, Mecano, Thermo, and Magneto-therapies.
  • Along with licensed physiatrics specialists, private specialist clinics are provided.
  • At the Valens Augusta, take a dip in pools with thermo-mineral water, relax in 6 types of saunas, and indulge in massages of various types (aroma, sport, Japanese, hot stone, herbal bundles, foot, and palm reflexology or anti-stress head and neck)
  • Participate in fitness programs of all kinds– KINESIS, Yoga, Tibetan exercises, and more.

Water temperature: 36 to 39 degrees Celsius


13. Terme Topolšica, Topolšica

Photo Credit Terme Topolšica

Since the 16th century, Thermal springs in Topolšica (near Velenje) have attracted visitors with a beautiful, unspoiled mountain setting. The mountain climate offers an ideal environment for treating respiratory ailments, milder forms of chronic cardiovascular disease, and stress.

Terme Topolšica is a modern health resort offering spa and recreational services, quality hotel accommodation, wellness, medical services, and excellent cuisine.

  • Guests can opt for Hydro, Kinesio, Electro, Reiki, Thermo, and Shiatsu – therapies.
  • Anti-stress, relaxation, and restorative rehabilitation programs are quite popular.
  • Other therapeutic treatments include massage, mud baths, thermal baths, aromatherapy, and acupuncture.

Water temperature: 32 degrees Celsius


14. Thermana d.d., Hotels & Resorts, Laško

Photo Credit Thermana d.d.

For all beer lovers, this must be heaven – some beer baths, maybe? With unique offerings and stimulating waters, which help re-establish energy balance, many visitors rest at Thermana each year.

  • Guests can opt for Balneo, Kinesio, Electro, Magnetic, Thermo, and Occupational – therapies.
  • Those who suffer from lower back pain, multiple sclerosis, or fibromyalgia and those with rheumatic diseases will find a wide range of programs to fit their needs.
  • At the Beauty and Health Centre and Wellness Spa Centre, try natural care for the face and body, along with a variety of paths, pedicures, and massages (classic, Ayurveda, aroma, reflex zone, anti-cellulite, shiatsu, Thai, aroma soul, massage with hot stones, etc.)

Water temperature: 32 – 35 degrees Celsius


15. Hotel Breza, Terme Olimia

Slovenia Travel Blog_Best Spas In Slovenia_Terme Olina
Photo Credit: Terme Olina

Hotel Breza is a beautiful, 4-star, family-friendly option for adults looking to enjoy spa and wellness offerings while on vacation with children. The hotel is connected to the Termalija Wellness Centre.

The hotel offers a children’s sand-filled pool and play area, a cinema, a kids club, babysitting options, and many sporting activities. On site, enjoy local cuisine and wine at the hotel restaurant.

The spa itself is divided into two zones – one for families and one for adults, making it convenient for all groups!

  • Guests can enjoy body wraps, scrubs, and over 30 types of massages.
  • Beauty services such as facials, waxing, hair treatments, pedicures, and manicures are available.
  • Enjoy time in the hammam, solarium, sauna, and several thermal pools (warm and cold, both indoors and out). Some pools feature underwater music, river flows, and geysers. 
  • Thermal Park Aqualuna will entertain the whole family with water slides and themed pools.
  • On site physicians and physiotherapists practice modern manual medicine with a holistic approach to rehabilitation.

Water temperature: Varies



Zreče – Rogla Health Resort, Zreče

Photo Credit Zreče – Rogla Health Resort

Here, warm acratothermal water, invigorating baths, soothing compresses, and traditional medical therapies strengthen health and improve wellbeing.

You can choose from various massages combined with healing herbs, essential oils, salts, and (volcanic) mud.

  • Guests can opt for Hydro, Kinesio, Mechano Electro, and Thermo  – therapies.
  • Visitors can experience Turkish, Finnish, and infrared saunas in the Sauna Village, complete with a Kneipp stream, heated ceramic beds, a cooling pool, and a sun terrace.
  • Also available in the Sauna Village – peeling treatments with local herbs, salt, or sugar.
  • Massages of all varieties (manual, reflex, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Garshan with salt crystals or mud, Tui-na, Shiatsu, Soy Soy, honey, or chocolate) baths (pearl, herbal, and milk) will have your muscles rested in no time.
  • Sawaddee, a traditional Thai therapy center, provides traditional Thai, Sawaddee, and Siam massages, including those designed specifically for expecting mothers.

Water temperature: 34, 5 degrees Celsius


In between all of the spa treatments, there is so much to see in Slovenia; you can try having an enchanting experience in a castle or heading to a cave. After that, it’s up to you to choose the perfect option for your health and wellness.

Which spa in Slovenia is calling you?

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