Sifnos Vs. Serifos – How To Choose Between Serifos Or Sifnos

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Here is your guide on how to choose between Serifos or Sifnos. When weighing up Sifnos vs. Serifos for your vacation in Greece, we’ve looked at sights, accommodation, and ease of transport. 

In a rush and want to know how to choose between Sifnos or Serifos? Here is what we think you should know:

Sifnos Serifos
Culturally curious vacation spot Dreamy beach vacation spot
Foodie approved Rugged landscapes
Long pottery tradition Quieter, lesser known of the two

The Greek islands are known for their lush green landscapes, turquoise waters, and whitewashed buildings. The islands of Sifnos and Serifos in the Cyclades are no different.

Separated by a 20-minute ferry ride across the Aegean, these two islands boast breathtaking beaches, exquisite sunsets, and charming old towns. Their landscape might look alike at first, but you’ll realize how uniquely distinct they are when you get a closer look. 

In my post, we’ll be looking at the contrasting two islands based on attractions, accommodations, and ease of transport to help you choose between Serifos and Sifnos in case you don’t have time for both. Whichever island you choose, you cannot make a wrong choice here. Let us begin.

Keep reading below for our in-depth analysis on weighing up Sifnos vs. Serifos.

Sifnos Vs. Serifos: Attractions, Accommodations, & Accessibility


Sifnos Greece - Kamares, a beautiful port town on a picturesque Greek island of Sifnos. Cyclades

Sifnos is the perfect example of a Greek summer. Resting lazily in the embrace of the Aegean Sea with crystal clear waters, remote chapels, historic architecture, and a unique culinary tradition, Sifnos is one of the prettiest and most authentic islands in the western Cyclades. 

Its rugged and dramatic landscape draws enchanted visitors from all over the world. The pottery capital makes up for its lack of beaches with quaint seaside villages where you can get coffee, cocktails, and souvenirs. 

Top Tourist Attractions In Sifnos


Traditional greek door on Sifnos island close to Athens

The oldest town in Sifnos, Kastro is a whitewashed dream and the finest example of medieval defensive architecture in Greece

Wandering around the narrow alleys is an otherworldly experience that only gets better when you set eyes on the quaint seven martyrs church and your ears start catching the Cuban tunes coming from the Island’s most legendary bar. 

Chrisopigi Monastery

Panaghia Chrisopigi church Sifnos Greece

The dazzlingly white Chrisopigi monastery tops Sifnos’s list of the best things to see. Built in 1640, the monastery has many legends connected to its history.

Swim In Pristine Waters

Platys Gialos beach - Sifnos Greece
Platys Gialos beach

Despite its small size, Sifnos has many pristine beaches with calm waters and fantastic views; Platys Gialos, Apokofto, Vathi, Sedalia, Vroulidia, and Glifo, to name a few. Most of them are sandy with natural shade, and they’re pretty easy to get to. 

Sifnos Ceramics

Sifnos has a long pottery tradition. Twenty pottery workshops are scattered throughout the Island. Preserve this ancient craft by buying these ceramics and take a piece of Sifnos back home with you. 

Food in Sifnos

Thanks to Chef Nicholas Tselementes, food holds an exceptional place in Sifnos. Restaurants on the Island cook delicious dishes, blending tradition with experimentation. Some of the must-try foods are revithada, melopita, and local cheese.

Getting To Sifnos & Moving Around

There are no airports in Sifnos. You can get to Sifnos from Piraeus by a high-speed ferry that takes 3 hours. The port of Sifnos is Kemaros, which you can reach via bus/car. 

In the summer, you can get around Sifnos by public transport. However, driving is the best way to get to know the island. Therefore, make sure you rent a car or a scooter. You can combine Sifnos with many other Greek islands if you plan an island-hopping adventure

Accommodation In Sifnos

If luxury hotels are your thing, you’re in luck. Sifnos has tons of opulent accommodation options for you. The best accommodation choice is in the capital Apollonia and the sister city of Artamonas. Different bars, cafes, and restaurants are spread across the cities giving Sifnos a cosmopolitan flare.


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Port of Livadi - Serifos Island Greece

Serifos is the up-and-coming gem of the Cyclades. Even though it’s only a short ferry ride from Athens, Serifos retains its authentic character. With not one but two charming old towns, the most spectacular beaches you could ever dream of, and countless stories about the island’s history, Serifos is the island you can easily fall in love with. 

Top Tourist Attractions In Serifos

Chora & The Castle

Chora, Serifos Island_Islands Close To Athens

Chora, the old town of Serifos, is divided into two parts: 

  • Kato Chora (the lower town) and, 
  • Ana Chora (the upper town). 

Kato Chora is mainly residential, with many vacation rentals. The main things to see in Kato Chora are the lower square, the folklore museum, and the theater. 

The highlight of Ana Chora is Pano Piatsa, dominated by the beautiful neoclassical building that houses the island’s town hall. Ana Chora is crowned by the imposing Venetian castle of Serifos that overlooks the Aegean Sea for as far as the eye can see. 

The Cyclops’ Throne & Cave

Legend has it that the Cyclops, these enormous creatures in Greek mythology, used to live in southwestern Serifos. The Cyclops’ throne and the Cyclops’ cave are among the best places to visit in Serifos. 

The White tower

Built around the 4th century BC as an observation point from where to control and protect the area’s mines, It now offers some of the best panoramic views in Serifos.

Getting To Serifos & Moving Around

Magical main square of Chora in Serifos. Cyclades, Greece

You can get to Serifos by ferry from Athens. Journey time on a high-speed ferry is about 2.5 hours. In comparison, it takes about 4.5 hours to get to Serifos by a regular ferry. 

You can also reach Serifos from many other Greek islands, especially during the summer. Since it’s a relatively compact island, you could easily get around in the summer by public transport. That said, the best way to explore the island is to rent a car or scooter to reach even the remotest villages and beaches and enjoy them at your own pace.

Accommodation In Serifos

Most Serifos hotels are located in Livadi, the island’s seaside port town. There are also some secluded beach hotels scattered across the island. However, if you, like us, have a thing for traditional towns and gorgeous island architecture, the best place to stay in Serifos is Chora, the Old Town. Keep in mind that accommodation options in Chora are limited.


Final Words On Serifos Or Sifnos

The town of Apollonia, Sifnos, Greece
Apollonia, Sifnos

Sifnos and Serifos are both unique in their own way. If you’re a fan of dreamy beaches and rugged aesthetics, Serifos is your best bet. However, if you’re culturally curious, love Greek villages, and enjoy fine dining, then Sifnos it is.

Greece Travel Blog_Sifnos Vs. Serifos_How To Choose Between Them

We hope this guide on Sifnos vs. Serifos has helped you decide where to go on your vacation in Greece. 

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