15 Best Places For Shopping In Istanbul & What To Buy

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Discover the best shopping in Istanbul with my comprehensive guide, highlighting top locations for an unparalleled retail experience. From the European side of luxury brands to the Asian side of Istanbul, packed with unique finds, this city offers diverse places to go shopping.

The Grand Bazaar is one of Turkey’s iconic markets, offering everything from carpets and kilims to antique and vintage boutiques. Whether you’re searching for the latest in high fashion or traditional Turkish crafts, our guide ensures you know about shopping in Istanbul, catering to all tastes across its vibrant neighborhoods.

Turkey Travel Blog_Where To Go Shopping In Istanbul

Istanbul, the European Capital of Culture, is the largest city in Turkey. Intricated with beautiful jewels of historical architecture, the city had remained an imperial capital for around 1600 years, when after World War I, Ankara took its place as the capital of modern Turkey.

Historically known as Constantinople, Istanbul is one of the only cities on two continents, Asia and Europe. The culture and traditions of this city depict both the modernism of Europe and the traditions of Asia.

Arasta Bazaar_Hassle free zone Istanbul
Arasta Bazaar

Shopping Guide – Find Everything 

  • Turkish Carpets
  • Pottery From Cappadocia
  • Turkish Tea Set
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Turkish Ceramics
  • The Evil Eye/Turkish Eye – Nazar Boncugu
  • Water Pipes
  • Raki
  • Turkish Bath Towels
  • Authentic Gold Jewellery
  • Turkish Delights
  • Turkish Spices
  • Backgammon Set
  • Olive Oil Soap
  • Turkish Lanterns
  • Pashminas
  • Leather Products

Best Places To Shop In Istanbul For Souvenirs

Turkish Souvenirs - Best Gifts From Turkey - Carpets In Turkey

Istanbul, a shopping hub, is a paradise for tourists in terms of shopping.

While shopping in Istanbul, you can buy traditional crafts, Turkish carpets, tea cups, metalware, or even the world’s best spices. Whether food items or gift souvenirs, Istanbul is the right place to buy all kinds of stuff. Here is a list of some of the best places for shopping in Istanbul.

1. Grand Bazaar

Sultanahmet Grand Bazaar

One of the best markets in Istanbul 

The most famous market in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar. Dating back to the 15th century, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar caters to more than half a million buyers daily. In the Grand Bazaar, you must keep an eye out for buying world-famous Turkish carpets, gold jewelry, souvenir magnets, silk shawls, and metal wares.

Like a medieval mall, the market is a covered shopping area with around 3000 stalls. In the Grand Bazaar, you can buy Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian artifacts. Some of the most common of these international artifacts are embroidered textiles from Uzbekistan.

What souvenirs we brought home with us from the Grand Bazaar

Small ceramic bowls_Souvenirs from Turkey_Shopping in Turkey

2. Istiklal Street, At Taksim Square (i̇stiklal Caddesi)

Istiklal streetm Taksim Istanbul Guide

Best shopping street in Istanbul for vintage clothing 

Unlike any ordinary street, Istiklal Jadesi, arising from Taksim Square, is a marvel that you should have on the best shopping list in Istanbul.

The road has been a famous shopping destination in Istanbul since the times of the Ottomans and now has all the big brand names, perfect for clothes shopping in Turkey – and it also has many vintage items to bargain for.

Another reason why Istiklal Street is famous is its architecture – the buildings here are so beautiful. You can buy clothes in Istanbul while enjoying the historical atmosphere of the place.


Atasun Optik
D & R
LC Waikiki
Little Big
Mavi Jeans
New Balance
Polo Garage
Super Step
Tekin Acar
The Body Shop
Young Sport

3. Istanbul Spice Bazaar

Shopping in Istanbul - Spice bazaar

One of the best Istanbul markets

If you are a spice addict like me, and you love to experience the flavors of different spices in your food, the Egyptian Spice Bazaar is where to shop in Istanbul for you!

The Egyptian spice bazaar is located in yet another building, which was built during the Ottoman Empire by the tax received from the people of Egypt.

Although named a spice bazaar, the place also deals with trading nuts, dry fruits, herbal teas, halwa, food products, lokum, and dried flowers. Some of the exotic spices sold here include Aleppo pepper and pomegranate molasses. With these spices, you can take the Turkish flavor back home. Honey sold here cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

What souvenirs we brought home with us from the Spice Bazaar

Turkish spice mix_142512_Souvenirs from Turkey_Shopping in Istanbul
Turkish spice mix – baharat spice mix. A blend of black pepper, paprika, cloves, cumin, nutmeg, cardamom & red pepper

4. Galata

Price of ceramics in Istanbul

One of the very famous markets in Turkey is the Galata, located around the Galata Tower in Istanbul. On the shores of the Bosphorus, this market is a rising star in selling small souvenirs to tourists from all over the world. This market is yet another Istanbul shopping place that is a piece of art, perfect for fans of historical architecture who also love to shop. 

5. Aznavour Passage

Built on the Italian architectural style, the Aznavur Passage was created by the Aznavur family in the late Ottoman period. The place is known for the large number of cafes and restaurants that it houses. Aznavur Passage comprises a nine-story building that sells the most brilliant hats, bags, and ornaments. If you have kids with you, they will love this place because it sells terrific toys.

6. Arasta Bazaar

Best Shopping In Istanbul The Arasta Bazaar in Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey.

Arasta Bazaar, located in Sultanahmet, is the tourist hotspot you have to head to. It is found close to the very well-known Blue Mosque. The bazaar’s history dates back to the reign of Sultan Ahmet Khan, who designed this bazaar to be part of the Blue Mosque. Its revenue was used for the mosque. If you want to buy Turkish handicrafts in a less crowded area than Grand Bazaar, Arasta Bazaar is the place for you.

The place is home to the sellers of Turkish ceramics and textiles. The area is famous for the best quality ceramic wares in Istanbul. Hand-painted Iznik tiles constitute a significant artifact being sold here.

What souvenirs we brought home with us from the Arasta Bazaar

7. Balat Bazaar – Antique Shopping

Colorful sights if Balat, Istanbul Turkey

Tourists like to visit Balat for shopping because it is emerging as one of the most popular Istanbul shopping spots. The Balat bazaar is famous for selling antiques. Besides visiting the Balat bazaar, tourists can feast in the Balat and Fener, neighboring districts, for delicious Mediterranean cuisines.

Most of the stalls and shops in this bazaar trade items on auction. You can visit this bazaar and buy a handful of antiques at auction at meager prices.

8. Ali Muhiuddin Haci Bekir

Shopping in Istanbul - Turkish Delight - Lokum

An affordable shopping in Istanbul spot!

Last but not least, Haci Bekir is a place for festive people who have a thing for sweets. Hands down, it is the most famous Turkish shop for buying delights and lokum. There is a large number of shops, which will provide the tourists with traditional Turkish delights and candies. You can fill your stomach and take bundles of them in beautiful packing back home.
Here, You can find all varieties of lokum, including traditional flavors like pomegranate, mango, lemon, orange, peach, rose water, and pistachio. Some other famous confectioneries traded here include sugar-coated almonds and pistachio-stuffed halwa.

9. Kadıköy Market – Bağdat Caddesi

Asian side of Istanbul and popular Bagdat avenue at Valentine's Day
Bagdat avenue, Kadikoy

The place to be if you are staying in an apartment, as this is the place for fresh herbs, veggies, seafood, and all other kinds of fresh food. We loved the local honey and tried fruits the best! While there, you can also souvenir shop here for herbal & olive oil soaps and skincare. 

Kadıköy Market isn’t open on weekends, so factor that into your Istanbul itinerary. This market is on the Asian side of Istanbul’, a close walk from the Kadıköy ferry terminal.

10. Çukurcuma, Taksim

SHOPPING IN ISTANBUL - flea market Cukurcuma of Beyoglu._

If high street names aren’t your thing and you genuinely want to visit the Taksim area, Çukurcuma is an excellent place to go. It sits behind Istiklal, and it’s a goldmine of vintage items, including antiques. It’s also a great place to sit and have a coffee in traditional surroundings.

You’ll find lots of vintage clothing here, but pottery and general souvenirs are pretty prevalent here. You can’t haggle your prices in the shops, but it doesn’t stop you from trying on the markets. This area is a charming place to go, especially if the extreme hustle and bustle of Istiklal is a little too much for you.

11. Yeni Carsi Caddesi, Beyoglu – Book Bazaar

Right at the bottom end of Taksim, just as you start to head down the hill toward Galata, you’ll find Yeni Carsi Caddesi, an excellent place for comic books, old books, musical instruments, and handmade clothes. It’s also a perfect spot for handbags, although not designer fakes, but handmade designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll also find some great coffee shops and restaurants around here, so it’s a great place to go and browse before having a pit stop along the way. Of course, you could head to Galata Tower too and make the most of your time.

12. Tophane, Beyoglu

Tophane is located in Beyoglu, down the hill from Taksim, and slightly less hectic than the main shopping area. Here, you’ll find lots of trendy galleries, but it’s also a great spot if you’re an art fan. You’ll be able to browse and purchase local artworks, as well as ceramics and pottery pieces, for a great price.

Many pieces are handmade rather than imported from other parts of the country, so it’s a great chance to own something truly authentic.

Once you’re done shopping, head to a coffee shop with a view, and you’ll be able to see all the way over the Golden Horn from your elevated position.

13. Nisantasi (Nişantaşı)

If you want to shop ’til you drop and really splurge the cash on designer items, head to Nistanasi, just up the hill from Besiktas. You’ll know when you’ve arrived in this area thanks to the glittering displays in the windows and the fancy cars parked outside.

There are also a few smaller malls around here, so you can shop in places like Zara and Mango rather than seriously high-end stores.

This is a great place to go for suits and bespoke dresses, as well as jewelry.

14. Bebek

Bebek is a great place to purchase food items, and it’s also a pretty upscale area where you can enjoy impressive food with a stunning view. Here, you can buy delicious meats, olive oil, sweets, and cheeses, all locally produced. Look for the word ‘Şarküteri,’ and you’re in the right place.

While in Bebek, take some time to walk along the waterfront and take in the fantastic views. This is an excellent spot for seafood, too.

15. Shopping Malls In Istanbul – Buy Turkish & International Brands

Shopping Malls in Istanbul - Mall of Istanbul

Istanbul has many spectacular shopping malls catering to every taste and preference. From luxurious brands to local Turkish designers, these shopping malls will offer you a delightful shopping experience.

Map Of The Top Istanbul Shopping Malls

  1. ÖzdilekPark Istanbul Shopping Mall
  2. Cevahir Shopping Mall
  3. Istinye Park
  4. Zorlu Shopping Center
  5. Mall of Istanbul
  6. Viaport Outlet
  7. Kanyon, Levent

Final Thoughts

Mehmet Gürsoy_Iznik Ceramics

The markets in Istanbul, Turkey, are not only there for buyers; they also are a fabulous feast for the eyes because of their Ottoman architecture. Tourists adore Istanbul for being a hub of traders and love to buy all sorts of stuff here.
So, if you plan to visit Istanbul soon, make sure you visit these bazaars and places to buy magnificent items for yourselves and your friends.

Tips For Shopping In Turkey

Uber in Turkey - Paying in Turkish Lira

Be sure to get your haggle on. When you visit the colorful and rather loud bazaars and markets in Istanbul, you need to learn how to haggle to purchase anything. This means being a little cheeky but to the right point only! 

Ask how much something is and then come up with a price you want to pay for it, avoiding robbing them blind. Somewhere in the middle should do it. The vendor will then wave their arms around and huff and puff a little (jokingly, of course) before you meet somewhere in the middle of the two prices. And there you have it – a bargain! Only try bargaining in markets, not stores, as they’re likely to tell you to leave!

Here is your step-by-step guide to haggling…

  • Carry cash with you (Turkish Lira)
  • Know the market and what they sell
  • Check out several shops and ask the price at each to give you an idea of what the item is worth
  • Do not show enthusiasm for the item
  • Decide the maximum price you will pay (in your head, of course!)
  • Let the seller tell you their opening price – look disgusted at his outrageous offer
  • When the seller asks you what you will pay, offer 50% less than what you are prepared to pay
  • Go back and forth until you reach an agreeable price – unless you don’t, in which case, walk away and try somewhere else. It may take you some practice

Where are the best shopping districts in Istanbul?

Istanbul has several great shopping districts, including the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Istiklal Avenue, and Kadikoy Market.

What are the most popular markets and bazaars in Istanbul?

The most popular markets and bazaars in Istanbul are the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Arasta Bazaar, and the Istanbul Modern Art Museum Shop.

What should I buy as souvenirs in Istanbul?

Consider buying Turkish carpets, ceramics, tea, spices, Turkish delight, and unique jewelry as souvenirs in Istanbul.

Are there any famous Turkish brands or products I should look for?

Look for famous Turkish brands like Turkish Airlines and Mavi Jeans and products such as Turkish tea, Turkish delight, and Turkish coffee.

What are the bargaining and haggling customs in Istanbul?

Bargaining is common in Istanbul markets. Start with a lower price and negotiate with the seller until you reach a mutually agreeable price.

Are there any traditional Turkish items that are must-buy items?

Traditional Turkish items like handmade carpets, intricate ceramics, and beautifully woven textiles are highly recommended as must-buy items.

What are the affordable shopping options in Istanbul?

For affordable shopping, visit local markets like Kadikoy Market and explore smaller, less touristy shops for budget-friendly options.

What are the opening hours of shops and markets in Istanbul?

Most shops and markets in Istanbul are open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but some may have variations in opening hours, so it’s a good idea to check in advance.

Are credit cards widely accepted for shopping in Istanbul, or should I carry cash?

Credit cards are widely accepted in Istanbul, especially in larger shops and restaurants. However, it’s advisable to carry some cash for smaller establishments and markets.

What are some specific tips for safe and enjoyable shopping experiences in Istanbul?

Ensure your belongings are secure, be cautious of pickpockets, and be respectful of local customs and traditions while shopping in Istanbul. Also, have a map or GPS to navigate the markets.

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Final Word On The Best Shopping And Places In Istanbul

Now that you’re equipped with everything you need to know about shopping in Istanbul, we hope your journey to go shopping in Istanbul leads you to both popular shopping districts and hidden side streets.

From the historical Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest markets, to the modern Forum Istanbul, the city offers an array of shopping opportunities. Dive into Çiçek Pasajı for unique finds, explore main shopping streets for top shopping experiences, and don’t miss out on luxury shops like Louis Vuitton as well as designer boutiques offering items made in Turkey.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect souvenir at low prices or indulging in luxury, Istanbul’s blend of traditional crafts and contemporary designs, from the Spice Bazaar’s glassware to Kagithane House of Paper, ensures a rich selection of shopping items.

Enjoy the vast array of shopping in the city of Istanbul, where every corner offers something special, ensuring you bring home not just souvenirs, but pieces of Turkish culture and luxury.

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