15 Best Beaches In Slovenia To Keep You Cool

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Renata is a writer hailing from Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she was born and raised by her Croatian parents.

Here is a list of the best beaches in Slovenia. From rocky to sandy, these beaches on the Slovenian Riviera will keep you cool.

Located in Central Europe, Slovenia is a predominantly landlocked country known for its ski resorts, mountains, and lakes. However, western Slovenia does have a short coastline known as the Slovenian Riviera. And some beautiful beaches dot that 46-kilometer coast of Slovenia in the Gulf of Trieste.

As the Slovenian Riviera enjoys a sub-Mediterranean climate, it is worth considering this little-known beach getaway paradise as a holiday destination. Slovenia is not a well-known beach holiday destination hotspot like its neighbor Croatia, but it is a perfect place to enjoy peace and quiet while relaxing and sunbathing. 

  • The beaches in Slovenia, located along the Slovenian Riviera, offer a unique, peaceful beach holiday experience
  • Portorož Beach is popular for its luxury resorts, a wide range of cuisines, and abundant accommodation options
  • Mesečev Zaliv Beach in Strunjan Nature Park boasts a peaceful, untouched environment
  • Bele Skale Beach is a secluded spot that offers an “escape in nature.”
  • Izola and its beaches, like Svetilnik and Simonovzaliv, are known for their historic charm, various waterfront activities, and the provision of adequate facilities
  • Koper’s Mestna and Koper beaches offer a cultural mix of Italian and Slovenian heritage and are great spots for watching the sunset
  • Piran Beach, though unconventional with its concrete coast, offers easy access to the Adriatic Sea and beautiful views of Austrian and Venetian architecture

As the Slovenian Riviera is only 46 kilometers long, we suggest hiring a car to get around and see as many of the Slovenia beaches as we’ve listed below;

Beaches In Slovenia – Portorož

1. Portorož Beach (Portoroz Beach)


Being Slovenia’s most popular beach destination, Portoroz Beach is awash with luxury seaside resorts, including shops, restaurants serving various cuisines, and an abundance of accommodation options. Portoroz Beach is the place to be if you want a lively atmosphere.

The white sandy beach, deep blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, and cloudless skies make it the perfect place to relax and unwind.


Slovenia Beaches – Strunjan

2. Stjuža Beach

 If you’re keen on finding a spot where nature does the talking, Stjuža Beach inside the Strunjan Nature Reserve is your go-to. It’s the only spot in the reserve where you can take a dip legally, making it a rare find along the Slovenian coast.

What makes Stjuža standout is its commitment to preserving the natural surroundings, offering visitors a peaceful retreat. It’s a small beach, so don’t expect the vast sands of a resort town; instead, it’s the simplicity and tranquility that draw people here.

The clear waters of the Adriatic coast lap gently at this unspoiled location, making it a favorite beach for those in the know. Plus, the backdrop of the nature reserve adds a serene vibe that’s hard to match, making it a top choice for a quiet day by the sea.

3. White Cross Beach (Belikriž Beach)

If you’re plotting a vacation in Slovenia and hunting for that perfect beach spot, White Cross Beach in Strunjan Park should definitely be on your radar. It’s a gem among Slovenia beaches, offering a blend of natural beauty and a serene atmosphere that’s hard to beat.

Located inside the Strunjan Nature Park, this beach gives you a slice of the Adriatic’s untouched coastline. It’s not your typical sandy stretch; think more pebbles and rocks, which somehow adds to its charm. The clear waters are inviting for a swim or snorkel, and the surrounding park is a bonus for nature lovers looking to explore more than just the seaside.

What makes it stand out among the best beaches in Slovenia? It’s the calm, almost wild beach vibe you get without the hustle of more commercial spots.

Plus, the bay of Strunjan provides a picturesque backdrop that can rival any postcard from the Slovenian Riviera. So, whether you’re after a quiet spot to soak up the Adriatic sun or a scenic spot for your next Instagram post, White Cross Beach ticks all the boxes. Remember to bring your water shoes, though – those pebbles are pretty but can be tricky to navigate!

4. Mesečev Zaliv Beach (Moon Bay Beach)

Mesecev Zaliv (Moon Bay) Slovenia Beaches

Also known as Moon Bay or the Bay of the Cross, this gem of a beach is found within the Strunjan Nature Park. Due to its location within the park, the pebbled beach is only accessible by foot, but those willing to take the journey will not be disappointed.

Clear waters, untouched nature, majestic cliffs towering over the waters, and beautiful sunsets are just a few of the wonders you can expect. It is perfect for those looking for a peaceful seaside afternoon. 

5. Bele Skale Beach

This beach is found in part of the protected area of the Strunjan Landscape Park. The beach vibe could be classified as “wild,” with the sound of waves crashing, driftwood along the shoreline, and a distant view of the town – truly an escape in nature. 

The beach is accessed by a walking trail or by boat, boasts beautiful cliffs, crystal waters, and an accessible entrance into the sea, and is a favorite of nudists and bookworms. 

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Beaches In Slovenia – Izola

6. Jagodje Beach

Tucked just a stone’s throw from the bustling town of Izola, Jagodje Beach is a serene escape that showcases the beautiful beaches of Slovenia.

This small beach, with its mix of pebbles and rocky outcrops, is ideal for those looking to enjoy the Adriatic away from the crowds. The crystal-clear waters invite snorkelers and swimmers to explore, while the surrounding greenery provides a lovely contrast to the blue sea.

Although it’s less commercialized, you’ll still find a cozy beach bar or two offering refreshments and snacks to make your beach day complete. Jagodje Beach is a testament to the beautiful beaches in Slovenia, offering a peaceful retreat for visitors and locals alike.

7. Izola Beach

Beaches in Slovenia - Slovenian coast Izola

Izola is a small fishing and wine-making town with a romantic touch. This bustling town lies on the southwestern shore of the Gulf of Trieste.

The extensive history of this quaint town has resulted in a wealth of architecture, monuments, and culture. Beyond the town is Isola Beach, lined with cafés and restaurants. On the beach, you can witness stunning beach sunsets and peacefully watch the fisherman hull in their catches.

8. Svetilnik Beach

With lifeguards, restaurants, playgrounds, and loads of waterfront activities, Svetlink Beach in Izola is one of the favorite Slovenia beaches for locals and tourists alike. The long pebble beach is easily accessible from the parking lot, and the beach itself is only 0.3km from the city center. 

Windsurfing and kiteboarding are particularly popular along this stretch of coastline. There is ample space to sunbathe along the grass, wooden dock, or concrete. 

9. Simonovzaliv Beach

Also known as San Simon, this beach is the most popular in Izola. The beach is the best beach in Slovenia for families and active water sports enthusiasts. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and acacias that provide natural shade, and the option to rent sun loungers with umbrellas is also available. 

Highlights of the beach include a sandy bay, a waterslide, the ruins of a Roman villa, a snack/ice cream shop, a water sports center, and lifeguard patrols. 

Slovenian Beaches – Koper

Slovenia Travel Blog_Best Beaches In Slovenia

10. Ankaran Beach

Located at the northernmost point of the Slovenian coast, Ankaran offers a mix of public and private beach areas, catering to different preferences. The area is known for its therapeutic mud and a climate that benefits health, making it more than just a beach destination. Ankaran Beach is characterized by its lush green surroundings, offering a tranquil escape with views of the Bay of Trieste.

The beach is equipped with various facilities, including playgrounds for children, beach volleyball courts, and cafes, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable day out for families and individuals alike. Its clear waters and pebble-strewn shore make it a delightful spot for swimming and relaxation. At the same time, the nearby Debeli Rtič Landscape Park provides opportunities for nature walks and bird watching.

11. Mestna Beach

A medieval town with abundant and exciting history, Koper is the largest coastal town in Slovenia, accompanied by Mestna Beach. Being so close to the Italian border, Koper has an exciting mix of Italian and Slovenian cultures.

Once you’re done exploring the town, you can unwind on Mestna Beach, a classic pebbly Mediterranean beach. In the summer months, Mestna Beach is the perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset.

12. Koper Beach

Another option for taking a dip in Koper is in the port along the promenade at Koper City Beach. While small, it’s easy to find, conveniently located, and offers easy swimming without solid waves. Lifeguards are on duty, and visitors have access to showers and restrooms. 

Children can play in the covered sandbox or swing at the playground, and older swimmers can enjoy the offshore raft for jumAloAlongving.

Along the promenade, this is a favorite area for walking and hiring boats for various activities such as diving, fishing, and water skiing. Many shops and restaurants line the promenade, making it a great area to spend the day. 

13. Žusterna Beach

Located conveniently between the charming old town of Koper and the vibrant marina, Žusterna Beach is a family-friendly paradise that ticks all the boxes. This beach blends concrete beach sections with natural areas, providing ample space for sunbathers and swimmers alike.

It’s known for its accessibility and the range of amenities right on the beach, including beach bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the best seafood the Adriatic has to offer. The lighthouse adds a picturesque element to the seaside experience, creating perfect moments against the setting sun.

For those looking for a blend of modern amenities and natural beauty, Žusterna Beach offers the best of both worlds on the Slovenian coast.

Best Beaches In Slovenia – Piran

14. Fiesa Beach

Fiesa Beach, nestled between the town of Piran and Strunjan, is renowned for its natural beauty. It boasts one of the most pristine environments along the Slovenian coast, thanks to its location within a protected area. The beach is famous for its two freshwater lakes surrounded by lush vegetation, creating a unique natural ecosystem.

The pebble beach gently slopes into the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, making it ideal for snorkeling and swimming. With fewer tourist facilities than other beaches, Fiesa offers a peaceful retreat for those looking to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the Slovenian coastline.

It’s particularly popular among families and couples seeking a serene beach day. Nearby, visitors can explore walking trails that offer stunning views of the sea and surrounding landscape.

15. Piran Beach

Photo Credit: Stanislav Lvovsky

Piran is not a conventional beach in Slovenia. Instead of sand, the coast is paved with smooth concrete, with various facilities and jetties stretching out into the Adriatic Sea. Stairwells mark the end of the jetties, descending into the water for easy access. Austrian and Venetian architecture can be viewed on the hills surrounding this beautiful cove.

Now, all there is to do is to pick a beach and explore the Slovenian coast.

Slovenian Coast FAQs


What beach destinations does Slovenia offer?

Slovenia offers a variety of beach destinations along its 47-kilometer coastline where the Adriatic Sea meets charming towns and pristine beaches, including Piran, Beach Fornače, River Kolpa, Portorož Beach, Mestna Beach in Koper, Strunjan Beach, Bele Skale beach, Moon Bay Beach, Sotočje Tolminke natural beach, Lake Bohinj, Svetilnik Beach in Izola, and Simonov Zaliv Beach.

What is unique about the beach in Piran?

Piran is known for its Venetian charm and beautiful architecture. Its unique beach, Plaža Piran, is a concrete shore extending into the Adriatic Sea.

What is the condition of the waters at the River Kolpa beaches?

The beaches at River Kolpa are renowned for their clean, warm waters.

Are there sandy beaches in Slovenia?

Yes, known for pebbly beaches, Slovenia also offers sandy beaches like Portorož and Mestna Beach in the city of Koper.

Are there lakeside beaches in Slovenia?

Yes, Slovenia also has lakeside beaches like Lake Bohinj.

What activities can I enjoy at Svetilnik Beach and Portorož?

You can enjoy snorkeling at Svetilnik Beach, while Portorož offers a romantic setting for visitors to explore.

What are the family-friendly beaches in Slovenia?

Simonov Zaliv Beach is family-friendly with its playgrounds and water slide.

What accommodation options are available at beaches in Slovenia?

Accommodation options range from budget hostels to mid-range apartments and luxurious beach resorts, catering to different traveler preferences.

Are there neighboring countries I can visit from Slovenia?

Yes, day trips to neighboring Italy from Slovenia can be made to add variety to your travel itinerary.

Which beach in Slovenia will you start with first?

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