Portorož Slovenia: Guide To Attraction & Activities

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Discover the beautiful city of Portorož, a gem on the Slovenian coast known for its Mediterranean climate and vibrant ambiance. This guide covers the top things to do in Portorož, along with the city’s must-see sites.

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Slovenia is undoubtedly becoming a must-visit tourist hotspot, and when you do a little research, it’s not hard to see why. Have you ever seen Portorož?

This is a beautiful resort town on the Adriatic Coast, packed with things to see and do. If you’re someone who enjoys a day in the spa, you should undoubtedly head to Portoroz, as many spas offer treatments with the brine and mud that comes from the Sečovlje Salina salt pans nearby.

If that’s not your thing, the stunning beaches are where it’s at during the summer months, with the town’s main beach being a great place to soak up the sun.

Things To See And Do In Portorož

View of Portoroz town, Slovenia

Portoroz is famous for its spas and its beaches, but there’s more to do than that. If it’s nightlife you’re looking for, Portoroz is a vibrant place when darkness falls! The promenade is great for people watching and enjoying the sun or an early evening walk. There are also countless restaurants serving local dishes and international cuisine.

Here are a few other spots you might like to visit during your time in Portorož.

Church Of St Bernadine

The ruins of the Church of St Bernadine are pretty well preserved, and you’ll find a massive bell tower and many of the walls still standing. The monastery is dedicated to St Bernadine of Siena and dates back to the 15th century. It was used as a military post during the 19th century before being passed over to the Government for touristic means.

Forma Viva

This sculpture exhibition is an open-air structure that opened in 1961, having been designed by Jakob Savinsek and Janez Lenassi, two Slovenian artists. Since its opening, many countries have contributed to the exhibition, with up to 130 sculptures in place. You can also check out the fantastic view over the bay too.


Parenzana is a walking and cycling track that used to be a train track. The original railway connected the nearby village with the cities inland and ran for 123km. These days, the path is perfect for enjoying fresh air and nature, with many activities along the way. You’ll also pass through some quaint villages and olive groves and see beautiful coastal views. The path also heads through some tunnels which lead into valleys. The most famous is the Valeta Tunnel, which runs for 550 meters.

Fonda Fish Garden

This is a sea fish farm and the only one in the country. The waters are super clean; mussels are common here, and a specific type of bass that hails from this part of Slovenia. There are many fun attractions on-site, including tours and cookery workshops!

Villa Maria

Villa Maria was the former residence of Sir Wilhelm Von Reinlander, an Austro-Hungarian General. Nowadays, the villa can be visited by the public, but it is private property. The architecture on the outside is simply beautiful, and the surrounding gardens are certainly worth a look.

Visit A Spa

Spa Day

Enjoy a day at one of Portorož’s many spas for total rest and relaxation.

Rent a Boat

Renting a boat gives you the freedom to explore the area by sea to your heart’s content. The Slovenian coastline is really stunning, and it’s a great idea to hire a crew to do all the hard work for you so that you can relax. There are some great swimming points around the coastline, so you can stop as many times as you like.

Portoroz Beach

During the summer months, you’ll no doubt want to spend some time on the beach, and the town’s main stretch of sand is a great place to start. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafes for refreshments, and if you purchase food or drinks, you can use their private stretch of beach for free. However, there are some free areas where you can just put your towel down and enjoy.

It’s a good idea to arrive early on the weekends or during public holidays, as this beach gets quite crowded.

Grand Casino Portoroz

Who knows, you might get lucky! The Grand Casino is the oldest in the country and dates back to 1912. Inside, you’ll find all types of games to try your luck at, including slot machines. There are also events throughout the year and a bar and restaurant inside. You don’t have to pay to enter either.

Visit Piran

Piran is a great day trip from Portoroz, and it’s a stunningly beautiful place. Located at the edge of the Piranesi Peninsula, the views from there are mind-blowing, and the sunsets are amazing. Check out Tartini Square, the Walls of Piran, and the quirky Magical World of Shells museum.

Strunjan Cliff Path

A short distance away from the town, you will find Strunjan, another small town that is definitely worth a visit. As you go, there is a stunning path that takes you through an old railway tunnel. From there, you’ll find Strunjan Cliff, an excellent lookout point with sunset views to make your jaw drop. It’s also not a super-touristy thing to do so that you won’t find crowds.

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How To Get To Portorož

It’s relatively easy to reach Portoroz from the capital city of Ljubljana. Most visitors will fly into the capital’s airport, and Portorož is just 141km from there. You can easily connect via bus.

The bus from Ljubljana to Portorož takes just 2 hours and 5 minutes with Arriva Slovenia and runs twice daily.


What are the best things to do in Portorož?

Some of the best things to do in Portorož include visiting the sandy beach, exploring the town walls, taking a boat trip, enjoying water sports, and visiting the Sečovlje Salt Pans.

What are the top attractions in Portorož?

The top attractions in Portorož include the Sečovlje Salt Pans, the Portorož beach, the Port of Roses, the Maritime Museum, and the St. George’s Parish Church.

What are the popular destinations near Portorož?

Popular destinations near Portorož include the town of Piran, Koper, Izola, and the Postojna Cave.

Are there any unique experiences in Portorož?

Yes, Portorož offers unique experiences such as visiting the only museum of shells, exploring the Seča Peninsula, and taking part in cultural activities like live music and outdoor music festivals.

What is the best time to visit Portorož?

The best time to visit Portorož is during the summer months, from June to September when the weather is warm and perfect for beach recreation and outdoor activities.

Are there any cultural attractions in Portorož?

Yes, Portorož has several cultural attractions, including small churches, the Rolling Stones Museum, the Aditorij Portorož, and the Palace Hotel.

What are the local delicacies to try in Portorož?

Some local delicacies to try in Portorož include olive oil, seafood dishes, and wine tastings from the nearby vineyards.

Is Portorož a good destination for spa and wellness activities?

Yes, Portorož is known as a spa town and offers a wide range of wellness centers and therapeutic treatments for various ailments, including rheumatic diseases.

How can I reach Portorož?

Portorož can be easily reached by private transport or by bus. It is well-connected to other coastal cities in Slovenia and nearby countries.

Are there any interesting natural parks or reserves near Portorož?

Yes, there are several interesting natural parks and reserves near Portorož, including the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, the Strunjan Nature Reserve, and the Postojna Cave.

What are some popular tourist destinations near Portorož?

Some popular tourist destinations near Portorož include the town of Piran, the Postojna Cave, and the Predjama Castle.

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