2024 Thessaloniki Christmas Market Guide

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Are you thinking of spending Christmas in Thessaloniki? Then, here, you can enjoy our Thessaloniki Christmas market guide. It included where to stay and how to get to Thessaloniki, Greece.

Greece Travel Blog_Christmas Markets In Thessaloniki

Located in northern Greece, about a five-hour drive from Athens, this important city is a great winter destination and the best place in the country to explore its Christmas markets and other events related to the merry season. 

Greece does not have a remarkable reputation for celebrating Christmas, as Easter is the most important religious festivity in the country. However, Thessaloniki has a great selection of Christmas Markets, and this article brings you the most essential details to make the most of your visit.

How To Get To Thessaloniki

Things to do in Thessaloniki Greece - View
Thessaloniki, Greece – Trigonion Tower

The most usual way to get to Thessaloniki is to travel there from Athens. The quickest way to get to Thessaloniki is to take a flight from Athens, which would take nearly one hour. Driving is another good option to stop and take in the gorgeous views. Car rental is probably the most popular way to travel in Greece.

Public transport is also available; you can travel to Thessaloniki by bus from the Kifissos Bus Terminal or a train from Athen’s central station. A bus would take about seven hours, and a train would take nearly four hours to reach Thessaloniki.

Weather In Thessaloniki In Winter (December To February)

Thessaloniki does not have frigid winters, as you can find in the northernmost areas of the country. Winters in Thessaloniki are mild, while there is sometimes occasional rain and snow. The average temperature is around six °C and can be hilly at night.

Thessaloniki Christmas Accommodation

Greece Travel Blog_Best Hotels In Thessaloniki_The Trilogy House
Photo Credit: The Trilogy House


Check the following places to stay in Thessaloniki at Christmas; you will find accommodation options for different budgets.


Convenient Places To Stay In Thessaloniki

  • For a convenient yet comfortable hotel stay, check out Hotel Kastoria, right in the center and not far from the local commercial district of Egnatia
  • If you’re planning to stay longer and would rather have an apartment of your own, Little Studio has convenient fees and is in a very central position

Mid-Range Accommodation In Thessaloniki

  • If your budget can stretch a bit more, check the beautiful premises of Hotel Olympia, just 5 minutes from the central Aristotelous Square
    The Trilogy House is a very comfortable place to stay in town for those who prefer a home instead of a hotel

Luxury Stays In Thessaloniki At Christmas

  • Electra Palace Thessaloniki, in the town center, is one of the best hotels in Thessaloniki
  • If you prefer to stay in a home and experience the local lifestyle, Icarus Penthouse is a great accommodation option just meters from the central Aristotelous Square

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Christmas In Thessaloniki – Christmas Markets & Where To Go

Best Time To Visit Greece - Aerial view of famous snowy Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki

These are the most popular Christmas spots in town; they include a few markets, as well as traditional Christmas fairs and picturesque neighborhoods where the Christmas spirits are high during this time of the year

Christmas Flea Market

Yes, Thessaloniki’s flea market has a very Christmassy atmosphere every winter. This market is open all year round but gets an entirely different atmosphere during the merry season.

The market is held indoors at the premises of an old warehouse by the port, which has been refurbished and looks incredibly beautiful with its Christmas decor and dozens of stalls.

You can purchase second-hand presents and find interesting vintage objects, including clothes, bags, sunglasses, and things for the house and other curiosities.

There are also a few food stalls to taste delicious Christmas cookies, including the famous melomakarona and kourabiedes, two of Greece’s beloved Christmas staples.

Aristotelous Square 

Christmas In Thessaloniki - Aristotelous Square
Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki

Considered the most important Christmas Market in the city, this event takes place in the central Aristotelous Square, between the Roman Agora and the square. 

This notable space is set up around the last week of November and features entertainment activities, events, music, and dances for the whole family.

As is the tradition in Christmas Markets, you will find an assortment of Christmas trinkets and souvenirs, tree decorations, lights, and delicious treats — do not forget that Thessaloniki has the reputation of being the city that produces the best sweets and desserts in the country!

Children will love the variety of activities devoted to them, while teens and young visitors enjoy the concerts and other musical performances often held in the evenings. 

Keep in mind that Thessaloniki is a vital university center. Therefore, there is a huge population of students who live over there.


Translating as the world of start, this Asterokosmos is a fun entertainment event at the premises of the HELEXPO (the exhibition center of the Thessaloniki International Fair). 

Attracting Greek families with small children during the weeks leading to Christmas, this fun Christmas park is perfect for all the family. From fun rides to stunning ice skating rinks, the complex also features games, music shows, and activities for children. 

There are Christmas workshops, acrobatic shows, and the fantastic Santa Claus village where kids can meet and greet elves, leave their wish lists, and be surrounded by a truly magical atmosphere.

Dikastirion Square

Also known as the European Christmas Village, this market was held back in 2019, and the citizens hope to have it back this season. 

The Christmas village in Dikastirion Square, near the Courts, features over 40 wooden houses that function as stalls selling delicious treats and fancy Christmas decor. 

There is also a giant Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and live music every evening. 

With a special area devoted to small children, with games, Santa’s home, and the elf’s workshop, kids can also enjoy a ride on a Christmas train and learn about crafts. At the same time, parents taste and buy local products or enjoy free music concerts on the main stage, traditional dances, and many other entertaining shows, such as puppet shows, that both kids and adults enjoy.


Although this is not a Christmas market in itself, Ladadika, one of the most picturesque districts in Thessaloniki as well as a local cultural heritage site, is decorated with so many trees and lights that it really resembles a dreamy Christmas market as dozens of pedestrian streets are part of a former olive oil market meandering around the district in a maze.

The district is perfect for enjoying a festive dinner in one of the many traditional taverns,  restaurants, and bars. The decorations and lights produce one of the most enchanting Christmas settings in the city, even when there is no Christmas market around.

Small Neighborhoods

All over Thessaloniki, you will come across stunning Christmas decorations, lights, and trees that give the city its special Christmas atmosphere. 

It is a good idea to check out the commercial districts; for instance, visit the area around Tsimiski Avenue, one of the city’s most important commercial districts. 

There are dozens of shops featuring Christmas lights and decorations, and it is the perfect place to find Christmas gifts for the whole family.

Getting lost around the streets of lesser-known neighborhoods can also be rewarding; most churches have Christmas decorations, while public squares feature the traditional Christmas boat that the Greeks love to decorate. 

This is a unique Greek tradition typical of many islands that can also be found on the mainland.

Christmas Foods To Eat In Thessaloniki

Food in Greece is a serious affair, and during a Greek Christmas, even more! There are dozens of typical dishes prepared and eaten only during this period.

Although Christmas food is not the same across the country, some dishes will be present at every Christmas table all over Greece, so take a look; these are some of the foods that most people love.

Greek Christmas Bread

Known as Christopsomo (or Christ bread), this delicious round loaf is a traditional Ottoman kind of bread that cannot be missed from any Greek table. It is typically decorated with a cross made of dough in the center and often has almonds or nuts on top, a symbol of prosperity. This bread is often savored during Christmas Eve dinner.

Greek Christmas Sweets

Christams In Greece - kourabiedes

Loved by everyone, melomakarona (honey cookies) and kourabiedes (shortbread cookies) are the most popular traditional Christmas sweets in Greece.

These traditional sweets are made with those ingredients that are a staple in the local cuisine, including olive oil, honey, and nuts.

Christmas Dinner In Greece

Christmas in Greece - Homemade Hot Pork Tenderloin

Arguably the most common meat served during the holiday, pork is often the first meat to break the fast that has been going on during Advent.

Another typical dish is stuffed turkey, not really Greek, but a tradition imported from the rest of Europe in recent years.


Christmas In Greece - Vasilopita

Connected with Agios Vasilis and New Year’s Day, this sweet cake hides a coin or lucky charm in the dough, which is supposed to bring good luck to the one who finds it in its slice.

Other Things To Do In Winter In Thessaloniki

Visit The White Tower Of Thessaloniki

Things to do in Thessaloniki Greece - White Tower square the night, in Thessaloniki, Greece

Considered the city’s landmark, the White Tower is one of the top places to visit in Thessaloniki, even in winter. This iconic monument was formerly called the Tower of Blood or The Red Tower as it was used as a prison during the invasion of the Ottoman in Greece.

The tower later became known as the White Tower after a prisoner painted it white in exchange for his freedom. If you’re here, go to the top floor to enjoy the gorgeous 360° view of the snowy city and its beautiful mountains.

Visit The Old Town: Ana Poli

Considered the historical center of Thessaloniki, Ana Poli is a must-visit district if you find yourself in this city. When most of the town was destroyed by a great fire in 1917, Ana Poli was the only surviving neighborhood.

Tourists love its narrow paved streets, unique architecture, and beautiful city views, which are especially lovely in the winter. Ana Poli was the city’s citadel during the Byzantine and Ottoman occupation.

A visit here is serene and well worth your time!

See The Beautiful Churches In Thessaloniki

Things to do in Thessaloniki Greece - Greek orthodox church interior, Saint Dimitrios of Thessaloniki

There are several churches in Thessaloniki dating back thousands of years. Most of these churches are among the best Instagrammable places in Thessaloniki and are perfect to visit in winter. Here are some of the best churches that are worth a visit while you’re in Thessaloniki:

  • Hagios Demetrios, also called The Church of Saint Demetrius, is dedicated to Saint Dimitri.
  • Hagia Sophia is one of the oldest churches in the city. This Byzantine church is included as a World Heritage Site on the UNESCO list.
  • Agios Pavlos is located on a hill and is a beautiful church in the city.
  • The Church of Panagia Chalkeon is an attractive Byzantine church with a gorgeous garden.

As you can see, even when Greece does not really play it big during Christmas, there are still destinations that stand out for their fantastic Christmas spirit; Thessaloniki is one of them. 

Besides, the city is close to some of the most important ski resorts in the country, allowing you to enjoy a short ski or snowboard break with the family while also exploring the Christmas markets in town.

We hope that you enjoy Christmas in Thessaloniki. And that you love our Thessaloniki Christmas market guide.

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