How To Get From Varna To Bucharest (& Bucharest To Varna)

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Visiting neighboring countries is always a good idea because it means you get to see and experience so much more during one break. For instance, if you’re in Bulgaria, why shouldn’t you think about visiting Romania?

Both countries have much to see and do, but heading to Bucharest for a few days is an excellent idea if you’re in Varna.

Varna is a port city on the Black Sea Coast and is very close to summer resorts, so it’s always popular. The city is famous for the Gold of Varna, which dates back 6000 years, and history dating back to Ancient Greece. You can enjoy modern-day fun with plentiful bars, beaches, restaurants, and shopping opportunities.

Bucharest is Romania’s capital, located in the south of the country, making it easy to visit from Varna. Being a capital city, there is plenty to do, both old and new. Be sure to visit the Palatul Parlamentului, which is a government building dating back to communist times. Also, check out Curtea Veche, with a history related to Vlad The Impaler. Of course, if you want nightlife, head to the Lipscani district for some serious fun!


So, how do you get between the two cities?

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How To Get Bucharest To Varna and Varna To Bucharest 

You have a few options for traveling between Bucharest and Varna, depending on how quickly you want to get there and how much time you have.

Drive From Varna To Bucharest

Things to do in Varna - Cathedral

The easiest way to get to Varna from Bucharest is to drive your own car or hire a car. Several car hire companies allow you to take a car over the border, but several do not allow crossing country borders. So please check the T&Cs before you part with any cash.

The journey between Bucharest and Varna takes under 4 hours without traffic and covers the E70 road, at 264km (164 miles). The crossing isn’t usually hectic, although there are queues during peak times. Remember that you are crossing a country border, so you’ll need all your passports and documentation to show the authorities.

Bucharest To Varna By Bus

Balkan Cities - Bucharest

You can take the bus to Bucharest from Varna if you prefer to put your feet up and enjoy the scenery without driving. Head to Varna Central Bus Station, and you will find a few different companies offering journeys. FlixBus runs a night service between the two destinations and back in the opposite direction.

You will arrive at Autogara Militari in Bucharest at around 3.10 am. This bus takes about 5 hours 40 minutes and leaves at 9.30 pm. Buses have Wi-Fi onboard and charging points, so you’ll travel comfortably.

FlixBus has a service back from Bucharest to Varna at 10.30 pm, arriving at 4.10 am.

Alternatively, you can take a bus with Pegasus Group Ltd, which runs six times weekly. The earliest bus is at 9.30 am, and the journey takes 5 hours 20 minutes, although some travels take longer due to being indirect – you can check online to make sure you choose the best time for you.


Trains Between Varna And Bucharest 

Bucharest Itinerary: Calea Victoriei Bucharest Sunset

The final option for travel between Bucharest and Varna is to travel by train. Bulgarian Railways and Romanian Railways offer services between the two cities, varying times depending upon the time of year. The fastest service with Bulgarian Railways takes 3 hours 40 minutes and leaves four times per day. However, some services have long layovers in other destinations and can take up to 20 hours overall.

Romanian Railways offers faster service at 2 hours 55 minutes and leaves once per day.

There are four daily trains when you want to travel back to Varna from Bucharest.

You can book your train tickets online or from the train station. However, booking ahead of time is best to avoid disappointment on the day – especially in peak season. 

So, now that you know the best ways to travel between Varna and Bucharest – which way will you travel?

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