Is Bucharest Worth Visiting? Compelling Reasons To Visit Bucharest

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Have you ever wondered if Bucharest is the right travel destination for you? Let me tell you, it’s more than just worth a visit—it’s a city bursting with culture, history, and excitement just waiting to be explored.

Bucharest isn’t just worth visiting; it’s a treasure trove of culture, history, and fun waiting to be discovered. Let me share why.

Romania Travel Blog_Is It Worth Visiting Bucharest

Choosing the perfect vacation spot involves considering a myriad of factors: safety, affordability, and activities that cater to all. When I set out to plan my next adventure, I found myself drawn to Romania, particularly its vibrant capital, Bucharest. The question lingered: is Bucharest worth the trip?

Well, after diving into everything this city has to offer, I can confidently say yes! Bucharest exceeded my expectations in every way, proving itself to be an exceptional destination brimming with experiences to suit every taste. So, let me share with you why Bucharest should be at the top of your travel list.

11 Reasons Why Bucharest Is Worth Visiting

I loved Bucharest. Here are my 11 reasons why you should visit and a list of things to see in Bucharest while you are there.

1. Stay In Bucharest For Rich History And Culture For All Ages

Vladimir standing in front Saint George Church

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, isn’t just any European capital; it’s a city where history and the present blend seamlessly, making it a must-visit place for anyone interested in culture that spans all ages. When you step into Bucharest, you’re stepping into a city alive with a mix of architectural styles, from art nouveau to Soviet-style concrete, reflecting its nickname as the “Little Paris” of the East.

One of the crown jewels of Bucharest is the Stavropoleos Church, one of the most beautiful examples of Romanian architecture you’ll find. Its detailed designs and rich history connect you directly to the generations that have walked its halls. Beyond architecture, the traditional markets buzz with the daily life of locals, offering a real taste of Romania in general. 

Bucharest’s Old Town is another highlight, a historic area where narrow alleys lead to some of the best nightlife in Europe. Whether you’re looking for a Romanian restaurant or a place to get into the lively nightlife scene, Old Town has it all. Plus, Bucharest is one of the cheapest European capitals, making it a great place to extend your stay without stretching your budget.

For those interested in monumental landmarks, the Palace of the Parliament stands out not just in Bucharest but as one of the largest buildings in the world. Built during Nicolae Ceaușescu’s regime, it’s a testament to the chaos and grandiosity of the country’s past. Yet, Bucharest is not stuck in its past; it’s a city that knows how to party. Ranked as having some of the best nightlife, it’s a vibrant party destination with a scene that caters to all tastes.

2. Travel To Bucharest For Your Money To Go A Long Way

Colorful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling of a restaurant at Pasajul Victoriei - Umbrella Street

In an era where travel often means digging deep into your pockets, discovering destinations that offer both excitement and affordability feels like striking gold.

If you’re looking to stretch your budget, Bucharest is ideal, offering plenty of value without breaking the bank.

The value for money in Bucharest is impressive, particularly for those coming from the US or EU. Accommodation options are plentiful and surprisingly affordable, with quality hotels available for under $100 a night and furnished apartments costing even less.

Dining out in Bucharest won’t break the bank, either. A full meal at a reputable local restaurant can cost around $15 per person, allowing you to savor the flavors of the city without worrying about your budget.

A pro tip for saving money in Bucharest: Taxis are handy, but always settle on a price first to dodge extra charges. Better yet, use the Bolt app for fair rates and no nasty surprises. With its low costs and plenty to do, Bucharest is perfect for getting the most out of your trip without stressing over money.

3. Bucharest Has Fun Interactive Museums In Every Part Of The City

Building with trees and bushes in front of it in Bucharest, Romania

One of the best things worth visiting in Bucharest is all the interactive museums this city has to offer.

These aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill exhibits; Bucharest’s museums are designed to ignite imagination and curiosity through hands-on experiences that are anything but ordinary.

From stepping into the role of a scientist to journeying through the cosmos or delving into the mysteries of the natural world, Bucharest transforms educational outings into thrilling explorations.

Highlighted below are some of the city’s standout museums, perfect for visitors of all ages:

The “Grigore Antipa” National Museum Of Natural History

A wonderland for curious minds featuring a vast array of life on Earth, from the age of dinosaurs to the insect world, all presented through interactive displays. Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9 am-5 pm

The Romanian Peasant Museum

Showcases the vibrant history of Romanian village life through interactive workshops and exhibits. Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am-6 pm.

The “Dimitrie Leonida” National Technical Museum

It ignites the spark of engineering and technological curiosity with interactive exhibits that make learning dynamic and engaging. Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9:30 am-5 pm

The Museum Of Senses

It is a one-of-a-kind experience that challenges you through optical illusions, mirror mazes, and sensory zones, offering a fun twist on educational outings. 

The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC)

Makes modern art accessible to everyone through workshops and interactive tours crafted with young audiences in mind. Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 10 am-6 pm

The “Vasile Grigore” Museum and Workshop

Allows children not only to view art but to create their own masterpieces in engaging workshops. Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9 am-5 pm

The Planetarium

It takes you on an awe-inspiring journey through the universe, making astronomy fascinating and understandable for the young and old alike.  These spots give you a real taste of Bucharest, a modern city that mixes fun and learning and gets you exploring new things.

4. The Ideal Launchpad For Day Trips To Iconic Castles In Romania

From Brasov to Bran Castle - Europe, Transylvania, Romania, 13th century Castle Bran

Starting your journey from the capital of Romania offers the perfect gateway to experiencing some of Romania’s most remarkable castles, including the legendary Bran Castle in Transylvania, often associated with the tale of Dracula.

The convenience of joining a tour directly from Bucharest makes the trip hassle-free, allowing you to immerse yourself in the adventure without any of the planning stress.

The journey to these historical sites is definitely worth visiting as it is an experience in itself, featuring breathtaking views and a glimpse into the Romanian countryside. Day tours are thoughtfully arranged to include visits to other majestic castles in the vicinity, such as the awe-inspiring Peleș Castle nestled in the mountains.

With transportation, admission tickets, and engaging narratives provided by knowledgeable guides, embarking on a day trip from Bucharest to these architectural marvels is both effortless and enriching.

Some of the castles you can day trip to are:

Bran Castle

Often associated with the Dracula legend, Bran Castle is one of Romania’s most famous castles. Located near Brașov, in Transylvania, it’s about a 2.5-hour drive from Bucharest.

Peles Castle

Castles in Romania - Romanian Castles - Peles castle, Sinaia, Romania
Peles castle, Sinaia, Romania

Situated in the picturesque town of Sinaia in the Carpathian Mountains, Peles Castle is a stunning example of Neo-Renaissance architecture. It’s approximately a 2-hour drive from Bucharest and is known for its beautiful interior and extensive collection of art.

Pelișor Castle

Right next to Peles Castle, Pelișor Castle offers a smaller but equally fascinating glimpse into Romanian royal life. It features Art Nouveau architecture and is part of the same complex as Peles Castle.

Cantacuzino Castle

Located in Bușteni, a short drive from Sinaia, Cantacuzino Castle is set amidst the backdrop of the Carpathian Mountains and offers panoramic views along with its beautiful architecture.

Râșnov Fortress

While not a castle in the traditional sense, Râșnov Fortress offers a medieval fortification experience. Located near Brașov, it provides stunning views and a history of medieval defense.


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5. Bucharest Has Engaging Cultural Experiences To Explore Romanian Traditions

One of the most enchanting aspects of visiting Bucharest is the opportunity to immerse oneself in Romanian traditions, and Mărțișor is a prime example of this cultural richness. Celebrated on March 1st, Mărțișor marks the beginning of spring in Romania with a tradition that’s both heartwarming and visually striking.

The tradition involves creating and exchanging small tokens adorned with red and white strings, symbols that carry deep meaning. Red represents love and vitality, while white signifies purity and health. This custom of crafting Mărțișoare is an ideal activity for visitors of all ages, offering a hands-on way to connect with Romanian culture.

Participating in the making of Mărțișoare not only allows for a deeper understanding of local customs but also provides a wonderful avenue for creative expression. It’s a joy to witness the excitement on everyone’s faces as they engage in the exchange of these tokens, embodying the spirit of spring and communal sharing.

This experience is more than just a craft; it’s a celebration of new beginnings, shared joy, and the communal heralding of spring. If you find yourself in Bucharest as March approaches, participating in the Mărțișor tradition is a uniquely enriching experience that beautifully bridges cultural exploration with the simple pleasure of creation and giving.

Other cultural experiences to enjoy in Bucharest include

  • Workshops at the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”: participate in workshops that teach traditional crafts like pottery, weaving, and woodcarving. This museum is an open-air ethnographic treasure that showcases rural Romanian life through reconstructed peasant homes and workshops.
  • Romanian Peasant Museum: explore exhibitions that delve into the life, art, and traditions of Romanian peasants. The museum often hosts thematic exhibitions, traditional fairs, and craft demonstrations that provide insight into the rich cultural heritage
  • Icon Painting Workshops: discover the spiritual and artistic tradition of icon painting on wood or glass. These workshops are often held in art galleries or cultural centers around Bucharest
  • Traditional Romanian Cooking Classes: learn to cook traditional Romanian dishes in cooking classes that highlight the country’s culinary traditions. These classes can be a great way to understand the cultural significance of Romanian cuisine

6. Visit Bucharest For It’s Food Scene

An cake on a plate on a table in Bucharest

Bucharest boasts an impressive array of dining establishments, among which some cafes and restaurants stand out for offering more than just exceptional meals; they provide an immersive experience for all guests.

If you love food, Bucharest is worth a visit, and here are some places I recommend for a taste of the city’s unique charm:

Manuc’s Inn

Manuc’s Inn is a special place in the middle of Bucharest’s Old Town. It’s not just old; it’s the oldest place in Bucharest where you can still eat and stay. When you go there, you’ll see old buildings and lovely outdoor areas. It’s not only about seeing the past; you can also eat there.

They have places to eat that serve traditional Romanian food, making it a fun place to learn about history and try some tasty dishes. If you’re walking around Bucharest, make sure to stop by Manuc’s Inn for a bit of history and good food.

Caru’ cu Bere

An ornately decorated room with tables and chairs at Caru' cu Bere Bucharest.

You will find this restuarant in the heart of Bucharest’s Old Town, Caru’ cu Bere is an iconic restaurant that offers a deep dive into Romania’s rich culinary and cultural heritage.

With its stunning neo-gothic architecture and a menu filled with authentic Romanian dishes, it provides a dining experience that’s both historic and flavorful. Whether you’re enjoying a hearty stew or tapping your feet to live traditional music, a visit to Caru’ cu Bere is a memorable journey through Romania’s culinary traditions, making it a must-visit for anyone exploring Bucharest.


Positioned slightly off the beaten path of Bucharest’s old town, Acuarela is a captivating venue that blends artistry with the culinary experience. This quirky, artsy cafe radiates creativity, inviting guests into a colorful wonderland. With a space dedicated to artistic expression, complete with drawing materials, it’s an ideal place for anyone looking to indulge in a bit of creativity over coffee.

Mamà Bistro

In the heart of the city lies Mamà Bistro, a cozy haven offering a menu that appeals to a wide array of tastes. The bistro’s welcoming ambiance, combined with its thoughtful touches, makes it a perfect choice for those seeking a peaceful escape in the midst of urban hustle.


7. Spend Your Days In Bucharest Exploring Many Green Spaces

For those who revel in the outdoors, Bucharest presents itself as a delightful destination teeming with green spaces ideal for leisure and activity. The city is peppered with a variety of parks that serve as serene havens for anyone looking to unwind amidst nature.

Herăstrău Park

Herastrau Park in Bucharest - Top Things to Do in Bucharest, Romania

Also known as King Michael I Park, it is a vast expanse of greenery encircling Herăstrău Lake. This park invites visitors to engage in a range of activities, from boating and biking to enjoying its numerous playgrounds. Its sprawling 187 hectares make it a perfect spot for both relaxation and adventure.

Cișmigiu Gardens

The oldest public garden in the city offers a scenic retreat with its tranquil lake, charming bridges, and an assortment of trees and plants. The garden’s pathways are ideal for leisurely strolls, and the play areas are a hit for those looking for a serene spot to relax and play.

Other Green Spaces

A water fountain is a prominent feature in a Bucharest

  • Carol Park combines historical elements with natural beauty, featuring the Mausoleum, various statues, a lake, and spacious areas ideal for exploration and play, providing a unique backdrop for outdoor activities.
  • Tineretului Park caters to a wide range of preferences with facilities for sports, relaxation, and entertainment, including an amusement park that adds a touch of fun for visitors seeking an enjoyable day out.

These green spaces in Bucharest are not just areas for recreation; they are vibrant communities where memories are made, offering a refreshing escape and the opportunity to connect with nature and each other in the bustling city.

8. Bucharest Has Many Unique Experiences

When you visit Bucharest, you’ve got to check out these one-of-a-kind experiences. Take a look at my personal picks below:

Village Museum (Muzeul Satului)

A room with a bed and a bedclothes A room with a bed and a spinning wheel in the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum

An expansive open-air museum that brings traditional Romanian village life to the forefront. Visitors can wander through time, exploring authentic houses and domestic technologies that paint a vivid picture of Romania’s rural heritage.

Edenland Park

Nestled in a lush forest setting near Bucharest, Edenland Park offers an exhilarating outdoor adventure experience. With activities ranging from zip-lining and wall climbing to archery and biking trails, it’s the ideal destination for those seeking to combine nature with adventure.

Orășelul Copiilor (Kids Town)

A dedicated amusement park within Bucharest, designed with young visitors in mind. Featuring a variety of rides, including merry-go-rounds, mini roller coasters, and bumper cars, it ensures a delightful and one of the safest amusement spaces for children.

Rowing In Herăstrau Park

Also known as King Michael I Park, this vast and picturesque park hosts a large lake perfect for rowing. Renting rowboats or pedal boats offers a serene way to appreciate the park’s beauty from the water, providing a tranquil retreat in the urban landscape.


Just a short drive from Bucharest, Therme is a sprawling thermal wellness and relaxation center, among the largest in Europe. It boasts a comprehensive array of water attractions, including pools, slides, and a wave pool, alongside a botanical garden and relaxation zones. With areas specifically designed for children and adults alike, it’s a year-round haven for family fun and relaxation.

9. The Romanian Capital Has Many Festivals and Events

Winter in Romania - Bucharest Christmas Markets Romania
Christmas Market in Bucharest

Experiencing festivals and events in Bucharest offers a unique glimpse into the city’s soul, where the magic of communal celebration brings the streets to life. The capital thrives on its vibrant energy during these times, hosting an array of activities that cater to diverse interests and ages. From the classical melodies resonating within the walls of the Romanian Athenaeum to the emotional expressions of art found in galleries and street corners, Bucharest transforms into a living canvas of cultural expression.

The festive season, particularly around Christmas, illuminates the city center with a warm glow, inviting locals and visitors alike into the enchanting world of its markets, filled with the scents of traditional Romanian cuisine and the sounds of holiday cheer. Similarly, the arrival of spring breathes life into the city’s green spaces, such as Cismigiu Gardens, where festivals celebrate the renewal of nature with vibrant displays and activities.

These events offer more than just entertainment; they are a celebration of Romanian heritage, showcasing traditional dishes like cabbage rolls and sour cream and highlighting the architectural elegance of historical buildings under the soft light of crystal chandeliers. Engaging in these festivities provides a profound connection to the cultural fabric and community spirit of Romania.

Whether it’s your inaugural visit to a Bucharest festival or a cherished tradition, the city’s events promise an accessible, memorable, and culturally rich experience for every visitor, making each celebration an opportunity to immerse in the unique charm and heritage of Romania.

Other cultural events you should bookmark for your itinerary:

George Enescu Festival

Celebrated every two years, this is one of the biggest classical music festivals in Eastern Europe. It honors the Romanian composer George Enescu and attracts world-renowned musicians and orchestras.

Bucharest International Film Festival (BIFF)

It is an annual event that brings together films and filmmakers from around the world. It’s an excellent opportunity to see new cinematic works and retrospectives.

Sărbătoarea Bucuriei (The Joy Festival)

Held in the Herastrau Park, this festival celebrates Romanian folklore with traditional music, dances, handicrafts, and workshops that showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage.

National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” Festivals

A woman is standing next to a table full of Romanian Easter Eggs in the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum

Throughout the year, the Village Museum organizes various events that celebrate Romanian rural life, including traditional fairs, craft workshops, and folk festivals.

Street Delivery

An urban culture festival that transforms streets into pedestrian areas, offering a platform for artists, musicians, and performers. It promotes a lively street culture and community involvement.

Bucharest International Jazz Competition

This event is one of the most significant jazz competitions in Europe and brings together talented jazz musicians from all over the world.

Night of the Cultural Institutes (Noaptea Institutelor Culturale): A night when cultural institutes across Bucharest open their doors for free, offering a variety of events, from concerts to exhibitions and film screenings.

Light Festival (Spotlight Bucharest)

It is an annual event that transforms the city’s streets and landmarks with light installations and projections, celebrating creativity and innovation in public space art.

Bucharest International Theatre Festival

It is the largest theatre festival in Romania, showcasing a wide range of performances from Romanian and international theater companies.

10. Bucharest Is A Place Worth Visiting With Kids

Vladimir standing on a balcony overlooking a city at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest.

Bucharest shines as a family-friendly city packed with cool spots and activities that kids (and parents!) will love. Dive into the green oasis of Cișmigiu Gardens for some outdoor fun, or get a dose of history with easy-going guided tours around the city’s key sights.

Want something more hands-on? The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History is a hit for curious minds, with interactive exhibits that make learning a blast. And don’t skip Children’s City (Orășelul Copiilor) for some playtime that’s sure to be a highlight for the little ones.

The city buzzes with colorful street art, plenty of parks for running around, and eateries that welcome families with open arms. The best part? Bucharest won’t strain your wallet, making it a win for enjoying a family holiday without worrying about the expenses.

Whether you’re here for a short break or a longer stay, Bucharest delivers big-on experiences that will keep everyone entertained, making it a standout choice for families looking to explore together.

11. Bucharest Is So Safe

Vladimir standing in front Saint George Church

During my time in Bucharest, I can confidently say that Bucharest is generally safe for solo travel as well as for family travel, with a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, including families with children. Like any major city, it’s wise to keep an eye on personal belongings and stay aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded tourist spots. Overall, I promise you can feel confident in experiencing the city’s attractions, parks, and historical sites with comfort and ease.

How Many Days In Bucharest Is Enough

Free walking tour of Bucharest guides at Old Princely Court & Church

For a solid visit to Bucharest, aim for 3 to 4 days. That gives you enough time to check out the big spots, like the Palace of Parliament, the charming Old Town, and plenty of museums and parks, at a comfortable pace.

You’ll get to dive into the city’s culture and Romanian history without rushing, ensuring a thorough and enjoyable trip. If you have more time, consider staying a week in Bucharest to take advantage of fantastic day trips from Bucharest to nearby attractions, especially those in the region of Transylvania,nia, such as Brasov, to truly enrich your Romanian adventure.

FAQs About Bucharest

The palace of parliament in Bucharest, Romania is an impressive architectural marvel. Showcasing exquisite design and opulence, this grand building stands as a symbol of Romanian history and achievement. With its magnificent
Palace of Parliament in Bucharest

Where is Bucharest?

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania, sitting pretty in Eastern Europe. It’s known as the ‘Little Paris of the East’ for its stunning architecture and vibe. Positioned as Romania’s largest city, it’s the heart and soul of the country, offering a mix of historical landmarks, vibrant street life, and modern culture. So, if you’re mapping out your next adventure, pinpoint Bucharest for a taste of Eastern European charm combined with a unique, lively atmosphere.

Is Bucharest an Expensive City to visit?

I found Bucharest to be a very affordable destination, especially for families. Compared to other capital cities in Europe, your money goes further here, covering everything from accommodation to dining and attractions without breaking the bank. It’s an ideal spot for budget travelers looking to experience rich culture and history while keeping an eye on the budget.

Is Bucharest Walkable?

Bucharest is a city that is indeed very walkable, catering to visitors of all ages with its pedestrian-friendly streets and an abundance of parks and green spaces. Places like Cișmigiu Gardens provide ample room for exploration and relaxation, allowing for easy walks. The city’s layout ensures that major attractions, such as the quaint Old Town and the imposing Palace of Parliament (100% worth seeing), are easily accessible on foot. 

An Honest Opinion: Is Bucharest Worth Visiting?

A large library with a lot of books at Carturesti Carusel (Bookshop/Giftshop/Cafe)

Bucharest emerges as an exceptional destination for all, offering an array of captivating sights, such as the colossal Palace of Parliament and the enchanting Old Town. Its affordability is a significant plus, allowing for an enjoyable experience without the worry of excessive spending.

Bucharest feels like a treasure trove of exploration opportunities, from its delicious culinary offerings to the warmth of its locals, ensuring a visit that’s both memorable and enriching. Whether you’re in search of adventure, culture, or a blend of both, Bucharest stands out as a must-visit location that promises a fulfilling journey without straining your budget.

In wrapping up, Bucharest isn’t just another city on the map—it’s a vibrant, welcoming, and endlessly fascinating destination that caters to all. From its historical landmarks and lush parks to its unbeatable nightlife and family-friendly vibe, Bucharest has something for everyone. And did I mention it’s affordable?

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family on the go, or anyone in between, Bucharest deserves a spot on your travel list.

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